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 A black dog hovered arrogantly in the sky. Behind it, a shiny black ship slowly flew out of the crack.

Everybody was surprised to see this.

No one had thought that a dog would appear.

A dog came to see the Dog Meat Grandmaster... Is it trying to seek death?

Indeed, City Lord Feng suddenly burst out. The knife lights covered the entire sky, aiming at that black dog.

However, when everybody thought that the dog would be slashed to death, it raised its paw...

The beautiful, exquisite dog's paw faced City Lord Feng, patting...

The extremely powerful City Lord Feng was patted from the sky to the arena, shaken hard. Instantly, the arena was smashed with a paw-shaped dent.

The moment City Lord Feng was blown away, the entire place turned dead silent.

"Wow! City Lord Feng was patted away?!"

"What kind of dog is that? How could it be so strong?"

"The Dog Meat Grandmaster was blown away by a dog? Am I dreaming?"

The initially stunned audience went wild, clamoring. They couldn't believe it.

The Dog Meat Grandmaster, who had slaughtered all the dogs in the fifth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, was subdued by a dog.

Lord Dog had blown City Lord Feng away as though it had just swatted a fly. Then, aloofly, he spoke to Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang boy, Nethery needs you."

Bu Fang was surprised. He skeptically looked at the sky where the Netherworld Ship was drifting.

Lord Dog brought the Netherworld Ship, which slowly landed.

Realm Lord Di Tai clasped his hands, also approaching.

"You maniac nudist... Why are you here?" Lord Dog said casually, glancing at Realm Lord Di Tai.

"This is the Immortal Cooking Realm. Why can I not be here?" Lord Dog's words offended Realm Lord Di Tai.

"What happened to Nethery?" Bu Fang frowned, looking at Lord Dog.

From the Netherworld Ship, the disheveled Nethery slowly climbed out.

When Bu Fang lifted his head to see, his eyes shrank.

Nethery's face was devoid of any color.


Bu Fang was shaken. Right after that, his bandaged arm shook, and the black-and-white fabric loosened. He raised his hand, touching Nethery's glabella.


All of a sudden, Bu Fang's mind shivered for a while. In his eyes, the deep green snakes of the curse were coiling around Nethery's body.

Those snakes that should be fast asleep had awakened. Their lush green eyes stared at Bu Fang, their tongues flicking in and out.

"The curse's suppression... has weakened?"

Bu Fang took a deep breath, his face a little grimaced.

"If I'm not wrong, it should be. That's why Lord Dog brought her to you," Lord Dog said naturally.

Realm Lord Di Tai rubbed his chin, muttering skeptically, "She would need your food to subdue it... I'm not sure how your dishes could subdue the curse while mine couldn't? Is it something about moral issues?"

Nethery pursed her lips, saying nothing. At this moment, her round, black eyes gazed at Bu Fang. Her face was so pale, making her look wretched.

City Lord Meng Qi walked forward. She smiled, looking at Lord Dog.

"Lord Dog, long time no see..." Meng Qi stared at Lord Dog, her voice glum.

Lord Dog saw Meng Qi, blinking. However, he said nothing and turned around.


The ruins in the arena exploded one more time.

City Lord Feng rocketed into the sky, his eyes full of murderous aura.

"You mangy dog... give it back to me! Otherwise, I won't stop until you die!" City Lord Feng shouted.

Then, his aura increased unceasingly, creating an energy storm in the sky. His deep blue knife became even more dazzling.

Lord Dog's mouth twitched. He teleported and reappeared in front of City Lord Feng, placing a fluffy paw on City Lord Feng's face.


City Lord Feng was patted back to the ground. The ground blasted, sending splinters everywhere.

"Well... Lord Dog is in a bad mood now. You come as a sandbag. If I don't hit you, I'm a fool..." said Lord Dog.

In the distance...

City Lord Meng Qi looked at Lord Dog gliding away. She rolled her eyes.

That mangy dog wanted to change the topic...

Last time, she brought Lord Dog to the Immortal Tree space. That mangy dog had pretended to be nice and finally revealed his true colors inside the Immortal Tree space. It bit the Heavenly Path once...

...which made the other City Lords blame her for a long time.

And now, seeing her, Lord Dog was startled. If you got the guts to eat the Heavenly Path, don't be startled!


The arena was shaken hard.

As Lord Dog pawed City Lord Feng to the ground, the ground caved in in just an instant.

Swish. Swish.

City Lord Feng had no power to resist as Lord Dog was rubbing him against the ground.

He roared, his energy soaring as he got away from Lord Dog's paw.

Knife lights swarmed over, making a downpour.

"Mangy dog! Die!"

However, Lord Dog opened his mouth, barking.

A roar echoed, shaking the entire heaven and earth.

City Lord Feng's knife light was shattered. His face changed instantly as he stepped backward in the air.

"Your injury has recovered?! Impossible... You got wounded by the Heavenly Path. How could you recover that fast?!" City Lord Feng said with a frightened expression.

Lord Dog indifferently looked at City Lord Feng, baring his fangs. "Even if you're not convinced, Lord Dog can still torment you."

Without warning, another paw came, shattering the void.

City Lord Feng roared, bursting his energy to resist Lord Dog's paw.

However, that paw still patted him to the ground effortlessly.

Realm Lord Di Tai stood in a far distance, pulling the robe on his chest, which revealed his fair skin.

"Hm... Feng Guanzhang's aura is a little odd. He seems much stronger than before... He's reached the upper limit of his shackle."

Meng Qi turned to Realm Lord Di Tai, asking, "Realm Lord Your Highness, you felt it too? Feng Guanzhang isn't this strong before... But he could burst out this kind of power now... There should be something behind this!"

"It's alright. Even if he could rampage, he's not that dog's equal opponent... Didn't he want to find that dog? Well, here it is now. Let Feng Guanzhang feel a bit of despair first."

Realm Lord Di Tai shrugged, then moved his eyes back to Bu Fang.

Meng Qi did the same.

"She's the reason why the Lord of Netherworld found you that year and asked for some dish to break the curse? She is the Netherworld Woman, right?"

Meng Qi's voice was gentle, which felt like a spring breeze rattling through the trees.

"It's hard to explain... Let's see what this boy Bu Fang will do." Realm Lord Di Tai said reluctantly.

That year, his dish couldn't break, much less suppress the Netherworld Woman's curse.

As the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm, it was really face-losing when his dish couldn't be as effective as Bu Fang's...

It seemed Meng Qi knew something. She covered her mouth to hide a smile.

Anyway, Meng Qi was indeed curious. If Realm Lord Di Tai's dish was useless, Bu Fang's dish, which was a First Grade Immortal Chef's dish, could work?

Remembering the flaming Vermilion Bird in her head, Meng Qi's eyes turned odd. Looking at Bu Fang for a while, her beautiful face slowly blushed.

"Alright, looks like I need to cook a dish to suppress the curse immediately..." Bu Fang frowned.

"You need help?" Realm Lord Di Tai offered, stroking his golden hair.

Meng Qi looked at Bu Fang, then said all of a sudden, "Aren't you in the Immortal Chef Tournament? You can cook a dish that could subdue the curse in a match. It will not waste your rank in this tournament."

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes lit up. "Right! Little Meng Meng's right! It's a good idea."

"Is it possible?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

Meng Qi looked at Nethery. She saw the other looking at her with her black eyes. Immediately, she chuckled softly.

"Of course."

"Good. I've decided who I want to challenge next. A guy called Lu Yi something. When can I start?" Bu Fang asked.

Bu Fang's words stunned Meng Qi...

Everyone else was also stunned.

"The Great Demon King wants to challenge the rank one Immortal Chef?"

"What?! Immortal Chef Lu Yi? He's insane... He doesn't even have the Heart of Cooking Path. How could he dare to challenge him?"

"Lu Yi, the monster who ranks first... The Great Demon King challenged him just like that?"

The audience was almost speechless. This wild and arrogant Great Demon King... they didn't know what to say.

By the arena, Lu Yi was somewhat startled. However, he wasn't surprised. He wasn't afraid of anybody's challenge.

He was absolutely confident in his cooking skills.

"You really want to challenge Lu Yi? Are you sure? If you lose... How could you cook a dish to suppress this little girl's curse?" Meng Qi furrowed her brows.

"Go. Don't worry. I believe in you," Nethery suddenly said, her black eyes filled with determination as she looked at Bu Fang.

Looking at Nethery, Bu Fang nodded nonchalantly.

"Then go... I will arrange your match."

Realm Lord Di Tai excitedly rubbed his hands. Then, he turned around, wanting to clean this arena first.

In the distance, a one-sided torment was still going on.

At this moment, City Lord Feng was battered. The fabric on his chest was torn, looking gory with bloodstains.

"Mangy dog, hold on. Here I come!" Realm Lord Di Tai screamed.

He had long hated Feng Guanzhang. The other dared to attack right under his watch. He didn't give the Realm Lord any face at all.


City Lord Feng took several steps back, his face looking very ugly as he saw Realm Lord Di Tai charging over.

The dark look on his face turned into panic. Then, he exhaled, turning around. His knife slashed the void, creating a big void crack.

Wasting no time, he sneaked into the crack immediately.

Facing the healthy mangy dog and the Realm Lord, City Lord Feng chose to run away without hesitation.

He had thought that the mangy dog's injury hadn't recovered yet. Who knew how that dog, whose wounds were created by the Heavenly Path, recovered its wounds that fast!

It seems that he couldn't take back the Qilin Chef's heart... So, there's something he must do to push the progress.

As soon as City Lord Feng entered the void crack, he suddenly turned his head.

He glanced at the two people clad in black standing far away from the arena, giving them a meaningful look before disappearing into the crack.

Lord Dog and Realm Lord Di Tai didn't bother to chase after him.

"He ran away... That Feng Guanzhang is really a weak chicken!" Realm Lord Di Tai said, pulling the front of his robe. "Anyway, why did Feng Guanzhang want you to show up? I always feel something strange here."

"Perhaps because of this..."

Lord Dog's paw shook once, revealing a silver heart hovering above his fluffy paw.

When Realm Lord Di Tai saw the heart, his eyes shrank!

City Lord Meng Qi also saw the silver heart hovering above Lord Dog's paw...

That familiar aura made her expression change.

"That... That is..."

"That motherf*cker... Feng Guanzhang is too cunning!"

Instantly, Realm Lord Di Tai's face darkened. He seemed to have something in his mind. Right after that, he smashed the void and chased after the other.

"Little Meng Meng, you organize the match. I'm going to hunt Feng Guanzhang. There's something... I need to ask him! That damn guy!"

Realm Lord Di Tai said to Meng Qi as he got into the void crack.

Lord Dog flipped his paw and retrieved the silver Qilin Chef's heart. Then, he looked at Bu Fang and Nethery, nodding to Bu Fang before following Realm Lord Di Tai. It seems that he wanted to chase after City Lord Feng too.

Meng Qi looked somewhat emotional. She was baffled seeing that silver heart.

No wonder Feng Guangzhang was so anxious and wanted to force Lord Dog to show up.

Feng Guanzhang had thought that Lord Dog was still injured, so he wanted to kill the latter to take the Qilin Chef's heart back. That way, his secret would remain a secret...

Unfortunately, he was wrong about Lord Dog's real condition, causing his secret to be exposed.

"The death of City Lord Xue... What does it have to do with Feng Guanzhang?"

Meng Qi tightened her fists, frowning. However, she could only wait until Realm Lord His Highness caught Feng Guanzhang.

Feng Guanzhang always pretended to be virtuous!

Taking a deep breath, the sad shadow on Meng Qi's beautiful face vanished. Eventually, her beautiful eyes gazed at Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, after the time of burning an incense stick, your challenge will begin. Rest and prepare," Meng Qi said gently.

Her mild voice echoed around the place.

Lu Yi's eyes focused. Then, his aura changed immediately.

"Oh... so the Great Demon King has chosen me? Facing absolute power... I wonder if he could still create a miracle?"

Lu Yi clasped his hands, his eyes as bright as torches. Then, he raised his hand and clutched his chest.

Thump. Thump.

His heart beat vigorously.


Instantly, Lu Yi emitted an intense pressure that made Xue Yao and the others struggle to breathe.