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 City Lord Zou rapidly dashed.

Getting nearer and nearer to the Immortal Tree, very quickly, he saw an exquisite palace below it.

The moment he saw the huge palace, hope appeared in his eyes.

The true energy on his figure spread as his speed instantly exploded, forming a comet as he descended towards the huge palace of the Immortal Tree.

The huge palace contained the will of the Heavenly Path of the Immortal Cooking Realm, and it was where the will of Heavenly Path was being dispersed.

Since the surroundings of the Immortal Tree were prohibited, City Lord Zou was unable to land directly in front of the huge palace. Hence, he could only descend as he neared it.

However, not too far away from the Immortal Tree...

Black clouds rushed after him, quickly wrapping over City Lord Zou's figure, causing his breathing to instantly freeze.

Without a trace of hesitation, City Lord Zou did not choose to fight with Feng Guanzhang.

He knew that he was not the latter's opponent.

His top-grade immortal tool had already been destroyed, and now... he could only run for his life!

More importantly, he needed to let the Realm Lord know that Feng Guanzhang was here!


City Lord Zou tried to quicken his pace. He seemed to be flustered and in a panic.

That was because he could feel Feng Guanzhang's horrifying energy getting closer and closer.

This energy made him almost numb as the pores on his entire body exploded open, making it even difficult to continue pinching his thumbs and middle fingers together.

Feng Guanzhang's eyes were like torches. With his hands behind his back, he leisurely approached, forcing City Lord Zou into a dead end.

Immortal Tree palace?

A cold smile appeared on Feng Guanzhang's face.

It was useless. Even the Immortal Tree space could no longer save City Lord Zou.


His figure dashed towards the ground, landing in front of City Lord Zou. The impact of his descent caused a loud blast as smoke rushed towards the skies.

City Lord Zou sucked in a breath of cold air.

Looking at the absolutely unrestrained Feng Guanzhang, his body felt cold.

The surroundings of the Immortal Tree palace prohibited flying, but Feng Guanzhang had actually flown down unbridled.

This guy no longer believed in the Immortal Tree?

City Lord Zou slowly turned around.

Feng Guanzhang's cold gaze landed on the chest of the heaving City Lord Zou. The latter suffered a heavy injury, so his condition right now was not very good.

City Lord Zou's body tensed up. Seeing the hungry look in Feng Guanzhang's eyes, he felt like he had been locked on as a prey.

"Feng Guanzhang... you really have gone crazy!" City Lord Zou said as he coldly huffed.

Feng Guanzhang's face did not change, as though his condition had never been better. He coldly smiled as he looked at City Lord Zou, gently exhaling.

Then, his figure suddenly appeared in front of City Lord Zou, as though the ground had shrunk.

"Thinking of getting help from the Immortal Tree palace?" Feng Guanzhong raised his hand as a finger tapped on the space between City Lord Zou's brows.

A rumble rang out.

A terrifying energy exploded, and City Lord Zou instantly felt his own body being hit by a wave of this energy.

Right after that, he was sent flying out, his figure spinning in the air as he fell, forming a ditch as he crashed on the ground.

"A pity... As long as I can prevent you from entering the Immortal Tree palace, you can't do anything," Feng Guanzhang said.

"If you do this... you won't end up well. Once the Realm Lord knows of your sins, you will be expelled from the Immortal Cooking Realm!" City Lord Zou roared.

"The Realm Lord already knows what I did. Right now, he's probably searching the entire fifth layer for me. However, he would never have thought that I have already appeared in the Immortal Tree space." Feng Guanzhang laughed loudly, feeling the rush of having played the Realm Lord in his heart.

After laughing, he momentarily paused before adding insolently, "Besides... even if he knew, what about it? In just a bit, the Immortal Cooking Realm is going to be mine. Even if it is the Realm Lord... I have nothing to be afraid of!"

Feng Guanzhang's face was incomparably sinister. Then, under City Lord Zou's hate-filled eyes, a change occurred.

His hair turned pitch-black, his skin turned dark, and his eyes became scarlet-red, just like a savage beast!

A horrifying energy spread out, causing City Lord Zou to feel a wave of crisis.


A shockwave rang out as Feng Guanzhang vanished from the spot.

In the next instant, he appeared and sent a fist at City Lord Zou!

City Lord Zou's eyes shrank, both hands blocking in front of his chest.

A sound like bones were shattering rang out.

City Lord Zou spat out blood. He was smashed in the distance, his energy getting weaker and weaker.

He tried to stand up, but once again, he took another blow from Feng Guanzhang...

A terrifying energy spread out.

City Lord Zou felt like his four limbs had been shattered...

He could no longer move.

It looks like he was going to die... He still had to fulfill the wish of the one surnamed Liu.

Sorrow welled up once again in City Lord Zou's heart... He had let down the one surnamed Liu...

Feng Guanzhang, who had transformed, looked at the battered and helpless City Lord Zou, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

Slowly taking steps, he appeared in front of City Lord Zou, who longer had any strength to resist.

"Now... let me savor this feeling of harvesting," Feng Guanzhang said.

He opened his mouth, revealing a row of sharp teeth. Then, he reached out a finger, letting out a chill from that sharp fingernail.

Greed leaked out of his scarlet eyes as the fingernail descended, stabbing at City Lord Zou's chest.


That sharp fingernail cut open City Lord Zou's chest.

Fresh blood flowed out.

Just as Feng Guanzhang was about to dig out City Lord Zou's Heart of a Qilin Chef, he suddenly felt a wave of terrifying energy flooding over.

Feng Guanzhang's eyes shrank.


In a flash, Feng Guanzhang's figure vanished from his spot, reappearing in the distance.

From the sky, a finger fell down, landing in front of Feng Guanzhang.

That finger was the one he had used to cut open City Lord Zou's chest.


Along with a swishing sound, a figure slowly appeared.

His entire head of fluttering golden hair moved with the wind.

The bare figure wore a long robe, making him seem handsome. With his body tilted forty-five degrees, he looked extremely valiant.

Of course... that was if you ignored the bare lower half that let out a divine light.

"I finally caught up... You traitorous abomination! It's time to punish you!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's sharp gaze shot out from under his golden-colored fringe, looking at Feng Guanzhang who had transformed into a savage demon.

On the ground, the dumbstruck City Lord Zou felt like he was going to cry. Seeing the Realm Lord, he knew.... he could be saved.

City Lord Meng Qi also rushed over. Looking at City Lord Zou, whose bones had been shattered, her face instantly darkened.

Feng Guanzhang's gaze landed on Realm Lord Di Tai and City Lord Meng Qi, who floated in the distance.

A moment later, he stuck out his scarlet tongue, which was long and twisting.

"Tch, tch, tch... All the Qilin Chef's hearts have gathered... Perfect."


The Heaven Illuminating Flame exploded.

Bu Fang seemed to feel the Strongest Demon King's distress.

The White Tiger Heaven Stove was incomparably heavy, and its suppression was incredibly strong.

As the flame exploded, the White Tiger Heaven Stove instantly smashed onto the ground.

Then, it turned into a comet as it quickly flew over to Bu Fang, wrapping around his waist.

The blazing flames did not dissipate for a long time.

That Heaven Illuminating Flame had exploded on the Strongest Demon King's face, and it could be imagined how difficult it must be for the Strongest Demon King.

Right now, he should have been heavily injured by the might of that explosion.

But even if he did not die, he would still lose a layer of skin.

The killing attack of the White Tiger Heaven Stove was really ruthless. It was as if it could oppress everything.

Even if it was the Strongest Demon King, whose true energy was many levels higher than Bu Fang's, he could not escape from its suppression.

Coupled with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the Heaven Illuminating Flame, it was literally the nightmares of his enemies!

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

From the debris in the ground, a figure slowly climbed up.

The black cloak covering his body had been completely burned, revealing his naked body.

Looking at the Strongest Demon King's figure, Bu Fang instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.


The sound of heartbeats rang out as Bu Fang's gaze landed on the chest of the Strongest Demon King.

There, a blood-colored gem was embedded, which pulsated like a heart. A dense amount of marks, with the blood-colored gem as the center, spread out all over his body.

"What is that?"

Bu Fang was incomparably shocked.

The Strongest Demon King did not have such a plaything on him in the past.

Bu Fang could feel that the dense and heavy Nether energy came from this gem.

The Strongest Demon King's body was changed by this Nether energy...

The Strongest Demon King looked extremely sinister as the secret he had been hiding for so long had been exposed at this instant!

"You human.... Goddammit!"

The Strongest Demon King let out a furious roar.

His voice also changed.


In the next instant, the energy on the Strongest Demon King's body soared dramatically, reaching a terrifying level!

The illusionary void under his pressure began to twist!

His eyes seemed to be filled with blood as the blood energy rushed towards the heavens!


A sound like muscle tissues were tearing rang out.

Right after that, the Strongest Demon King's figure became huge and menacing, turning into a gigantic black Demon Bull with a half-broken horn!

The Demon Bull nose that was like a majestic mountain let out a scorching heat as his eyes stared at Bu Fang.

Then, the hoofs descended, causing the entire space to shake.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A bull huffing sound rang out across the Immortal Tree space, and in the next instant, the Strongest Demon King raised his horns, rushing straight at Bu Fang.

Wherever the horn went past, the void would crack!

Bu Fang's eyes involuntarily shrank.

Is this the Strongest Demon King's true body?

In the next instant, Bu Fang's hands brushed past the tiger head belt once again.

Instantly, a tiger head kitchen stove hovered above his head, shining with dazzling radiance.

His mental energy seemed to boil as he held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his left hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in the other.

At this instant, he was going to go all out!


A bull huffing sound reverberated.

The black-cloaked person's eyes shone as his brows seemed to furrow.

Then, as if thinking of something, he became a little flustered and exasperated.

"That stupid bull! Why did he make a move? Didn't I tell him to just look for Bu Fang... What a troublesome guy!" The black-cloaked person mumbled under his breath.

Then, he turned to look at Xue Yao, Meng Kun, and Feng Xin.

Without a word, he raised his hand, drawing an arc across his palm with the pitch-black kitchen knife.

Fresh blood instantly trickled down from the wound, quickly turning into a magic array.

In the next instant, that magic array spread out, wrapping around the trembling Immortal Chefs.

A terrifying fluctuation instantly spread out.

"The game of the cat chasing the mouse has ended... Since I'm in a rush right now, let's have a three-to-one Chef's Challenge."

The black-cloaked person spun his black kitchen knife as the blood-colored gem embedded in it beat like a heart.

His hood was taken off... revealing a young appearance. However, his face was covered with blood-colored marks.

Sticking out his scarlet tongue, he licked the fresh blood on the kitchen knife as his youthful gaze landed on Xue Yao and the rest.

The three Immortal Chefs had long felt their minds shake.

This black-cloaked person... had finally revealed his face!

But from how they saw it...

His face... was like a nightmare!