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 "When I grow up, I want to marry City Lord Meng Qi!"

When he was fifteen years old, Lu Yi had pointed at the sky and vowed in his heart.

At that time, Lu Yi had begun to show his talent. He had subdued many Immortal Chefs among the Immortal Chefs of the young generations.

Lu Yi's father was a Third Grade Immortal Chef working for the City Lord's mansion in the fifth layer. Thus, when he was young, he was lucky enough to show his talents to many City Lords.

When he saw City Lord Meng Qi for the first time, his heart raced. He was completely infatuated with her gorgeous appearance.

He could sink into her smile, her eyes, or even when she frowned.

Thus, when he had to perform his cooking talent, he couldn't perform well because he was distracted by City Lord Meng Qi.

His father had scolded him right in front of many Immortal Chefs. He even slapped him.

And, at that time, City Lord Meng Qi had stood up for him.

From that very moment, Lu Yi had treasured City Lord Meng Qi in his heart and made that pledge.

Standing on the stage, Lu Yi's eyes emitted endless radiance as he looked at Bu Fang from his height.

He really appreciated Bu Fang for giving him such a chance to show himself in front of City Lord Meng Qi.

However, although he was grateful, he wouldn't yield or give way...

He would show his best cooking skills, so City Lord Meng Qi would know... that the boy that year had grown up!

He would always do his best and strive to achieve his pledge!

And, the Great Demon King would become the stone for him to step on!

Thump-thump! Thump-thump!

The sounds of Lu Yi's heartbeat were like the morning bell or the evening drum, which made people have a hard time breathing.

It was the Heart of Cooking Path... The power of the Heart of Cooking Path!

Bu Fang's eyes shrank. Lu Yi could be deemed the strongest Immortal Chef he had ever met, of course excluding Realm Lord Di Tai and the others.

He was the strongest among the First Grade Immortal Chefs.

He had also reached the upper limit, so if he were to break through, he would instantly become a Second Grade Immortal Chef.

Pressure. Bu Fang felt tremendous pressure.

It was a pressure on his spirit.

Bu Fang finally knew why Gongshu Ban, when he faced the black-robed chef back then, didn't even have the guts to pick up his knife.

The suppression by the Heart of Cooking Path to the chefs... was really enormous!

With Lu Yi standing in front of him like a giant, looking down at him, Bu Fang felt as if his hand was filled with lead.

However, he didn't change his face, looking at Lu Yi.

The atmosphere was extremely tense at this moment.

Lu Yi, the monstrous genius Immortal Chef from the fifth layer, was the one with thousand beams of glory. He was honored and thought to be the genius who would likely become a Qilin Chef soon.

He had condensed the Heart of Cooking Path when he was twenty years old. And now, his Heart of Cooking Path had ascended to another level.

He got an immortal tongue. Furthermore, people were more jealous of his Qilin sense of touch.

The Qilin sense of touch and immortal tongue were a sort of innate condition, which could compare to a Qilin Chef's level of senses.

It was the sense to the ingredient and to heat control...

This man was genuinely born to cook!

He was the real genius!

At this moment, no one appreciated the Great Demon King.

It wasn't that they didn't appreciate him, but they just didn't dare to have good thoughts. They didn't dare to imagine what kind of monster could defeat Lu Yi.

Lu Yi was almost perfect... He had the potential to become a Qilin Chef!

Even the genius of the Feng family, the most powerful aristocratic family in the fifth layer, could only bow his noble head in front of Lu Yi and accept his second position...

Facing this almost-perfect monster, what did the Great Demon King have to defeat him?

The Heart of Cooking Path?

The Great Demon King didn't have it.

Immortal tongue? He didn't have it either.

Qilin sense of touch? Nah... Not even that.

The Great Demon King had nothing. How could he resist the Son of Heaven, Lu Yi?

It was the reason people didn't really appreciate Bu Fang. So, when Bu Fang decided to challenge Lu Yi, people were riled up since they thought that he didn't know his place.

In people's eyes, Bu Fang with his emotionless face was like a little leaf boat in the great ocean.

Facing Lu Yi, the great ocean, he would be destroyed in any minute.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang's eyes moved.

He raised his hand, pounding at his chest.


It was a low sound that was audible to the entire square.

Right after that, Bu Fang exhaled deeply, then licked his dry lips.

"It felt a little bit stuffy, but I feel better now..."

Bu Fang raked his gaze through the others. His eyes resumed their calmness.

The Vermillion Robe shook once as Bu Fang thrust his hands into its pockets, walking to the center of the stage.

He directly walked past Lu Yi.

They met in a glimpse of time.

Lu Yi's eyes narrowed. The Great Demon King... is somewhat interesting.

However... it's no use. In front of Meng Qi, he... would crush everything!

Even if Bu Fang could resist the pressure from his Heart of Cooking Path, what was it useful for?

He could use his real cooking skills to smash that Great Demon King.

The two turned around, walking to the stove stations on the stage.

Of course, Lu Yi wouldn't use the stove available in the arena. His mind flickered, and a crystal stove fell on the station, shaking the arena momentarily.

Bu Fang didn't change his expression, standing at his spot.

"Good, it's a Six-star Beast Emperor, the Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon. For the match's theme, you must use those things to cook a dish. The judges will determine the winner."

In her gorgeous immortal robe, City Lord Meng Qi stood in the middle of the arena, smiling at Bu Fang and Lu Yi.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi nodded, the latter looking at City Lord Meng Qi with hot and passionate eyes.

"And now, you got the time of brewing half a cup of tea to choose the ingredients. After that, the competition shall begin," Meng Qi said.

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Yi and Bu Fang walked forward.

Suddenly, Lu Yi halted and indifferently looked at Bu Fang.

"You are the Great Demon King... I heard that you've been doing Chef's Challenges all the time. So, for our match, do you still want to do the Chef's Challenge? If you lose, you have to give me your kitchen knife..."

Bu Fang paused in his steps. He cocked his head to one side, his face emotionless as he looked at Lu Yi.

His gaze made Lu Yi frown.

"My knife... You can't hold it. There's no need to change anything."

Bu Fang spoke a few words with more meanings. Then, he headed toward the shelves of ingredients.

Lu Yi furrowed his brows, looking at Bu Fang. The corner of his mouth rose.

In that case... then Chef's Challenge it is.

"I, Lu Yi... will crush everything."

On the ingredient shelves, thick essence energy shot up into the sky from the dismembered parts of the Six-star Beast Emperor.

Bu Fang thrust his hands in his pockets, walking toward the ingredients.

While taking rest to recover his true energy and mental energy, Bu Fang wondered what to cook this time.

Dragon, the theme given by Meng Qi, was a dish with abundant essence energy.

No doubt... Meng Qi did it on purpose. She wanted to help Bu Fang cook some dish that could suppress Nethery's curse.

However, with dragon ingredients, what should he cook?

Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs?

No... Lord Dog liked that dish, not Nethery. Moreover, Nethery had tried that dish before, and it didn't help much in controlling her curse.

While Bu Fang was thinking what to cook, Lu Yi had arrived in front of the shelves. However, he didn't look at Bu Fang.

Apparently, he was in cooking mode. Thus, there were only cooking ingredients in his eyes now.

Dragon bone, dragon meat, dragon head, dragon eyes, dragon claws...

Meng Qi had perfectly butchered the dragon and placed them on the shelves, so Bu Fang and Lu Yi could choose freely.

Lu Yi seemed to know what dish he would cook using dragon meat.

The shelf of dragon meat had more parts, including dragon belly, dragon loin, dragon ribs, and so on....

Of course, there were many choices for only meat.

Lu Yi stretched his hand.

His hand, which was fair with slender fingers, touched a block of meat.

Instantly, an invisible wave expanded.

In the auditorium, the audience took in a breath of cold air.

"It's the Qilin sense of touch!"

"It's similar to when Qilin Chef experts choose their ingredients... With such a sensitive sense of touch, they could choose the best ingredients!"

"The top monster is favored by the heavens!"

The audience sighed as they expressed their admiration.

Meng Qi, the referee, also had bright eyes. Such an innate talent had shown up.

With the immortal tongue and Qilin sense of touch gathered on one person, he was really favored by the heavens.

He was like Meng Qi, who also had a top-level immortal tongue. Her sense of taste had reached the peak, which helped her become a Qilin Chef.

Lu Yi's future should be really bright and great.


Meng Qi's eyes moved, landing on Bu Fang.

Perhaps, a miracle existed somewhere?

Remembering the moment Bu Fang touched her shoulders, the image of the flaming Vermilion Bird emerged in her mind. The picture of the Vermilion and the Blue Bird flying together was still vivid, touching her heart.

Every time she remembered it, she couldn't help but blush.

"This block of dragon meat... is the most perfect piece of dragon rib."

A kitchen knife appeared in Lu Yi's hand, which had flashing radiance. Of course, at his level, his kitchen knife wasn't an ordinary immortal tool.

Picking up the dragon rib, Lu Yi turned around, walking toward the stove.

When he got to his station, he turned to check Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked hesitant as he chose the ingredients.

When it came to selecting fine ingredients, Lu Yi had incomparable confidence.


Lu Yi's smug face went stiff.

In his vision, Bu Fang began to choose his ingredients...


Bu Fang didn't choose only one ingredient...

At first, Bu Fang chose a piece of dragon loin, then he continued with dragon tongue, dragon heart, dragon scalp, and dragon belly...

This scene made people scream in excitement.

"What kind of dish will the Great Demon King cook?"

"He chose so many ingredients? It would be a mess of flavors. How could he make them into a dish? Is it similar to Dongfang Huo when he cooked the chicken and used the innards together? He made a messy choice, so his dish failed!"

"Does the Great Demon King want to imitate Dongfang Huo? He's looking to die! He's used up his creativity!"

Indeed, Bu Fang's selection had frightened them all.

It was okay to cook dragon meat. What were those dragon heart, dragon belly, and even dragon scalp used for?

There were so many parts... Did he want to cook some assorted dish?

Of course, Bu Fang didn't mind the others' comments. He was certain about what he wanted to cook.

Picking up those ingredients, Bu Fang returned to his stove station. He placed them on the countertop and calmly processed them.

Meng Qi looked at Bu Fang, feeling a little surprised. She hadn't thought that Bu Fang would choose so many parts after thinking for a long time.

She furrowed her beautiful brows.

Dragon meat was different from other spirit beasts' meat. It was really hard to cook, so the chef should have some point of expertise.

Anyway, since Bu Fang had made up his mind, they could only respect his choice.

"Now that you're done selecting your ingredients, we shall start... The match begins!" Meng Qi announced.

Wasting no time, Lu Yi and Bu Fang rushed to get into their state of cooking.


The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged, and a dragon roar echoed.

The frantic heartbeat resounded from Lu Yi's body one more time. Its terrifying pressure shrouded Bu Fang, which made him almost lose his grip on his knife.

Everybody took in a deep breath.

It was the suppression from the Heart of Cooking Path...

In this case, the Great Demon King was naturally weaker, so it was really fatal in this sort of Chef's Challenge.

The Great Demon King looks like... he can't go on!

Unless he had condensed the Heart of Cooking Path too...

However... could it be possible?

Condensing the Heart of Cooking Path in a Chef's Challenge... It was simply a pipe dream!

Outside the arena, Gongshu Ban squeezed his fists.

He knew the pressure Bu Fang was enduring now as he had experienced it before.

The pressure given to him by the black-cloaked man had troubled him, making him unable to hold his knife...

It was the Heart of Cooking Path's suppression.

And now, would Owner Bu end up the same way?

The audience watched closely as the massive light screen projected Bu Fang's emotionless face...