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 White Tiger Heaven Stove.

The stove was completely white. It was unknown what type of mineral resource was used to make it as it was vibrant and bright.

Bu Fang reached out his hand, touching the White Tiger Heaven Stove. Instantly, he felt a violent temperature within it.

That heat was scorching, but it did not feel like it burned him. Perhaps because he was the host.

The White Tiger said before that among the God of Cooking Set, he was in charge of killing. But looking at the appearance of the White Tiger Heaven Stove, it could not come close to the word 'killing.'

From how it looked, the White Tiger Heaven Stove... was a little cute.

That's right. It was cute.

The White Tiger Heaven Stove was not like the other stoves. It was sharp and clear, but upon closer look, its lines on the edges were even a little gentle. All in all, it looked like a cat head with its mouth open.

Indeed... Not a tiger's head, but a cat's head.

When he thought of the violent and savage appearance of the White Tiger, then looked at this cute cat-head stove...

Bu Fang suddenly felt the pressure from the violent White Tiger vanish.

He almost laughed out loud.

To think that the violent White Tiger would actually have such a cute appearance, there was an indescribable gap.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he walked around the White Tiger Stove.

There was a blazing white-colored flame burning within it, and this flame made Bu Fang slightly dazed.

"System, what exactly is this flame? Could it be that I don't need to use the immortal flame when I use the White Tiger Stove?" Bu Fang asked the system.

The system was silent for a while before speaking.

"White Tiger Heaven Stove: An item of the God of Cooking Set that specializes in killing. As the host's attacking method, the white flame within the White Tiger Heaven Stove, Heaven Illuminating Flame, can burn all living things. The host can fuse immortal flames to increase the power of the Heaven Illuminating Flame. The White Tiger Heaven Stove is made of Star Steel. It is indestructible and weighs over ten thousand pounds. It can increase the host's control over flames and raise the sensitivity of cooking ingredients. Used together with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it can raise the host's culinary skills by another level."

The system's solemn voice rang out, causing Bu Fang to slightly freeze.

Hearing the introduction of the White Tiger Heaven Stove, Bu Fang involuntarily narrowed his eyes.

Bu Fang could feel a terrifying fluctuation from within as his hand rubbed the top of the White Tiger Heaven Stove.

Made of Star Steel and the appearance of a cat head, within its open mouth was the Heaven Illuminating Flame that was able to burn all living things.

The white-colored Heaven Illuminating Flame seemed to be the flame surrounding the White Tiger's entire body.

With a move of his mind, the White Tiger Heaven Stove instantly floated up, and Bu Fang felt a little heavy while controlling it.

After all, he had just obtained it, so the familiarity was unlike that of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, which he had used for a long time.


The stove smashed down, and the ground instantly cracked.

Bu Fang's brows involuntarily raised.

Its might was very strong. If he used the stove to smash people, it should feel better than the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang thought about it. In the future, he could use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok first to hit the face, then smash down with the stove.

That feeling... seemed to be wonderful.

Bu Fang curved the corner of his lips.

He moved to the front of the White Tiger Heaven Stove, then waved his hands. Instantly, the Heaven Illuminating Flame surged.

As the white flame burned in his hand, there was a scorching yet chilling heat.

What a strange contrast.

Bu Fang gently spat out a breath, blowing onto the Heaven Illuminating Flame. Before it even came close, the air froze with a cracking sound.

"This flame... is a little strange."

Bu Fang blinked his eyes.

With a thought, a bundle of golden flame lotus appeared on his other hand.

This was the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, the immortal flame that Bu Fang had obtained.

The system said before that two types of flames could be compatible, but he did not know if that was true.

Bu Fang carefully mixed the flames together.

In the next instant, Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

Because he realized that, when the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame got closer to the Heaven Illuminating Flame, it actually began to slowly freeze!

The immortal flame possessing such a scorching temperature was actually frozen!

What's this situation?

This phenomenon made Bu Fang's heart slightly freeze.

Then, as the two flames neared each other, the frozen Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was slowly swallowed.

Crack. Crack.

The ice shattered, then fused into the white-colored Heaven Illuminating Flame.

In just a short while, the entire golden flame vanished.

Moreover, the Heaven Illuminating Flame turned into a white lotus flower!

A frozen white lotus flower... scattering energy that made one's heart palpitate.

This flame... seems quite extraordinary!

Bu Fang's mind flickered again, and the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame in his energy core also turned into a white-colored Heaven Illuminating Flame. This meant that, right now, he only had the Heaven Illuminating Flame.

Bu Fang flicked his finger as he narrowed his eyes.

That white-colored Heaven Illuminating Flame then rapidly flew out. Wherever it passed, the illusionary void would seem to freeze as ice appeared.


After a while, the flame landed in the distance.

That spot instantly exploded, and the white-colored flame lingered. After some time, it disappeared.

Bu Fang walked over and saw that there was a huge lotus flower-shaped crater on the ground.

Within this crater were white ice crystals, covering its entire surface.

"What a strong power..." Bu Fang sucked in a breath of cold air.

No wonder they said that the White Tiger specialized in killing. This was just the power of the Heaven Illuminating Flame. If the stove was added...

Wouldn't his enemy be killed in an instant?!

Keeping the flame, the White Tiger Heaven Stove also vanished, turning into a white-colored belt that circled around Bu Fang's waist.

In the middle of the belt was a cute cat head... Ah no, tiger head.

Rubbing the belt, Bu Fang gently exhaled.

The corner of his mouth was slightly raised.

Since he got another God of Cooking Set, Bu Fang felt that his skills were going to improve by quite a bit again.

Most importantly, the dishes he would cook from now on would have a stronger suppressing effect on Nethery's curse.


No longer thinking about the White Tiger Heaven Stove, Bu Fang turned his gaze to look at the Immortal Tree in the distance.

In this Immortal Tree space, they could comprehend the will of the Heavenly Path, enlightening them on their culinary skills.

Naturally, Bu Fang would not waste such a good chance.

And, of course, there was another important point-Bu Fang needed to find the Immortal Tree seedling in this Immortal Tree space.

When he found the Immortal Tree seedling, the system would then consider the task to be completely finished. After that, he would get the power to fuse immortal flames.

Right now, the Heaven Illuminating Flame had only been fused with one immortal flame, but its might was already extraordinary.

Once he completed the task, he could fuse even more immortal flames into the Heaven Illuminating Flame.

It could be imagined that the might of the Heaven Illuminating Flame would be so terrifying.

Bu Fang really looked forward to it.

Filled with anticipation, he took a step forward, walking towards the Immortal Tree.


In a corner of the Immortal Tree space

Above the space, the sky was white and the clouds were blue, which looked extremely bizarre.

The blue-colored clouds slowly drifted.

The black-cloaked person stood on the spot. Around him, the grass was dense, and dazzling water droplets rolled off them.

Slightly twisting his neck, he raised his hands. The sleeves of his cloak slightly fell, revealing pale arms and slender hands.

However, the pitch-black nails made his hands appear a little demonic.


A pitch-black kitchen knife appeared, its blade covered with scarlet-red marks.

With a spin of the knife, the black-cloaked person suddenly drew it across his palm...

Fresh red blood spilled out from the wound.

More and more blood flowed out, but it never dripped down. Instead, it floated up on the other hand, finally spreading out to form a huge magic array.

That magic array was very mysterious, and the lines on it looked very complicated.

When the wound healed, the fresh blood that flowed out also stopped.

The black-cloaked person pulled back his hand. Then, he stretched out his finger to point on the magic array.

Instantly, the magic array rushed to the skies.


The magic array spun, and the illusionary void twisted continuously.

Soon, within the magic array, a figure slowly appeared.

That figure had disheveled hair and a missing arm...

Pitch-black energy revolved around his body. His white hair fluttered as his black skin and scarlet-red eyes seemed to glow under the magic array's illumination...

It was City Lord Feng, who had been sent flying by Lord Dog's paw.

City Lord Feng held a beating silver heart as he appeared from the magic array.

The blood-colored magic array continued to spin, and a moment later, a sturdy figure shrouded in a black cloak also appeared from within.


The sturdy black-cloaked expert descended and stood beside the black-cloaked person.

They both looked at City Lord Feng with condensed energy as he hovered in the air.

"You're actually injured..." The black-cloaked person giggled, finding happiness in the other's misfortune.

City Lord Feng gave that black-cloaked person a side glance, then sighed.

"The Realm Lord and that black dog had caught up to me... It's already good that I'm not dead," City Lord Feng said hoarsely.

In the next instant, he opened his mouth, then stuffed the silver Qilin Chef's heart into it.


As City Lord Feng swallowed the silver heart, his mouth swelled, and his throat enlarged before it entered his stomach...

After swallowing, City Lord Feng's appearance gradually recovered.

His entire head of white hair turned pitch-black as his eyes and skin returned to their normal color, turning him back into a casually smiling middle-aged person.

He gave the black-cloaked person a glance, then descended.

"I have helped you with what you needed... Now, you can continue to do your thing," the black-cloaked person calmly said.

City Lord Feng casually smiled at the black-cloaked person. "Back then, I saved the two of you in the Immortal Tree space. Who would have thought that the two of you would actually grow to such a stage in such a short time? The inheritance of the Nether Prison is indeed not ordinary."

"Should I thank you? Or should I hate you?"

The black-cloaked person's voice was calm. However, his words seemed to have a chill in them.

Then, without joy nor sadness, he added, "Just do your thing well... There is a price to pay for obtaining the inheritance, and you and I both know this."

City Lord Feng coldly smiled. Then, he turned his head to look at the Immortal Tree, his gaze a little complicated.

"The Immortal Tree now is no longer able to nurture a High Grade Qilin Chef. I need to borrow the strength of the Nether Prison... I need more.... Qilin Chef's heart."

City Lord Feng crossed his arms as he slowly walked towards the Immortal Tree. The ground seemed to shrink as his figure tread the air.

The black-cloaked person and the sturdy black-cloaked expert silently watched the departing figure of City Lord Feng.

"Old Bull, when the two of us were in the bronze palace, we suffered together. Even when we arrived in the Immortal Cooking Realm, we also suffered together... I have to say, can you really put up with me?"

The black-cloaked person turned his head as he glanced at the sturdy black-cloaked expert.

"None of your business... Grow quickly. Escaping the control of that Nether Prison guy is the right way. Although I thirst for strength, I do not want this binding, restricted power," the tall and sturdy black-cloaked expert said sullenly.

The black-cloaked person nodded his head.

"Ohh... that's right. Wait for those little Immortal Chefs to comprehend the will of the Heavenly Path and awaken their Heart of Cooking Path. After that, we will start... the hunting game." The black-cloaked person gently smiled.

"Also.... We cannot possibly forget old friend Owner Bu. His Heart of Cooking Path gives me an intoxicating smell...."

Under the shadow of the black cloak, he stretched out his tongue and licked his lips.


Immortal Tree Space

The illusionary void twisted. Then, a white-colored magic array appeared.

Two figures appeared from within the array.

"Oh man... The Realm Lord is really lazy. On what basis does he let us handle the safety within the Immortal Tree space? Hasn't it always been handled by Feng Guanzhang that devil?"

A grumpy voice rang out as City Lord Zou's figure appeared. Beside him was the white-robed City Lord Liu.

"Don't you know that Feng Guanzhang, that abomination, killed City Lord Xue? We've been cheated for so long. If he did not make a move on a contestant and expose everything, we could still be in the dark right now," City Lord Liu calmly said.

"Yeah, Feng Guanzhang that devil! He really knows how to cause trouble! If this old lady meets him, I'll use my stance to kill him!"

City Lord Zou gave a proud "hmph" as he posed his delicate stance.

"Let's go and take a look at the hole in the Immortal Tree space. So many years have passed since it got bitten off by that black dog, so it should have recovered by now. Previously, it was managed by Feng Guanzhang, but it's our turn now. We cannot relax. If something happens, we have to take up the blame," City Lord Liu seriously said.

Then, the two flew towards the Immortal Tree space in the distance.


The two City Lords that were slowly flying narrowed their eyes, as though their heads were going to explode.

Just as they were nearing the Immortal Tree space, a blood-colored magic array instantly appeared on the ground.


Within the magic array, rays of blood-colored light rushed towards the heavens as they formed a huge binding enchantment, wrapping around the two.

City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu furrowed their brows, shocked.

"Who's there?!"

City Lord Zou roared, flicking and pinching his middle fingers and thumbs together.

Within the blood-colored binding array, a figure twisted as it slowly appeared.

Feng Guanzhang grinned at the familiar duo before him, revealing his sinister smile.

"I've been waiting for you guys... Finally, my Qilin Chef's hearts are here."