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 Hundreds of meters away from the Immortal Tree...

Xue Yao, Meng Kun, and Feng Xin's faces changed.

That was because, in their vision, the Immortal Tree was swaying, sending out waves of mysterious ripples from it.

These fluctuations seemed to be hummed by someone, causing waves of the will of the Heavenly Path to rumble as they spread out.

Everywhere it passed, the immortal ingredients would sway, and the spirit herbs would shake.

Xue Yao and the rest were at a loss. They did not think that the second round would actually disperse at this timing.

However, this was a chance that was extremely hard to come by. They simply did not want to miss it!

"Let's comprehend it! If we can borrow this will of the Heavenly Path to break through and become a Second Grade Immortal Chef, then that black-cloaked person wouldn't dare to do a Chef's Challenge with us. After all, the gap between a First Grade Immortal Chef and a Second Grade Immortal Chef is pretty huge," Meng Kun said, gritting his teeth. He did not wish to move any further.

After all, the will of the Heavenly Path was being dispersed right now. If they missed such a rare chance, then it would be very difficult for them to have an opportunity like this to break through.

They were unable to take such a loss.

Feng Xin did not say anything. However, he, too, did not want to run anymore. Who knew if that black-cloaked person was chasing them? If they missed this chance to break through for a black-cloaked person who wasn't chasing after them...

Then they would definitely regret it.

Hence, since they had already made their decision, they all sat down cross-legged, feeling the changes of the will of the Heavenly Path.


Ripples spread out, again and again, passing through them.

It felt like their bodies were being twisted.

After a while, it became clear to them.

Along with the will of the Heavenly Path surging over their figures, Xue Yao and the rest shone with radiance.

At this moment, they had fully comprehended the originally unanswered questions they had on their culinary path.

Their faces revealed expressions of joy as they sank in those mysterious ripples. They even found it difficult to extricate themselves from it...

However, not far from them...

The black-cloaked person played with his pitch-black knife, slowly walking over.

The eyes under the black hood revealed mischief and malice, as though he was a cat about to pounce on a mouse.

His eyes moved, landing on the three people sitting cross-legged on the ground...

"I finally found you," the black-cloaked person muttered.


A blast reverberated as a terrifying fluctuation instantly spread out!

The ground experienced a huge change, completely turning into ruins.

An enormous crater appeared on the ground, and within the deep crater, white fumes were rising.

In the middle of that deep crater was another small crater...

Beside the small crater, a figure with pitch-black skin stood, emitting a malevolent aura. Every strand of Nether energy seemed to be thousands of pounds, as though it wanted to crush the air itself.

Feng Guanzhang stood at the corner of the small crater, fresh blood sliding down and dripping from his hand...

A silver heart constantly pulsated in his grip. With every beat, a surge of true energy would rush out from it.

"The heart of a Qilin Chef.... Such a great thing makes one intoxicated."

Feng Guanzhang stuck out his tongue, licking his lips. Then, he stuffed the entire heart into his mouth.

And just like before, it was instantly swallowed into his stomach.

Not long after he swallowed the Qilin Chef's heart, the energy on Feng Guanzhang's figure became even more condensed as a terrifying might surrounded him.

Swaying his hand, Feng Guanzhang slowly reverted to his normal appearance.

He took his eyes from the deep crater and looked into the distance, as though he could see thousands of meters away. Eventually, his gaze landed on City Lord Zou's panicked and escaping figure.

"Run? I said before... Even if you burned your origin soul, you can't block me..."


Once again, the deep crater exploded.

Feng Guanzhang's figure constantly flashed past in the illusionary void, stirring up shockwaves as he chased after City Lord Zou.

Within the deep crater...

A battered figure laid in silence.

Around the small crater, there were torn pieces of white cloth, fluttering...

The wind blew past, and the remnants of the white robe fluttered up along with it, scattering across the ground...

As though what was blown was grief and desolation.


The hoof that was as tall as the heavens stepped down from the arc of the sky.

Its terrifying aura spread out, as though it wanted to shatter the whole place with this stomp.

Under the hoof, Whitey was having difficulty trying to resist it. Its mechanical eyes constantly sparked with lightning as its metal wings flapped, stirring up a gale!

Whitey was able to go up against a Four-star True Immortal Realm expert, but it was struggling against the Strongest Demon King, as though it was utterly oppressed.

Hence, Bu Fang predicted that this Strongest Demon King's cultivation was around Six-star True Immortal Realm, or maybe even stronger!

However, even if that was the case...

Bu Fang did not retreat. He decided to give his new attack a try, which was from the newest tool of the God of Cooking Set, the White Tiger Heaven Stove.

Above his palm, a white-colored flaming lotus spun. It was the Heaven Illuminating Flame that had fused with the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

As a terrifying scorching heat began to gather in his palm, Bu Fang stomped down with his feet.

Instantly, his figure shot forth, the scarlet-red Vermillion robe flapping violently against the wind.

The White Tiger had said before that, the Heaven Illuminating Flame was able to burn anything, but that was the Heaven Illuminating Flame that had matured. It was possible only after fusing it with many flames.

Bu Fang, as of this day, had only grasped the basics of the White Tiger Heaven Stove, and he also barely comprehended the use of the Heaven Illuminating Flame.

But he was very curious about the White Tiger Heaven Stove and the might of the Heaven Illuminating Flame.

Hence, he went all out.

As his one and only attack method, the one that belonged only to him, his heart was very curious!

The entire sky of Nether energy spun just like a cyclone as the hoof that was as tall as the heavens descended upon Bu Fang.

The Strongest Demon King's eyes stared hard at Bu Fang. Of course, he was able to see through Bu Fang's cultivation clearly.

Bu Fang was only at One-star True Immortal Realm.

If it was at the time when the Strongest Demon King had yet to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm, a One-star True Immortal Realm expert was an incomparable existence.

But right now, a One-star True Immortal Realm... was easy to kill with the back of his hand.

And Bu Fang, in his eyes, was an ant that could easily get rid of.

Now, this sort of ant was dashing right at him. From how he saw it, he was like trash that did not know death.

A trash who had no self-awareness, completely unable to recognize what strength was.

Towards such trash, death was the only price that would make the other party regret!


Along with the sound of a bull snort, the hoof descended towards Bu Fang, who was rushing over to Whitey's side.

Bu Fang gave Whitey a glance. Then, with a single thought, a dazzling golden light shot out, shooting towards Whitey.

At the same time, the flaming wings behind him opened, its radiance rushing to the sky as thousands of scarlet-red feathers fluttered.

In his hand, he held a white flaming lotus, which slowly revolved.

Bu Fang stood below the hoof, gently exhaling. Raising his head, he then harshly flung out the white flame lotus, smashing it towards the hoof.


The white flame lotus rapidly flew out. Its speed was not fast, slowly floating. Soon, however, it fluttered over to that hoof.

The Strongest Demon King gave a disdainful cold smile.

Just a puny immortal flame. How could it block his attack?

This flame lotus would soon become a small ripple in the vast ocean, drowning in the raging waves within seconds.

This human is... too weak!


The Strongest Demon King's face stiffened.

He then looked into the distance...

There, a golden light rushed towards the skies accompanied by a roaring sound.

Sparks of lightning zapped in the air.

Whitey's metal wings suddenly spread open as it wielded the War God Stick. It stared at the Strongest Demon King, who was standing within the cyclone of Nether energy.

Under Whitey's feet was a huge Mantis Shrimp, which seemed to be drenched in gold liquid.

The Mantis Shrimp was like a golden shuttle, rapidly dashing across the air at breakneck speed.

This was Shrimpy, who Bu Fang had thrown into the Heaven and Earth Farmland, the Shrimpy who had experienced countless days of spiritual energy absorption.

As of now, Shrimpy had utterly awakened. Its ability had also experienced a slow growth.

Of course, it was still weaker compared to the Strongest Demon King...

However, Shrimpy had the cultivation of a True Immortal Realm now, so its speed was extremely fast.

Shrimpy's specialty was its speed, making him like a golden shuttle!

"This pairing... is really familiar!" the Strongest Demon King muttered.

Back then, when he was still on the Hidden Dragon Continent, he had eaten a loss at this pairing before.

Of course, right now... had nothing to fear!

He would first deal with Bu Fang, then come and deal with this abnormal pairing.

An Earth Immortal Puppet riding on a Mantis Shrimp?

This was literally a sideshow!


Suddenly, the Strongest Demon King's heart was shocked.

His gaze turned, quickly looking at the place where the hoof had descended...

With this look, his eyes suddenly shrank!

A terrifying fluctuation instantly erupted!

A wave of ice-cold chill like a blizzard blanketed over.

His hoof, under this cold blizzard, had been rendered frozen. Ice crystals covered it, emitting cracking sounds.

"What is this?!"

The Strongest Demon King sucked in a breath of cold air.

His attack had actually been frozen!

What happened?


In the next instant, the chill was followed by a heatwave.

A white flame that rose as high as the heavens spread out from below the hoof, forming a huge flaming lotus.

That flame lotus spun as it covered the entire hoof.

A fusion of ice and fire!


In the next instant, a terrifying explosion erupted, shattering the Strongest Demon King's hoof attack!

The Strongest Demon King, who stood within the pitch-black energy cyclone, felt a huge wave of explosion coming at him.

Before he could react, he was sent flying by this wave of energy.

His figure flipped in the air before crashing on the ground. After that, the terrifying explosion-like energy dissipated.

"This... This was caused by a One-star True Immortal Realm human?"

Looking at that terrifying power, the Strongest Demon King instantly sucked in a breath of cold air!

Luckily, he hid far away. If he was in the middle of that white-colored flame, he would have been heavily injured by now because of that ice and fire attack!

However, the Strongest Demon King's happiness did not last for too long.

He suddenly heard a sizzling sound behind him.

His head turned around...

A wave of terrifying mental energy spread out.

Then, he saw Bu Fang.

Looking at the revolving white flame lotus in his hand, that human calmly stared at him.

The Strongest Demon King's eyes met with Bu Fang's.

With a boom in his spirit sea, he descended into a daze.

The Golden Divine Dragon swayed as it gave out a dragon cry... The Black Turtle carrying the heavens let out a long howl... The flaming Vermillion Bird gave a high-pitched chirp... and the White Tiger roared, which shook the mind!

"Heaven Illuminating Flame... Explode!" Bu Fang calmly said.

In that instant, the revolving flame lotus smashed towards the Strongest Demon King's head.

The Strongest Demon King felt the entire world blanketed by a scorching yet ice-cold white flame!

Within the white-colored flame, a tiger head stove enlarged in his vision...