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 Fifth Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm

When the top ten of the Immortal Chef Tournament entered the Immortal Tree space, the stage instantly became empty.

City Lord Meng Qi, who wore a long robe covering her exquisite body, crossed her arms as she scanned over the entire area.

As for the spectators, they all left in satisfaction, knowing that what followed was none of their business.

This time's Immortal Chef Tournament was simply too addicting to watch.

The Great Demon King, who had appeared out of nowhere, had overcome many difficulties along the way, crushing everything. From being unknown, he gained a widespread reputation, his name resounding across the entire Immortal Cooking Realm.

This experience was literally too miraculous.

In particular, the match between the Great Demon King and the monstrous Lu Yi had made the audience feel their blood boil as they watched.

Everyone had thought that the Great Demon King was going to lose, but in the end, he defeated Lu Yi with a cold dish and successfully took the top rank from him.

That match made everyone feel overwhelmed with emotions.

What was more special was that every match of this competition was actually a Chef's Challenge.

Chef's Challenge, this sort of thing, was too exciting, easily firing up the audience. Its appearance made winning even more important.

Lu Yi had lost to the Great Demon King and lost a kitchen knife.

But no one would have thought that another challenger would come out of nowhere.

With exquisite culinary skills, the black-cloaked man had actually crushed Lu Yi!

Completely crushed!

Compared to the Great Demon King, that black-cloaked man was more direct and ruthless.

That Chef's Challenge made every single one of the audience feel as though their breathing had stopped.

No matter what, in this match, they had watched until their emotions were boiling.

Indeed, they were satisfied with what they had seen, feeling that they had not wasted their immortal crystals to buy the entrance ticket.

The audience all left one by one.

However, below the arena, some who did not make it into the top ten felt a little bitterness in their hearts. But no matter how bitter they were, they did not have any choice as the tournament had ended.

Along with the departing audience, the final result of the Immortal Chef Tournament would definitely travel across the entire Immortal Cooking Realm.

After all, the Immortal Chef Tournament was a grand event that was followed closely by many people.

Furthermore, in this time's Immortal Chef Tournament, there was a dark horse, causing the people who followed it to become more and more giddy with excitement.

Of course, that dark horse was the Great Demon King from the first layer.

From the second layer, with a crushing momentum, he had gone through Chef's Challenges to the peak layer, all the way to the finals to win first place!

If this news were to be spread out, it would definitely cause everyone to be shocked!

And the great aristocratic families of every layer would prepare to properly recruit the Great Demon King.

Which family did not want this kind of Immortal Chef? As someone who had boundless prospects, he was definitely a worthy treasure!

As expected, once the audience walked out of the Immortal Tree Square, they all pulled out jade talismans and transmitted the final results of the Immortal Chef Tournament across the entire Immortal Cooking Realm.

The news from the fifth layer was first passed to the fourth layer, then from the fourth layer to the third layer, the third layer to the second layer, and finally, from the second layer to the first layer...

In the first layer, Tong Wudi looked at the news transmitted by the jade talisman, exclaiming involuntarily.

"The Great Demon King obtained first place. This Great Demon King is really a legendary person. An unknown senior! He swept the entire competition and defeated those fifth layer monsters, even crushing the rank one monster! A giant among men!"

Tong Wudi's compliments seemed endless. If this sort of talent were to become part of his Tong family, that would be great.

A pity that it was only wishful thinking.

After all, the Tong family was on the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Even though they were one of the top families, the first layer was deficient in resources.


Tong Wudi froze. His eyes shrank as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

"The Great Demon King is Bu Fang?! How... How could this be?! A first layer Immortal Chef won first place in the Immortal Chef Tournament?!"

Tong Wudi stared at the news on the jade talisman, shock plastered all over his face. His entire being seemed to be in chaos.


Immortal Tree Square, Fifth Layer

Gongshu Ban was so excited that his entire face was bright red, his fists constantly shaking.

First place!

They had obtained first place!

An Immortal Chef of the first layer won! They had changed the record and made history in the Immortal Cooking Realm!

Owner Bu had actually broken the record!

"I don't know how strong Owner Bu would be after comprehending the will of the Heavenly Path in the Immortal Tree space, but I'm sure that with his talent, he should be able to break through and become a Second Grade Immortal Chef," Gongshu Ban said with a little anticipation.

"Do you want to go and take a look?"

From afar, Nethery sat on the Netherworld Ship, swaying her pale legs. She glanced at Gongshu Ban as she said that.

Gongshu Ban was stunned. "Is it really possible?"

Nethery looked at Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai in the distance, then said, "Not now. We move at night."

Gongshu Ban instantly understood, nodding his head.

Then, the three left the Immortal Tree Square quietly.

Lord Dog gave a glance at Nethery's departing figure, pouting his dog mouth. Then, his gaze landed on Realm Lord Di Tai.

"Exhibitionist, let's go find that guy. He's related to Nether Prison, so this is a significant concern... Don't blame Lord Dog for not warning you. Once Nether Prison is involved, the Immortal Cooking Realm is equal to being in danger... The Netherworld during that time was just like this." Lord Dog spoke.

In the distance, Realm Lord Di Tai, who was chatting with City Lord Meng Qi, froze. His face became extremely stern as he nodded.

City Lord Meng Qi was a little curious, so she followed them.

After that, two people and a dog left the Immortal Tree Square, vanishing.

As for settling the aftermath of the competition, City Lord Meng Qi had instructed several judges to settle it.

These judges were all Third Grade Immortal Chefs. They were highly respected in the Immortal Cooking Realm, so to deal with these matters was not too difficult.


The Immortal Tree space did not allow ripping through the illusionary void, that's why Bu Fang and the rest had been transported in, including City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu.

This was also why Feng Guanzhang had chosen to let the black-cloaked person use the transportation array to transport him in.

That was because once they ripped through the illusionary void, the Immortal Tree would recognize them as invaders and expel them from the Immortal Tree space.

At this moment, a blood-colored binding array covered the entire piece of heaven and earth.

Within the magic array, three figures were floating as a terrifying energy dispersed.

The pitch-black runes continuously revolved outside the binding array, isolating them from the others' prying eyes.

Feng Guanzhang greedily looked at City Lord Liu and City Lord Zou, stretching his tongue out to lick his lips.

Seeing this, City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu's hairs stood on end.

"Feng Guanzhang, what do you intend to do?! Actually daring to set up a binding array inside the Immortal Tree space!" City Lord Liu roared with a cold face, the white robe on his body flapping wildly.

In his hand, a black steel bowl emerged with dense immortal energy, which was actually a top-grade immortal tool.

City Lord Liu's pressure was released as his gaze stared directly at Feng Guanzhang.

"Nothing much. It's just that since we have not met for so long, we should talk about the old times." Feng Guanzhang widened his eyes as he smiled greedily.

"Reminisce? With trash like you, what is there to talk about? You came just at the right time. Come with us obediently and confess all your sins to the Realm Lord!"

City Lord Zou put both hands on his waist as he roared at Feng Guanzhang.

Glancing at City Lord Zou, the cold smile on Feng Guanzhang's face became even more apparent.

"Catch me to go see the Realm Lord? You guys really don't know how death is written, do you? You actually think I'm here to surrender to you guys?"

Feng Guanzhang reached out his hand, and in the next instant, a kitchen knife appeared. Its blade was pitch-black with scarlet-red runes, which was a little similar to the black-cloaked person's kitchen knife.

"Oh dear. You're thinking of killing us? You? Has your head been clamped by a door?" City Lord Zou swayed with his slender fingers as he snickered.

"Actually, I won't kill you. I just want to borrow something from you guys..." Feng Guanzhang smiled malevolently.

City Lord Liu furrowed his brows, cautious. "What do you want?!"

"I just need to borrow your Qilin Chef's hearts to use..."

Feng Guanzhang revealed his entire set of teeth. From that sinister grin, blood-colored light seemed to shoot out from within.


Suddenly, the pitch-black knife was flung out. Ripping through the illusionary void, it headed straight at City Lord Liu!


The Immortal Chefs who had been transported in various areas of the Immortal Tree space had all recovered their spirits.

Xue Yao, who was wearing a purple chef robe, raised her head. With her hair falling down, framing her exquisite face, she looked into the Immortal Tree space in the distance, feeling incredibly moved.

Finally, she was in the Immortal Tree space, the place she had yearned for even in her dreams.

Here, she could feel the will of the Heavenly Path that the Immortal Tree gave off, which would help raise her culinary skills and condense the Heart of Cooking Path.

The top ten, except for the top three, had yet to condense their Heart of Cooking Path. However, their talents were naturally not too bad as they were only a step away from being able to condense it.

Hence, they looked forward to experiencing the will of the Heavenly Path in order to condense their Heart of Cooking Path.

The spiritual energy of the Immortal Tree space was very dense, as though it was about to become substance.

With a blue sky and white clouds, the ground was full of immortal herbs and immortal ingredients. The immortal energy spreading out of them made one's mental energy flourish.

Many of these immortal ingredients were pretty good ingredients, but Xue Yao did not come here specifically to pick them.

After all, this was the Immortal Tree space, so she did not dare to do things randomly.

In the other areas, every Immortal Chef looked towards the Immortal Tree with burning eyes.


Everyone felt their minds shake.

From the location of the Immortal Tree, a wave of fluctuation was dispersed. Its mysterious fluctuation formed ripples as it scattered.

This fluctuation seemed to be filled with the will of the Heavenly Path.

Everything it passed over-the flowers, grass, and trees-began to sway continuously, as though they were listening to something.

Some of the immortal ingredients dispersed an even denser immortal energy.

As the immortal energy floated off, a dense fragrance lingered in the air.

Within the Immortal Tree space, every Immortal Chef narrowed their eyes before excitement appeared on their faces.

They all sat cross-legged and shut their eyes.

Their spirit sea began to stir up as they were led by those fluctuations, listening to the will of the Heavenly Path from the Immortal Tree, just like those immortal ingredients.


In a corner of the Immortal Tree space, the tall and sturdy expert in a black cloak followed the black-cloaked person.

The two slowly walked within the Immortal Tree space.

The black-cloaked person was a little bored. Once in a while, he picked an immortal fruit, stuffing it into his mouth.

"Huu.... The will of the Heavenly Path has begun to scatter. Looks like our little Immortal Chefs are about to mature soon." The black-cloaked person chewed the spirit fruit as he mumbled.

The black-cloaked expert asked sullenly, "Then do we find Bu Fang first or those Immortal Chefs first?"

The man spat out the core of the spirit fruit, falling onto the ground.

Under the Heavenly Path's fluctuation, it actually burrowed into the mud, and after a short while, shoots began to sprout out of it.

"As expected of the will of the Great Path from the Immortal Tree... It's extraordinary indeed. Anyway, finding Bu Fang is not hard, but we should still be alert. Let's do it like this... You go find Bu Fang first and wait for me to harvest these fruits. You can then directly use the magic array to transport me over... I've been waiting for Owner Bu's Heart of Cooking Path for so long..." the black-cloaked person said.

The tall and sturdy black-cloaked man nodded his head. Then, with a boom, his feet stomped on the ground, cracking it open as he vanished from the black-cloaked person's vision.

The black-cloaked man whistled a tune, then crossed his arms as he walked into the distance.


Bu Fang had yet to come close to the Immortal Tree before he felt the will of the Heavenly Path dispersing over.

He slightly furrowed his brows as he exhaled.

Feeling this fluctuation from the Heavenly Path, Bu Fang actually felt that his Heart of Cooking Path had improved even more.

"It actually assists the Heart of Cooking Path?"

Bu Fang's heart felt peculiar. Then, he sat cross-legged, slowly accepting the will of the Heavenly Path.

Meanwhile, a few hundred meters away from Bu fang, the tall and sturdy black-cloaked expert slowly hovered, forming a small dot in the air.

His eyes seemed like torches as he directly stared at Bu Fang, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

"Bu Fang... Found you."