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 City Lord Palace, Fifth Layer

Realm Lord Di Tai's long robe swayed. Under his robe, his naked body appeared vaguely.

His figure landed in front of the City Lord palace's huge gate. Looking at the majestic palace, his eyes faintly shone.

Lord Dog flashed with a black light as he suddenly appeared in front of the gate.

"Let's go... That guy would not stupidly wait inside the City Lord palace," Lord Dog lazily said. Then, he strutted his graceful cat-like steps, stepping into that palace.

Realm Lord Di Tai flipped his golden hair. Then, with City Lord Meng Qi, they pushed open the scarlet-red gates.

Instantly, a wave of gloomy energy rushed towards them.

Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai furrowed their brows.

Two people and a dog stepped within.

The entire City Lord palace was incomparably silent. Without a trace of life, the originally bustling palace at this moment seemed to have descended into a place of death.

This made Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai feel suspicious.

Could it be that Feng Guanzhang had previously come back to this City Lord palace to dismiss everyone here?

He had been chased like a stray dog. How could he still have the heart to care about such trivial matters?

Two people and a dog stepped into the courtyard.

Suddenly, the courtyard underwent a huge change.

Blood-colored radiance rushed towards the sky, covering the entire horizon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground began to crack apart as many strands of blood-colored tentacles suddenly emerged. Forming a huge net, it flew towards Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai.

"What's this?" Realm Lord Di Tai was baffled.

"This is called the blood net..." Lord Dog said solemnly as he raised his head to look at that blood net. "This is a method of the Nether Prison. This Feng Guanzhang is indeed involved with those guys..."

Lord Dog sighed, then added, "That time, when I bit the Heavenly Path, Feng Guanzhang was most likely messing around behind the scenes."

Realm Lord Di Tai froze. Then, his face twisted into a grimace as he squinted at Lord Dog.

"You lazy dog. Don't use this chance to push the blame!"

Hearing these words, Lord Dog could only roll his eyes at Realm Lord Di Tai.

This fool...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the blood net fell. The void seemed to burn as it let out sizzling black gas.

Obviously, the might of this blood net was not ordinary.

"How do you break this blood net?" City Lord Meng Qi asked.

"This blood net is a vicious method of the Nether Prison. After touching it, even a True Immortal Realm expert would melt into a pool of blood..." Lord Dog said. "As for how to break it... one paw is enough."

Lord Dog raised the corner of his mouth in disdain.

In the next instant, his exquisite paw rushed towards the heavens, becoming extremely huge.

It smashed against the blood net, causing it to explode in a blink of an eye, ripping open a huge hole.

Seeing that hole, Realm Lord Di Tai, Lord Dog, and City Lord Meng Qi dashed in right away.


Immortal Tree space

Dense energy scattered like ripples as an otherworldly sound from the Heavenly Path hummed ceaselessly.

In every corner of this space, many figures sat cross-legged.

These figures all had immortal energy swirling out of their noses, the true energy within their bodies boiling.

From time to time, their brows would tighten, and sometimes, joy would appear on their faces.


Within the Immortal Tree space, an energy ripple spread out, surging over these Immortal Chefs.

An Immortal Chef suddenly opened his eyes. The beating of his heart became like an evening drum, its rumbling ringing out.

Along with the sound of his thumping heart, the surrounding tree and grass bent their waists, swaying ceaselessly.

"Hahahaha! I finally condensed it! My Heart of Cooking Path!"

The Immortal Chef excitedly stood up, his face filled with excitement.

To an Immortal Chef, condensing the Heart of Cooking Path meant potential, more so when they were a First Grade Immortal Chef. That meant that they had a higher chance of successfully stepping into the realm of a Third Grade Immortal Chef.

Once they become a Third Grade Immortal Chef, they would also become one of the peak existences in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm.

Clutching his own chest, this Immortal Chef had excitement surging in his eyes.

With a respectful look, he faced the Immortal Tree in the distance and bowed, kneeling as he faced the Immortal Tree.

It could be said that, if not for the will of the Heavenly Path that the Immortal Tree had dispersed, he did not know how much longer it would take for him to condense the Heart of Cooking Path.

Hence, he sincerely kneeled and worshipped.


In front of him, a figure blocked his vision of the Immortal Tree.

That Immortal Chef froze, involuntarily raising his head to see a person wearing a black cloak.

"It's you?!"

This Immortal Chef that had entered the top ten recognized the black-cloaked person, and his eyes shrank.

The black-cloaked person had crushed Lu Yi. However, that time, Lu Yi's Heart of Cooking Path was unstable due to his defeat by the Great Demon King. Perhaps the black-cloaked person might have benefitted from that.

But to be able to defeat Lu Yi, it was enough to speak of that black-cloaked person's might.

"Why is this distinguished one here... What a coincidence." This Immortal Chef smiled.

"That's right... What a coincidence."

The black-cloaked person smiled back. However, his voice seemed to have a mocking intent.

"Since this distinguished one has already condensed a Heart of Cooking Path, how about we sit down and talk about feeling the will of the Heavenly Path? Maybe it could improve our Heart of Cooking Path even further," that Immortal Chef said.

"Oh... You want to improve my Heart of Cooking Path by another step?" the black-cloaked man asked.


The Immortal Chef slightly froze. What did this black-cloaked person mean?

"Looking at your appearance, it seems like you truly want to help me improve my Heart of Cooking Path. Since that's the case... have a Chef's Challenge with me," the black-cloaked man said seriously.

"Chef... Chef's Challenge?!"

That Immortal Chef's face instantly changed.

The black-cloaked man's Chef's Challenge was not the same as the Great Demon King's Chef's Challenge. If he lost, he would be unable to touch cooking for ten years, and he had to hand over all of his kitchen tools...

Most importantly... his Heart of Cooking Path would be sucked away!

The Heart of Cooking Path that he had just condensed... How could it just be sucked away like that?!

"No... No... Why is there a need to have a Chef's Challenge? It would taint the peace here."

The Immortal Chef waved his hands while laughing dryly.

However, a pitch-black kitchen knife appeared in the black-cloaked person's hand. On top of that knife, a red-colored gem was embedded, which vigorously pulsed like a heart.

The face of the Immortal Chef changed. "This distinguished one should not push others too far!"

As soon as he said those words, the black-cloaked person instantly vanished, reappearing behind him.

The kitchen knife with a gem embedded on it was instantly placed on the neck of that Immortal Chef.

Strands of deathly energy revolved on it.

"I'm a very reasonable person... Be good and have a Chef's Challenge with me, or else I don't mind sending you off. Chef's Challenge or die... choose one," the black-cloaked person said with a smile.

With such a threat, how could that Immortal Chef even reject?

He could only agree to the Chef's Challenge, making the black-cloaked person nod his head in satisfaction.


In a corner of the Immortal Tree space, a blood-colored binding array revolved with pitch-black energy on top of it.

Within the binding array, a rumbling sound rang out as the void constantly trembled.

The pitch-black blade light filled the entire array.

In the next instant, two figures were forced to a corner.

Boom! Boom!

A blade light burst out. It smashed onto the ground, causing debris to fly everywhere.


Many stones flew out. Like comets, they flashed past at breakneck speed.

City Lord Liu held a steel bowl, smashing apart every stream of black-colored blade energy in front of him.

But with every blow, it would cause him to take a step back involuntarily.

City Lord Zou, on the other hand, held a black pot. Smashing it out harshly, he scattered the blade energy!

"Goddamned Feng Guanzhang... Actually thinking of killing this old lady!" City Lord Zou gritted his teeth. Then, flicking his fingers, the black pot began to spin around him, constantly slamming away the blade energy.

City Lord Feng's eyes were cold. "I want to see how long you guys can block my attack..."


Suddenly, a pitch-black blade energy spread over, instantly forming a huge blade energy as it chopped down.

"Dog-slaughtering knife skill!" City Lord Feng roared.

"How dare you!"

City Lord Zou's face darkened. Pinching his thumbs and middle fingers together, he pointed in front of him.

In an instant, the black pot clashed against that huge black-colored blade energy, shattering the illusionary void.


City Lord Zou's face suddenly changed!

Against this single blade, he was actually having a hard time holding it back, retreating step by step!


The black pot was sent flying back, landing under his feet. On top of the black pot, a trace of a blade was left on it...

"As expected of the Dog Meat Grandmaster... The Dog-slaughtering knife skill's might is indeed strong!"

Gently letting out a breath, City Lord Zou covered his chest.

"This time, we need to work together. Feng Guanzhang is the strongest among us City Lords. You and me alone cannot beat him." City Lord Liu said, his face looking very stern.

"Humph... This old lady will reluctantly work together with this surnamed Liu to make a move!"

City Lord Zou gave the white-robed City Lord Liu a glance as he placed his hands on his waist.

In the next instant, they rushed to the sky.

City Lord Zou grabbed his black pot, while City Lord Liu held the black bowl, attacking at the same time.

The black pot enlarged, turning into a massive object that extended over the entire space!

At the same time, the steel bowl spun, bursting out a wave of terrifying suction energy.

The black pot and the black bowl smashed together at Feng Guanzhang, who hovered in the air.

Feng Guanzhang gave a cold smile, wielding his knife.

Suddenly, his face changed.

City Lord Liu's figure had appeared in front of Feng Guanzhang unexpectedly.

"Looking for death?" Feng Guanzhang snorted arrogantly.

However, just as he was about to slash out, his kitchen knife was suddenly blocked.

Behind him, City Lord Zou, who was pinching his thumbs and middle fingers together, also appeared.

The two had attacked Feng Guanzhang at the same time, making him unable to advance nor retreat!

After all, he was fighting against two City Lords. If they really worked together, it was indeed pretty hard, even for Feng Guanzhang.

Holding the kitchen knife, his figure spun.

Instantly, a blade wind whistled out.

City Lord Zou was sent flying away by this terrifying blow!

"Surnamed Liu... Beat him up for this old lady!"

City Lord Zou's face was ashen as he was sent down rapidly from the air.

However, the moment he was about to land on the ground, he maintained his elegant posture.

With a snort, he smashed onto the ground, blasting it.

City Lord Liu's gaze was like lanterns as he rapidly sent out countless fists. Then, the steel bowl rapidly flew into his hand as he smacked towards Feng Guanzhang's face.

Under this bowl, the illusionary void constantly shattered!

"Accept death, Feng Guanzhang!"

City Lord Liu's eyes shot out light as his white robe flapped in the air.


City Lord Liu's face froze, and his eyes shrank.

In front of him, Feng Guanzhang's appearance underwent an earth-shattering transformation.

With a swish, his pitch-black hair turned white, and his skin turned pitch-black.

His eyes became scarlet-red as black Nether energy revolved around his body.


The black bowl smacked down.

However, it was caught by Feng Guanzhang who had transformed.

"I really have no other choice... You guys forced me to expose myself," Feng Guanzhang calmly said with a hoarse voice, grabbing the black bowl.

In the next instant, his fingers tensed up, putting in strength.

In front of City Lord Liu's shocked eyes, that top-grade immortal tool was deformed...

The immortal energy on it scattered as it was squashed!



Bu Fang felt his Heart of Cooking Path becoming more condensed.

Suddenly, he raised his head, looking into the distance.

There, a figure hovered in the air. His arms were crossed, hugging his chest as he calmly watched him.

His eyes were blazing as he stared at Bu Fang, his black cloak flapping against the wind.


In the next moment, a gust of wind blew past.

The hood of his cloak fell backward, revealing a face that Bu Fang recognized.

"Human... Long time no see." The Strongest Demon King grinned.