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 Bu Fang retrieved his finger from Nethery's glabella.

Instantly, the deep green snakes on Nethery's body disappeared. However, the pressure from the snakes stayed in Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang could sense the power from his dishes that suppresses Nethery's curse was getting weaker and weaker.

Actually, it wasn't hard to explain. His dishes couldn't destroy the curse completely, which gave those snakes time to breathe. Slowly, those snakes would build up their ability to resist the suppression from his food.

Bu Fang understood clearly that it was because of the God of Cooking Set. Since his dishes were cooked by his God of Cooking Set, they had bits of divine energy, which could suppress the curse snakes.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, studying Nethery's pale but still beautiful face. He looked somewhat absent-minded.

"Looks like I need to seize the time and get that last fragment for the God of Cooking Set... Perhaps having the next item will boost the suppressing power," Bu Fang thought.

Suddenly, Bu Fang thought about the system, and he couldn't help but ask, "System, do you have any solution to lift the curse in Nethery's body completely?"

However, the system didn't answer him. Staying silent for a long time, it finally answered in a serious tone.

"Your current level is not enough."

Bu Fang was speechless. This system wanted to cause some trouble.

It seemed Nethery's curse was somewhat high-level that his current rank wasn't enough to solve it.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang found a place and sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes, regaining his composure.

He should be ready for the next match.

City Lord Meng Qi floated up to the arena, her immortal robe billowing.

After that battle, the arena bore a lot of damage, so it wasn't suitable for the next challenge. Of course, they needed to fix it.

The other judges flew out of the high platform, landing in front of City Lord Meng Qi and greeted her with respect.

"Let's go."

City Lord Meng Qi gently smiled at the judges.

The judges nodded excitedly.

Then, the judges scattered, standing in different corners of the arena. Talismans emerged in their hands.

Smashing the jade talismans, a faint gold formation appeared, floating in front of them.

Instantly, their mental force surged, pouring into the formation. After that, an invisible energy expanded, rippling.

The ruined arena was recovering at speed naked eyes could observe. Rocks and splinters rolled back, resuming their original shape.

After one breath, the entire arena returned to its original state.

However, the referee City Lord Feng had hurt couldn't supervise the upcoming match, so Meng Qi became the referee.

Because of this, Lu Yi, who was standing under the arena, shot sharp lights from his eyes with a strong fighting will.

Xue Yao and the others didn't know whether they should cry or laugh.

"City Lord Meng Qi wants to support Lu Yi. Since she's the referee of his match, Lu Yi will surely do his best to give Meng Qi a good impression... Everybody knows that Meng Qi is the goddess in his heart..."

Xue Yao smiled, shaking her head. Her eyes turned to the Great Demon King who was sitting cross-legged out there.

It was true that the Great Demon King had created many miracles.

However, facing Lu Yi... this man was the monstrous genius of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

He was the one everybody thought would have a chance to become a Qilin Chef. The Great Demon King... must kneel in front of him.

"While you're taking time for rest, I will announce the theme of the next match, so you could think about your next dish," City Lord Meng Qi said, her face glamorous and glowing faintly.

People were enchanted, and many couldn't help but be infatuated with her.

The most beautiful woman in the Immortal Cooking Realm didn't just get her title by nothing.

"The theme of this match is... Dragon."

"This challenge isn't limited to meat. The organizing board will provide many types of dragon ingredients, including dragon bone, dragon organs, eyes, claws, or eggs... The two contestants can cook anything you want to conquer our judges."

Meng Qi's gentle and pleasant voice lingered around the square.

Everybody took in a breath of cold air.

This was a great theme. Using the dragon as the main ingredient, it wouldn't be ordinary.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as Meng Qi finished speaking, the recovered arena shook hard, and the floor cracked open.

With a rumbling noise, a pure steel cage slowly emerged.

This cage had stunned people. That was because inside it, there was a giant, dark blue spirit beast inside the cage, which was currently sound asleep.

This divine spirit beast released a formidable pressure that made people feel breathless.

"It... Is it a dragon?"

"What a powerful pressure and prestige. This spirit beast must be at least a Six-star Beast Emperor!"

"Yeah, it's a Six-star Beast Emperor, the Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon!"

The audience looked at the giant sleeping dragon in the cage, and they couldn't help but clamor, screaming in excitement.

A Six-star Beast Emperor... It was a truly formidable existence.

So, this Six-star Beast Emperor was the main ingredient for this battle?

Indeed... It was a great theme!

Meng Qi's slender yet somewhat fragile body stood in front of the cold steel cage. With a serious face, she unclasped her hands and gently moved them.

Instantly, the massive door of the cage squeaked open.

The audience held their breaths, feeling their heart skip half a beat.


The cage suddenly opened, and the fast asleep Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon opened its black eyes instantly.

Its aura became even more intense, and it seemed able to rise a storm, howling and roaring unceasingly.

Boom! Boom!

The Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon parted its snout, releasing a jet of red flame as it locked its eyes onto City Lord Meng Qi, who stood right outside the cage.

In just a blink of an eye, the Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon moved. After a vigorous shake, the cold steel cage's door was broken.

The Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon opened its mouth, showing its frightening sharp fangs. Roaring, its stinky breath billowed City Lord Meng Qi's robe as it attacked.

The entire arena was shaking. The Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon was extremely fierce indeed.

The intimidation of a Six-star Beast Emperor was shown exquisitely, which chilled people's hearts.

However, City Lord Meng Qi was still calm, and a smile bloomed on her beautiful face. Her smile could pale hundreds of flowers, making her surrounding glum and dim.

The people that were subdued by the dragon's power felt the pressure loosening. They now only had City Lord Meng Qi in their eyes.

"Filthy animal... Dare to go against me?" City Lord Meng Qi shouted coldly.

Right after that, a pink halo burst out.

A narrow knife emerged in City Lord Meng Qi's hand, which looked like it was made of glass with mysterious patterns.

Facing the Six-star Beast Emperor, City Lord Meng Qi calmly wielded her knife.

One clone, two clones, three clones, four clones...

City Lord Meng Qi, with her knife swishing continuously, had become tens of thousands of shadows.

They were moving gently, as though they were all dancing.

The Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon stayed put at its spot. Then, fine cuts appeared on its body...

Shortly, the Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon fell with a loud thud. Its body was completely dismembered...

Tens of thousands of Meng Qi's clones disappeared. She swept her hand, and shelves emerged in the arena.

After that, pieces of the Fiery Scarlet Demon Dragon were placed on the shelves. Of course, they were the ingredients for the contestants to choose from.

"City Lord Meng Qi's knife skill looks like she's dancing!"

"Magnificent. She was dancing and cutting off the Six-star Beast Emperor..."

"Worthy of being the City Lord, and also a Qilin Chef!"

The audience was so excited. They were so satisfied as they could finally see a Qilin Chef in action!

More importantly, that Qilin Chef was the most beautiful chef, City Lord Meng Qi.

Indeed, the audience felt so lucky.

City Lord Meng Qi took out a white cloth strip to wipe her pink glass knife. Afterwards, her eyes seemed to smile as she looked at the space underneath the arena.

"The two contestants, your rest time is over... Next, it's your cooking battle."

After hearing her words, the audience's eyes moved, falling to the Great Demon King who was taking rest and Lu Yi by the arena.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi opened their eyes. Both of them seemed to have radiance in them.

Gongshu Ban was so excited, his body shivering. He knew he got no reason to be thrilled, but he couldn't help it.

Anyway, this could be Bu Fang's last match. If he wins this, he will become the winner of this year's Immortal Chef Tournament!

How could Gongshu Ban not be excited?

Although Gongshu Ban thought that it was impossible, only thinking about this, he was so excited.

Nethery leaned against her Netherworld Ship, her face pale.

The theme is dragon?

Nethery gazed at City Lord Meng Qi. She was afraid that this theme was purposely arranged.

Among the spirit beasts, only dragons had abundant essence and spirit energy.

City Lord Meng Qi knew that Bu Fang's dish would be used to subdue the curse in her body, so she decided to use a dragon spirit beast?

She was such a caring sister.

Bu Fang and Lu Yi didn't come to the stage magnificently. They were slowly taking each step.

Their footsteps were firm, as though in every step they made, they wanted to affirm the faith in their hearts.

Climbing to the arena, they stood straight, facing each other.

Their eyes met in midair.

The audience was dead silent, as though they were subdued by some invisible pressure that prevented them from making a noise.

Lu Yi's eyes were sharp and piercing, bringing continuous pressure.

Bu Fang's eyes were cold but very determined.

"You will... lose this battle. Without the Heart of Cooking Path, we are not existences at the same level," Lu Yi said to Bu Fang, speaking casually.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The sound of an invisible heart beating arose.

Right after that, Bu Fang felt himself being shrouded in pressure.

The image of Lu Yi in front of him instantly enlarged...

He became so colossal...

Facing Lu Yi, Bu Fang felt like he was facing a whole world!


The void shattered.

Realm Lord Di Tai was sprinting. His long robe flapped as his golden hair fluttered behind.

Lord Dog stomped his graceful feline gait, shaking his butt. After each step, he could greatly shorten the distance, following behind Di Tai.

One dog and one man rushed fast.

After a short time, they saw a disheveled figure in the distance.

It was no one else but the City Lord of the fifth layer, Feng Guanzhang.

Feng Guanzhang's secret was discovered. At this moment, he was fleeing in fright.

Feng Guanzhang paled. Intense murderous aura surged in his eyes.

Since he had absorbed the energy from the Qilin Chef's heart, he thought his power was enough to deal with that mangy dog.

However, although that dog had swallowed the Heavenly Path, its wounds had recovered fast. He couldn't handle it!

His plan wouldn't work!

Hence, he had to run away.

He hated it!

If he had had enough time to completely absorb the energy from the Qilin Chef's heart, his power would have a breakthrough. At that time, even the Realm Lord couldn't do anything to harm him!

He wouldn't have to run in fright like this!

All of a sudden...

The void shattered continuously.

A black dog's paw patted, breaking the void in front of him. Turbulent space energy stirred there.

A fat dog appeared out of thin air in front of Feng Guanzhang. Slowly, it walked gracefully, sauntering towards him. The dog's eyes showed its laziness and disdain.

Feng Guanzhang was petrified.

"Hey... You squeezed off my Little Brother, and now you want to run away? Feng Guanzhang, you didn't put this Realm Lord in your eyes... Tell me, what do you have to squeeze off my Little Brother like that?!"

Behind Feng Guanzhang, Realm Lord Di Tai stepped over barefoot. His cold eyes looked straight at Feng Guanzhang, still keeping the resentment of Little Di Tai's death in his heart.

A moment later, he grabbed his robe's front piece, tearing.

With a swoosh, his clothes blasted off. His eyes were as bright as torches, and his pressure rocketed to the sky.

"And... The Qilin Chef's heart! Explain to me well. Otherwise... I'm not afraid to hit you until you call for your daddy!"