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 Chapter 109: The High-end, Refined, and Classy Big Dipper Carving Technique

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"The host's personal dish has been detected. The price evaluation of the dish will now begin..." The system's solemn voice resounded within Bu Fang's mind, and then became silent.

Bu Fang waited for a few seconds but he was puzzled when there was no reply from the system.

However, the system's solemn voice soon rang out once more.

"The Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausage is made from the shanks of the Wandering Dragon Cow. It is rich in spirit energy and has multiple natural spirit herbs added, which not only increased the flavor of the sausage but also increased its medicinal value. The submucosa of the Wandering Dragon Cow was used as the sausage casing, which encases the spirit energy to prevent dissipation. The system's price evaluation of this dish is: two hundred fifty crystals per sausage, it should not be consumed by those with a cultivation level below fifth grade Battle-King."

Two hundred fifty crystals per sausage... When Bu Fang heard the price, he went into a daze and then became utterly speechless.

A single sausage was actually going to be sold for two hundred fifty crystals. So far, this was the most expensive dish within the store. Furthermore, he was the one who created the dish. For some reason, Bu Fang suddenly felt a little excited.

However, after thinking for a while, Bu Fang felt the price was reasonable because the sausage was different from the Improved Rice Noodle Roll. Bu Fang only added a little bit of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat into the Rice Noodle Roll, while the sausage was stuffed with the shanks of the Wandering Dragon Cow. The difference in quantity between the two could not be compared.

Besides, not only the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat, the spirit herbs added into the sausages were also considerably expensive. Therefore, the price being set as two hundred fifty crystals was truly not that high, to the point it could even be called affordable. After all, there was basically no possibility of an ordinary person getting the chance to eat the meat of a seventh grade spirit beast.

There were twenty one sausages in total. If he sold all of them, he would get five thousand two hundred fifty crystals. In order to become a fifth grade Battle-King, he needed ten thousand crystals after conversion. According to his current energy conversion ratio, he needed to achieve a sales figure of twenty thousand crystals.

After selling all of these sausages, Bu Fang would be able to save a quarter of the time needed to reach the next cultivation level. This was an unexpected surprise for him.

The most important thing was... the twenty one sausages only used up less than a single leg of the Wandering Dragon Cow. The entire Wandering Dragon Cow had so much meat. If he cooked and sold all of it, Bu Fang would probably earn enough to become a sixth grade Battle-King...

He actually wanted to immediately cook one of expensive sausages and taste the flavor. Unfortunately, dry curing the sausages required time.

Therefore, Bu Fang could only head toward his room while stretching his body. After he finished washing up, he climbed onto his bed and went to sleep.

As someone aiming to become the God of Cooking, having enough sleep was important.


The Yang manor.

Both of Luo Sanniang's legs were slightly trembling as she returned to the manor. The moment she stepped into the manor, a graceful figure hurried over from afar to support her.

"Elder sister Luo, are you alright?" A feminine voice sounded out from the mouth of the graceful figure.

"Juan'Er, hurry and bring me to see the marquis!" Luo Sanniang urgently said while grabbing hold of the gentle and beautiful woman in a turquoise dress.

Luo Sanniang's reaction clearly gave the woman called Juan'Er a scare. She timidly asked, "Did elder sister find Xiaochen?"

"I found him and managed to rescue him. I was bringing him back... when someone else abducted him." Luo Sanniang's eyes suddenly became dull.

Juan'Er's tiny mouth slightly opened as she exclaimed in disbelief, "Who would dare to abduct someone under elder sister's protection within the imperial city?"

Luo Sanniang could only bitterly smile in response. The truth was not something she could explain easily. Until now, she still could not believe that the man whose entire body was enveloped within a buddhist aura was actually Zhao Musheng, the Minister of the Left who has always been known for his refinement and was even nicknamed as the feeble scholar!

It turned out that everyone was deceived by Zhao Musheng. This wily old fox was not only not a harmless scholar, but he was also a terrifying expert whose cultivation was so strong that Luo Sanniang was not even capable of resisting.

Until that day, Luo Sanniang had only felt that sort of terrifying presence, that made her feel as if the entire world was spinning, from a single person.

That person was the Light Wind Empire's number one expert, seventh grade Battle-Saint Xiao Meng.

Zhao Musheng was a seventh grade Battle-Saint? Luo Sanniang herself was confused... Even she was unable to believe this sort of incredible claim.

During the reign of the Emperor Changfeng, Zhao Musheng passed the imperial examination and step by step turned from a young scholar into the top-scorer of the imperial examination. His career was meteoric, spending only over a decade to become the Minister of the Left. Everyone assumed Zhao Musheng was simply just a scholar.

Which is why many people were unconcerned about him. Even if he was peerless in devising stratagems, the empire valued one's martial ability after all. They all thought a scholar was not capable of anything big.

As the night descended, the imperial city was still in a tumultuous state.

The situation of the entire imperial city was unstable and dangers were present everywhere.

At the Yang manor, the Marquis Who Pacifies the West, Yang Mo, returned with a grim expression. Luo Sanniang relayed everything she had seen and heard to the white-headed and imposing elderly man.

"I understand," Yang Mo said and gestured for Luo Sanniang and Jian'Er to withdraw.

He sat above the main hall without saying anything. The fact that Zhao Musheng abducted Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen in order to force the two families into supporting the crown prince was clearly a declaration of war against King Yu...

"If Zhao Musheng truly is a seventh grade Battle-Saint, why was he hiding his cultivation level for so many years? Zhao Musheng... Who exactly are you? And what are you planning?" Yang Mo softly muttered.

He was not worried about Yang Chen's safety. Furthermore, in a few more days, Zhao Musheng would dispatch his subordinates to send Yang Chen back. However, knowing the truth would not change anything.

Because the Yang and Ouyang family siding with the crown prince had already become a fact. There were many court officials following them, so it was impossible for them to go back on their word. Which is to say, they could only continue to support the crown prince.

"However... Is the crown prince really suitable as an emperor?" Yang Mo let out a long sigh. Even though the crown prince was neither foolish nor cruel, he was too mediocre. There was still quite a difference in the abilities of the crown prince and King Yu.

Yang Mo was really unable to understand Zhao Musheng's intention for supporting the crown prince.

At the Ouyang manor, a similar sigh could also be heard.


Within this unstable imperial city, while some people were unable to have a good night's sleep, Bu Fang was sleeping soundly.

The so-called imperial family's affairs had nothing to do with him. His only objective was just to run the store. Once the night quietly passed and the sun rose over the horizon, Bu Fang got up from bed on time.

Putting on a woolen clothing, Bu Fang left his room and entered the kitchen. Everyday, during this hour, he would practice his cutting techniques. Even though Bu Fang had the system, he still had to diligently practice. There were no shortcuts to success.

However, Bu Fang had no intentions of practicing his cutting techniques that day. His Meteor Cutting Technique had already reached the culmination of the first level. Even though the second level was already unlocked, Bu Fang was not in a hurry. First, he wanted to practice the Big Dipper Carving Technique that was already unlocked.

When it came to carving techniques, Bu Fang actually had some experience with them. While making the Thousand Layer Tofu Flower from the day before, he mixed in some carving techniques during the cutting process. Even though he did not include a lot of carving, it still caused the thousand layer tofu flower to stun everyone present.

Now that he was going to begin the system's carving technique training, even though the difficulty might be higher than the thousand layer tofu flower, there would not be a need for him to mix in that many complicated cutting techniques.

"Big Dipper Carving Technique: a special carving technique that requires true energy. The host needs to utilize true energy all the time while carving. Extreme care and precision needs to be taken during the carving in order to adhere true energy from the kitchen knife onto the surface of the dish. This would increase its vividness and achieve a dreamlike effect. The Big Dipper Carving Technique provides an exclusive magic array as well. Once the carving is completed, plating will increase the beauty of the dish."

Bu Fang checked the system's introduction of the Big Dipper Carving Technique. After taking a look, he realized this technique was not an ordinary carving technique and he even needed to utilize true energy. In an instant, this technique became high-end, refined, and classy.