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 A deafening rumble rang out, shocking everyone in the Immortal Tree space.

Everyone widened their eyes, looking at that hole in shock.

A huge hole had been smashed out in the Immortal Tree space!

From that hole, Nether energy gushed out, spreading across the sky.

In every corner of the Immortal Tree space, the Immortal Chefs, who had their Heart of Cooking Path sucked away by Liu Mobai, trembled ceaselessly.

It felt like the end of the world was coming, causing their despairing hearts to sink even deeper in despair.

They all kneeled on the ground, feeling hopeless.

Liu Mobai relaxed his hand.

Xue Yao's disheveled hair fluttered as she slumped on her knees. With dazed and empty eyes, her figure looked lifeless, without a trace of energy.

The Heart of Cooking Path that she had condensed with such difficulty had actually been sucked away just like that.

To an Immortal Chef, this was a huge blow.

Although they could still condense the Heart of Cooking Path in the future, compared to the first time it was condensed, it would be extremely difficult. Most importantly, the final achievement might not even reach High Grade Qilin Chef.

In the distance, Meng Kun and Feng Xin had similar lifeless gazes, their faces filled with despair.

Similarly, they had received the same treatment.

Raising his hands, a smug expression appeared on Liu Mobai's blood-marked face.

Feeling the violent beating of his heart, he raised the corner of his mouth into a mocking sneer.

"Not bad... This type of feeling is really intoxicating."

Liu Mobai slowly opened his eyes, then turned his head, looking at the huge hole above them.

His eyes slightly narrowed as regret flashed in them.

"A pity... We're making a move already? Then I won't have the chance to enjoy Owner Bu's Heart of Cooking Path."

Liu Mobai stroked his white hair, then pulled up the hood to cover his head.

Then, without sparing a glance at the three despairing Immortal Chefs, he walked towards the direction of the huge hole.

There, a blood-colored blade energy appeared, chopping the Immortal Tree.


"What's going on?"

Bu Fang's eyes shrank as he looked at the chopped Immortal Tree, sucking in a breath of cold air.

The Immortal Tree represented the Immortal Tree space's will of the Heavenly Path, and it had actually been chopped by a blade.

This was destroying the entire Immortal Cooking Realm!

"Huh... That expert from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm has made a move..." Lord Dog yawned.

"Why do they want to cut down the Immortal Tree?" Bu Fang asked curiously.

"That is a serious question..." Lord Dog rolled his eyes.

Then, he looked at the huge hole, explaining, "Probably because of the Immortal Tree seedling. In fact, the Immortal Tree of the Immortal Cooking Realm has already begun to decline... When the Immortal Cooking Realm was at its peak, it had given birth to hundreds of Qilin Chefs, but now... there are only five Qilin Chefs in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm. Oh, maybe none are left now."

"Those people from the Dark Nether Cooking Realm should be aiming for the Immortal Tree seedling. If they grab it and plant it into the Nether Prison, the Dark Nether Cooking Realm will be able to once again nurture many mighty Qilin level chefs."

"Immortal Tree seedling?!"

Bu Fang slightly froze. He immediately remembered the task that the system had assigned to him.

It was for him to enter the Immortal Tree space to obtain the Immortal Tree seed.

As of now... this task had coincided with the aim of those Nether Chefs.

Ah, he knew it. How could the task issued by the system possibly be that simple?

"Let's go. We should go over to take a look. The Immortal Tree seedling cannot fall into the hands of the Nether Prison, or else the entire Immortal Cooking Realm... will be in a terrible situation and will have trouble getting by," Lord Dog said.

Saying that, he swayed his butt as he walked gracefully towards the chopped Immortal Tree in the distance.

Bu Fang did not say much. Even if it was to watch the scene, he had to go. Also, his aim was the Immortal Tree seedling.


The illusionary void rippled.

Shrimpy, who looked like its entire body was soaked in golden liquid, appeared.

This little guy had slept in the Heaven and Earth Farmland for so long, so its ability had really improved a lot.

Whitey had recovered its usual appearance, standing on Shrimpy's back.

Bu Fang stepped out and landed on Shrimpy's back. The latter's huge eyes turned, and in the next instant, the illusionary void around him rippled.

In a flash, it turned into a golden comet, shooting into the distance.

Lord Dog looked at the golden comet shooting past him, stunned speechless.

Shrimpy's fast speed simply shocked him.

Shrimpy, who sped past Lord Dog, turned its head and gave a squeak, as if a little proud of itself.

Raising the corner of his mouth, Lord Dog swayed his butt as he stepped out with his cat-like steps. Not long after, he had caught up with Shrimpy and had overtaken it.

"Actually wanting to compete with this Lord Dog... How cheeky," Lord Dog mumbled, strutting his cat-like steps.


The rumbling explosion instantly spread out across the entire Immortal Tree space.

Realm Lord Di Tai, City Lord Meng Qi, and City Lord Zou watched in shock as a blood-colored blade energy cut the huge Immortal Tree into two.

Their bodies involuntarily shook.

Even Realm Lord Di Tai, who was usually carefree, began trembling.

This situation had happened too suddenly. He was completely unable to prepare for it.

Or, in other words, he didn't have any time to react. By the time he saw that huge hole, that blade energy instantly chopped down.

That single blade had cut the Immortal tree into two, and the palace below the Immortal Tree collapsed!

"This was done by Feng Guanzhang?!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's voice raised an octave. He was incomparably shocked and dumbfounded!

City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou shook their heads woodenly. They did not know as right now, their minds were in a mess as well.

Loud booms shook the entire space as a ringing sound reverberated.

As the Immortal Tree collapsed onto the ground, its branches swayed, letting out scratchy sounds. It felt like it was soundlessly sobbing.

Realm Lord Di Tai recovered his wits. In a heartbeat, he burst out and sped over to the Immortal Tree.

Within the debris of the palace...

Feng Guanzhang was laughing loudly. His scarlet eyes were filled with excitement!

"Feng Guanzhang, you traitor! Do you know what you are doing right now?!"

Realm Lord Di Tai was so enraged that his hair was standing.

The illusionary void constantly shattered as his figure instantly appeared in front of Feng Guanzhang.

Holding the black wok, he harshly swung it out, smashing Feng Guanzhang's head.

Feng Guanzhang was sent flying, landing in the distance.

However, Feng Guanzhang climbed up from the ground, excitement still on his face.

"It's useless! My time is about to come!" Feng Guanzhang spread out his arms as he let out a maniacal laugh.

"The Immortal Tree has already begun to decline. It cannot nurture Qilin Chefs anymore. Since it has fallen behind, it should be destroyed! The Immortal Tree should have long been destroyed!"

Feng Guanzhang's eyes were blood-red, staring at Realm Lord Di Tai as he roared.

In the sky, the huge hole rumbled, as though black thunderstorms were rolling over. A moment later, black lightning arcs jumped over the illusionary void.

"Destroying it or not... is none of your business!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's anger was boiling over. With a step, he appeared in front of Feng Guanzhang and sent out a fist.

Feng Guanzhang raised his hands to block it. However, his arms were broken by Realm Lord Di Tai's fist as he smashed into the ground.

It was far from over, though.

In the next instant, true energy condensed on Realm Lord Di Tai's fist, and the illusionary void seemed to be cracking around it.

Countless fists were sent flying down, causing the ground to shatter again and again.

Feng Guanzhang had been hit like a dead dog, spitting out fresh blood from his mouth!

Then, without a word, Realm Lord Di Tai rushed out, going towards where the Immortal Tree was cut.

There, a dazzling golden light rushed towards the heavens.

"The seedling!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes were solemn.

Although the Immortal Tree had been chopped, the Immortal Cooking Realm would be able to nurture another Immortal Tree as long as the Immortal Tree seedling was preserved!

The Immortal Tree was the Immortal Cooking Realm's belief and physical manifestation of the Great Path, so Realm Lord Di Tai found it hard to imagine an Immortal Cooking Realm without the Immortal Tree!

Suddenly, in the debris where Realm Lord Di Tai had landed, he saw three Immortal Tree seedlings float out of the center of the Immortal Tree where it had been cut off.

Seeing this, his breathing became fast and shallow!

However, just as Realm Lord Di Tai reached out to grab those seedlings...

A bolt of black lightning instantly shot down from above.

A rumble rang out, and the sky seemed to be ripped apart!

Realm Lord Di Tai was shocked. Feeling a sense of danger washing over him, he moved out of the way, appearing in the distance.

On his previous spot, the black lightning scattered, and a figure appeared.

That figure was clad in a long black robe.

On the long robe, a blood-colored human skull was embroidered, and on his sleeve, a 'chef' symbol was embroidered as well.

Slowly straightening his figure, the entire head of white hair fluttered in the wind.

Without a trace of expression on his icy cold face, his eyes were incomparably calm as he looked at the Immortal Tree seedlings. His ancient and indifferent gaze seemed to have ripples moving in it.

"Sacred grade immortal ingredients?" that person calmly said.

A moment later, he stretched out his hands, intending to grab the three Immortal Tree seedlings.

However, before he reached out his hands, Realm Lord Di Tai had already appeared in front of him.


Realm Lord Di Tai sent out a fist.

The illusionary void was about to shatter, but this fist was single-handedly caught by that person's hand!

"There's actually a High Grade Qilin Chef in the declining Immortal Cooking Realm?"

That person looked at Realm Lord Di Tai, his eyes narrowing.

"The smell coming from your High Grade Qilin Chef heart... is really mouthwatering..." he expressionlessly said, his gaze landing on Realm Lord Di Tai's face.

"Mouthwatering? If you have the ability, then come and bite me!"

Realm Lord Di Tai angrily roared. Turning his fist, he sent his leg towards the person's head. Wherever the leg passed, the illusionary void would shatter.

With a smack, that person indifferently raised his arms, blocking Realm Lord Di Tai's attack.

"Your ability isn't too bad... Actually reaching the cultivation of a half-step Sacred Realm, it's enough to be respected in the Immortal Cooking Realm," that person calmly said.


As a loud blast rang out, the two figures retreated and landed in the distance.

"This old one is the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm! Now, where is the respect in your actions?!"

Realm Lord Di Tai was solemn.

That person straightened his body as the corner of his mouth pulled up.

In the distance...

Feng Guanzhang climbed up from the debris, thirst leaking out from his eyes.

"Lord... I have accomplished my mission... May this lord fulfill his promise!"

That person slightly turned his head, giving the sorry-looking Feng Guanzhang a glance.

"Very good. This Nether Chef appreciates your contribution... The next Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm... will be you," that person said in a calm voice.

Feng Guanzhang was incomparably excited.


Rumbling sounds rang out as black lightning arcs scattered.

In the next instant, two figures appeared beside that black-robed person. They were also wearing black robes with the 'chef' symbol embroidered on their sleeves.

The moment the two appeared, a terrifying pressure spread out, making Realm Lord Di Tai suck in a breath of cold air.

The cultivations of these three... were no weaker than him, the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm!


The eyes of these three were not on Realm Lord Di Tai. They had turned their heads to look in the distance.

There, a golden light rapidly sped over, along with an enchanting black dog that strutted its cat-like steps.

The golden light was ignored by the three, but the black dog made their eyes shrink. They looked at each other, shock appearing in their eyes.

"That is the Earth Prison's... That dog?!"