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 Bu Fang gave the Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef, which had a dense fragrance that assailed the noses, to Nethery.

Nethery's figure was leaning on the Netherworld Ship, curiously looking at the dish in front of her.

A new dish?

"Okay." Nethery nodded, then received the wooden chopsticks handed over by Bu Fang.

Nethery's face was as white as a sheet, and her lips looked dull and lifeless. However, her pitch-black eyes were quite tranquil.

Because those snakes had woken up, she could feel a pricking sensation within her body.

However, before she met Bu Fang, she had been used to this pain, that's why she was very calm right now.

The spicy dish was a combination of the dragon meat and other dragon parts. The reddish-brown gravy that was poured on it made the fragrance somewhat attractive.

This could be considered a mixed dish that didn't have piping-hot steam.

Nethery took a deep breath. Suddenly, its fragrance got into her nose, which seemed like a small snake. It spread and lingered in her nasal cavity, making her feel refreshed and comfortable.

After that, Nethery stretched out her chopsticks and picked up a piece of dragon meat that was like a flower bud.

The dragon meat was as thin as a cicada's wing, and on its surface, one could see the dragon's fine marbling.

The reddish-brown gravy flowed from above, dropping into the plate. The dragon meat was also flecked with some Day Parsley.

The corners of Bu Fang mouth raised slightly, watching Nethery pick up a piece of meat and eat it.

When the dragon meat entered her mouth, Nethery stretched out her small tongue, licking and shoving it in further.

A moment later, Nethery's eyes shone slightly.

She gently chewed, feeling the softness of the dragon meat with each bite. The spicy and sweet taste of the gravy spread in her mouth, stimulating her taste buds.

The thinness of the meat and its smooth taste... It felt like someone was gently scratching the insides of her mouth, which was incomparably comfortable.

"Tasty... Delicious."

Nethery's pitch-black eyes shone as she stuck out her tongue to lick the gravy on the corner of her mouth.

Suddenly, a burst of glamorous color appeared on her lips. After eating a piece of dragon meat, her originally ashen lips regained its rosy color, which made her appear quite enchanting.

As Nethery's jaw moved to chew, she stretched out her chopsticks again and took another piece of dragon meat.

The moment that second piece of dragon meat entered her mouth, Nethery felt a refreshing sensation coursing through her body, and she couldn't help but narrow her eyes.

"Eat some more if it's delicious," Bu Fang said.

Then, he stretched out his hand, and the magic array that You Ji gave emerged. He covered Nethery's forehead with it.


A green jade light glowed on Nethery's body.

Each spirit essence rolled up, causing the curse snakes to become drowsy. In the end, they fell fast asleep. It seems that the dish was successful.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth pulled up into a satisfied smile.

Nethery bit the chopsticks as her pitch-black eyes stared at Bu Fang. Her long eyelashes slightly trembled.

Bu Fang took back his hand and patted Nethery's head. After that, he turned around and walked towards the stage. There, the competition was still waiting for him.

Nethery looked at Bu Fang's departing figure, her rosy lips slightly curling up.

Then, she picked up many pieces of dragon meat and put them into her mouth. With bulging cheeks, her eyes narrowed as she chewed with relish.

The rich gravy leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Gongshu Ban and Xixi were just near Nethery.

The fragrance that the Spicy Beef burst out was extremely rich, causing both of their mouths to drool.

Xixi, of course, was more shameless than Gongshu Ban. She went to Nethery's side and looked up expectantly.

While Nethery was eating happily, she saw Xixi's upturned cute face, then grabbed a piece of dragon meat and put it in her mouth.

After that, two females, one large and one small, leaned on the Netherworld Ship, eating Bu Fang's dish enthusiastically.

Gongshu Ban clearly felt that he was being ignored.

He wanted to eat too, but he couldn't just act cute like Xixi...

As he watched the two eat the Spicy Beef happily, his heart felt quite depressed.

Bu Fang went back to the stage, walked over to the kitchen stove, and carried the Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef that was placed on a blue and white porcelain plate.

He slowly walked towards the judges.

On the high platform, the five judges had started to taste and evaluate Lu Yi's dish.

The Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat was a very creative dish. The dragon meat was turned into wood, which required the very exquisite knife skill of Lu Yi.

Moreover, Lu Yi had the Qilin sense of touch, so the control of ingredients could be even compared to a Qilin Chef's. Hence, making this dish was not so difficult for him.

Of course, this Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat was not only eye-catching, its cooking method was also a mystery.

Picking up a tree made of meat, a judge slowly bit.

Suddenly, that judge's eyes shrank, as though a beam of light pierced through his mind.

"This feeling!"

Then, the judge frowned, looking somewhat serious. His mouth chewed the dragon meat, and the taste suddenly burst out. As he chewed, it felt like all the pores of his body opened up.

"Is this egg yolk?" the judge exclaimed.

Seeing the judge's reaction, Lu Yi was quite satisfied. He nodded and explained, "That's right. There's egg yolk inside the trees made of dragon meat, which is from a different kind of bird spirit beast. Therefore, the taste of the egg didn't overpower the taste of the dragon meat."

The egg liquid flowing out was orange-yellow. It was hot, but it did not fully congeal. If that were to happen, then this dish would be discarded. The congealed egg liquid would change into solid egg yolk, which would affect the taste very much

Lu Yi had used his exquisite knife skill to cut the dragon loin meat. Using the crushed meat to wrap up the egg yolk after removing the egg white, he then controlled the temperature, making the temperature of the egg liquid reach its limit.

Of course, he had also done some other things. Inside the egg liquid, he added some spirit herb juice. This juice could affect the solidifying temperature of the egg liquid.

As for the dragon meat, he stir-fried it with an extremely fast speed, so when the meat was done, the egg yolk inside had not congealed.

This process needed a strong mental force and controlling force. Of course, this was the effect of the Qilin sense of touch.

The judges were very satisfied. Using such an intricate manipulation could only be achieved with a Qilin sense of touch. Perhaps only Lu Yi can do this.

No wonder Lu Yi was considered very promising among the young generation. His achievements and skills were simply superb.

"What's under that dragon meat? Is this dragon meat scrap?" A judge used his chopsticks to lift that wood-shaped meat, checking the clay-like meat before putting it into his mouth.

His eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

"This is the meat scrap made from the cartilage of the dragon loin... It was cut into the very fine pieces, which were smaller than sand. As soil, of course, the taste is also very good," Lu Yi replied with confidence.

"And the lake? Is this made entirely of wine?"

The judge took a spoonful and tasted it. It flowed down, entering his stomach.

Different from the Forests of Meat, this wine unexpectedly presented an ice-cold feeling.

That judge frowned and licked his lips.

"The wine is good, but mixed with this dish, the level was somewhat low."

Lu Yi smiled bitterly. "This is the dragon tears wine that I had brewed personally and chose for this dish. Actually, there's a better wine, but if used here, the subtle flavors of the dish will be overwhelmed and lost. After all, the theme of the dish is dragon..."

That judge smiled. "It's very clear in your heart."

Lu Yi's eyes finally fell on Meng Qi.

He was very excited and curious, his eyes blazing as he watched her.

But quickly, he was disappointed.

Meng Qi didn't say anything. After eating gracefully, she put down the chopsticks and didn't move anymore.

A suffocating feeling suddenly welled in Lu Yi's heart. Could it be that his dish wasn't enough to impress City Lord Meng Qi?

He wanted to get a compliment from City Lord Meng Qi. Was it so difficult?

"City Lord Meng Qi... Do you have any comments?"

Since City Lord Meng Qi didn't say anything, then he had to take the initiative!

Lu Yi's eyes were blazing as he stared at City Lord Meng Qi.

In the distance...

City Lord Zou was angry.

"Old Liu! Look! That Lu guy's eyes looked like they were about to pop out while looking at Little Sister Meng Qi! So shameless!"

City Lord Zou trembled, his mouth twitching as he flicked his slender fingers.

"That's right! How bold of him!" City Lord Liu nodded gravely, his eyes sharp.

"Yeah, guys with the surname Lu and Liu don't have many good things..." City Lord Zou snorted as he waved his hand in disdain.

City Lord Liu's face suddenly darkened. He turned and gave City Lord Zou an ice-cold stare.

"Zou Jielun, say that again. You don't believe I will pound you with my bowl?!" City Lord Liu said, wielding his hand. Immediately, a black bowl with terrifying energy appeared.

"Ah, you want to pound me, huh?! Come! You can pound but you can't kill me! If you have the ability, this old lady will have your surname!"

City Lord Zou glared, placing his hands on his waist as he scolded City Lord Liu.

City Lord Liu's heart froze, and he almost vomited blood.

Such an unreasonable sissy! He had never encountered anyone like him!

On the high platform, Meng Qi faced the blazing eyes of Lu Yi. Her beautiful face revealed a smile as she indifferently said, "This dish is not bad. That's all."

Lu Yi was stunned. His heart was suddenly filled with bitterness. She used such a general comment to judge him?

But he had no choice. He couldn't interrogate Meng Qi. He couldn't do it and didn't dare.

The audience saw Lu Yi's dish through the huge light screen.

It was a high-quality dish, and everyone could not help but exclaim. This dish was almost perfect.

"It looks like Lu Yi won!"

"Every detail is magnificent! Worthy of being an Immortal Chef with immortal tongue and Qilin sense of touch. He's the favored Son of Heaven!"

"The Great Demon King has no hope... Even if he had successfully resisted the lightning punishment, nothing can compare with the quality of Lu Yi's dish!"

The audience sighed with sorrow. After all, a monstrous talent was a monstrous talent. Anyone who dared to challenge him would end up in despair.

Of course, there were some people who hoped that the Great Demon King could create a miracle.

At this moment, Bu Fang had placed the Spicy Beef on the judges' table, which was in front of Meng Qi.

As light fell on it, the immortal energy lingering around it shone, making it look like a dream.

Through the huge light screen, that Spicy Beef was like a delicate work of art. Like a budding flower, it made everyone look forward to its full bloom.

No wonder it was the dish that could provoke four lightning punishments together with Lu Yi's Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat.

By its appearance alone, it was not likely to lose to Lu Yi's Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat.

"Huh? Is this a cold dish?"

When Meng Qi saw that dish, her brows arched as she suspiciously looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded. "It could be considered like this."

"A cold dish? It would be very difficult to bring out the taste of meat if you cook it as a cold dish. You're ignoring common sense!"

A judge shook his head regretfully.

In Immortal Cooking Realm, there were naturally cold dishes. However, this so-called dish was mixed with immortal ingredients and special spirit herbs. With soy sauce and other seasonings, the taste would be excellent.

However, there were very few Immortal Chefs who would present meat as a cold dish.

Meat... must undergo heat to reveal its perfect aroma and taste!

After hearing that Bu Fang's dish was a cold dish, the audience became disappointed as well.

They had lost their confidence in Bu Fang.

Lu Yi narrowed his eyes. The Great Demon King was very courageous. He dared to use a cold dish to compare with his dish.

It seems that in this match, he would definitely win.

However, quickly, his face froze.

That was because Meng Qi opened her mouth to say, "What's wrong with a cold dish? It's too early to conclude anything. It all boils down to the taste."

After talking, the other judges nodded. Of course, they did not accept it as correct in their mind.

Lu Yi suddenly felt that his heart was stabbed by an invisible arrow...

How could she be like this? City Lord Meng Qi was very biased.

Boom! Boom!

Meng Qi picked up her chopsticks, picking up a piece of dragon meat that was as thin as a cicada's wing.

That piece of meat seemed to shine, reflecting the light's brilliance.

In front of everyone's eyes...

The piece of meat dripping with gravy entered her mouth.

As soon as it entered her mouth, City Lord Meng Qi's eyes shone.