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 The entire place fell into dead silence.

No one dared to make a sound as everyone watched the scene on the stage with stunned faces.

Shock and fear filled their eyes.

Lu Yi and the black-cloaked person's Chef's Challenge, where they had bet everything on, was completely out of everyone's expectations.

They had originally thought that Lu Yi would crush this black-cloaked person who did not know death, but the result had utterly flipped their beliefs.

They had predicted the outcome, but on the wrong person.

The one being crushed was not the black-cloaked person, but Lu Yi...

Lu Yi, under the influence of the black-cloaked person's Heart of Cooking Path and knife skills, was unable to hold his kitchen knife properly. His entire head was full of sweat as he tried to finish the dish with difficulty.

As he cooked, his heart trembled more and more.

In the end, the Thunder Dragon brought about by Lu Yi's dish had instantly scattered.

With that kind of dish that was cooked without an ounce of courage, how could it be the opponent of the incomparably confident black-cloaked person?

Compared to the match against the Great Demon King, Lu Yi truly felt a sense of despair in this Chef's Challenge.

He suddenly felt a little regret. Why did he agree to the black-cloaked person's Chef's Challenge? His brain must have stopped working.

Most importantly... that person created the Chef's Challenge!

Lu Yi's eyes were dazed as he looked at his own hands, his figure constantly trembling.

"Tch, tch, tch...."

The black-cloaked person held the black kitchen knife in his hands. The red marks glowed on the blade, causing the knife to look extremely evil.

With a twist of the kitchen knife, it spun in his hands as he played with it.

"Who would have thought that... the monstrous talent of the fifth layer would actually be so unsatisfactory... A little weak. I originally thought that this Chef's Challenge would be interesting, but... it's not interesting at all."

The black-cloaked person shook his head, expressing a little disappointment.

Lu Yi's heart was incomparably sullen and angry, but he had nowhere to vent it.

Because in reality, he had indeed lost...

And he had been overwhelmingly crushed ...

Everyone was silent, at a loss for words.

Under the stage, some Immortal Chefs suddenly felt a little lucky. If the black-cloaked person chose to challenge them, the ones in despair right now would be them.

Lu Yi was really in despair right now.

His hands and feet were ice-cold, and his entire being seemed to be engulfed in grief.

He wanted to fight back, but the black-cloaked person was like a nightmare, looming over his head and causing his limbs and heart to shake.


Lu Yi wanted to say something, but that black-cloaked person had slowly begun walking over to him.

On the high platform, City Lord Meng Qi furrowed her brows.

Realm Lord Di Tai, on the other hand, looked at the black-cloaked person as a trace of interest appeared on his face.

"This Chef's Challenge is too vicious. I still like Little Bu Bu's Chef's Challenge. You'll only lose your kitchen knife."

The black-cloaked person's Chef's Challenge was one that cut one's culinary journey...

"Since you agreed to the bet, you must accept the loss... Do you have any other words?"

The black-cloaked person raised his hands, tapping on Lu Yi's shoulders.

Instantly, an incomparable fear wrapped over Lu Yi, making him struggle to breathe.

He had lost, but he was unable to pay the price...

"Can... you show mercy... I..." Lu Yi gritted his teeth, remorse evident in his eyes.

He should not have done this Chef's Challenge. He regretted it now.

"Tch, tch, tch... You're asking for mercy?"

The black-cloaked person seemed to be interested.

"Is it possible?" Lu Yi seemed to hear the relaxed tone in the black-cloaked person's voice, and a little hope appeared in his eyes.

"It is not impossible for me to show mercy. However, what good is there for me?" the black-cloaked person said.

"I... I can be your apprentice!" Lu Yi seemed to say these words out of his gritted teeth.

This single statement took all his pride.

The black-cloaked person froze.

Everyone present was also stunned.

Lu Yi being someone's apprentice?


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. It was unthinkable, but this was still better than not being able to cook for ten years.

However, the black-cloaked person laughed.

"Be my apprentice? You don't have the right. If it's Owner Bu, maybe, but you... can forget about it."

The hope in Lu Yi's eyes froze.

With a mocking laugh, the black-cloaked person reached out his hand and placed it on Lu Yi's chest.

Thump. Thump.

The sound of heartbeats rang out.


Everyone's eyes shrank.

That was because, behind the black-cloaked person, a huge phantom of a sinister beast appeared!

That huge beast greedily sucked away the essence of Lu Yi's Heart of Cooking Path...

The audience could even hear the sounds of gulps coming from the black-cloaked person!

This demon!

Below the stage...

Bu Fang, with furrowed brows, stuffed the last bits of Oyster Pancake into his mouth.

He looked at the blurry phantom behind the black-cloaked person and seemed to find it familiar.

"A Taotie?" Bu Fang muttered.

"It's the Dark Taotie..." Nethery said, glancing at Bu Fang as she held a piece of Oyster Pancake.

"Dark Taotie? Isn't it still a Taotie?" Bu Fang was curious.

"The Dark Taotie... originates from evil, and it's from Nether Prison..." Nethery said. Her words were a little nervous and solemn.

This time, Bu Fang was completely stunned.

From Nether Prison?

The place called Nether Prison was even more mysterious than Earth Prison. Lord Dog and the previous Nether King fought together against Nether Prison, but in the end, they were utterly defeated.

If the black-cloaked person was really the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, how could he be related to Nether Prison?

After arriving in the Immortal Cooking Realm, what exactly did they experience?!

Tap. Tap.

Lu Yi's eyes were lifeless as his figure fell limply on the stage.

He was not dead, but his Heart of Cooking Path was gone...

His promising culinary journey could be considered ruined...

"Hey, hey, hey... Don't be so disheartened. Even without the Heart of Cooking Path, you can still cultivate it. As long as you have confidence, you can rise up once again. Great talent matures slowly," the black-cloaked said with a smile, actually comforting Lu Yi.

Below the stage, Lu Yi's father could no longer stand it.

Watching his own son endure such humiliation and torment, the grief and anger in his heart were immense.

He rushed up the stage with one step, and a terrifying energy instantly spread out. After all, he was a Third Grade Immortal Chef, and his cultivation was not weak.

He had the strength of a Six-star True Immortal Realm expert.

This move was aimed at the black-cloaked person. Obviously, it was to enact justice for Lu Yi.

"You used despicable means to win against my son... I cannot exist with you!" Lu Yi's father roared.

However, the black-cloaked man appeared unaffected at this incoming attack from Lu Yi's father. He leisurely took away all the kitchen tools on Lu Yi's body. Even his immortal flame had been sucked away.

After accomplishing everything, he clapped his hands as he sighed in relief.

At the same time, Lu Yi's father was closing in. A fist stirred up a storm as it directly flew at the black-cloaked person, ripping the void.


Suddenly, a wave of terrifying energy exploded.

Lu Yi's father's eyes shrank as his body trembled.

The huge and sturdy black-cloaked figure instantly appeared in front of the black-cloaked man. He had easily blocked that powerful fist.

"Old Bull, it's time to teach these people, who do not pay attention to the rules, a lesson," the black-cloaked person said.

"Kill? Or..." the sturdy black-cloaked person asked curiously in a hoarse voice.

The black-cloaked person raised his hand. His black fingernails were such a ghastly sight as he snapped his fingers.

Then, with a voice as cold as ice, he uttered a single word.



As soon as he spoke, the sturdy black-cloaked person's energy soared.

The audience heard a snort, and in the next instant, Lu Yi's father seemed to be hit by a thousand pound stone, causing him to fly backward while vomiting blood.

The void shook as the sturdy black-cloaked person wielded his hand, sending another fist at Lu Yi's father.


The illusionary void twisted so much that it shattered.


A wave of oppressive energy dispersed.

Lu Yi's father's eyes were filled with fear, his figure trembling. Just now... he was only an inch away from death.

That sturdy black-cloaked person's fist had been blocked by someone.

Meng Qi's elegant hand was slightly raised, blocking that sturdy person's fist. Her delicate figure slowly retreated a step as she gently exhaled.

"This one's killing intent is a little too heavy... Killing when your opinions don't match?" Meng Qi coldly said, furrowing her brows.

"Okay. Since City Lord Meng Qi has spoken... then we will no longer kill." The black-cloaked person chuckled.

This calm and remorseless demeanor stunned Meng Qi.

This person was like a hoodlum...

Bu Fang, who was below the stage, had already confirmed that this black-cloaked person was the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, that old rascal.

But what caused the other side to become like this?

How could his cooking skills soar so suddenly?

There seemed to be a bundle of mist shrouding the other side's body.

The black-cloaked person walked down the stage, followed by that sturdy black-cloaked figure.

However, before the sturdy black-cloaked person left, his gaze landed on Lord Dog, who was on the judge's seat. It seemed like he was a little frozen.

Lord Dog's drowsy eyes slightly widened, looking at that black-cloaked person.

A moment later, he yawned.

Meng Qi walked over to Lu Yi, whose mind had crumbled. She reached out her hand, rubbing Lu Yi's head as she consoled him.

Actually, what the black-cloaked person said was right.

An Immortal Chef's life was long, so ten years was not much. If Lu Yi continues to thirst for cooking, eventually, he would rise up again.

He would be able to overcome adversity and reach even higher heights than in the past.

Lu Yi's father brought Lu Yi down.

The platform suddenly became spacious.

No one continued to challenge. The two matches that had just happened were simply too shocking.

If they were to continue, they would just embarrass themselves.

"Since no one wants to challenge anymore, then I will announce... that the Immortal Chef Tournament has officially ended."

"The ranking of the Immortal Chef Tournament... First place, Bu Fang. Second place, Liu Mobai. Third place... Lu Yi."

City Lord Meng Qi's face recovered her gentle smile as she announced the ranks.

"Now, can the top ten contestants step onto the stage. We're going to distribute the prize now. After the time it takes to brew a tea, we will let the top ten contestants enter... the Immortal Tree space."

The Immortal Tree space?

The minds of the top ten contestants slightly shook. Then, everyone became excited!

The Immortal Tree space!

The contestants looked at each other, seeing the passion in each other's eyes.

Of course, Lu Yi was still incomparably depressed. He was still stuck on his loss and was unable to pull himself out of it.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was calm and expressionless.

As for the black-cloaked person, he could not stop giggling.

In the Immortal Tree space, they could comprehend the will of the Heavenly Path and improve their level of understanding. Hence, they would advance greatly in their culinary journey.

And the most important point here was that...

All of them were peak First Grade Immortal Chefs. Once they entered the Immortal Tree space, there was a high chance of them being able to break through and become a Second Grade Immortal Chef.

How could they not be excited?

Meng Qi seemed to know what everyone was thinking, so she did not interrupt their thoughts.

At this moment, the prize had arrived.

Realm Lord Di Tai walked down, and under Meng Qi's instructions, he solemnly passed the jade tokens containing the prizes to the contestants.

When Realm Lord Di Tai passed Bu Fang his jade token, he looked at the latter's expressionless face, then suddenly winked.

"Little Bu Bu, your performance is pretty good. Are you interested in learning cooking from this Realm Lord and feel the art of nudity?"

Hearing his words, the surrounding people were in an uproar. The Realm Lord wanted to take the Great Demon King as his disciple!

However, Bu Fang expressionlessly received the jade token. He raised his head to give Realm Lord Di Tai a glance as the corner of his lips twitched.

"Not interested..."

The audience was once again in an uproar. The Great Demon King had actually refused?!

That was an invitation from the Realm Lord! To become the disciple of the Realm Lord, the strongest Qilin Chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm, was the dreams of countless people!

But it had actually been flatly refused by the Great Demon King!

As expected of the Great Demon King... They were unable to comprehend him!

"Okay, ready yourselves. After a while, we will enter the Immortal Tree space. I hope that everyone will comprehend the Heavenly Path and obtain advancement in their culinary skills."

City Lord Meng Qi laughed softly as a gentle expression appeared on her face, captivating everyone around her.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang stood motionless as his eyes suddenly became dazed.

In his mind, the system's serious voice resounded.

"Host, the task's reward has been issued. Please check if you have received it."

"Congratulations to Host for completing the fragments of the God of Cooking Set. Do you wish to exchange?"

He could exchange the fragments of the God of Cooking Set now?

The system's words made Bu Fang slightly freeze. Then, his eyes shrank in excitement.

Is the fourth piece of the God of Cooking set available now?

Without hesitation, he answered, "Yes, exchange it!"