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 The black-cloaked person's words made the entire area quiet down.

Everyone's gaze fell on the black-cloaked person's figure, a little dazed for a moment.

Lu Yi was on the ground, covered by a long robe. He froze slightly as his bloodshot eyes moved, raising his head to look at the black-cloaked man. Because the latter was shrouded in a black cloak, he was unable to make out his appearance.

But Lu Yi seemed to feel that gaze that threw stones at him while he was down.

That gaze made the rage in his heart erupt like a volcano!

"You want to challenge me?!"

Lu Yi slowly stood up, his face incomparably gloomy. His words seemed to jump out between his gritted teeth.

"That's right. Are you sinking in despair?"

However, the black-cloaked person giggled, and his words seemed filled with... ridicule.

Indeed, it was ridicule!

The audience was in an uproar. They did not know where this black-cloaked person had come from.

Suddenly, some people in the audience let out surprised exclamations.

Their gazes had been attracted by the Great Demon King all along, so they missed the other dark horse of this time's Immortal Chef Tournament... this black-cloaked person.

The latter seemed to be just like the Great Demon King. With an undefeatable momentum, he had swept everything in his way and rushed into the top twenty.

And now, he was even aiming for the top ten.

No one knew this black-cloaked person's background, but from his appearance, he seemed to be quite familiar with the Great Demon King.

The two seemed to know each other?

"But even if that were the case... this black-cloaked person dares to challenge Lu Yi. That's simply too wild!"

"Although Lu Yi lost to the Great Demon King, he is still the number one monster of the fifth later. Not anyone can challenge him!"

"Despair? I'm afraid it's this black-cloaked person who is going to be in despair!"

The audience could not stand this. That black-cloaked person's words that struck others when they were down made them angry.

Lu Yi's face was cold as a sharp gaze seemed to shoot out from him.

He had been humiliated by the Great Demon King once. Could it be that he would be humiliated once again by some random dog or cat that ran out from who knows where?

"You want to challenge me? Very well, I accept... However, you need to pay the price. Let's have a Chef's Challenge..." Lu Yi coldly said.

After experiencing his loss, he became even more irritable...

Chef's Challenge?

The black-cloaked person slightly froze.

In the distance, Bu Fang also slightly froze.

"Speaking of Chef's Challenge... I forgot to take your kitchen knife." Bu Fang scratched the back of his head as he said that.

In the next instant, a magic array appeared under his feet.

Within the magic array, a crystal knife cabinet appeared, and from it, a huge suction force spread out.

Lu Yi instantly felt the energy that sucked away his own kitchen knife.


Anger appeared on Lu Yi's face, but this was the rule of a Chef's Challenge. There was nothing he could do.

"If you are willing to bet, you must be willing to lose..." Bu Fang shrugged his shoulders.

In response, Lu Yi gave a cold snort.

However, the corner of his mouth trembled. Although he did not show it, his heart was bleeding and hurting.

That was a high-grade immortal tool knife...

This goddamned Great Demon King!

"Hahahaha! You want to have a Chef's Challenge with me?"

However, a loud laugh broke his pained thoughts.

Lu Yi turned his gaze over and saw the black-cloaked person laughing as he faced the sky, as though he was laughing at a fool.

This sort of laughter... made him fly into a rage out of humiliation.

"What are you laughing at?!" Lu Yi coldly said, clenching his fists.

"Laughing at this fool... Chef's Challenge... Very good, I like that ..." The black-cloaked person said, then added meaningfully, "This sort of thing... I'm more experienced than Owner Bu in this."

The black-cloaked person's words slightly stunned Bu Fang. In the next instant, his eyes narrowed, as though he was thinking of something.

This black-cloaked person kept giving him a familiar feeling. Could it be that he came from the Hidden Dragon Continent as well?

Chef's Challenge came from the Valley of Gluttony, and the latter said that he was even more familiar with Chef's Challenge than him.

Could it be that he was a chef from the Valley of Gluttony?

There didn't seem to be anyone he remembered coming into the Immortal Cooking Realm with him...


Like a ray of light flashing across his mind, he thought back to everything that had happened in the Endless Sea.

There was another person who had entered the Immortal Cooking Realm from the Valley of Gluttony, and that person was...

The first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony...

No wonder he said he was very experienced in Chef's Challenge. Chef's Challenge, this plaything, should have been created by him!


An old friend.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth raised, feeling interested in this situation.

The black-cloaked person seemed to feel something as he slightly turned his body to look at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu seems to have recognized this old friend."

Although he had been recognized, the black-cloaked person still did not pull down the hood of his cloak.

Bu Fang nodded. "Ohh... I thought you guys died. I didn't think that you would actually come here."

Then, with a turn of his gaze, his eyes landed on the huge black-cloaked figure behind.

If this black-cloaked person was the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, then this huge and sturdy black-cloaked figure should be that Strongest Demon King.

Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath as the corner of his lips slightly raised. In the next instant, he kept the knife cabinet, then turned and left the stage.

"It's your turn now," Bu Fang calmly said. He walked down and went to the side of the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery held the blue and white porcelain plate that had been licked clean, her eyes blinking at Bu Fang.

"Done eating?" Bu Fang asked.

"Yeah." Nethery nodded her head.

Bu Fang raised his hand. When the magic array emerged, he held Nethery's pale forehead.


A dark green light instantly spread out from Nethery's body.

The curse snake had descended into a deep sleep. Obviously, Bu Fang's dish had suppressed it.

Letting out a breath, Bu Fang retrieved his hands, then nodded. "Looks like the effect is pretty good."

However, Nethery kept holding the plate as she stared at Bu Fang. "Bu Fang, I'm hungry."

She had just eaten the Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef and was still hungry?

However, Bu Fang thought about it and realized that maybe it was that the energy in the Spicy Beef had all been used to suppress the curse, hence Nethery was hungry.

Then, with a single thought, a steaming Oyster Pancake appeared in his hand, passing it to Nethery.

This was the upgraded Oyster Pancake, so its taste was extremely good. He added the Spicy Strip as well since it was made with the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce. Hence, its taste was stronger than the previous Spicy Strip.

"Here, eat these." Bu Fang said.

Nethery narrowed her eyes as she nodded. Then, she bit down on the Oyster Pancake.

In that instant, the Oyster Pancake's crispy outer layer cracked, revealing the white and tender meat within. Its dense fragrance wafted, dispersing across the entire arena.

Everyone could not resist twitching their noses.

"Old Bu... Xixi wants to eat too!"

The little girl Xi Xi pursed her lips, the gravy of the Spicy Beef still smeared on the corner of her lips. She tugged Bu Fang's sleeve as she raised her head, blinking her big eyes.

Bu Fang was helpless. He could only take out another Oyster Pancake for Xixi.

Immediately, the little girl ate in excitement.

Gongshu Ban's mouth watered. It smells so good...

He wanted to eat, but he didn't know how to act cute. What else could he do?

He felt an incomparable chill in his heart...

Hence, under the stage, the three ate the fragrant Oyster Pancake and Spicy Strip as they watched the stage.

The audience was speechless, and they could not resist complaining.

"Can the Great Demon King be more serious? The smell of this Oyster Pancake ruins the atmosphere..."

Of course, the two on the stage did not notice the distracting aroma.

Lu Yi took a deep breath and tightened the robe on his body. He stared at the black-cloaked person as he said, "Okay, I promise you!"

The black-cloaked person gently laughed, then snapped his fingers, as though he was waiting for that.

"Very well. Let's settle the bet of the Chef's Challenge."


Lu Yi's hand shook, and another immortal tool knife appeared in his grip.

"No need to worry, I have lots of immortal tool knives..." He calmly said.

However, the black-cloaked person gave him a strange look.

"It seems like you are a fool..."

"Hm?" Lu Yi was suspicious.

"Owner Bu is a generous person. His Chef's Challenge is only to win your kitchen knife, but... I'm not the same. I'm the creator of the Chef's Challenge... My Chef's Challenge makes one despair," The black-cloaked person suddenly said.

His words... made one feel pressure.

Lu Yi's eyes shrank.

"The terms of my Chef's Challenge is that the loser will hand over all of his kitchen tools, and for ten years, you will be prohibited from touching anything related to cooking... If you go against it, you will get the Heavenly Path's punishment. How is it? Isn't it exciting?"

After the black-cloaked person finished speaking, the entire audience clamored.

"Hand over all of his kitchen tools? And not touch anything related to cooking for ten years?"

"Although an Immortal Chef's life is long and ten years is not much, but for an Immortal Chef not to cook for ten years... It would let many people surpass him!"

"This black-cloaked person wants to cut off Lu Yi's chance of becoming a Qilin Chef!"

The audience sucked in a breath of cold air, their hearts chilled.

This is the true Chef's Challenge?

It's so vicious and despicable!

On the high platform, Realm Lord Di Tai's brows involuntarily furrowed, and City Lord Meng Qi watched with rapt attention.

However, they were unable to say any words to stop them.

The black-cloaked person was discussing the terms of the Chef's Challenge, and if Lu Yi agreed, they would be unable to stop it.

Lu Yi was silent. The price of losing was too heavy, so he was unable to handle it.

"Tch, tch, tch... Weak chicken. No wonder you lost to Owner Bu. With your courage, you will be unable to surpass Owner Bu forever. Also... you want to capture the attention of City Lord Meng Qi with your standard? What a pipe dream."

The black-cloaked person laughed loudly.

These words smashed Lu Yi's heart like a heavy hammer, causing his eyes to widen!

"Goddammit! I will not lose! I'll definitely surpass the Great Demon King! You just wait!"

"Then show it to me..." The black-cloaked person spread out his hands as he laughed coldly.

Lu Yi gritted his teeth as a cold light shot from his eyes. "Come! I accept this Chef's Challenge."

"Very good... I was just waiting for those words." The black-cloaked person laughed again. "However, I have another condition... Since you accepted the Chef's Challenge, you probably wouldn't reject this condition, right?"

"What condition?"

"If you lose... Let me swallow your Heart of Cooking Path," The black-cloaked person answered, and his words became instantly ice-cold.

On the high platform, Realm Lord Di Tai and Lord Dog's eyes shrank.

Lu Yi's face stiffened, and his eyes narrowed.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Just kidding... What I meant was I'm going to take the essence of the Heart of Cooking Path. Don't be afraid... You won't die."

The black-cloaked person smiled. However, this smile seemed to be coming from a demon from the deep abyss.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

At this moment, crunching sounds rang out at the wrong time. Together with a light fragrance, they drifted over, breaking the silence.

Lu Yi turned his head and glanced at Bu Fang, who was biting the Oyster Pancake. Then, he turned to City Lord Meng Qi above the platform.

A moment later, he let out a deep breath. His eyes opened, and an indomitable fighting intent erupted, showing determination in his eyes!

"I accept!"

The audience cried out in shock. Lu Yi had actually accepted such a vicious bet?


If he lost, there was truly no chance for reprieve!

The bet that this black-cloaked person put out definitely did not harbor good intentions.

"Tch, tch, tch.... How brave. I like your stubborn look." The black-cloaked man smiled.

Once again, Meng Qi became the referee of this Chef's Challenge.

After hesitating for quite a while, she then gave the theme for this Chef's Challenge.

The entire audience silently watched, feeling nervous. This was not the same as the Great Demon King's match.

In this match, the black-cloaked person had revealed his fangs, and the losing party had to pay a heavy price.

"The Chef's Challenge will begin!" Meng Qi crossed her arms as she announced.

In the next instant, an uproar rushed towards the heavens!

Lu Yi's gaze shot out brilliance as a kitchen knife rushed towards the heavens. The peak of his knife skill was displayed, revealing a huge Buddha phantom behind him.

It was his knife skill, the Thousand Hands Smiling Buddha!

The black-cloaked person calmly watched Lu Yi. Then, he exhaled as he raised his hands, showing his pitch-black fingernails.

A pitch-black kitchen knife emerged. It was covered with spiderweb-like blood marks, which was filled with violent energy.

With a sweep of that kitchen knife...

The black-cloaked person looked over at Lu Yi.


"Tch, tch, tch... Feel despair."


A wave of terrifying pressure burst out from the black-cloaked person's body.

Lu Yi's mind shook, and the Thousand Hands Smiling Buddha slowly broke apart.

With his mind trembling, he was unable to hold onto his kitchen knife, dropping it onto the stove.

Lu Yi's entire body was violently shaking. His eyes shrank, filled with intense fear.

He was unable to move at all.

The Heart of Cooking Path of the black-cloaked person... How could it be so strong?!

Raising his head, he looked at the black-cloaked person in disbelief, his eyes meeting the latter's malicious gaze.

Instantly, Lu Yi's heart sank in utter despair.