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 "Qilin Chef's heart?"

Hearing Realm Lord Di Tai ask about the issue of the Qilin Chef's heart, City Lord Feng's face suddenly changed.

"What are you saying? I don't understand!" City Lord Feng answered.

However, the change on the face of City Lord Feng had been noticed by Realm Lord Di Tai. His naked body bloomed radiance as he sneered with both hands on his hips.

"Go on, continue pretending! You still act like you don't know!"

Lord Dog yawned lazily. He raised his paw, and suddenly, a silver heart appeared. The silver heart beat unceasingly as it hovered above his paw, spreading powerful energy across.

This was the Qilin Chef's heart, which contained the life essence of a Qilin Chef.

It originally belonged to the City Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer. However, that City Lord had unexpectedly died and fallen in the Immortal Tree space.

Realm Lord Di Tai always thought that City Lord Xue was killed by the variation of the Immortal Tree. However, now that this heart appeared, he understood.

The main culprit in killing City Lord Xue was precisely this City Lord Feng in front of them.

"Qilin Chef's heart! That's mine!"

When City Lord Feng saw the silver Qilin Chef heart floating on Lord Dog's paw, his eyes shrank, and his whole body burst out a terrible true energy.

After that, his figure tore the void, dashing towards Lord Dog.

"Give me the heart!" City Lord Feng's eyes revealed a crazed yearning as he screamed.

Lord Dog coldly glanced at City Lord Feng. A moment later, he raised his exquisite dog paw.


A dog's paw shot out and suddenly enlarged. Looking like it wanted to suppress the sky, it harshly slammed down.

Under this paw, the void unceasingly cracked.

City Lord Feng roared, as though he was burning. Then, a white flame rose above his palm. It swept across and turned into a white flame ash-gray wolf.

The ash-gray wolf roared and rushed toward Lord Dog's paw.

In the next moment, the flame shot out, scattering.

That white immortal flame wolf was directly crushed by the paw.

City Lord Feng raised both hands, wanting to resist.


However, under Lord Dog's paw, the bones of City Lord Feng's hands were breaking!

Previously, above the square, they had not dared to use their full strength. But now in this open space, Lord Dog no longer held himself back.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

City Lord Feng's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, fear evident on his face.

How could this dog get stronger and stronger?!

Boom! Boom!

City Lord Feng flew back and forth, his broken hands swung helplessly as holes cracked in the void.

Suddenly, Realm Lord Di Tai teleported in front of City Lord Feng. He grabbed the latter's head and swung up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each time he swung, the void blasted and unceasingly trembled.

"Dared to crush the little brother of this Realm Lord!"

Boom! Boom!

"Also dared to kill Little Meng Meng and Little Bu Bu!"

Boom! Boom!

"And most importantly... you dared to kill a Qilin Chef!"


Realm Lord Di Tai's strength increased each time he said those sentences.

City Lord Feng, without any resistance, was thrown up in the void. He was flung fiercely and smashed in a distant place.

City Lord Feng laid in the void, blood flowing freely from his mouth and nose. All his bones were smashed broken by Realm Lord Di Tai.


City Lord Feng smiled and chucked...

He staggered, crawling up. As he raised his head, blood slowly flowed from his forehead, spreading down on his face.

His eyes were extremely sinister and cruel, staring at Realm Lord Di Tai and Lord Dog in the distance.

Then, once again, he let out a loud laugh!

"You forced me..."

City Lord Feng smiled, his voice cold and firm.

"You Realm Lord, except for stronger power and better cooking skills, what's your use? I can't stand looking at you... that's why I wanted to increase my cultivation... so I can replace you!"

City Lord Feng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"I ate a Qilin Chef's heart... drank a Qilin Chef's blood... I did those things because of you! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be like this!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's nostrils flared. With both hands on his waist, his crotch bloomed with divine light.

"How dare you! You did something wrong, and you're passing the blame on me?!"

Realm Lord Di Tai was furious!

It took many years for the Immortal Cooking Realm to give birth to a Qilin Chef, but he was unexpectedly killed by this madman. He even ate his heart and drank his blood!

He's an animal!


Suddenly, a pitch-black energy slowly emerged from City Lord Feng's body.

That black energy surged up unceasingly.

In the distance, Lord Dog, who had a lazy appearance, was startled. He narrowed his eyes at City Lord Feng...

"That aura... Nether energy?!"

"Like I said, you forced me..." City Lord Feng laughed. "You foolish Realm Lord and you mangy dog... Both of you will die!"

The black energy on City Lord Feng's body was getting denser and denser. Slowly, his skin became black, and his eyes turned red. His hair also turned white!

Realm Lord Di Tai took a deep breath.

"You've transformed?! You think this Realm Lord will be afraid of you?"

Realm Lord Di Tai was indignant. Unexpectedly, he felt a trace of panic after sensing City Lord Feng's aura.

Without a doubt, that black Nether energy was weird!

A moment later, a pan appeared in Realm Lord Di Tai's hand. He fiercely swung the pan as he stared at City Lord Feng in the distance.

"I have the whole world in this pan. Even if you've transformed, this Realm Lord has this pan!" Realm Lord Di Tai said coldly.

In the distance, Lord Dog, who was holding the silver Qilin Chef heart, let out a long breath.

That aura coming from City Lord Feng's body was Nether energy... and that Nether energy aura made him feel weird.

It did not come from Earth Prison... but from... Nether Prison! The mysterious Nether Prison of the Netherworld!

The situation... became somewhat strange.


A moment later, City Lord Feng moved. His figure disappeared, reappearing in front of Realm Lord Di Tai.

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shrank. He swung his pan, and under this pan, the void twisted and collapsed!

However, City Lord Feng's speed was too fast. Before Realm Lord Di Tai's pan pounded down, City Lord Feng's fist slammed on his stomach.

Realm Lord Di Tai was stunned, then his face twisted into a grimace.

That fist was full of black Nether energy.


He felt a burning sensation as the fist rotated for a while on his stomach.

A moment later, a force was released from this fist, sending Realm Lord Di Tai backward. His body rotated rapidly in the void.

Eventually, he fell on his buttocks in the void, clutching his stomach while retching.

City Lord Feng suddenly turned, his figure breaking the void into pieces as he rushed toward Lord Dog.

He raised his fist, still wrapped with that black Nether Prison energy.

Lord Dog's expression remained calm, raising his exquisite paw. Earth Prison Nether energy burst out and gathered around it.

It patted toward that fist.


A fist and a paw collided.

Lord Dog's eyes shrank. "It really is the Nether energy of Nether Prison! You've colluded with people from Nether Prison!"

Then, in the scarlet-red eyes of City Lord Feng, Lord Dog's appearance suddenly changed.

Lord Dog's body enlarged, turning into a giant dog. His eyes were pitch-black as he bared his fangs.

He barked, making the void tremble violently!

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank.

Lord Dog's paw attacked again. Under the might of this paw after his transformation, his arm shattered, turning into nothingness and disappearing in the void.

City Lord Feng screamed.

He was defeated in an instant!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions continuously blasted out, and the void was pierced again and again.

City Lord Feng with a missing arm had been hit and flung away for several thousand miles. However, he suddenly stabilized his body and swept his cold eyes through Lord Dog.

After that, he turned around and escaped.

Lord Dog, who had changed into a giant dog, was full of the cruel killing intent.

He slightly lowered his head, discovering that the silver Qilin Chef heart had disappeared.


The suppression from the Heart of Cooking Path made it difficult for Bu Fang to move his kitchen knife.

Each time he swung his knife, he felt that a big hand was pressing him.

He could not even lift it.

Without a doubt, Lu Yi's Heart of Cooking Path was much stronger compared to that black-cloaked person.

Bu Fang frowned. He knew that it was impossible to go on like this...

If this kept up, it would basically be hard to finish his dish.

The ingredients could not even be processed.

The Heart of Cooking Path... It was shameless!

Outside the stage, the void was suddenly torn, and two figures came out of the crack.

One of them was a cold person, while the other was gorgeously dressed, touching his chin with his slender fingers.

"Oh, looks like we're late."

City Lord Zou was somewhat depressed, stomping his feet. "You devil, it's your fault for disturbing me!"

The white-robed City Lord Liu shot a glare at City Lord Zou. "Do you even have the face to talk?"

City Lord Zou was speechless for a while. His slender fingers flicked as he stomped his feet and snorted.

After that, both of them found a spot in the auditorium and started to watch the competition on the stage.

Meng Qi noticed the arrival of City Lord Zou and City Lord Liu. She nodded at them and smiled.

City Lord Liu nodded and smiled back.

"Meng Qi, that pretty and flirtatious devil... What are you nodding for, you devil!"

City Lord Zou's slender fingers twitched, slapping City Lord Liu's arm. He then turned his head away and snorted.

On the stage, Lu Yi lightly swept his gaze across Bu Fang.

His heart beat violently.

The power from the Heart of Cooking Path made his performance flawless. Every step was almost perfect.

He knew that an ordinary chef under the influence of the Heart of Cooking Path could not cook.

Bu Fang... naturally could not do it.

Even if he was the Great Demon King, at this moment, he should be very confused and worried.

Let me see how you break out of it...

The only thing that could resist the Heart of Cooking Path was another Heart of Cooking Path.

Could the Great Demon King condense the Heart of Cooking Path at this moment?

The corners of Lu Yi's mouth raised into a slight smile. Impossible... That's too difficult.

After that, the kitchen knife in Lu Yi's hand moved. Thousands of lights flashed, and behind him, thousands of arms appeared, each arm grabbing a kitchen knife!

"It's Lu Yi's knife skill! Thousand Hands Smiling Buddha!"

"What a terrifying knife skill! I could feel my body tremble from such a distance!"

"The fastest knife skill in the Immortal Chef Tournament! Nothing can beat it!"

The audience exclaimed in surprise after seeing Lu Yi's knife skill.


Suddenly, a loud sound attracted the attention of all people.

Everyone's eyes moved from Lu Yi's knife skill to Bu Fang.

There, Bu Fang threw the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on the kitchen stove. Both of his hands hung down as he closed his eyes and exhaled.

As expected, the Great Demon King was affected... He couldn't go on!

Everyone's heart trembled.

Nethery leaned on the Netherworld Ship, her black eyes staring at Bu Fang.

Gongshu Ban clenched his fists. Owner Bu... Come on! You can do it!

Xixi, who was beside Gongshu Ban, looked at Bu Fang, her gaze full of worry.

Meng Qi's eyes looked excited.

Great Demon King... How would he deal with this?


Bu Fang's mind flickered, and his thoughts suddenly changed.

The scene in front of him suddenly disappeared.

Only darkness remained.

Then, a little light ray appeared in the darkness. That light ray unceasingly changed... gradually brightening.

A moment later, each scene appeared in front of Bu Fang as fast as the passing wind.

It was fleeting but clear.

Immortal Chef Little Store... Taotie Restaurant... Cloud Mist Restaurant... Fang Fang Little Store...

Each scene was like water flowing unceasingly in front of Bu Fang.

In Fang Fang Little Store, it was the first time Bu Fang cooked Egg Fried Rice, as well as the first time opening a business. The smiling expression of Xiao Xiaolong when eating the Egg Fried Rice shone in his vision.

Cloud Mist Restaurant... The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup appeared. After eating it, the people were shocked, revealing satisfied smiles.

Taotie Restaurant... The delicious aroma of meat arose. Its fragrance soared to the sky as people ate happily.

And Immortal Chef Little Store...

The happy feeling of everyone while sitting around the table to eat hotpot...

These scenes were unceasingly moving, vague but clear in Bu Fang's heart.


Everything stopped when Bu Fang became a chef. The joy came from the heart of practicing cooking skills day and night.

At that time, he was still on Earth.

But no matter where... when it comes to cooking, he kept an enthusiastic heart.

What was the Heart of Cooking Path? Bu Fang understood that he was precisely strict in cooking skills. He dearly loved cooking, putting all of his heart into it.

Even if there was no system, Bu Fang also strived to cultivate himself, letting himself step into the path to become the God of Cooking.

Perhaps, this was what the system wanted Bu Fang to realize!

The scene in his mind gradually became clear, and finally, as though it became flowing heat, it poured into Bu Fang's heart.

Everything was silent.

Thump. Thump.

Suddenly, the sounds of a weak heartbeat resounded.

The blood in Bu Fang's body seemed to be boiling in this heartbeat.

The Heart of Cooking Path had appeared...

Bu Fang slowly opened his eyes.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

He had made a mistake...

The so-called Heart of Cooking Path... He did not need to condense it...

He always had it all along.

Bu Fang raised his hand, covering his own chest.

He let out a breath.

A heartbeat, which was like the evening drum and the morning bell, resounded through the entire Immortal Tree Square.

A moment later...

The audience was stunned!

On the opposite side, Lu Yi's eyes shrank. He raised his head and looked at Bu Fang.