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 Stepping its enchanting cat steps as it swayed its butt...

Without flowers blossoming in the void, without dazzling spirit energy, and without any fanfare to announce its arrival...

A black dog emerged.

With indifferent eyes, this dog yawned as if it couldn't be bothered by what was happening around him.

Beside Lord Dog, the golden Shrimpy pierced the void as it carried Bu Fang and Whitey.

Below them, everyone's eyes couldn't help but be attracted.

Of course, when they saw Lord Dog, they also saw Shrimpy and Bu Fang.

The eyes of the three black-robed experts from Nether Prison suddenly shrank, looking straight at Lord Dog.

Their ash-gray hair was fluttering in the air, and their faces looked somewhat dignified.

Leading them was the expert who had arrived earlier. He frowned as he said, "This dog... is everywhere."

After that, he lightly exhaled, his eyes becoming more and more serious.

"But even if that dog is here, we couldn't let them take away the sacred grade immortal ingredients... We must have the Immortal Tree seedlings!" that expert ordered.

As soon as that expert finished speaking, the two black-robed people beside him attacked.

Their feet stepped on the ground as they vanished on their spot. When they reappeared, they were right in front of the three Immortal Tree seedlings, which were radiating a brilliant golden light.

A sacred grade immortal ingredient was also a rare resource even in Nether Prison, so of course, they wouldn't give up this kind of treasure easily!

Moreover, these Immortal Tree seedlings' significance was extraordinary, and they also contained the will of the Heavenly Path of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

With the will of the Heavenly Path, these Immortal Tree seedlings could be considered rare top-grade ingredients among the sacred grade immortal ingredients.

"Want to get the Immortal Tree seedlings of our Immortal Cooking Realm? You must go through this Realm Lord first!" Realm Lord Di Tai shouted.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of those two experts. His long robe whirled around as his golden hair scattered in all directions.

Raising both hands, he suddenly sent out two palms to the two experts.

Boom! Boom!

The two experts and Realm Lord Di Tai confronted each other in one attack.

The two moved back, their bodies flipping over in the sky before landing beside their leader.

Realm Lord Di Tai's hands trembled fiercely. Pitch-black Nether energy wrapped around them, burrowing into his flesh like maggots.

"Lord Mo Xiu... the cultivation of this guy is not weak. We need some time," one of the two experts said indifferently.

Mo Xiu lightly swept his gaze across the two people.

"He's just at half-step Sacred Realm. Why do you need more time? Deal with him quickly. As for that dog, I'll handle him myself," Mo Xiu said coldly.

The two black-robed experts trembled. Nonetheless, they nodded, vanishing from their spot once again.


In a flash, the two experts rushed to Realm Lord Di Tai.

Realm Lord Di Tai was fully prepared, his immortal tool set floating around him.

"I can help the two Lords!"

Feng Guanzhang grinned and widened his eyes, showing a crazed look on his face.


The ground under his feet also exploded as he quickly flew towards Realm Lord Di Tai.

Being surrounded and attacked by three people at the same time, Realm Lord Di Tai felt great pressure.

A weak person like Feng Guanzhang was okay, but the two experts from Nether Prison had cultivations that matched with him, bringing him enormous pressure.

The Nether Prison... really lives up to its name.

Those two experts were at half-step Sacred Realm!

After many years of cultivation and training with countless resources from the Immortal Tree, Realm Lord Di Tai's cultivation only reached half-step Sacred Realm.

Of course, the main reason was the deterioration of the Immortal Tree.

It goes without saying that when the Immortal Tree was at its healthiest and most prosperous, it was also the time when the Immortal Cooking Realm was the most powerful.

During that period, there were several hundreds of Qilin Chefs, and there were many Sacred Realm experts as well. As for half-step Sacred Realm experts, they were countless.

Moreover, the Nether Prison didn't dare to touch the Immortal Cooking Realm that easily.

Now that the Immortal Tree had deteriorated, the Nether Prison unexpectedly showed its fierce claws and teeth, wanting to take away the Immortal Tree seedling!

The Immortal Tree seedling was the lifeblood of the Immortal Cooking Realm, so Realm Lord Di Tai must stop them, even at the cost of his life.


A fearful explosion resounded as Realm Lord Di Tai and three people fought together.

The battle between half-step Sacred Realm experts was too intimidating. The huge energy ripples caused by their attacks were like tidal waves, shaking the void over and over again.

A myriad of flashes bloomed, blinding one's eyes.

The ruins of the Immortal Tree palace were destroyed even further, turning crushed stones into fine powder.

At this moment, Lord Dog and Bu Fang landed in the distance.

Looking at the battle before them, Bu Fang's eyes were somewhat strange.

Beyond that, they saw three brilliant golden seedlings in the Immortal Tree ruins.

The seedlings contained a staggering amount of energy, making people tremble and hope at the same time.

"Is that the Immortal Tree seedling? The seedling that contained the whole Immortal Cooking Realm's strength..." Bu Fang whispered. Seeing this seedling, his eyes became somewhat eager.

If he could get this seedling, he would be able to complete the system's task and get the capability to fuse immortal flames. That way, the White Tiger's Heaven Illuminating Flame could be fused with powerful immortal flames.

Its power would be even more terrifying!

The void twisted, and a black robe whirled around.

Mo Xiu's figure appeared in front of Lord Dog, both arms crossed in front of his chest...

His ash-gray hair and robe fluttered, showing the embroidered "chef" symbol on his sleeve.

"Earth Prison Dog... Are you now managing other people's business in the Immortal Cooking Realm?" Mo Xiu said indifferently.

Lord Dog lazily glanced at Mo Xiu.

"You must be from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm, right? In Nether Prison, the reputation of the Dark Nether Cooking Realm is quite prestigious..."

"I am indeed from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm. Since you know my identity, give me face and don't interfere in this matter." Mo Xiu's cold expression eased slightly.

"Dark Nether Cooking Realm ah..." Lord Dog clicked his tongue and glared at Mo Xiu.

Then, without warning, he raised and swung his exquisite paw at him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying Nether energy gathered in the sky and changed into a huge dog paw. It descended with a rumbling sound, patting harshly towards Mo Xiu!

Mo Xiu's face changed. The Nether energy on his body burst out as he shot up to the sky.

He sent out two fists, attacking that huge paw!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud blasts reverberated.

A moment later...

Mo Xiu was patted into the ground, which cracked and collapsed under that paw's might.

The tremors on the ground were like an earthquake.

Smoke and dust dispersed as the paw disappeared, leaving behind a huge paw-shaped dent.

"I precisely hit your Nether Prison person, and I don't care if you're from the Dark Nether Cooking whatever."

Lord Dog raised the corner of his mouth into a sneer.

Bu Fang looked at the aggressive Lord Dog, and his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

This dog... was somewhat overbearing.


Crushed stones flew out.

In the middle of that paw-shaped dent, Mo Xiu, who looked a bit pathetic, floated up. His eyes were filled with fear.

This dog's cultivation had become stronger...

He hadn't seen this dog for many years, so it was understandable that the latter became stronger. But at its level and current form, he knew that the dog could become even stronger.

Once the dog unleashes its true power, it would be very terrifying!

"You... really want to challenge our Nether Prison's Dark Nether Cooking Realm? This price..." Mo Xiu's face turned unsightly as he spoke.

However, before he could finish his words...

Lord Dog barked at the sky, and his figure suddenly disappeared. In the next instant, he appeared in front of Mo Xiu.

Mo Xiu trembled. In his vision, the dog's paw became larger and larger.


As soon as the paw patted on his body, Mo Xiu was sent flying, crashing in the palace ruins.

Crushed stones and dust flew out.

The people who were fighting suddenly stopped.

Silence fell around them as clouds of smoke and dust billowed.

Realm Lord Di Tai gasped, staring at Mo Xiu's pathetic figure in disbelief.

"You mangy dog... Your cultivation became stronger?"

Lord Dog slowly walked, strutting his cat-like steps gracefully in the void. Hearing Realm Lord Di Tai's words, he rolled his eyes.

"It's so-so... My injury has recovered, thanks to the Immortal Tree's Heavenly Path. Its effect was really, really good."

Realm Lord Di Tai almost vomited blood.

This mangy dog had bitten the Heavenly Path... It took away... its pure essence!

The strength of this mangy dog could be very powerful, and it must be related to the Heavenly Path.

Mo Xiu slowly straightened his body as he stood up.

"This dog... Too arrogant. Did you really think that no one in Nether Prison could take you down? Have you forgotten how you escaped from Nether Prison..."

Mo Xiu patted the black robe on his body, staring coldly at Lord Dog.


However, as soon as his words fell...

Lord Dog's figure once again appeared in front of him, and a paw patted at his head.


Mo Xiu tried to block Lord Dog's paw, but how could he resist it? Once again, he was sent crashing on the ground, completely humiliated.

Lord Dog's speed was very fast as he turned into a ray of black light, unceasingly piercing the void.

Each time he pierced through, it would make Mo Xiu fly.

Again and again, clouds of smoke and dust billowed in the Immortal Tree palace ruins.

Realm Lord Di Tai and the others were stunned.

Feng Guanzhang gulped.

He initially wanted to kill this dog, but he could see now how naive that idea was!

This Lord Dog was the true monster!

In the distance, Bu Fang was standing on Shrimpy's back, watching with interest.

This was Lord Dog's style, unreasonable and ruthless.

However, he must think of a way to get that Immortal Tree seedling.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he pondered.

In the palace ruins, Mo Xiu staggered and stood up, his face looking very ugly.

Each paw of this dog was extremely powerful, making him suffer heavy injuries. Just thinking about it stoked the flames of fury in his heart.

"In that case... you're waiting for the endless revenge of my Dark Nether Cooking Realm!" Mo Xiu said coldly.

Suddenly, his eyes shrank.

That was because Lord Dog descended from the sky. His exquisite paw became bigger, finally patting him into the ground.

Again, smoke and dust billowed around them.

Lord Dog walked out of the ruins with enchanting cat-like steps. Raising his paw to lick it, he glanced at the ruins.

"Well, my heart is satisfied now. Lord Dog is a reasonable dog. Now, let's sit down and discuss how to divide the Immortal Tree seedlings."


The ground cracked.

After hearing Lord Dog's words, Mo Xiu, whose entire body was covered in black flames, almost vomited blood.

"This dog... Shameless!"

After beating him, that dog had the gall to invite him to have a discussion?! How is that being reasonable?!

However, Lord Dog didn't pay attention to him, saying, "The Dark Nether Cooking Realm and the Immortal Cooking Realm have something in common, and that is training chefs. In this case, use your cooking skills to solve this and decide who gets the Immortal Tree seedlings. How's that?"

"Why should I listen to you?! The sacred grade immortal ingredients belong to our Dark Nether Cooking Realm. This matter had been settled!" Mo Xiu said coldly.

"Alright... do you want to receive several paws?" Lord Dog raised his exquisite paw as he glared at Mo Xiu. "Looking at your sorry state now, I'm afraid you'll be killed by this Lord Dog."

Mo Xiu suddenly froze. The Nether energy around his body surged up violently.

This dog... was as shameless as before!

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

The two black-robed experts flew and landed behind Mo Xiu, while Feng Guanzhang appeared beside him, looking very excited.

Using cooking skills to determine who will get the Immortal Tree seedlings would be very fair between the two great kitchen forces.

Mo Xiu actually didn't want to agree, but now that he was in the Immortal Cooking Realm, there was no powerful force from their Dark Nether Cooking Realm to protect and assist them.

Hence, he was unable to defeat that shameless dog. If he were to continue to fight against it, perhaps he would be killed.

Frustration, along with anger, surged in his heart. Unexpectedly, he was forced to comply with this dog's demands.

However, he knew clearly that this dog wouldn't dare to kill him. After all, he was from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm. In Nether Prison, the Dark Nether Cooking Realm was a big force, so this dog didn't dare to cause trouble.

But still, Mo Xiu was very depressed. He had been beaten before... and now he must suffer this?

Why did that dog beat him like that?

"Lord Mo Xiu! Don't agree with him! Why should our Dark Nether Cooking Realm be afraid of a dog?!"

Not waiting for what Mo Xiu had to say, Feng Guanzhang suddenly interrupted, glaring at the other party. Now, he had considered himself a member of the Dark Nether Cooking Realm.

However, just as he finished speaking, Mo Xiu looked blankly at him.


Feng Guanzhang was stunned.

Lord Dog's figure suddenly appeared in front of him, his exquisite dog paw aggressively pounding on his head.

"Lord Dog was talking. How dare you interrupt?"

His gentle and magnetic voice resounded in the void!