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 Exchange! Of course, exchange it!

How could Bu Fang give up on this chance?

The God of Cooking Set gave too great of an amplification effect to a chef's culinary skill, even if it was limited to just Bu Fang.

If he lost the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and the Vermilion Robe, his culinary skills might fall by a whole grade, so getting first place in the Immortal Chef Tournament would be impossible.

The same goes for the rest of the Immortal Chefs. Without their immortal tools, they would lose a lot of their competing ability as well.

Hence, Bu Fang was well aware of the benefits of the God of Cooking Set.

But what exactly was the fourth God of Cooking Set? Bu Fang looked forward to it.

"Will it be a stove?"

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. In his heart, there was a high possibility of it being a stove.

After all, judging from the Immortal Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm, they always use their immortal tool kitchen stove. The kitchen stove could improve the flame control of the chef, that's why they had more detailed control over the taste of the dish.

If it were to be a stove, it wouldn't be too bad.

Anyway, Bu Fang really needed a stove.

"Exchange," Bu Fang said to the system in his heart.

The system was silent for a little while. In the next instant, its serious voice rang out once again.

"The exchange of the fragments of God of Cooking Set will begin. Asking host to wait..."

Bu Fang remained standing on the spot, looking indifferent.

At this moment, on the stage, the ten Immortal Chefs stood still as many Immortal Chefs curiously looked at Bu Fang.

Their eyes were filled with respect and curiosity.

This was the chef who ranked first in the Immortal Chef Tournament, an Immortal Chef from the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

He had come from the resource-lacking first layer, showing his outstanding talent and crushing everything along his way.

He had even finished off the strongest monster, Lu Yi, from the fifth layer, obtaining the first place of the Immortal Chef Tournament!

To say that he was a monster himself would be believable.

If this Great Demon King was nurtured in the fifth layer, how terrifying would he be?!

With the same resources, the Great Demon King would become a nightmare that would stand over everyone's heads!

The most terrifying nightmare!

Of course, the Immortal Chefs, who were checking Bu Fang out, noticed that the Great Demon King was standing dazed on the spot like a fool, and their mouths couldn't help but twitch.

Right now, Bu Fang was completely different from the Great Demon King that had crushed everyone in the competition.

He looked just like a complete... idiot.

However, no one dared to underestimate Bu Fang.

After all... he was the Great Demon King that finished off Lu Yi.

The black-cloaked person looked at Bu Fang with interest, as though he was looking at a prey.

As for Lu Yi, he had still not recovered from his defeat, looking extremely dejected.


In Bu Fang's mind, a wave of fluctuation dispersed. Then, his mind sunk into his spirit sea.

As soon as he entered, he could feel that there seemed to be a restless stir in the spirit sea right now.

The Golden Divine Dragon, the Black Turtle, and the Vermilion Bird moved restlessly, as though some terrifying existence was about to descend.

"This energy... That guy is coming." the Golden Divine Dragon said sullenly. Under its winding body, stormy waves stirred up.

"It's that violent troublemaker indeed. I hate that guy..." The Black Turtle's voice was sullen as well. Its massive shell that seemed to carry the entire heaven and earth lightly shook.

The Vermilion Bird's eyes landed on Bu Fang. Chirping, its flaming feathers scattered as it said, "Little host, remember this. Do not be influenced by that guy..."

Bu Fang crossed his arms. Facing these three huge beings, he instantly became curious.

"Who are you guys talking about?"

"The new tool spirit of the God of Cooking Set..." the Golden Divine Dragon answered.

Bu Fang slightly froze.

So mysterious. This new God of Cooking Set seems to be a little awesome to actually make these three tool spirits so agitated.

"That is a restless being... Little host should never be influenced by it," the Black Turtle added seriously.

The Black Turtle was wise, so Bu Fang trusted the words it said.

To make the Black Turtle so serious, it looks like... this new guy is very interesting.

Bu Fang's heart was suddenly a little excited, and he could not wait any longer.


A stormy wave started in Bu Fang's spirit sea.

From the depths of the spirit sea, thousands of waves were stirring.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

The Golden Divine Dragon, the Black Turtle, and the Vermilion Bird all turned their heads to look over into the depths of the spirit sea.

There seemed to be a boundless mist dispersing from there...

Suddenly, from within the mist, a huge figure slowly appeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang felt that rumble reverberate within him.

Waves of ripples appeared from under his feet.

"It's here!"

"I smelled this guy's disgusting aura once again!"

"An aura filled with fighting and murderous intent..."

The Vermilion Bird, the Black Turtle, and the Golden Divine Dragon's words were filled with anxiousness.

Bu Fang was even more curious now. His eyes stared fixedly, looking into the pitch-black depths.


A resonant tiger roar rang out, resounding across the entire heavens.

Bu Fang sucked in a breath of cold air. It felt like, under this tiger roar, his spirit sea was about to explode.

That tiger roar was explosive, causing his spirit sea to erupt as waves rose towards the skies!

Along with the roar...

The Golden Divine Dragon let out a deafening dragon roar.

The Black Turtle huffed loudly.

The Vermilion Bird spread its wings as it cried!

The voices of the four tool spirits rang out at the same time, clashing against each other.

Bu Fang was in the middle of this like a leaf boat, taking the hit of the four great spirits.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The water in the spirit sea seemed to evaporate as it slowly boiled.

Finally, Bu Fang saw the appearance of the tool spirit that walked out of the black depths, and it made him suck in a breath of cold air.

It was a huge White Tiger with big eyes and a white body.

The fur on its entire body was white. Walking out from the darkness, there seemed to be a white flame burning around it.

That flame made the illusionary void twist, and within it, there seemed to be a chill in the scorching hot temperature.

The White Tiger walked out.

Raising its head, it opened its mouth widely and let out a loud roar.

The roar exploded as ripples spread out, causing tremors within the spirit sea!

"White Tiger! What are you doing?!"

The Vermilion Bird sternly cried out as a scarlet-red flame shone within its eyes.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The White Tiger slowly walked. As its paws descended, the water of the spirit sea evaporated, and a wave of terrifying pressure spread out from its figure.

"Long time no see... little worm, old turtle, and little bird..."

Its voice was incomparably hoarse, like the sound of a sharp blade grinding against the ground.

"Who are you calling little worm?!"

The Golden Divine Dragon was mad!

A dragon roar rang out as its huge body turned, as though it was going to stir up a tide.

The corner of the White Tiger's mouth raised, disdain flashing across its eyes.

"Are you exasperated? You finally admit that you're a little worm?"

The White Tiger laughed. Then, ignoring the violent Golden Divine Dragon, its gaze landed on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang instantly felt the pressure surrounding him compress and vanish.


In just a blink of an eye, the White Tiger disappeared from its spot.

The spirit sea let out an oppressive whistle.

In the next instant...

The White Tiger appeared in front of Bu Fang. Its huge claws looming over Bu Fang's head.

"The host... is this newborn kid?!" The White Tiger's eyes widened, staring at Bu Fang.

A gale blew, causing Bu Fang's hair to constantly flutter.

"That's me." Bu Fang let out a deep breath. "You are the tool spirit of the God of Cooking Set?"

"That's right. I am the spirit of the White Tiger Heaven Stove... White Tiger," the White Tiger calmly said, looking at Bu fang with interest.

"Among the spirits of the God of Cooking Set... I am in charge of killing. Are you interested in conquering the world with me?"

White flames spurted out of the White Tiger's mouth as it said those words.

"Conquering the world? Not interested..."

Bu Fang's voice was calm as he expressionlessly looked at the White Tiger.

White Tiger Heaven Stove... The fourth God of Cooking Set is indeed a stove...

Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth.

But the tool spirit of this White Tiger Heaven Stove seemed to have quite the personality.

"If you don't want to conquer the world, how are you different from a salted fish? This tiger will now kill you with one paw!"

Bu Fang's words seemed to have angered the White Tiger, making it raise its tiger paw as it smashed down at him.

Its pressure caused the spirit sea to constantly explode.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. However, his expression remained indifferent.

As expected, the White Tiger's paw hung above Bu Fang's head and did not lower.

"I am the host... You dare to kill me?" Bu Fang calmly said.

The White Tiger slowly retrieved its paw.

"Very good. Brave, but..."

The White Tiger smiled. Then, it slowly turned, finding a spot to lay down. The flame around its body continued to burn.

"I, the White Tiger, have had many hosts... And they have all died. You, a newborn kid... You won't live that much longer," the White Tiger lightly said.

In the distance...

The Vermilion Bird, the Divine Dragon, and the Black Turtle were silent. They had to admit that what the White Tiger said was the truth.

"White Tiger... This little host... might be able to create a miracle."

The Vermilion Bird suddenly opened its mouth.

However, the White Tiger only glanced at the Vermilion Bird. With a snort, it closed its eyes, not bothering to speak anymore.

Bu Fang frowned. The previous hosts all died.

This White Tiger had no confidence in him.

But Bu Fang did not mind it. If there was no confidence, then he just needed to give him confidence. He, Bu Fang... would not die so easily.

He narrowed his eyes, looking at the White Tiger. Then, he left his spirit sea space.

Bu Fang opened his eyes, and his consciousness returned to his body.

"Now... Everyone, prepare to enter the Immortal Tree space."

City Lord Meng Qi's gentle and beautiful voice resounded in Bu Fang's ears.

After that, a dark green jade talisman appeared in her hand. A small tree was engraved in its center.

Breaking the jade talisman with a pinch, a circular magic array as big as a palm spun around.

Then, with a flick, it descended above the heads of these ten Immortal Chefs, shrouding all of them.

Bu Fang, the black-cloaked person, and the other Immortal Chefs raised their heads. Even the dispirited Lu Yi did the same.

They all looked at the magic array above their heads.

The dark green radiance was blinding.

Suddenly, it bloomed!

In the next instant, Bu Fang felt like everything was enveloped by the light of that magic array.


The piercing light made one unable to resist shutting their eyes.

Their figures seemed to twist.

When Bu Fang felt that the light had weakened, he opened his eyes.

What entered his visions was... a blue sky with white clouds. There was also a blazing sun hanging in the sky, releasing its radiance.

The warm sunlight shot down, landing on Bu Fang's body, causing him to feel pleasant.

After arriving at the Immortal Cooking Realm, it had been very long since Bu Fang had bathed in the sun.

This type of comfort made him miss it a bit.

Suddenly, Bu Fang's gaze locked onto the distance.

There, Bu Fang saw a huge and tall tree. Its appearance was like the Immortal Tree of the Immortal Cooking Realm, but it was much smaller compared to the Immortal Tree that seemed to hold the heavens.

It was an ordinary big tree. At most, it was about ten meters tall, a little bigger than the usual ones.


The wind blew.

The leaves of the huge tree swayed, and in the next instant, the shining tree shot down waves of essence.

"Is this the Immortal Tree space? Then that should be the will of the Heavenly Path they were talking about... A huge tree... Is this the tree that Lord Dog had taken a bite of previously?" Bu Fang muttered.

He looked around him, noticing that the rest of the Immortal Chefs around him had vanished. They were probably scattered around the various areas of the Immortal Tree space.

Regarding this, Bu Fang did not care too much.

His mind flickered, and a white flame burst out in front of him.

When that flame appeared, it rapidly spun. Shortly after, a blurry phantom appeared.


A tiger roar rang out, causing Bu Fang's mind to slightly shake.

In the next instant, a white stove that was made of some unknown material appeared in front of him.


The stove smashed onto the ground. It was so heavy that it made the ground tremble.

At the same time, Bu Fang's mind also trembled.

"This is the fourth God of Cooking Set... White Tiger... Heaven Stove?"

Looking at the stove, Bu Fang sucked in a breath of cold air.