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 "What thing are you? Lord Dog was talking, but you dared to interrupt?"

A dog's paw fell.

Feng Guanzhang, who was stunned, was suddenly patted like a fly.

That paw contained fearful strength, so the moment it pounded on his head, he screamed miserably. His cries of pain seemed endless as he was pounded again and again on the ground.

Mo Xiu didn't plan to make a move. Feng Guanzhang reaped what he sowed.

Against this dog, even Mo Xiu didn't have a chance to win, but this Feng Guanzhang dared to question him unexpectedly.

Wasn't this seeking for death?

As an expert, he naturally had the majesty of an expert.

This Feng Guanzhang was just a puppet in Mo Xiu's hand. He would die when he died. He, Mo Xiu, couldn't offend the Earth Prison Dog just because of a trivial puppet.


Mo Xiu thought that the Earth Prison Dog's proposal was not that bad.

The odds were actually in their favor.

The Dark Nether Cooking Realm and the Immortal Cooking Realm were known for their chefs. In the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, who they trained was called Nether Chef, while in the Immortal Cooking Realm, they were called Immortal Chef.

In this case, using cooking to determine who would own the Immortal Tree seedlings was the best way.

Feng Guanzhang climbed up from the ruins, his head covered in blood. With red eyes, he screamed at Lord Dog in the void.

This smelly dog!

Had he, the Dog Meat Grandmaster, ever suffered such humiliation before?!

He was being humiliated by a dog!

However, his scream had not ended when Lord Dog continued to pound him again.

Thousands of Nether energy gathered, forming into a paw that hid the sky and covered the sun before it patted down.

After a loud explosion, a paw-shaped dent appeared on the ground.

Feng Guanzhang was, once again, patted into the ground.


Lord Dog took his gaze away from Feng Guanzhang and pulled back his exquisite paw in the void.

In the distance, City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou looked at Feng Guanzhang, who was beaten by Lord Dog into a sorry state. Naturally, they were very elated.

"Very refreshing! This domestic animal Feng Guanzhang should be beaten violently like this!" City Lord Zou said. His face was pale, but his eyes were full of excitement.

City Lord Meng Qi clenched her fists, and a pleased look appeared in her eyes.

That traitor Feng Guanzhang should be treated like this. If they were in Lord Dog's place, they wouldn't hold back as well.

Realm Lord Di Tai rubbed his hands, He couldn't help but want to beat Feng Guanzhang painfully.

That sloppy thing needed to receive many fists to teach him to behave with integrity!

Bu Fang crossed his arms. Standing on Shrimpy's back, he indifferently looked at the beaten-up Feng Guanzhang.

He just cared about what Lord Dog had said.

Using cooking to determine who owned the Immortal Tree seedlings?

It was a good idea.

After Lord Dog had finished beating Feng Guanzhang, Mo Xiu slowly opened his mouth and said, "What you said is not impossible... In that case, I will compete and have a Chef's Challenge with the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Whoever wins will get the Immortal Tree seedlings. What do you think?"

When it comes to cooking skills, he, Mo Xiu, was very confident.

In the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, he was one of the top Qilin Chefs.

Moreover, he was a Qilin Chef that was trained in Nether Prison. Compared with a Qilin Chef that was trained in the declining Immortal Cooking Realm, of course he was much stronger.

Therefore, this Chef's Challenge was very beneficial to him. He even looked forward to carrying out this Chef's Challenge.

Realm Lord Di Tai also knew Mo Xiu's thoughts. His eyes narrowed, feeling pressured all of a sudden.

Indeed, he was under great pressure. After all, Mo Xiu was a Qilin Chef.

The classification of chefs in the Dark Nether Cooking Realm of Nether Prison and the Immortal Cooking Realm was similar.

Like Immortal Chefs, Nether Chefs were also divided into three grades, and above the Third Grade was the Qilin Chef.

However, the chefs in the Dark Nether Cooking Realm were stronger than the ones in the Immortal Cooking Realm, which was caused by the lack of resources.

It was just like the disparity between the first and the fifth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Simply put, it all boils down to resources.

The resources decided the level and vision of the talents.

Lu Yi, for example, had excelled because he grew up in the fifth layer, which had nurtured his innate talent because of the abundant resources provided by the Heavenly Path. If he were to grow up in the first layer, he wouldn't reach the level he was at now.

"No... If it were you and that exhibitionist, it would be unfair," Lord Dog said.

Mo Xiu frowned. What did this mangy dog really want?

"What do you propose then?"

If it weren't for his fear of this dog, Mo Xiu had already taken away the Immortal Tree seedlings. He wouldn't be wasting his time like this.

Mo Xiu restrained the fury in his heart.

"Since the ones at stake here are the Immortal Tree seedlings, which are very important to the Immortal Cooking Realm... how could we use a single Chef's Challenge to decide who they belonged to? Since both of your sides train chefs, then have a chef represent each level to carry on the Chef's Challenge," Lord Dog said.

"A chef who will represent each level?"

Mo Xiu and Realm Lord Di Tai were slightly stunned.

"Each of you will have a High Grade Qilin Chef and Low Grade Qilin Chef representative. There will be three matches, and the side who will win two out of three is, of course, the winner."

Lord Dog raised the corner of his mouth. It looked like he was very interested in this arrangement.

"Don't blame Lord Dog for not giving you the opportunity."

"Three Chef's Challenge?" Mo Xiu narrowed his eyes. His ash-gray hair fluttered in the wind, showing his solemn face. "Very well! Let's do it..."

"I have no objections! When it comes to cooking, who is this Di Tai afraid of?!" Realm Lord Di Tai flipped his golden hair, full of confidence.

"Okay, then discuss who will represent you. By the way... for the third match, you can only choose a First Grade chef," Lord Dog specially instructed.

Realm Lord Di Tai and Mo Xiu were stunned. Unexpectedly, there was this kind of request.

However, First Grade Immortal Chefs and First Grade Nether Chefs were the foundation of their respective realms, so it made sense that those chefs should represent them.

It was not impossible...

But who to choose became a difficult decision.

Realm Lord Di Tai discussed with City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou, gathering in one place to decide who would represent the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Actually, they had no choice.

For the Low Grade Qilin Chef level, only Meng Qi could do it. After all, City Lord Zou was seriously injured, so it would be very difficult for him to exert strength.

As for the High Grade Qilin Chef match, there was only Realm Lord Di Tai in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm.

The problem was, who should they choose for the First Grade level?

The best choice was naturally the winner of the Immortal Chef Tournament, Bu Fang.

However... they were not very confident in Bu Fang. After all, the life and death of the Immortal Cooking Realm was at stake at this Chef's Challenge.

On the other side...

The Nether Chefs had also started to discuss who will represent their Dark Nether Cooking Realm.

Regarding the First Grade Nether Chef, they were also somewhat hesitant.

"Why don't we return to the Dark Nether Cooking Realm and look for a talented First Grade Nether Chef... That way, it's absolutely possible to crush this troublesome Immortal Cooking Realm," a black-robed expert said.

Mo Xiu's eyes lit up, as though he had thought of something.

If they returned to the Nether Prison to look for the Nether Chef talents, it would take a lot of time.

Moreover, Mo Xiu had confidence. He basically didn't need other Nether Chefs to appear.

The First Grade Nether Chef talent that they had placed in the Immortal Cooking Realm could absolutely crush a Second Grade Immortal Chef.

Since it was just a First Grade Immortal Chef, they didn't need to waste their time and strength.

"I could represent the Dark Nether Cooking Realm..."

A laugh resounded in the void.

A moment later, a figure emerged, slowly walking in the void.

Mo Xiu and the others turned to look.

Liu Mobai appeared in front of Mo Xiu and the others. Lifting his hood, he revealed his blood-marked face, laughing in excitement.


Mo Xiu narrowed his eyes, sensing the Nether energy-filled aura from Liu Mobai.

"You obtained the inheritance of the Nether Prison's Dark Nether Cooking Realm?"

"That's right... So I'm very glad to represent the Dark Nether Cooking Realm in this Chef's Challenge. If I'm not wrong, the First Grade Immortal Chef that they have chosen should be my old opponent," Liu Mobai said.

"Oh... an old opponent. So, you're really confident?"

Mo Xiu sensed the inheritance of Liu Mobai. The more he probed, the more he was pleasantly surprised.

"The Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path?!" Mo Xiu exclaimed in surprise.

Although the Nine Revolution Heart of Cooking Path was quite complicated and basic, it was still a powerful trick to condense a Heart of Cooking Path in their Dark Nether Cooking Realm.

Once its might was released, it would make the opponent unable to grab even their kitchen knife.

The guy in front of them was not weaker than the monstrous talents in their Nether Cooking Realm!


"Very well... You will be our First Grade representative!" Mo Xiu suddenly decided!

Since there was a ready-made monstrous talent here, why not?

On the other side...

Bu Fang listened to Lord Dog's suggestion and also fell into deep thought.

After a while, his face suddenly revealed a happy expression.

Lord Dog was providing an opportunity for him!

He wanted to get the Immortal Tree seedling, but with his current strength, he naturally couldn't convince the others.

However... if he could help the Immortal Cooking Realm obtain and secure the Immortal Tree seedlings, he would have enough reason to request a seedling from Realm Lord Di Tai.

Indeed, Lord Dog's plan was reasonable.

Very good, Lord Dog.

In the distance...

City Lord Meng Qi and the others sometimes glanced over.

Obviously, they were unsure if Bu Fang would agree to help them in this Chef's Challenge.


Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shrank.

That was because Bu Fang, who was on Shrimpy's back, pierced the void and appeared in front of them.

"Little Bu Bu, what is it?"

Hope shone in Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes as he looked at Bu Fang.

They thought that Bu Fang would not volunteer since they were well aware of his indifferent personality. That was why the possibility that he would refuse was very high.

However, Bu Fang's decision was beyond their expectations. He didn't even hesitate to agree.

Whether it was for the Immortal Tree seedling or the entire Immortal Cooking Realm, Bu Fang would agree to participate.

The Immortal Tree was the pillar and core of the entire realm. Once it collapsed, Bu Fang knew that that day would be the end of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

The five layers would ultimately fall into ruins, destroying the entire Immortal Cooking Realm in a moment.

Bu Fang didn't want to see... that kind of disaster.

"Good guy. Very brave! Crush those Dark Nether Cooking Realm rascals for this old lady!" City Lord Zou exclaimed. His face was still pale, but he had enough strength to poke Bu Fang's shoulder.

Bu Fang frowned and glanced at City Lord Zou.

After discussing, both sides had decided their representatives.

For the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, the chosen representatives were Liu Mobai for the First Grade match, the black-robed Zheng Kuangjiu for the Low Grade Qilin Chef match, and Mo Xiu for the High Grade Qilin Chef match.

As for the Immortal Cooking Realm, the representatives were Bu Fang, City Lord Meng Qi, and Realm Lord Di Tai.

The Immortal Tree seedlings burst out golden light beams, which soared to the sky. It looked like they wanted to break through it.

The auras emitted by Mo Xiu and the other Dark Nether Chefs were very powerful. Above their heads were dense black clouds, which brought more intimidating pressure.

Around the ruins of the Immortal Tree palace, shadowy figures emerged one after another, slowly approaching.

They were the top ten Immortal Chefs, whose Heart of Cooking Path had been sucked away by Liu Mobai. Like the ruined palace before them, their hopes had turned to dust.

The moment they arrived in the Immortal Tree palace ruins, they all looked up and saw this intense confrontation.

Their eyes couldn't help but widen in shock.

Somewhat stunned, they didn't know what had happened.

Lord Dog, who seemed to be the referee, stepped his enchanting cat-like steps in the void, hovering between the opposing sides.

"Since all the participants have been chosen, then Lord Dog will be the referee of this Chef's Challenge..." Lord Dog said, yawning.

Bu Fang, who was close to the Immortal Tree seedlings, turned his head. Looking at the three seedlings in the middle of the halved Immortal Tree, his eyes faintly shone.

For the Immortal Tree seedlings... it looks like he couldn't be low-key anymore. He must thoroughly crush his opponent...

"Now... let the Chef's Challenge begin."

Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice resounded in the void!

In the next instant, a terrifying aura burst out from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm side, seemingly wanting to crush the other side.

Liu Mobai's eyes shone. His hair fluttered under the Nether energy as he looked straight at Bu Fang. His fighting intent soared to the sky!

Spinning his pitch-black kitchen knife, he grinned and pointed it at Bu Fang, his eyes revealing a taunting look.