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 The black-cloaked person revealed his face, completely exposing his youthful appearance.

However, that face was covered with evil-looking marks. Just looking at it made one feel a chill, freezing them on their spot.

Those marks were blood-colored. They slithered up from below the neck and covered his whole face, making him look like a demon.

The youth's hair was white, as there was a strange scarlet-red gleam in his eyes, as though he was a demon who walked out of the deep abyss.

It was horrifying to the extreme!

When Xue Yao and the rest met Liu Mobai's eyes, they felt that their bodies were shackled by terrifying ice-cold chains. Their figures stiffened as they trembled ceaselessly.

The blood-colored magic array surrounded them, making them unable to run away.

"Chef's Challenge? Just you against the three of us?"

Meng Kun gritted his teeth, light shining in his eyes.

The youth gently laughed, calmly nodding. Along with his laugh, the blood-colored marks on his face seemed to come alive, constantly moving.

"So? You feel like there's hope?"

Liu Mobai rubbed the blood-colored marks on his face as an intoxicated look appeared in his eyes.

This mysterious energy made his culinary talent reach a terrifying level, causing him to obtain a very horrifying strength.

Furthermore, it made him young again.

The present Liu Mobai was no longer the Liu Mobai who would lose to Bu Fang back in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Now, he could do a Chef's Challenge against three monstrous Immortal Chefs, not scared in the least.

"Don't push it too far. Do you really take us three as ants that you can just casually squash?!" Meng Kun gritted his teeth, his anger soaring to the heavens.

Feng Xin let his hands fall. His mind flickered, and a deep blue wok with vibrant lights appeared in front of him.

"Then come! If you don't die, then we will... A guy like you won't have a good ending!" Feng Xin coldly said.

Xue Yao did not speak. She only pursed her lips as a dark green kitchen knife appeared in her hand, staring coldly at Liu Mobai.

Liu Mobai crushed Lu Yi and won second place in the Immortal Chef Tournament.


The three of them were still in the top ten of the Immortal Chef Tournament, and they had their pride too.

If it was a Chef's Challenge, even Lu Yi wouldn't dare to take on three of them at once.

Liu Mobai had actually chosen to go against the three of them. From how they saw it, maybe this was their chance!


Flame rushed towards the heavens!

In the next instant, the three Immortal Chef's mental force burst out like dragons.

Liu Mobai watched the three with a mocking gaze.

The pitch-black kitchen knife in his hand instantly moved as he let out a disdainful laugh.

"I like to crush hopeful people like you... I like to see your despair when your hopes are crushed," Liu Mobai said, letting out peals of mocking laughter.

Then, pitch-black Nether energy rose to the heavens from his figure.

"Today, I'll let you guys see... the delicacies from the Nether Prison!"


The blood-colored magic array suddenly spun.

In the next instant, a blood-colored light rushed towards the heavens, forming blood dragons as it wrapped around the four...


A bull's huff resounded across the entire Immortal Tree space!

The void seemed to be trembling, on the verge of breaking.

The Strongest Demon King, after experiencing the suppression of the White Tiger Heaven Stove, had actually turned into his true form.

On his body, a huge blood-red gem was embedded, which beat like a heart. Everytime it beat, a horrifying energy would spread out from it.

His black bull eyes were huge, like a majestic mountain that glowed scarlet-red. His gaze was filled with tyranny and malevolence.

His body and his two bull horns, with one of it broken in half, were surrounded with thousands of black energy.

The Strongest Demon King, who had turned into his true form, stomped down harshly with its hoof. Instantly, the ground shattered, and the entire Immortal Tree space seemed to tremble!

Sizzle! Sizzle!


Above the sky, a lightning bolt suddenly descended, striking the body of the Strongest Demon King.

The area that was hit was scorched black!

Whitey single-handedly wielded the War God Stick as traces of lighning revolved around it.

Shrimpy shone with a golden brilliance, as though it was a scorching sun that floated on the sky.

Standing on Shrimpy's back, Whitey's combat ability had risen by quite a bit. Their combined power was not as simple as one plus one!

With a loud ripping sound, the illusionary void seemed to have a hole torn through it.

Instantly, Whitey and Shrimpy appeared in front of the Strongest Demon King.

Thousands of lightning shot out of Whitey's eyes, making it look like a god of thunder right now.

Wielding the War God Stick, countless lightning bolts were released, forming a lightning light beam that seemed to rip through the horizon as it struck towards the Strongest Demon King.

The Strongest Demon King's body, which was like a majestic mountain peak, was struck. He could not stop stumbling, swaying continuously as though he was about to kneel down.

However, the skin of the Strongest Demon King's true form was much thicker. Hence, Whitey's full-powered attack had actually yet to break through the Strongest Demon King's defenses.

That blood-colored gem was constantly beating, and the energy that came from it caused the combat ability of the Strongest Demon King to soar!

Whitey and Shrimpy's ability were not equal to the Strongest Demon King. The two could hold the Strongest Demon King down, but to defeat him was impossible.

And, along with the constant surging strength from the blood-colored gem on the Strongest Demon King's body, his combat ability would continuously build up... finally reaching a horrifying level.

At that time...

Whitey and Shrimpy would no longer be able to hold this huge bull back!

As the four tools of the God of Cooking Set appeared at the same time around Bu Fang, he seemed like a deity that had descended.

His gaze stared the huge black bull that was suppressed by Shrimpy and Whitey, locking onto the blood-colored gem.

A blood-colored light shone and revolved within the gem.

Bu Fang looked at the blood gem, involuntarily furrowing his brows.

That gem was the energy source of the huge black bull.

Without a doubt, the Strongest Demon King's power was related to that blood-colored gem.

With Bu Fang's mental force, he could probe and sense that the blood gem was alive, which meant that it was definitely not just an object.

"If I want to defeat the Strongest Demon King, then... I should break that gem!"

Bu Fang spun the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, gently exhaling.


In the sky, a bull huff rang out as Whitey's War God Stick smashed onto the huge black bull's figure.

However, the huge black bull raised his horns, ripping open the illusionary void as he smashed onto Shrimpy and Whitey.

Shrimpy and Whitey was instantly sent flying, crashing into the distance.

At this moment, Bu Fang's eyes shrank as he rushed out.


The Vermillion Robe fluttered.

The White Tiger Heaven Stove above his head descended, causing the energy on Bu Fang's body to become even more denser!

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was flung out towards the huge black bull in the distance. As it spun in the air, it became bigger and bigger, turning into a huge wok that covered the skies and hid the sun.

It crushed the illusionary void!

Bu Fang's mental energy, which was boosted by the four tool spirits, seemed to turn into a substance.

This was the strongest power that Bu Fang had ever conjured!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the Black Turtle Constellation Wok smashed towards the huge black bull, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife released a golden brilliance, which seemed like a golden divine dragon meandered around it.

The golden light was extremely dazzling.

"One blade... Cutting Immortal Style!"

Bu Fang stomped on the ground with one foot, cracks spreading out from it.

Behind him, the Vermillion Robe's flaming wings spread out as fiery feathers fluttered!

Bu Fang slowly flew up, supported by the flaming wings.

At the same time, thousands of blade energy gathered in the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Bu Fang's face remained unchanged.

Behind him, a huge phantom appeared. That phantom was similar to Bu Fang, but its gaze was colder!

One blade chopped down as a blinding light shone to the heavens!

In Bu Fang's eyes, the blood vessels of the mountain-like Strongest Demon King looked very clear.


Whitey and Shrimpy dashed across the air. With lightning arcs around their figures, they looked like a huge thunderball shooting forth.


In the next instant, Whitey and Shrimpy landed on the figure of the Strongest Demon King.

The lighning in Whitey's eyes rushed towards the heavens as the War God Stick stabbed down harshly, piercing into the head of the huge black bull.

Thousands of lightning instantly spread out, covering the Strongest Demon King's entire body.

At the same time, Bu Fang's blade sliced down.

The horns on the Strongest Demon King rushed towards Bu Fang.

The sound of air breaking rang out as a huffing sound reverberated.

At this moment, thousands of blade lights and bull horns clashed against each other.


Under the Strongest Demon King's shocked eyes, his horns shattered!

Bu Fang's gaze landed on the figure of the Strongest Demon King, taking another step to land on top of that blood-colored gem.

The White Tiger Heaven Stove descended with streams of light, and with the guidance of Bu Fang's mental energy, it harshly smashed down onto the blood-colored gem.

The Strongest Demon King's scarlet-red eyes instantly shrank, and he let out an agonized cry!

A white-colored flame lotus spun in Bu Fang's hand.

Gently exhaling, he glanced at the Strongest Demon King a glance as his palm descended, pressing the white flame lotus onto the blood-colored gem.


With a loud blast, energy ripples scattered.

The blood-colored gem shattered, and an endless amount of pitch-black Nether energy poured out from it.

Along with it was a sharp whistle!

Bu Fang's eyes instantly shrank as he was hit by this terrifying attack.

His figure flew out as he flipped, harshly slamming on the ground. This impact made a deep crater.

Bu Fang slowly stood up, steam rolling off from his body.

The invincibility of the Vermillion Robe.... had actually been broken!

In Bu Fang's gaze...

The huge black bull let out mournful wails. From the shattered blood gem, thousands of light beams shot out

As though gas leaked out of him, that huge black bull shrank rapidly, looking like his energy became extremely weak.

That blood-colored gem fell from his body, floating in the air.

From within, there was actually a flustered and angry sound ringing out!

The Strongest Demon King fell on the ground with his broken horns, disbelief and despair spreading across his face.

He had actually been defeated by a One-star True Immortal Realm human?

Is this human... abnormal?

How could those immortal tools be so terrifying?

They were completely out of his imagination.

Losing the blood-colored gem, the Strongest Demon King knew that he had been defeated.

But it was too late for regret.

Who would have thought that this human would be so demonic... If he knew, he would just keep an eye on him as Liu Mobai instructed.

Bu Fang raised his head, his hair and the Vermillion Robe fluttering.

Whitey and Shrimpy hovered beside Bu Fang, staring at the blood-colored gem above them.

Bu Fang's eyes landed on the Strongest Demon King, who was on his last breath.

With a wave of his hand, a huge suction energy burst out.

In an instant, the Strongest Demon King was sucked away.

"As an enemy... you are inferior. As an ingredient... you pass," Bu Fang calmly said.

Even at death's door, the Strongest Demon King was enraged, angrily glaring at Bu Fang!

"You dare!"

"Why would I not dare?"

With the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand, Bu Fang then smashed the wok on the Strongest Demon King's head, knocking him out...

After that, he threw the latter into the Heaven and Earth Farmland. After all of this was over, he would deal with this new ingredient.

Right now, what was important was that blood-colored gem.

That gem... was extremely strange!

Bu Fang had a feeling that this gem was related to the secret of Liu Mobai and the Strongest Demon King.

Suddenly, Bu Fang's eyes shrunk.

"Trash! Literally trash! The plan hasn't even begun, and you lost already! Such trash!"

A flustered and exasperated angry roar rang out. Then, the blood colored gem suddenly exploded in the air!

A hole was instantly ripped in the Immortal Tree space!

From that hole, a pitch-black and sinister hand flew out!

Under this huge hand, the illusionary void shattered inch by inch!

That hand suppressed the void as it aimed for Bu Fang!

Bu Fang felt that the air around him was sucked away!

This huge hand destroyed the heavens and razed the land!

Just as that huge hand was about to descend...

The illusionary void in front of Bu Fang suddenly twisted.

Then, a fat black dog emerged, strutting its graceful cat-like steps.

It raised its exquisite dog paw, patting towards the pitch-black hand in the air!