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 "I chose Bu Fang..."

City Lord Meng Qu smiled, her beautiful appearance blooming in that instant. It made everyone intoxicated and... shocked at the same time.


City Lord Meng Qi chose who?

Everyone felt like they were hearing things.

Did they hear the wrong name?

City Lord Meng Qi had actually chosen the Great Demon King?!


This time... everyone was really going to explode!

If City Lord Meng Qi chose the Great Demon King, that meant that Bu Fang, with a vote of three to two, had successfully made a comeback and finished Lu Yi off, obtaining the first place of this time's Immortal Chef Tournament!

This.... This is a huge scoop!

It was a boiling, explosive piece of news in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm!

Who was the Great Demon King?

He was just an Immortal Chef from the first layer...

The first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm that had no resources and no monstrous talents.

The best result from the first layer in the entire history of the Immortal Cooking Realm was no more than being able to squeeze into the top two hundred...

That backward first layer actually had a demon who could obtain first place in the Immortal Chef Tournament!

Oh my God!

This unexpected result gave everyone a huge hit, causing them to be in a mess.

As for Lu Yi, he had long stood dazed on the spot, his gaze becoming lifeless.

In his mind, only one sentence from City Lord Meng Qi rang in his head.

"I chose Bu Fang..."

Just choose, can you not say it so charmingly?!

Three to two, letting two chase three, the Great Demon King... was ascending the heavens!

"He won!"

Gongshu Ban was in a daze. He wasn't able to react in that instant, but shortly after, a seemingly divine light shone from his eyes!

He excitedly waved his fists in the air!

"Woah! Owner Bu won! First place! The first layer has finally appeared in the first place!"

Gongshu Ban was so emotional that his eyes turned red, as though tears were about to flow out.

He was moved. He had never been so moved before.

Everything that Owner Bu did for the first layer... He was truly touched that he felt like crying.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was calm. However, his lips slightly curved.

Just another daily occurrence.

The moment he obtained the first place of the Immortal Chef Tournament, the system's stern and serious voice rang out in his head.

"Host, congratulations on completing the task, awakening the Heart of Cooking Path. Now giving out the task reward: Fragment of the God of Cooking Set."

There was only one reward from the system, so this meant that Bu Fang still had a task that he had not yet completed.

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense. The other task was for him to get into the top ten and obtain the right to enter the Immortal Tree space, then obtain the Immortal Tree seedling within that space.

Only after completing these demanding tasks would the other task be considered completed.

However, even if he had just completed one task, to Bu Fang, it was not a small shock.

The reward was a fragment of the God of Cooking Set...

Bu Fang's breathing suddenly became a little hurried, as though a ripple had appeared in his calm heart.

He had finally gathered enough fragments to exchange for the fourth item of the God of Cooking Set.

What exactly would the fourth item be?

Of course, no matter how much Bu Fang was excited right now, he did not exchange for it.

He raised his head, his eyes looking at City Lord Meng Qi who was smiling as she sat on the judge's seat.

Then, he nodded his head towards City Lord Meng Qi.

"No! City Lord Meng Qi... I do not accept this! How could I lose?! Where is it that I am lacking?!"

Lu Yi suddenly exploded, his entire being in anger. Holding his head, he roared disgruntledly.

It was hard for him to accept this result.

He actually lost?

How could he just lose like this?

How could he possibly lose to a trash Immortal Chef from the first layer?!

Unacceptable! He cannot accept this at all!

Everyone turned dead silent.

Indeed, this result was hard for someone to accept.

With Lu Yi's culinary expertise, it was impossible for him not to get first place in the Immortal Chef Tournament.

But a Great Demon King had suddenly dashed out with a crushing momentum. He advanced forward, and finally took down the monstrous Lu Yi of the fifth layer, obtaining first place.

Such a miraculous experience made everyone feel that this was not real.

"The Great Demon King... came from the first layer..."

"A first layer Immortal Chef... can obtain first place?"

"I really feel bad for Lu Yi... Since there is a Lu Yi, why is there a Bu Fang?"

Everyone's gazes were complicated as they looked at the stage.

Under the stage, all the competing Immortal Chefs were incomparably silent. Dumbstruck, they did not know what to say.

They had thought that Lu Yi would be able to crush the Great Demon King.

But they were wrong...

Lu Yi lost.

This fact was so mind-blowing, making them reel with shock. They had never experienced it before.

Suddenly, a laugh rang out from below.

That laughter was filled with happiness.

Everyone's eyes shifted over, realizing that the one laughing loudly... was actually a figure clad in a black cloak.

Behind that black-cloaked figure was another huge and sturdy figure that was also wearing a black cloak.

The two figures stood there, giving people an invisible oppression.

Some recognized this black-cloaked person, who was the dark horse of this competition. He had rushed into the top fifteen, and now, it seemed like he was going to challenge the top ten...

What did he mean by laughing like that?

The spectators only felt that his laugh held a mocking intent.

"Don't mind me... I couldn't help laughing. Just wait for me to finish, and I'll begin my challenge." The black-cloaked person held his stomach as he laughed again.

The surrounding people were a little speechless.

But some people's hearts froze.

The black-cloaked person was going to continue challenging...

It looks like within the top ten... one of them was going to be in danger.

Lu Yi's bloodshot eyes stared at City Lord Meng Qi, a little defiant.

He, Lu Yi, was not someone who could not take a loss, but what he could not accept was that this loss was caused by City Lord Meng Qi herself.

That questioning gaze made City Lord Meng Qi's gentle smile slowly disappear.

Her face turned cold.

From her figure, a wave of pressure spread out.

This pressure made the few judges who were closest to her feel tightness in their chests.

This was the pressure that belonged to a Qilin Chef.

In the audience, City Lord Liu and City Lord Zou's eyes shone.

"Oh my! That Lu guy is really stupid. Well, as expected of all Liu and Lu men. How dare he piss off Little Sister Meng Qi? Isn't that asking for death?"

City Lord Zou pinched her middle finger and thumb together, letting out a cold snort.

City Lord Liu's face stiffened. He turned his head with a green face, glaring at City Lord Zou.

"Zou JieLun, if you say another word, I will really smack you to death with my bowl!"

On the stage, the pressure on Meng Qi's body shook the minds of the four judges.

In the next instant, everyone was shocked.

"Lu Yi, quick, apologize to City Lord Meng Qi! Watch how you speak to a Qilin Chef!" a judge roared.

Lu Yi's mind shook, but he stubbornly raised his head, unwillingness and indignance filled his eyes.

"You're unwilling to accept it?" Meng Qi calmly said, but her voice was no longer as gentle as before.

Lu Yi's words and actions right now were challenging her authority as a Qilin Chef.

A Qilin Chef's authority could not be challenged.

Suddenly, the illusionary void ripped apart.

Two figures walked out from within.

One was a black dog strutting its cat-like steps, while the other was a golden-haired man wearing a long loose robe, where his bare body could be vaguely seen.

"Oh dear. Who made our Little Meng Meng angry?"

A seemingly drowsy yet playful voice rang out as the crack sealed up.

Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai appeared on the high platform. The latter walked over to Meng Qi's side, causing a judge's heart to shake as he quickly gave up his seat for him.

This was the Realm Lord...

Lord Dog also leisurely sat down. Naturally, the judges knew its identity too.

It was the dog that bit the Heavenly Path, the one who dared to challenge it.

A person and a dog then elegantly sat down.

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes looked at Lu Yi in the distance. Looks like this kid made Little Meng Meng angry.

"He doesn't deserve my critique," City Lord Meng Qi said grudgingly.

"Oh? A mere First Grade Immortal Chef actually dared to question a Qilin Chef's judgment... Tell this Realm Lord, who gave you the courage?" Realm Lord Di Tai crossed his legs as he said.

Lu Yi's face turned bright red. He wanted to say something but was unable to.

That person was the Realm Lord...

He wanted to retort, but he did not know what to say all of a sudden.


Suddenly, Realm Lord Di Tai's palm slammed on the table.

"A Qilin Chef is the pinnacle existence of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Their judgment is not something you can suspect... Don't think that just because you have a bit of talent means you can ascend the heavens! You still lack a lot!" Realm Lord Di Tai coldly said.

This caused Lu Yi's legs to tremble.

The entire square was silent. Hearing Realm Lord Di Tai's roar, they all felt their hearts tremble.

The pressure from the number one expert of the Immortal Cooking Realm... Who dared to talk back?

"Wow! The Realm Lord... is too handsome."

City Lord Zou's eyes were filled with stars. He put his hands together and supported his chin, swaying his body.

City Lord Liu watched City Lord Zou's appearance, and instantly, a chill crept in his heart.

Realm Lord Di Tai's gaze carried immense pressure, making Lu Yi unable to speak a single word.

Then, Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shifted, landing on the dishes on the table.

"Are these the two contestants' dishes? Very well. Since you cannot accept the judges' decision, then I and this dog will do another judging. We don't know which dish is yours and which dish is Little Bu Bu's, so will you be willing to accept it this time?" Realm Lord Di Tai said.

Lu Yi's eyes instantly shone. "Okay!"

This would be the fairest judgment. Since the Realm Lord did not know whose dish was whose, evaluating a dish this way was most convincing.

Realm Lord Di Tai flipped his golden hair as he picked up a pair of chopsticks. His gaze fell upon the Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat in front of him.

Grabbing a piece of meat, he stuffed it into his mouth.

With a bite, the meat broke open, and the egg liquid instantly flowed out from within, full of fragrance.

Realm Lord Di Tai raised his brows, and his expression froze.

Lord Dog waved his paws, taking a piece of dragon meat as well.

Chewing, the egg liquid instantly burst forth, causing Lord Dog's dog face to grimace.

Everyone gulped.

Realm Lord Di Tai and Lord Dog calmly gave Lu Yi a glance, their mouths showing a hint of playfulness.

At last, their gaze shifted to Bu Fang's dish.

Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef...

"A cold dish?"

Realm Lord Di Tai gave a gentle 'eh.' Now he knew why Lu Yi did not want to admit his loss. Losing to a cold dish, no wonder the proud and arrogant heart of Lu Yi was unable to accept it.

A person and a dog then began to eat it. When the dragon meat entered their mouths, the tender texture instantly erupted in their mouths.

Realm Lord Di Tai and Lord Dog's eyes lit up.

"It's obviously Little Bu Bu's cooking style..."

Lord Dog did not say anything. He just waved his dog paws, and instantly, a few more pieces of dragon meat entered his mouth...

Lu Yi's face paled again, and his body trembled, staggering.

"Do you still doubt your loss?" Realm Lord Di Tai calmly said, glancing at Lu Yi as he held a piece of dragon meat.

"I... I... I do not accept..."

Lu Yi stubbornly stared.

The audience held their breaths.

Looking at the stubborn Lu Yi, Realm Lord Di Tai swayed as he stood up.

He sighed.

"Stubborn child. Looks like you need to feel the excitement of going bare... The authority of a Qilin Chef cannot be challenged. Remember this time's lesson."

In the next instant, he pointed a finger at Lu Yi.


Lu Yi was dumbstruck as a formless energy bullet hit his head, causing his figure to fly out.

In the process of flying backward, his clothes were ripped open...

...revealing his naked body. Only underwear remained.


Lu Yi slammed onto the ground, his face in a daze.

The entire square was in an uproar.

City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu gave bitter smiles.

"It's what that kid deserves. Luckily, he met the good-tempered Little Sister Meng Qi. If he met this old lady and dares to challenge this old lady like that, this old lady will crush his balls with a palm!"

City Lord Zou pinched her middle finger and thumb together as he gave a proud "humph."

City Lord Liu gave City Lord Zou a side glance, and once again, felt a chill.

"You lost. You lost on the feelings you put into your dish. Bu Fang's dish has emotions, while your dish... is just a dish," Meng Qi said in a calm voice.

Lu Yi froze. Then, his figure began to violently shake.


A figure appeared on the stage, covering Lu Yi's naked body with a long robe.

It was Lu Yi's father, a Third Grade Immortal Chef.

Right now, he looked at Lu Yi with a complicated gaze as he helplessly sighed.

"The winner is the one who comes from the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm.... Bu Fang," Meng Qi opened her mouth and announced.

Her authoritative voice rang across the entire square.

In the next instant... the entire audience went wild!

However, amidst this uproar, a peal of laughter rang out.

"Congratulations to Owner Bu... Now it's my turn to challenge."

It was unknown when the black-cloaked person had slowly walked onto the stage. His clear voice rang out, attracting everyone's gaze.

Bu Fang froze, turning his head as he furrowed his brows.

"You want to challenge me?" he asked curiously.

However, the black-cloaked person shook his head.

"Now is not the time to challenge Owner Bu... This one's target is..."

The black-cloaked person revealed a cunning smile. Then, his gaze locked onto Lu Yi's figure.

"You... Are you sinking in despair now?"