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 Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef?

Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat?

Both dishes were almost completed at the same time, and the names of the two dishes resounded on the stage.

Bu Fang's dish emitted a dazzling light, which looked too beautiful to behold. However, its aroma was not as rich as they had expected.

Lu Yi's dish, on the other hand, had an aroma that wafted up to ten miles. Its radiance was more eye-catching, and its smell alone made people's mouths water.

If it were just a comparison of aroma, without a doubt, Lu Yi won.

Everyone found this strange, and they could not help but feel suspicious.

The aroma of the Great Demon King's previous dishes was extremely rich, so why did it seem like his dish was so underwhelming? Could it be that there's something different in it?

Indeed, they were very curious.

However, the dishes weren't completely finished.

In the sky, dense dark clouds rolled and gathered around.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi clasped their hands as they lifted their heads to look at the sky.

Thunder boomed as the Thunder Dragons emerged. These lightning punishments belonged to two people.

And since these two people were monstrous chefs, everyone guessed that the lightning punishment they had triggered would be very strong. At least, they would be getting three lightning punishments.

In general, a First Grade Immortal Chef could trigger three lightning punishments. Beyond that, it would be difficult because of their lack of strength.

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed, and the sky was completely illuminated.

Right after that, Thunder Dragons began to come out of the clouds, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws as they plunged down.

However, the Thunder Dragons slaughtered each other in the midair, which everybody had long expected.

They knew by now that when it came to the Great Demon King, the lightning punishment was destined to judge the winner of this match.

This seemed to be acknowledged by the Heavenly Path as well.

Meng Qi was very calm as she raised her head to watch this scene. Although there was a look of surprise in her eyes, it was not too obvious.

Actually, she was also curious.

Both chefs were monstrous talents, but only one monstrous talent would emerge victorious.

Who will win? Who will lose? Everyone was looking forward to seeing it.

As the Thunder Dragons clashed, the entire sky was illuminated. A shockwave dispersed, causing strong gusts of winds to assault everyone.

The audience who was blown by the wind was somewhat stunned.


In the first collision, both Thunder Dragons disappeared.

The same happened with the Thunder Dragons in the second collision.

In the third collision, the void rumbled, and it felt like the whole world was trembling.

The light rays filled the air!


With a loud blast, the third lightning punishments also scattered.

It seemed like a boulder was on top of everyone's hearts, making them feel like it was hard to breathe.

However, the lightning punishment had finally ended, and it's about time for the judges to taste the dishes.


Some people were shocked.

The lightning punishments had ended, but the dark clouds were still there.

Above Lu Yi's head, a deafening sound rang out!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A sturdier Thunder Dragon emerged from that dark cloud, letting out a fierce roar!

"My god! A fourth lightning punishment?!"

"What's happening? A dish made by a First Grade Immortal Chef could trigger four lightning punishments?"

"Am I dreaming or what? Quick, pinch me!"

The audience was shocked as they looked at the Thunder Dragon above Lu Yi's head.

Lu Yi's fourth lightning punishment appeared... What did this mean?

It means that the Great Demon King lost!

They had not expected such a scene to appear!

Lu Yi's dish had triggered the fourth lightning punishment, while the Great Demon King's dish could only trigger three.

No, wait a minute...

The audience suddenly felt foolish as they realized something. They turned their heads, looking at the sky above Bu Fang.

There, the dark clouds had not dispersed, and within it, a terrifying pressure surged.

Obviously, the fourth lightning punishment was about to appear.

The audience went wild!

A fourth lightning punishment!

The monstrous talent Great Demon King also provoked the fourth lightning punishment!

This was beyond everyone's expectations, and their blood couldn't help but boil.

The corners of City Lord Meng Qi's mouth raised into a slight smile.

City Lord Liu nodded, looking at Lu Yi and Bu Fang with appreciating eyes.

City Lord Zou was flicking his slender fingers, looking with interest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang and Lu Yi stood proudly.

Bu Fang's face was emotionless, while Lu Yi's face was filled with a strong fighting will.

"I, Lu Yi... will not lose!" Lu Yi said coldly, brimming with confidence.

The fourth lightning punishments finally fell from the sky. Their speed was extremely fast, which frightened people.

Since every succeeding lightning punishment was stronger than the previous one, the fourth lightning punishment would definitely be terrifying.

No one knew if those two would run into something unexpected while resisting it.

Both Bu Fang and Lu Yi prepared themselves.

Lu Yi shook his hand, and several jade talismans appeared.

His mind flickered. In the next moment, those jade talismans floated and spun around his body, transforming into a dazzling magic array.

Bu Fang had not called Whitey. This time, he seemed to rely on his own strength to block this fourth lightning punishment.

But in everyone's eyes, this was the behavior of a madman.

The power of the fourth lightning punishment was more fearful than the third!

The Great Demon King is looking to die!

Boom! Boom!

Of course, many people expected that after the fourth lightning punishment appeared, they would slaughter each other, and the winner would then be struck.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi were preparing to resist this.

However, quickly, the audience had discovered that they were wrong.

The fourth Thunder Dragons did not collide. They fell directly, changing into two light beams, aiming towards Lu Yi and Bu Fang.

Those thick lightning strikes were majestic yet terrifying.

Lu Yi had long prepared himself for this. His mental force burst out, making the jade talismans bloom with radiance.

Each jade talisman flashed light, turning into the seven colors. They shot up the sky, transforming the magic array into a protective screen, shielding him.

The Thunder Dragon plunged, pounding that seven-colored protective screen. Its force made Lu Yi's legs bend slightly.

Obviously, the fourth lightning punishment was really strong!

However, although this fourth lightning punishment was strong, it could not break through Lu Yi's protective screen. In the end, it dispersed, leaving behind a gloomy seven-colored light screen and black smoke.


The audience, who was stunned speechless, went into an uproar.

The seven-colored light screen shattered, and a mouthwatering fragrance came out from there.

Pleasant sounds could be head, as though they were hearing splashing waves and leaves swaying in the air.

Lu Yi exhaled, watching the immortal energy wound above his dish. At this moment, the dish was finally finished.

He could relax now.

This was the hardest dish Lu Yi had made so far as he had given his all into it.

Various methods were used. His immortal tongue, Qilin sense of touch, and mental force... Almost all the cards in his hand were used.

He did his best in order to leave a favorable impression on City Lord Meng Qi.

Lu Yi's face revealed a slight smile. He believed that his dish would definitely make City Lord Meng Qi pay attention to him.

But quickly, Lu Yi's face stiffened.

That was because...

Meng Qi's beautiful eyes were not on him... but on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang slowly loosened the bandage on his arm, exposing his arm filled with lines.

The Taoties sent out raging roars as the fourth lightning punishment fell.

Since Bu Fang didn't let Whitey come out to resist, he personally shot up to the sky.

Naturally, he had a goal.

The Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef was almost completed, and there was one last step. However, this final step was more dangerous and exquisite.

When the audience saw Bu Fang rushing to the sky to personally resist the lightning punishment, they were in an uproar.

"The Great Demon King is crazy!"

"He's meeting the lightning punishment head-on? He wants to become a human charcoal!"

"He's looking to die! Why didn't he use his Earth Immortal Puppet to resist it?"

The audience was baffled. They didn't understand what was going on in Bu Fang's brain, so they discussed spiritedly.

With Bu Fang's cultivation, how could his body resist that fourth lightning punishment?


However, in front of everyone's shocked eyes, the Thunder Dragon pounded Bu Fang's body.

Everyone's scalp numbed, and a chill ran down their spines, spreading to the rest of their bodies.

"How scary!"

"He'll die, right?"

Some people trembled and whispered, while some did not appreciate Bu Fang.

A ball of thunder seemed to cover the entire sky.

However, very quickly...

That ball of thunder rapidly plunged!

With a loud rumble, as though a meteor fell from the sky, it ferociously struck Bu Fang's dish that had been placed on the kitchen stove...

Once again, an uproar reverberated throughout the square.

"He failed!"

"The lightning punishment fell on the dish! Looks like that Great Demon King could not resist the fourth lightning punishment."

"What a pity! It's so close!"

The audience felt somewhat upset.

The corners of Lu Yi's mouth raised slightly. He had not thought that the Great Demon King would fail to resist that lightning punishment.

As expected... He had just become his stepping stone.

In this way, City Lord Meng Qi would be very disappointed with the Great Demon King... His chance to shine had finally arrived.

It was bold of him to shoulder that lightning punishment, though.

City Lord Meng Qi stared intently. Everyone thought that Bu Fang was defeated, but she felt there was something strange going on.


The lightning punishment that fell on the kitchen stove slowly dispersed.

A figure was revealed...

That figure loomed above the dish. Lightning burst out from his fingers and palm, wrapping it around the dish.


Immortal energy lingered, winding above the dish.

From there, a rich fragrance began to spread out. It gathered and rolled, as though it transformed into a storm. In an instant, that storm of fragrance swept across the entire audience!


Everyone reeled from the impact of that fragrance. Their eyes shrank, disbelief plastered all over their faces!

It turned out that the Great Demon King... was just simply taking advantage of that lightning punishment!

As the lightning dispersed, the dish was revealed to everyone.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi's eyes clashed in the air, and sparks seemed to scatter in all directions.

"Well... Congratulations to the two contestants who had completed their dishes. Next, we will evaluate your dishes... After the five judges tasted the dishes and gave their assessment, we will decide the winner."

City Lord Meng Qi's gentle voice suddenly broke the silence, causing the stunned audience to recover and clamor again.

Finally, the dishes would be tasted!

Bu Fang split his Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef into two-one for the judges, and the other one for Nethery.

He hoped that this dish could suppress the curse in Nethery's body.

Lu Yi carefully carried his dish and headed towards the judges' panel.

His dish was Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat.

As soon as the judges saw it, they all exclaimed.

The dragon meat was made into wood, which was placed in a pool of rich wine.

This dish was like a work of art.

After the judges exclaimed in admiration, they held their chopsticks and started to taste.

Lu Yi's eyes were piercingly hot as he stared at City Lord Meng Qi. His whole body trembled, watching her picking up a piece of dragon meat and putting it into her rosy lips.

On the other side...

Bu Fang carried his dish and slowly walked down the stage.

He came over to Nethery and gave her the very fragrant Spicy Beef.

"Here, eat this. It will make you feel better."