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 City Lord Zou dashed for thousands of meters, getting closer and closer to where the Immortal Tree was.

His heart constantly sank. Covering his own mouth, grief and anguish appeared in his eyes as tears welled up.

He did not expect that Feng Guanzhang's power would actually become so strong.

Most importantly, he and Liu Zhandui would never have thought that... Feng Guanzhang would make a move in the Immortal Tree space so brazenly.

Not only that, it was a move made against two City Lords of the Immortal Cooking Realm!

Feng Guanzhang, this abomination! Did he get addicted to killing City Lords?!

He was the one who killed City Lord Xue, and now, he actually wanted to kill both him and Liu Zhandui! This type of abomination... This type of abomination, must die!

But no matter how much he angrily scolded Feng Guanzhang in his heart, City Lord Zou was very clear that Liu Zhandui was most likely to be in trouble.

Burning his origin soul was equal to burning the soul. Although one was able to obtain a huge power in a short time... once that power was gone, it meant that death was not far off.

Feng Guanzhang, who had transformed into an ancient savage beast... City Lord Zou had never seen that kind of power before.

Hence, Liu Zhandui's hope of surviving was nonexistent.

Thinking up to that point, City Lord Zou became sadder and sadder, so sad that he found it difficult to breath.

Now, all he was thinking was to quickly rush to the area of the Immortal Tree, then let the news be transmitted out to the Realm Lord. That abomination must be punished!

The distance between the Immortal Tree was shrinking.

The incomparably clear will of the Heavenly Path surged out, constantly surging over his figure. It lessened the sorrow on his face, causing his expression to become gentler.

The injuries on his body also got a bit better.

However, not even waiting for him to catch a breath...

City Lord Zou felt his body stiffen.

A type of gloomy and cold energy instantly shrouded him, making him turn his head over in disbelief.

There, Feng Guanzhang had already recovered his human appearance, treading the air as he came.

But, along with Feng Guanzhang, black clouds rolled over and covered everywhere behind him.

The black clouds held an oppressive atmosphere, and a terrifying pressure also swept over.

Just like a majestic city suddenly descending with oppressiveness, it made one's heart stop beating.

City Lord Zou looked at the sky, feeling the boundless pressure. His face turned deathly pale as he froze...

Feng Guanzhang had caught up so quickly...

What did this mean?

This meant that... Liu Zhandui had already died!

"The one surnamed Liu... died just like that?"

City Lord Zou's gaze was filled with sorrow. Looking at Feng Guanzhang who tread the air as he walked over, the pressure on his figure seemed to vanish as he descended into a daze.

In the distance...

Feng Guanzhang crossed his arms. The robe on his body fluttered even without wind.

His eyes were like torches as they stared at City Lord Zou, who was across the distance of thousands of metres.

"Another Qilin Chef's heart."

Sticking out his tongue, he licked his lips. Excitement leaked out of Feng Guanzhang's eyes.

He sniffed, and just like a cat who had smelled blood, his eyes slightly shrank.

With a step, the distance seemed to shrink as he rapidly closed in.

"Zou Jielun, give up... Stop running. You can't escape me..."

Feng Guanzhang's voice rang above the arc of the sky.

It made City Lord Zou, who was in sorrow, jump in shock.

As the sorrow in his eyes intensified, City Lord Zou pinched her middle fingers and thumb togethers, pointing at Feng Guanzhang!

"You abomination! You won't get a good death!"

"Indeed, I won't. But you're the one who's going to die!" Feng Guanzhang started laughing loudly.

In the next instant, he dashed over like a cannonball, aiming at City Lord Zou.

City Lord Zou did not hesitate in the least. Turning his body, he also dashed towards the Immortal Tree.

A person ran, and another chased.

The boundless clouds rolled, forming a horrifying and sinister huge mouth, swallowing towards City Lord Zou who dashing away in front.

This scene... was too shocking.


Xue Yao and the rest, who sat cross-legged not far from the Immortal Tree, were instantly jolted awake by this disturbance.

They quickly opened their eyes.

Looking at the terrifying scene above the sky, they all felt their hearts shake.

"What happened?!"

Xue Yao realized that her own voice was trembling.

Feng Xin's eyes shrank, staring at the figure on the arc of the sky. That person was in front of the black clouds with a shocking pressure.

Excitement involuntarily appeared on his face.

"It's... It's City Lord Feng! It's my Feng family's protector, Feng Guanzhang!"

Xue Yao and Meng Kun's figures stiffened.

"Why would City Lord Feng appear here?"

"The City Lord of the fifth layer?"

The two looked at each other, feeling a little shocked.

However, they did not care about it too much. Since a City Lord expert had appeared here, their minds relaxed.

With the presence of City Lord Feng, they should be safe.

After all, a City Lord was an existence that protected the safety of the Immortal Tree space...

Hence, Meng Kun and the rest calmed down. They sat down cross-legged again, preparing themselves to rush into Second Grade Immortal Chef.

Since they had calmed down, they felt like they really would become Second Grade Immortal Chefs.

However, just as they mobilized the Heaven and Earth spirit energy...

A calm laugh suddenly broke their focus.

Xue Yao widened her eyes in horror.

In the distance...

A black-cloaked figure appeared, walking leisurely towards them.

A mocking gaze shot out from under the black hood, landing on the three Immortal Chefs.

"Ready to have a Chef's Challenge with me?" The black-cloaked person chuckled.

"You... In front of the City Lord... How dare you act so arrogantly!" Feng Xin roared, light shooting out from his eyes.

With the forefather of their Feng family, he had confidence.

"Oh? So brave?"

The black-cloaked person laughed again. Then, he slowly raised his head, looking above the sky.

"Are you referring to that guy? Sorry to break it to you... but he's one of my people," the black-cloaked person calmly said.

The words of the black-cloaked person were filled with ridicule and insolence, stunning Xue Yao and the rest.

And as though to confirm the black-cloaked person's words...

In the sky, Feng Guanzhang's figure stilled. His gaze then glanced down, nodding his head at the black-cloaked person.

After that, he continued on, chasing City Lord Zou.

This act made Feng Xin and the rest fall deeper in despair!

"What... How could this be..."



The blaze that was as tall as the heavens covered everything.

A huge flaming lotus instantly exploded.

The entire sky of flame made the Strongest Demon King let out a flustered and angry roar!

This flame seemed to burrow deep into the bones, difficult to expel. The Nether energy surrounding the Strongest Demon King quivered, wanting to extinguish these flames.


What shocked him was that these strands of Nether energy had actually been burned away by this flame!

"It can even burn Nether energy?! What kind of flame is this? Immortal flame?!"

The Strongest Demon King's eyes shrank as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

However, it was far from over. There were more shocking things in store for him.


A scarlet-red light was released.

Then, in front of the Strongest Demon King's eyes, he saw a pair of flaming wings with feathers scattering around them.

The sleeves fluttered...

As Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at the Strongest Demon King, his hand brushed past his waist.

Instantly, that belt changed, turning into a tiger head stove.

The tiger's mouth opened wide, incomparably malevolent. It let out a whistle that rushed to the heavens, causing the Strongest Demon King's entire being to stand frozen on the spot.

A terrifying mental energy erupted, forming an entire sky of ripples that spread out, looming over the Strongest Demon King.

"What is this plaything? A kitchen stove?!"

The Strongest Demon King recovered his spirits, letting out a sharp hiss.

In the next instant, he sent a fist towards Bu Fang's kitchen stove.

His fist enlarged, clashing against the tiger head stove.

That stove was as white as jade, and it was unknown what it was made of...

As the Strongest Demon King's fist collided with the stove, his face drastically changed.


With his figure as the center, the white flame lotus rushed over as he was directly smashed by that stove.

From above the sky, it slammed onto the ground, causing the ground to explode!

The White Tiger Heaven Stove suddenly became as huge as a big house.

Looking from a distance, it was like a crouching, huge-eyed white tiger!

Bu Fang guided his mental energy as he stretched out his hand, pressing onto the White Tiger Heaven Stove.

Then, the stove was directly lifted by Bu Fang.

The Strongest Demon King popped his head out from beneath the stove, letting out a raging roar.

He had actually been smashed onto the ground by a weak human! To top it off, that human used a kitchen stove!

However, his roar suddenly stopped.

At this moment, Bu Fang who lifted the stove suddenly smashed it again.


The ground shook, and thick cracks instantly appeared.

The Strongest Demon King had been directly smashed until he spat out fresh blood.

Resisting the heavy kitchen stove with both hands, he held it up, trying to fling it away from him.


The Strongest Demon King's eyes widened!

Then, his gaze froze.

In front of him, the hand that pressed against the huge kitchen stove shone.

In the next instant, the pitch-black Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared.

Of course, that wok was very familiar to him.

Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth as he stared at the Strongest Demon King, who was struggling under the White Tiger Heaven Stove.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun in his hand. With a whistling sound, the wok was suddenly flung out.


The black wok smashed against the Strongest Demon King's face, brutally pounding his face.

Blood flowed out of The Strongest Demon King's nose. His face was almost shattered by that smack.


The Strongest Demon King was so angry he spat out blood.

What exactly is this kitchen stove?! It actually suppressed him so much that he was unable to move?!

He felt that supporting this kitchen stove was like lifting up a white tiger that covered the skies and hid the sun!

The depression inside made the Strongest Demon King's heart feel cold.

"White Tiger Heaven Stove trump card.... Is that all to it?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

Looking at the Strongest Demon King who was struggling to support the stove, he involuntarily pouted his mouth.

Within his spirit sea.

The white tiger who laid at a corner resting, suddenly slightly opened one of its eyes, as a formless tiger roar exploded.

A high and noble voice instantly rang out at Bu Fang's ears.

"Now if you use a Heaven Illuminating Flame right at his face.... See if he can take it?"

The sudden voice ringing out, made Bu Fang slightly freeze.

This sentence should be said by that noble and cold white tiger right.....

However it seemed like it really made sense.

Bu Fang nodded his head, keeping his Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The Strongest Demon King's face was puzzled, as blood continued flowing from his nose.

In the next instant, he saw Bu Fang in the distance who spat out a bundle of golden flame lotus, the flame lotus turned into a white flame lotus.

The corner of his mouth twitched...

The might of this flame lotus he had seen before.

If this flame lotus hit his face...

That sourness made him feel like he was going to piss his pants!

A long whistle rang out!

As the black long robes on the Strongest Demon King's figure instantly exploded.

His eyes suddenly turned blood colored.

However, the white colored flame lotus had already been flung out from Bu Fang's hands, drawing a beautiful arc as it flew towards the Strongest Demon King's head!

If it landed, it would definitely bloom...