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 Lu Yi raised his head in shock, looking at Bu Fang in disbelief.

The thousand virtual shadows behind him were slowly disappearing.

Because of the Heart of Cooking Path, Lu Yi could clearly feel the powerful presence that suddenly emerged from Bu Fang.

This was not a kind of sudden condensation, but it seemed to have slept for a long time. It suddenly awakened, as though it was frozen in an iceberg, which suddenly shattered the iceberg apart.

A single spark rose with the wind.

Lu Yi felt the imposing manner on Bu Fang slowly become sharp, as though it was a lance that pierced through the blockade of his Heart of Cooking Path!

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The sound of heartbeat just started to be very slight, but as the time went by, this sound vibrated like the sound of the evening drum and the morning bell.

Everyone felt that their hearts were beating.

The surrounding crowd all opened their mouths, their eyes filled with shock.

The feeling of their heartbeat with the sound of that heartbeat made everyone feel somewhat numb.

"This feeling..."

"How did the Great Demon King change? It seems like he became taller..."

"My heart is beating like this... What's going on?!"

Everyone's face was full of fear.

They seemed to realize something, staring at Bu Fang on the stage as they sucked in a cold breath.

This feeling... There was only one explanation.

That was... the Great Demon King on the stage... had condensed his Heart of Cooking Path.

This guy had condensed the Heart of Cooking Path?

Could he really condense the Heart of Cooking Path in the middle of a match?

Everyone's thoughts were in chaos like the wind.

They felt that the so-called common sense on Bu Fang's body was torn into shreds ruthlessly.

The Great Demon King existed to break the rules!

Gongshu Ban tightly clenched his fists. When the invisible pressure on Bu Fang's body appeared, his eyes suddenly shrank.

Then, he punched his fists into the air, roaring in excitement!

Xixi was startled by his sudden movement, causing her to take a few steps backward.

The black-cloaked person's body swayed. Then, after a gasping sound, a low chuckle could be heard from him.

On the stage, City Lord Meng Qi's gaze seemed like a torch as she stared at Bu Fang...

She had not thought that Bu Fang had such a breakthrough.

He had chosen the most ruthless method, ripping apart the suppression from Lu Yi's Heart of Cooking Path.

But... this was the most effective way.

Moreover, Meng Qi could feel that Bu Fang's Heart of Cooking Path seemed to be out of the ordinary.

"Too powerful! His Heart of Cooking Path... is too powerful!" Lu Yi was utterly shocked.

He could feel that Bu Fang's Heart of Cooking Path was unceasingly compressing his Heart of Cooking Path.

The Heart of Cooking Path was just born. How could he have this level of power and influence...

This Great Demon King... was really a monstrous talent!

No wonder he could create miracles and dared to challenge him!

Lu Yi's eyes narrowed slightly. Then, his face revealed an excited smile.

"This is interesting! But... in front of City Lord Meng Qi, I will not lose!"


Lu Yi roared, and his chef robe fluttered. After that, the kitchen knife in the hand rotated, changing into a thousand lights.

Behind him, each arm appeared.

Knife skill, Thousand Hands Smiling Buddha!

The ingredients on the cutting board seemed to be rushing under this knife skill.

In the air, each blade was silently cutting above that ingredient, causing the ingredient's surface to change slightly.

Behind Lu Yi's back, a Buddha phantom emerged.

The Buddha's golden light flashed. His gentle smile, big belly, and slightly raised fingers appeared like a dream.

Such a powerful knife skill!

The entire audience was in an uproar.

Lu Yi was very overbearing! Did he plan to use the knife skill to defeat Bu Fang thoroughly?

He did not want Bu Fang to complete his dish!

However, the Great Demon King's knife skill... was also extraordinary!


Bu Fang opened his eyes.

After awakening the Heart of Cooking Path that had been sleeping, Bu Fang felt that his thoughts were more flexible. Inside his spirit sea, his mental force rippled like waves.

Above the three tool spirits, the light was dazzling. Their strength seemed to have increased drastically because of the Heart of Cooking Path, and there were no small changes.

His mind flickered.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife that was thrown on the station stove suddenly roared, rushing toward Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang played with it, making it spin in his hand as he indifferently glanced at Lu Yi in the distance.

Looking at the smiling Buddha phantom, the corner of Bu Fang's mouth lifted slightly.

With a slap, the ingredients on the kitchen stove soared into the sky.

Dragon meat, dragon heart, dragon tongue, and dragon scalp... All ingredients rushed in the air, as though a fairy scattered some flowers, enchanting people's eyes.

Bu Fang was grasping the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, leisurely sweeping his eyes across Lu Yi.

Then... with a swing of the kitchen knife, he slashed.

Behind Bu Fang, a huge phantom appeared. That phantom seemed like Bu Fang, and the immortal energy lingering around it made one gasp. Its blade light was like a dream.

Facing Lu Yi's knife skill, Bu Fang fearlessly showed his knife power.

Lu Yi's knife skill was very fast. Under a blade, thousands of blade lights flashed.

On the other hand, Bu Fang's knife skill had only one blade.

Because this knife skill had only a blade... Cutting Immortal Style.


Both blade potentials mutually collided.

Instantly, shockwaves soared and gathered into one.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

"What a strong blade... Against this, I feel like I couldn't even hold my kitchen knife!"

"This is a real battle between monstrous talents!"

"The Great Demon King... turns out to be so strong!"

The audience felt their minds tremble.

As for the Immortal Chefs under the stage, they were even more uneasy.

Xue Yao, Meng Kun, Xiao Buque, and the others all paid attention to Bu Fang. They felt the blood in their bodies freeze at this moment.


Under a blade, all ingredients were processed.

The Thousand Hands Smiling Buddha was suddenly broken by a blade.

Its lights shattered, dispersing in the air.

Lu Yi's kitchen knife trembled, and the thousand hands behind him disappeared.

A strand of hair fell down on his forehead.

With crashing sounds, his ingredients that were also processed fell down one by one.

He had unexpectedly been defeated in the confrontation of knife skills...

A depressed feeling suddenly flickered in Lu Yi's heart.

He turned to look at City Lord Meng Qi in the distance, and his eyes shrank at what he saw.

Because... City Lord Meng Qi's focus ... was not him!

City Lord Meng Qi... was looking at Bu Fang!

How could it be like this?!

Lu Yi's eyes narrowed. He clenched his fists and glared at Bu Fang in the distance.

A moment later, his kitchen knife moved, rolling up all the ingredients on the cutting board!


An orange-red flame suddenly swept out of his body.

That orange-red flame surged, changing into a column of flame that soared to the sky.

The terrible high temperature suddenly gathered on Lu Yi's body, then scattered in all directions!

"It's the Red Rainbow Immortal Flame, the ranked forty-five flame in the immortal flame ranking!"

Everyone recognized Lu Yi's immortal flame. The power of this flame suppressed everyone, and it was considered the top among the flames of First Grade Immortal Chefs!

Lu Yi controlled this flame!

Worthy of being the fifth layer monstrous talent. Nothing can truly compare to their resources.

Against this immortal flame, the Great Demon King would be crushed.


At this moment, Bu Fang opened his mouth and spurted a golden flame.

Everyone was stunned.

That flame...

The golden flame burst out, changing into a golden lotus around Bu Fang, slowly rotating.

Each golden flame petal slowly bloomed...

Of course, the powerful presence of the fire lotus was still weaker compared with the flame light beam on Lu Yi's body.

After all, that immortal flame was ranked lower.


Meng Qi's eyes shone. The beautiful appearance of that flame seemed to be reflected in her eyes.

In her eyes, Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe suddenly turned red.

When the flaming wings behind it spread out, the fire feathers fluttered.

In Meng Qi's ears, a bird singing resounded, rushing into the sky.

In the next moment, the power of the golden fire lotus suddenly increased!

Bu Fang was slightly stunned.

Meng Qi's eyes shone even brighter. Could a top-grade immortal tool robe improve the power of an immortal flame?

The audience was shocked.

Bu Fang's flame was originally suppressed, but suddenly, it rushed to the sky. Along with Lu Yi's immortal flame, it became equal with it!

"How is this possible? That's the rank fifty Golden Lotus Demonic Flame. How could it compare with the Red Rainbow Immortal Flame?"

"The Great Demon King... always make miracles!"

"Unbelievable! This is too exciting!"

The initially shocked audience was now excited!

The Great Demon King's improvement and burst of power really amazed them.

Watching this competition made the blood in their bodies boil!

Who would win?

Who was stronger?

They didn't know. They couldn't wait to see the result of this match.

Lu Yi gritted his teeth. His immortal flame couldn't suppress the Great Demon King?

In that case... the dishes will speak for themselves!

Lu Yi was indeed furious!

A moment later, the kitchen knife in his hand swept across as he started to cook his dishes.

After the ingredients were cut and poured into the pot, he covered the pot and started to cook.

His mental force rushed out, shrouding the black pot as he started to sense and induce the changes in the pot.

He reached out his hand, and his slender finger gently pressed on the pot.

Qilin sense of touch!

The audience went into an uproar!


An invisible fluctuation spread, as though there were huge waves.

Bu Fang also started cooking.

The immortal flame surged into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, making the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water boil.

He poured the processed dragon meat and other dragon parts into the wok and started to boil them.

During boiling, Bu Fang put different kinds of soy sauce and seasonings.

He poured a half-spoon of the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce, a drop of Crystal Essence Purple Marrow, and added some Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine....

The essence from the dish suddenly soared to the sky.

Its color turned into reddish-brown as the meat was turning over.

The Bu Fang's palm pressed on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Suddenly, the immortal flame became even more intense!


The aroma of meat came out, but the flavor of the gravy was richer.

Bu Fang's mental force always focused on the changes of the ingredients in the pot.

He waited until the meat was tender. After that, he decreased the heat and stewed the dish for a while.

Shortly after, he stopped the fire. He took out the dragon meat and the dragon parts and placed them on one side.

Under Bu Fang's control, the dragon meat was quickly dried. Then, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife moved, cutting the dragon meat into thin slices, which were as thin as paper.

He then took out a spirit herb. This spirit herb was called Day Parsley.

He chopped the Day Parsley, then stir-fried it with some peanuts and black sesame.

After stir-frying, a rich aroma arose as Bu Fang poured it into a small bowl.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dishes at this moment were about to be completed.

Above the sky, thick dark clouds gathered.

The dark clouds on both sides were rolling forward, releasing a heavy pressure.

Lu Yi was concentrating on the meticulous cooking of his dish.

The flame soared to the sky as he stir-fried unceasingly. The rich aroma did not dissipate, teasing people's appetites.

His dish was almost finished.

Above the heads of two people, the dense dark clouds came.

A booming sound resounded as thunder exploded and tore the void!

A layer of true energy wrapped Bu Fang's hand like a thin glove, and his hand was unceasingly changing.

He arranged the ingredients on the prepared blue and white porcelain tray.

Each piece of meat was piled up carefully.

Starting from the dragon heart, dragon tongue, and dragon scalp... layer upon layer was piled up, turning them into a budding flower.

Bu Fang added a layer of paper-thin, beef-like slices, then scattered the Day Parsley and chopped peanuts.

Finally, he poured the rich gravy onto it.

Boom! Boom!

The reddish-brown gravy fell down the center. As though it watered the flower bud, it made the budding flower appear lifelike.


In a flash, the golden light soared to the sky.

Bu Fang took a step back and gently exhaled. His eyes seemed like torches.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand moved...

"Immortal Dragon Spicy Beef... Complete!"

In the distance...

Lu Yi poured a spoon of boiling oil into the dish in the pot. The whispering sound rang out unceasingly as heat waves soared to the sky.

The dish seemed to be alive, and its radiance was dazzling.

With a bang, the spatula was thrown into the pot.

Lu Yi raised his head and looked straight at Bu Fang, his eyes filled with intense fighting will.

"Lakes of Wine and Forests of Meat... Complete!"