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 Anger filled Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes as his golden hair fluttered.

From afar, Feng Guanzhang had turned into a monster. With black skin, white hair, and scarlet-red eyes, looking at him now would give one a hair-raising feeling.

This kind of abomination would carve deep into the bones.


Feng Guanzhang's eyes shrank, and he turned his head to look into the distance.

His gaze seemed to be able to see thousands of meters away, seeing the illusionary void being ripped open.

There, a huge black hand emerged and slammed down, and the void seemed to shake under it.

A terrifying Nether energy spread out from that palm!

That hand...

Feng Guanzhang's eyes narrowed, and he looked taken aback.

"The plan has started? It shouldn't be... I haven't collected all the Qilin Chef's hearts!" As he opened his mouth, there seemed to be black energy fuming out.

Feng Guanzhang's gaze then landed on Realm Lord Di Tai and Meng Qi's figures. Greed leaked out of his eyes.

At this moment, he no longer hid his intentions and schemes.

With a loud rumble, the illusionary void exploded as Feng Guanzhang rushed towards Realm Lord Di Tai.

The demonized Feng Guanzhang had become more powerful.

Previously, Realm Lord Di Tai had almost fallen for Feng Guanzhang's scheme when he slipped up.

Once bitten, twice shy. Of course, Realm Lord Di Tai would not fall for it a second time. Furthermore, he was unable to pay the price of falling for it.

That dog had gone over to Bu Fang's side, and he had to settle this side himself!


Realm Lord Di Tai's figure also vanished from his spot.

The two clashed against each other in the air, letting out a horrifying rumble and explosion!

A huge battle erupted as the two fought, each fist meeting flesh!

The surrounding illusionary void had continuously been shattered by these two.

City Lord Meng Qi descended, landing beside City Lord Zou. With a thought, she raised her hand in the illusionary void, instantly ripping it open to reach inside.

From that void crack, she pulled out a steaming dish.

That dish seemed to be cooked using a spirit beast meat. Light shone on top of it as a dense immortal energy revolved around it.

That immortal energy converged, looking like blooming flowers had appeared around the dish.

This transformation of immortal energy into substance was a Qilin Chef technique!

Wisps of immortal energy revolved, showing the high rank of this dish.

Grabbing the chopsticks, City Lord Meng Qi picked up pieces of the spirit beast meat with immortal energy winding around them, putting them into City Lord Zou's mouth. In just a short while, City Lord Zou's energy became a lot more stable.

"After eating it, refine it well. Your injuries should be almost fully recovered by that time... This dish was made using an Eight-star Beast Emperor, so its recovery effect should be pretty good," City Lord Meng Qi said.

Then, after stuffing the last piece into City Lord Zou's mouth, she kept the porcelain plate and raised her head, looking into the distance.

There, the battle had entered its climax.

Realm Lord Di Tai was showing his true strength.

The rumbling sounds from the two were very violent, causing the ground to crack and the void to tremble.

However, it was obvious that the Realm Lord had the upper hand in this battle. Although Feng Guanzhang had swallowed two Qilin Chef's hearts, his strength had yet to match up with Realm Lord Di Tai's.

Every time they clashed, he would be brutally sent onto the ground, causing the ground to shatter and explode!

Realm Lord Di Tai was incomparably solemn throughout this. He was usually very bubbly, but once he fought, he could get harsh and serious.

After all, he was the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

At this moment, Realm Lord Di Tai's figure was surrounded by many immortal tools. These immortal tools were covered with dense immortal energy, becoming extremely dazzling.

These were the kitchen tool sets that belonged to the Realm Lord, an entire set of top-grade immortal tools!

"You want to get all our hearts? Why don't you ascend the heavens?" Realm Lord Di Tai coldly said, a kitchen knife dashing around his figure.


However, before Feng Guanzhang could open his mouth and answer, a huge black wok suddenly slammed down.

The speed of that black wok was extremely fast, and before Feng Guanzhang could react to it, it had already smashed down at him.

With a loud rumble, Feng Guanzhang was deeply smashed into the ground.

"There will be no Qilin Chef's heart, but I will beat you, you abomination! I'll beat you until you call me daddy!" Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes were sharp as his golden hair fluttered.

City Lord Meng Qi's mouth twitched. Why did that sound a little weird?

"Colluding with the Nether Prison! Murdering Qilin Chefs! An abomination like you, even death is too easy!"


A stove with a shocking pressure was suddenly tossed out by Realm Lord Di Tai, smashing violently towards the ground.

An explosion rang out as the ground caved in.

Without waiting for the dust to settle, Realm Lord Di Tai wildly swung a black wok.

Feng Guanzhang, who was still on the ground, remained still and quiet.

Realm Lord Di Tai narrowed his eyes. Keeping his immortal tool set, he stared at the ruins below.

This time, he would not let this Feng Guanzhang rascal get away!


Rocks rolled.

Feng Guanzhang simply did not think that he would be beaten like a dead dog.

Indeed, the Realm Lord was a Realm Lord. His cultivation was much stronger than his own.

Stumbling, he climbed up from the ground, revealing his pathetic state as fresh blood flowed down his pitch-black skin.

Obviously, he had received heavy injuries from Realm Lord Di Tai.

His scarlet eyes stared bitterly at Realm Lord Di Tai.

"High Grade Qilin Chef... I'm only a step away! Goddammit!"

Feng Guanzhang gritted his teeth as blood leaked out of his mouth.

Realm Lord Di Tai furrowed his brows, instantly feeling a little suspicious.

In the distance, City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou felt a little puzzled as well.

In the next instant...

A steaming dish appeared on Feng Guanzhang's palm. When that dish appeared, a dense Nether energy revolved above it.

Realm Lord Di Tai froze.

City Lord Meng Qi was in a daze.

This was the first time that they had seen a dish that had Nether energy around it!

What dish is that?!

Naturally, Feng Guanzhang did not bother to explain it to them. As soon as that Nether energy-filled dish appeared, he stuffed it into his mouth.

He frantically chewed, and with a gulp, swallowed it into his stomach.

In that instant, Feng Guanzhang's heavily-injured appearance recovered quickly, and his figure underwent a change once again.

"That dish... is strange!" Realm Lord Di Tai furrowed his brows.

However, in the next instant...

A black light descended from the sky, covering Feng Guanzhang's figure.


A loud crack reverberated, as though a black lightning had struck down.

Feng Guanzhang suddenly jumped out, moving towards the Immortal Tree palace.

He was guiding the black lightning towards the Immortal Tree palace!

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shrank. Wasting no time, his feet tread the air, forming a comet as he rushed at Feng Guanzhang.

Realm Lord Di Tai had no idea what Feng Guanzhang wanted to do, but... that black lightning made him feel that it was not something good!

"I have to stop him!"



Black clouds rolled as a bolt of black lightning descended, instantly shattering the three thunder clouds!

Xue Yao, Meng Kun, and Feng Xin looked at the black lightning in disbelief.

"Black lightning punishment?! How... is this possible?!"

Xue Yao's eyes were filled with fear, her figure trembling ceaselessly.

The dish that this Liu Mobai had cooked had actually triggered a black lightning punishment?!

It was a lightning punishment that they had never seen before!

Their thunder clouds had actually been destroyed by that lightning punishment.

Furthermore, what surprised them the most was Liu Mobai's dish.

That dish had no immortal energy. There wasn't even a dazzling radiance.

Instead of radiance, what was there... was only pitch-black Nether energy and an oppressive pressure...

What kind of dish is that?!

"You guys are very lucky to see me cook the Nether Prison's dark delicacy... It was originally prepared for Owner Bu, but I decided to test it on you three first," Liu Mobai said.

In the next instant, the black lightning descended.


Liu Mobai raised the kitchen knife with a blood-colored gem embedded on it, letting it absorb the black lightning punishment.

After that, a wave of dense fragrance spread out...

This made Xue Yao and the rest even more shocked.

The dish that had black energy around it could actually release such an aroma...

Crack. Crack. Crack.

The dishes that Xue Yao and the rest had cooked exploded. Seeing this, their faces lost all traces of blood.

They lost this Chef's Challenge!

Fear instantly filled in their eyes.

This Liu Mobai is a monster! He's not an Immortal Chef!

How could an Immortal Chef cook a dish that had black energy on it?!

Meng Kun's mouth was trembling. He turned his body, wanting to break open the blood-colored magic array to escape.

But just as he turned, he was held by that blood-colored magic array.

Liu Mobai slowly walked over, reaching out his hand as he coldly smiled.

"I already said that this game where the cat chases after the mouse... has ended."

After Liu Mu said that, he pressed a hand on Meng Kun's head.

The essence of the Heart of Cooking Path in Meng Kun's body seemed to turn into substance as it surged into Liu Mobais body...


The massive pitch-black palm emitted dense Nether energy. As it moved, it let out a terrifying roar.

The Nether energy surrounding it seemed to weigh over a thousand pounds, shattering the void under its pressure!

Lord Dog strutted his elegant cat steps as he appeared. His eyes calmly glanced at the illusionary void as he gave a cold snort.

"Is the Nether Prison really making a move on the Immortal Cooking Realm? Already infiltrating all the way to the Immortal Tree space!"


As Lord Dog's magnetic voice rang out, his exquisite dog paw rushed towards the skies.


An earth-shattering explosion occurred as the dog paw and the black palm clashed together.

Instantly, waves of ripples scattered, spreading over the entire Immortal Tree space. Almost everyone felt it.

And under the exquisite dog paw...

That huge palm was instantly shattered!

It was directly destroyed!

Indeed, the exquisite dog paw was as terrifying as it had always been!

Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath, looking at the sky.

The black palm had been destroyed, and it looked like that angered whoever it was in that crack!

Within the Nether energy-filled crack, a furious roar rang out.

The crack trembled, as though a horrifying existence was about to thrust out from it, filled with wrath and resentment!

Lord Dog's eyes were still cold. He was not unfamiliar with such a scene.

In the next instant, he opened his mouth to let out a loud and clear bark.

That bark was like a morning bell that rang out!

Right after that, an exquisite dog paw rushed towards the sky, slamming at that blood-colored gem!

The blood-colored gem was unable to withstand the blow. Cracks filled its surface before it finally shattered, covering the sky with blood-colored shards before scattering across the ground.

A strong gust of wind blew past, blowing Lord Dog's black fur as it constantly fluttered.

Lord Dog, who strutted his elegant steps, still had vigilant eyes. Only when the crack vanished did he turn to look at Bu Fang.

Lord Dog glanced at the White Tiger Heaven Stove above Bu Fang's head, slightly raising his brows. However, he did not ask about it.

"Bu Fang boy... It looks like you've been swept up into this mess. If you want to get out of this, you have to destroy the other's plans," Lord Dog said.

Bu Fang froze.

"Swept into what? What problem?"

"Something is happening between the Nether Prison and the Immortal Cooking Realm... Do you know what was trying to come over from the other end?"

Bu Fang shook his head. He really had no idea.

"That... is an expert of the Nether Prison. However, because of the barrier of the Immortal tree space and the will of the Heavenly Path... that guy couldn't come over. Of course, what is most important is that the one who popped out had been sent back by Lord Dog's paw."

Lord Dog raised the corner of his mouth, then added, "Oh... I forgot to mention. Lord Dog has met that Nether Prison expert before. Those guys... seem to be chefs."

"Chefs?" Bu Fang was slightly stunned.

Lord Dog yawned. His dog eyes appeared drowsy as he looked at Bu Fang. "The Nether Prison is vast, and the powers there are also very complicated. The ones that want to do something to the Immortal Cooking Realm should be the group of people belonging to the Nether Chefs of the Nether Prison..."

Nether Chefs?

Bu Fang froze. However, before he could say anything...

From afar, a shocking explosion rang out from the spot where the Immortal Tree was!

A terrifying light beam rose as high as the heavens as a huge hole was opened in the sky by that light.

From that hole, a rumble rang out, and a blood-red blade energy slashed out from within.

In that instant, the swaying Immortal Tree was hit by that blade energy... and was chopped!