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 After swallowing many lightning punishments, Whitey's strength had gradually improved.

With sizzling sounds, the scorching iron stick was harshly swung out, seemingly burning the void around it.

Lightning arcs danced around the stick, roaring like a dragon as Whitey's eyes flashed with lightning.

The Strongest Demon King's eyes were cold, sending a fist shrouded with pitch-black Nether energy against Whitey's War God Stick.

Amidst the sounds caused by the clashing fist and stick, a loud blast resounded as a terrifying energy wave dispersed, rippling as it spread out.

The Strongest Demon King's figure stood unmoving.

Whitey and the War God Stick, on the other hand, was sent flying towards the heavens.


Whitey turned its figure as it landed in the distance. Its legs swished past, drawing two deep ditches on the ground.

The metal wings behind its back spread out again, stirring up strong gusts of wind as debris flew everywhere.

Far from them, Bu Fang stood with his arms crossed, watching calmly.

Whitey's combat ability as of now should be around Four-star True Immortal Realm, but against the Strongest Demon King, it looked like it was completely oppressed.

However, Bu Fang did not panic.


With a rumbling sound, Whitey's feet suddenly stomped on the ground, denting it as it cracked open.

Like a cannonball, Whitey's figure shot out, wielding the lightning-covered War God Stick as it swept horizontally, blinding one's eyes.

"You, puppet... are just like in the past."

The Strongest Demon King had exchanged blows with Whitey before, and now, meeting Whitey once again, he felt a little nostalgic.

Of course, he was surprised by Whitey's improved combat ability, but compared to him, that improvement was not worth mentioning.

Taking in a deep breath, the Nether energy around the Strongest Demon King became denser.

This Nether energy was completely different from the Nether energy in the Netherworld.

No matter if it was the level of condensation or the oppressive energy, it was not something that the Nether energy of the Netherworld could compare with.

Suddenly, a fist retracted then flew out!

With it, waterfall-like Nether energy seemed to pour down from the heavens, constantly rumbling as myriads of Nether energy formed a fist that seemed to cover the sun and skies.

This fist was incomparably horrifying!

The ground flew with sand, shattering again and again!

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed, then the War God Stick was swung horizontally.

In the next instant, that single stick turned into hundreds of thousands of sticks.

The countless stick shadows clashed against that huge fist that hid the sky and the sun!


Once again, Whitey was sent flying, crashing on the ground. Its impact made a huge crater.

The Strongest Demon King stood as black cloak fluttered, incomparably calm.

He looked into the distance, his eyes landing on Whitey who had fallen on the space's boundary.

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

White smoke rose from Whitey's figure, as though it was unable to take it any longer.

"Human, I know that you are someone with secrets... To be able to come from the Hidden Dragon Continent to the Immortal Cooking Realm, not to mention that you've flourished here in such a short time... is enough to say that your secret is not ordinary. However, no matter how unusual you are, you are still a human protected by the Earth Prison Dog and relying only on this Immortal Puppet. You cannot win against me..." the Strongest Demon King calmly said.


A wave of energy blew past.

Instantly, it blew the sand and stones on the ground. The stones swished as they slowly began to roll.

Whitey straightened its figure, swinging its War God Stick once again. Its eyes locked onto the figure of the Strongest Demon King in the distance.

However, this time, the Strongest Demon King no longer gave Whitey a chance to attack.

The sound of a bull huffing rang out, and the Nether energy spread out from his body, rushing towards the heavens and forming a tornado.

In the next instant, from the sky, a huge hoof stomped down on Whitey.

The void seemed to be breaking from this stomp!

An incomparable pressure descended on Whitey, causing its metal wings to be burdened so much that it was almost unable to move.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

The Strongest Demon King's strength was a little out of his expectations.

When entering the Immortal Cooking Realm, the Strongest Demon King was only at the peak of Divine Spirit Realm, but in such a short time, he had already reached this level.

Bu Fang was unable to see through him.


This was just right!

Suddenly, a hint of excitement appeared on Bu Fang's face.

At this moment, that excitement was a little strange.

With the current strength of the Strongest Demon King, it was perfect for him to try out... his new attack.

Gently exhaling, he looked at Whitey, who was under the pressure of the Strongest Demon King while trying to move its wings.

Bu Fang's eyes shone.

It looks like he needed to cook more high-grade immortal dishes and let Whitey swallow those lightning punishments. This way, Whitey's strength would rapidly rise.

However, before that...

Bu Fang raised the corner of his lips.

In the next instant, he opened his mouth, and a bundle of golden-colored flame spurted out.

That golden flame rushed out, spinning on his palm.

It was the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

Holding the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, Bu Fang then brushed it over the cat head buckle on his waist.


Instantly, the golden-colored flame turned white, becoming a white lotus flame that floated on his palm.

"The killing trump card of the God of Cooking Set, the White Tiger's... Heaven Illuminating Flame. I hope it won't let me down," Bu Fang muttered.

Then, the Vermillion robe on his body began to flutter, and the flaming wings spread open behind him, scattering fiery feathers.

Bu Fang's eyes lit up as he rapidly shot out.

It was as if a fiery Vermilion Bird was holding a white lotus, rushing towards the hoof that fell from the sky.

The Strongest Demon King's eyes were like lanterns as he looked at Bu Fang, letting out an arrogant snort.

"A human that doesn't know what death is!"


Within the blood-colored binding array, a wave of violent energy rumbled.

Then, on the wall of the binding array, a cracking sound rang out as thick cracks appeared...

The moment those cracks appeared, it began to spread out within seconds, covering the entire boundary wall.


As the binding wall shattered, a pitch-black figure single-handedly grabbed City Lord Liu's neck and rapidly descended on the ground.

City Lord Liu was pressed onto the ground by Feng Guanzhang who had transformed.

City Lord Liu's eyes shrank, shock and disbelief evident on his face.

The true energy on his figure wanted to push off Feng Guanzhang's hands, but that pitch-black Nether energy constantly pushed at him.

That Nether energy seemed to freeze his entire being, making him unable to use even a bit of his strength.


City Lord Liu spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. However, Feng Guanzhang did not think twice about showing mercy.

He pressed City Lord Liu further onto the ground, ruthlessly crushing him.

Then, he sent out a fist, causing the ground to cave in.

The explosion reverberated as smoke rushed to the skies!

City Lord Liu's white robe was in tatters. His eyes were a little unfocused as blood flowed down from his mouth and nose.

At this moment, His refined and elegant appearance was nowhere to be seen.

"Too weak..."

Feng Guanzhang floated in the air, grinning malevolently.

With black skin, scarlet-red eyes, and white hair like steel needles, he looked terrifying as Nether energy revolved around his body.

In the distance...

City Lord Zou's eyes widened, his body constantly shaking.

He and Liu Zhandui had joined forces and attacked together... but they had actually suffered a loss against Feng Guanzhang!

How was this possible?!

The two of them were City Lord level experts!

This Feng Guanzhang... What exactly did he do to himself?

He looked nothing like a human at all!

"Feng Guanzhang... You've turned yourself into an abomination!"

City Lord Zou climbed up from the ground, pinching his middle fingers and thumbs together as he roared.

Feng Guanzhang's gaze lightly swept over City Lord Zou, smiling coldly at him.

"Abomination? No... This is merely evolution to a more noble existence!"


Just as his words fell, Feng Guanzhang's pitch-black figure appeared in front of City Lord Zou.

His intense and terrifying pressure made City Lord Zou's eyes widen in shock.


Feng Guanzhang's roared as his fist appeared like lightning.

City Lord Zou's eyes shrank. Too fast!

This attack speed was too fast!

The black wok hurriedly blocked in front of City Lord Zou.

However, that black wok was shattered by City Lord Feng's fist!

City Lord Zou was sent flying, spitting fresh blood from his mouth.

"Swallowing both of your Qilin Chef's hearts... my strength will improve, letting me evolve into a more noble existence... I will have enough power and resources to become a High Grade Qilin Chef! After that... I might even become a Divine Chef!"

A crazed look appeared in Feng Guanzhang's eyes as he patted his chest, getting more excited as he spoke.


His eyes narrowed.

In the distance, the heavily-injured City Lord Liu slowly stood up.

Above his head, a screen of stars emerged. The starlight within it constantly sparkled as streams of star radiance descended from above.

It was as though a flame had been ignited from a spark.

"An abomination like you wants to become a High Grade Qilin Chef... You are not worthy of it," City Lord Liu calmly said.

He burned his own origin soul, the origin soul that belonged to a True Immortal Realm expert...

Along with the burning of his origin soul, his strength began to rapidly soar, and an oppressive energy began to spread out,

His hair fluttered as his white robe brimmed with brilliance.

At this moment, it looked like he was unmatched in this generation.

City Lord Zou's face looked battered and exhausted, watching Liu Zhandui burn his own origin soul. His eyes trembled, and his nose scrunched up...

"Even if you burn your origin soul... You won't be able to block me!"

Feng Guanzhang's eyes narrowed. In the next instant, a soundwave exploded as he appeared in front of Liu Zhandui.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thousands of fist shadows smashed towards City Lord Liu.

However, out of Feng Guanzhang's expectations, every one of them was blocked by City Lord Liu.


City Lord Liu's white robe billowed as he landed in front of City Lord Zou.

"You go first... I'll block him. You need to tell this to the Realm Lord..." City Lord Liu said.

City Lord Zou's eyes looked hesitant...

"Quick, go..."

City Lord Liu's voice was calm as he gave City Lord Zou a side glance.

City Lord Zou clenched his fists tightly, mourning in his heart...

"Go!" City Lord Liu roared, startling City Lord Zou. The latter couldn't help but tremble.

In the next instant, City Lord Zou rose towards the sky, forming a comet as he sped off into the distance.

"Want to leave?!"

Feng Guanzhng's eyes shrank. Letting out another shockwave, he chased after City Lord Zou.

However, he was blocked halfway by the white-robed City Lord Liu.

"Your opponent right now... is me."

Then, turning his head to look in the direction where City Lord Zhu fled, he said, "Remember... to take revenge for me."

From afar, City Lord Zou's figure trembled in grief.

Behind him, City Lord Liu started to attack Feng Guanzhang.

A terrifying energy rushed towards the heavens, its light blinding the eyes!


A wave of light shone.

Within the transportation array, Lord Dog, Realm Lord Di Tai, and City Lord Meng Qi appeared.

Once the two people and a dog arrived in the Immortal Tree space, they raised their heads, looking at the sky in the distance.

There, the Immortal Tree swayed, letting out thousands of ethereal sounds.

Waves of energy scattered like ripples.

"Ohh... The second wave has started."

Realm Lord Di Tai narrowed his eyes, looking at the Immortal Tree in the distance that swayed nonstop while scattering millions of lights.

Lord Dog hovered in the air, strutting his elegant cat-like steps as he furrowed his brows.

His nose twitched in the air. A moment later... he narrowed his eyes.

"Looks like... we're late. That guy... has already made his move."