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 The black-cloaked person relaxed his hand, satisfied.

That Immortal Chef's entire body stiffened, his eyes seemingly lifeless as he collapsed on the ground.

He looked at that black-cloaked person with bleak eyes, despair all over his face.

Just now, the Heart of Cooking Path that he had just condensed had been swallowed by the black-cloaked person.

Of course, the black-cloaked person did not literally swallow it. What he had taken was the essence.

Without this essence, this Immortal Chef's achievement would stop here.

Originally, his bright future had been laid out for him, but in a blink of an eye, he had met this black-cloaked man, who took away his Heart of Cooking Path.

This Immortal Chef was even thinking of dying. At this moment, he finally understood the despair that Lu Yi felt in the arena.

It was a kind of despair where not a trace of light could be seen.

Although it could be said that an Immortal Chef had a long life and could once again condense the Heart of Cooking Path, it was an extremely difficult thing.

Maybe Lu Yi would be able to do it, but he could not...

He knew his own talent.

The black-cloaked person held the black kitchen knife. On that knife, a pulsating red gem was embedded, scattering a wave of blood-colored mist.

He narrowed his eyes as he said, "This is a feeling that makes one really sink into it..."

Playing with that pitch-black knife for a while, there seemed to be comets glistening above it.

He glanced at that Immortal Chef who looked so hopeless, deciding not to kill him. Shaking his sleeves, he turned around and left.

At times, despair was even more torturous than death itself.


Xue Yao's exquisite face had a trace of a smile as light essences seemed to shimmer on her delicate-looking skin.

She stood up from the ground, gently exhaling.

"The Heart of Cooking Path... I have finally condensed it..."

Xue Yao was very excited. With the Heart of Cooking Path, she had a chance to become a Third Grade Immortal Chef, maybe even sooner than expected. As for becoming a Qilin Chef, there was a possibility of it happening, but she may not be able to rush into it.

Anyway, this was more than enough.

From afar, a few familiar figures shot over.

Their speed was extremely fast, and their oppressive energy made the surrounding plants slightly bend over.

Xue Yao was stunned. "It's you guys?"

It was no one else but Meng Kun, who she was familiar with, and beside him was a figure with a powerful aura.

"Feng Xin?" Xue Yao's beautiful eyes lit up.

Feng Xin was another monstrous talent from the fifth layer. Although he was a little weaker than Lu Yi, he could still crush the others.

Meng Kun had actually stuck together to Feng Xin.

Was it not said that Feng Xin was a cooking fanatic, only knowing how to cook and did not know how to socialize and build relationships?

Meng Kun and Feng Xin's speed was very fast. Both of them flew over quickly, landing by Xue Yao's side.

"It's great that you're fine..." Meng Kun said with lingering fear.

"What is it?" Xue Yao was a little curious. In the Immortal Tree space, what was Meng Kun scared of?

"On my way here, I met many Immortal Chefs, and all of them looked lifeless. That's not supposed to happen here... Then later, I understood why. It was all because the black-cloaked man is going around everywhere looking for Immortal Chefs to do a Chef's Challenge.... He snatched away their Heart of Cooking Paths and absorbed the fruits of their labor after entering the Immortal tree space."

Xue Yao was shocked when she heard this. There's such a method?

Was the black-cloaked person the mysterious person that crushed Lu Yi into despair earlier in the competition?

Feng Xin nodded his head.

He and Meng Kun had met along the way.

Thinking of this, they had decided to group up. Otherwise, they would end up just like the other Immortal Chefs.

"Quick, let's go... Let's take the chance now that the Immortal Tree hasn't started the second wave of the will of the Heavenly Path. There should be City Lord level experts waiting for us in the Immortal Tree. With those experts around, this black-cloaked person will definitely not dare to be so presumptuous!" Meng Kun said.

Xue Yao nodded, a little flustered. She had never met such an incident, so she was a little out of her wits.

Wasting no time, she hurriedly followed Meng Kun and Feng Xin, leaving their current location. They burst out with their full speed as they dashed towards the Immortal Tree.

There was another round of the will of the Heavenly Path from the Immortal Tree. At that time, they would receive a great opportunity.

That second wave could help them break the threshold and become a Second Grade Immortal Chef!

That was why it was the target of every Immortal Chef that entered the Immortal Tree space. They would no longer have to be afraid of that black-cloaked man.

Not long after the three Immortal Chefs left...

That black-cloaked man flew over, and a terrifying energy spread out as he hovered in the air.

His Heart of Cooking Path had become mighty to a frightening degree. Every time it beat, it would cause the illusionary void to shake.

"Oh... Looks like these little Immortal Chefs have found out and escaped."

The black-cloaked man crossed his arms, his eyes narrowed into slits.

Then, he looked into the distance where Xue Yao and the rest had run off to.

"Is this a game where the cat chases after the mouse? I... like it."

The black-cloaked person tapped his feet on the ground, exploding the area he had stood on as he turned into an afterimage, dashing out to chase those three.


City Lord Palace, Fifth Layer

With a loud rumbling sound, the majestic City Lord palace turned into ruins in an instant.

A terrifying cloud of smoke steadily rolled off, rushing towards the sky.

The Immortal Chefs of the fifth layer turned their heads in surprise, taking in a breath of cold air as they looked in the direction of the palace.

They would never have thought that the majestic City Lord palace would be destroyed.

That was the City Lord palace, the residence of a peak existence in the Immortal Cooking Realm. It was where the Qilin Chef, Feng Guanzhang, their City Lord resided!

Feng Guanzhang was highly respected, and he held a very high prestige in the fifth layer.

Of course, most of it was because of Feng Guanzhang's cultivation and culinary skills.

Thousands of meters above the City Lord palace...

Lord Dog hovered, while Realm Lord Di Tai's long robe flapped ceaselessly in the wind. From time to time, his bare body could be seen.

City Lord Meng Qi stroked her hair as a somber look appeared in her eyes.

City Lord Feng... had actually become a traitor, the traitor of the Immortal Cooking Realm?

Feng Guanzhang... had really killed City Lord Xue?

"As expected, Feng Guanzhang is not here. Not only that, he prepared such a big present for us. If we were not careful, we could have fallen for it..."

Realm Lord Di Tai gave a cold snort. Rubbing his head, he felt like he had lost face.

"Then where would City Lord Feng have gone?" City Lord Meng Qi asked curiously.

"If you were Feng Guanzhang, after your secret has been exposed, what would you do?" Lord Dog gave a side glance at City Lord Meng Qi as his magnetic voice resounded.

City Lord Meng Qi froze.

"Since my secret has been exposed, then naturally, I would not hide. I would just directly do what I needed to do..." Meng Qi said bluntly.

Is this not what a normal person would do?

Realm Lord Di Tai was stunned, realizing that what City Lord Meng Qi said made sense.

"What does Feng Guanzhang want?" Meng Qi rubbed her chin as she sank into deep thought.

"He should be aiming for the Qilin Chef's heart..." Realm Lord Di Tai said.

"The Qilin Chef's heart? That's going too far..."

City Lord Meng Qi's face darkened. Getting a Qilin Chef's heart would require the life of a Qilin Chef.

There were only a few Qilin Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm. Who Feng Guanzhang's target was, it was natural to tell.

Since she was here right now... then Feng Guanzhang's target was City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu.

"City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu are in the Immortal Tree space right now... It should be very safe, right?" Meng Qi asked, a little suspicious.

"It's definitely safe. Do you even need to ask? This dog is the living proof... With the Immortal Tree, who dares to be so wild?" Realm Lord Di Tai opened his mouth and laughed.

Lord Dog frowned as he gave Realm Lord Di Tai a side glance. "That might not be the case. If Feng Guanzhang really works together with the Nether Prison... then the Immortal Tree space is no longer safe."

"Impossible! Even if it was you last time, weren't you driven away by the Immortal Tree space?" Realm Lord Di Tai muttered under his breath.

"That was because I bit the Heavenly Path... and supported it!" Lord Dog seemed to be a little triggered, giving Realm Lord Di Tai a cold look.

Meng Qi, seeing that the two were about to fight, hurriedly rushed to smooth things over.

Finally, two people and a dog decided to head into the Immortal Tree space.


A wave of light descended.

In the next instant, they appeared in front of the wooden house.

Ya Ya looked at the three of them curiously, but Realm Lord Di Tai did not explain too much. After all, it couldn't be explained in two or three sentences.

"Ya Ya, prepare the transportation array into the Immortal Tree space... We have matters to settle," Realm Lord Di Tai said.

Ya Ya nodded, then hurriedly went to prepare the transportation array.


The Strongest Demon King hovered in the air, looking down at Bu Fang from high above.

Bu Fang was momentarily stunned before recognizing him.

Indeed, he was the Strongest Demon King, the one who had crouched in front of the bronze palace for a thousand years just for a single bowl of Yang Chun Noodles filled with immortal energy.

Now, his energy had undergone a heaven-and-earth change.

Even if Bu Fang's mental force had become stronger now, he could feel a wave of terrifying pressure from the Strongest Demon King's body.

This pressure made him slightly furrow his brows.


Suddenly, the sound of the void shattering rang out as the Strongest Demon King's figure appeared in front of Bu Fang.

A terrifying pressure was released, causing the surrounding immortal ingredients and herbs to continuously bend and even break...

The Strongest Demon King unfolded his arms as he calmly looked at Bu Fang.

He knew Bu Fang, and it could be said that his impression of the latter was deeply engraved within him.

Back then, Bu Fang took away his chance to enter the bronze palace, but luckily, he had still entered the Immortal Cooking Realm... and obtained power.

Meeting Bu Fang now, it felt like things remained the same, but the people had already changed.

He and Bu Fang had stepped into the Immortal Cooking Realm at the same time. However... their experiences and encounters were completely different.

It could be said that his experience was like a nightmare.

But it was this nightmare-like experience that made his ability and cultivation grow to its current state...

Of course, there was also the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, Liu Mobai.

The latter had obtained the inheritance of the Nether Prison expert, so his skills now were crazily improving.

And he, the Strongest Demon King, had become the protector of the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony.

"Actually, I only wanted to watch you... and wait for Liu Mobai to come over. But now, looking at your stone face, I changed my mind..."

The strongest Demon King looked at Bu Fang, puffing black air from his bullnose.

"Your paralyzed face really asks for a beating, you know. Very annoying. That's why this supreme one intends to beat you into a dead dog, then hand you over to Liu Mobai..."

Bu Fang stood up, crossing his arms. The Vermillion Robe on his body flapped violently under the Strongest Demon King's pressure.

"Oh... You're still as violent as before," Bu Fang said lightly. With his arms folded in front of his chest, not a trace of fear appeared even under the Strongest Demon King's intimidation.

The Strongest Demon King sneered. Then, his feet tapped on the ground.


The ground trembled, and in the next instant, the Strongest Demon King burst out.

The distance seemed to shrink as the ground constantly exploded, appearing in front of Bu Fang to send a fist!

That fist brought a terrifying gale with it, making the strands of hair on Bu Fang's forehead flutter violently.


However, Bu Fang's face remained indifferent.

In front of him, a white magic array appeared.

In the next instant, a clanging sound rang out as metal wings were spread open!

Whitey's eyes shone with lightning as it appeared, swinging out the red-hot War God Stick with lightning arcs dancing around it!