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 The terrifying energy blasted.

The entire arena had to bear a powerful explosion one more time. Instantly, sand and rocks rolled everywhere.

Everybody quieted down. Looking at the arena shrouded in thick blade energy, they all felt suppressed.

Some exhaled deeply with regret, while some gravely clutched their heads, their eyes disbelieving.

"Goddess Meng Qi..."

"Damn... How could they survive such a horrible attack?!"

"My Goddess Meng Qi won't die!"

The audience clamored as they couldn't accept that City Lord Meng Qi would die.

From the sky, Realm Lord Di Tai dove like a shooting star, bringing with him formidable pressure.

He hovered above City Lord Feng.

The terrifying gust of wind came, billowing City Lord Feng's clothes.

City Lord Feng held his cyan knife, his face cold.

Realm Lord Di Tai squinted his eyes in a rage as his golden hair flew in the wind, his eyes showing his wrath.

"Feng Guanzhang, how dare you! You are a City Lord, yet you attacked another City Lord!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's cold voice reverberated.

It made all the people quiet down. No one dared to make a sound.

This was the first time they saw the Realm Lord.

Everybody respected and was scared of his name. And now, finally, they met the legendary Realm Lord in such a situation.

However, nobody dared to say a word. They knew that now was not the right time to show their excitement and admiration.

"I just want that dog to show up... Meng Qi won't die. At most, she would just get hurt. At that time, I will use all of my immortal ingredients to compensate for her," City Lord Feng said casually.

His attack was controlled, although it was piercing.

With the defensive power of City Lord Meng Qi's Blue Bird Immortal Robe, she wouldn't die, but getting hurt was expected.

Anyway, the piercing power of his attack would kill that weak chef.

In such a circumstance... City Lord Feng didn't believe that the dog wouldn't show up.

Realm Lord Di Tai took a deep breath as he looked at City Lord Feng's cold eyes. "You're so unreasonable! You dare treat my Little Meng Meng and Little Bu Bu like that!"

Then, Realm Lord Di Tai emitted an intimidating aura and pressure.

Instantly, City Lord Feng felt the pressure, and his face changed. He didn't dare to relax his nerves.

He didn't dare to underestimate the Realm Lord's power.


A gust of wind swept over.

Realm Lord Di Tai and City Lord Feng were somewhat bewildered. Their expressions shifted, turning to look at the ruin.


Energy surged, blowing the dust away.

The dazzling blue and red lights covered half of the arena.

Phantoms of a Vermilion Bird and a Blue Bird flew in the sky. They released light curtains, protecting the two people underneath.

One wore a red robe, and under the strong wind, his robe fluttered.

The other was as beautiful as a deity. Blue light meandered on her body while her white, fairy-like robe billowed.

They were Bu Fang and City Lord Meng Qi.

Bu Fang's hands were placed on Meng Qi's shoulders. His move seemed to freeze at this moment.

City Lord Meng Qi's exquisite face showed surprise, disbelief, and... shyness.

Everybody was bewildered.

Looking at the two people in the arena, their faces went stiff.

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank, full of disbelief!

"Impossible! My attack can't be wrong! How could Meng Qi and that kid stay unscathed?!" City Lord Feng gasped.

Realm Lord Di Tai blinked. Then, he covered his mouth as though he just saw ghosts.

"Oh my God...! Little Meng Meng and Little Bu Bu... You did that... behind my back!!!"

His shocked voice woke up the others.

Instantly, the audience took in a breath of cold air, shouting.

"Ahhhh! Demon King, take your hands away!"

"Do not touch my goddess! I want to risk my life against that Great Demon King!"

"Goddess Meng Qi, hit him!"

The audience showed their fangs and claws, yelping and screaming.

Of course, what had intrigued them more was the blushing face of City Lord Meng Qi. It showed how wicked the Great Demon King was!

And they had even felt sorry for that Demon King earlier!

"You also have some top-grade immortal tool?" City Lord Feng's eyes narrowed. He seemed to figure that out as he stared hard at Bu Fang.

Having top-grade immortal tools was enough to explain how Bu Fang could stop his blow and even counterattack.

He was just a First Grade Immortal Chef, but he got such powerful immortal tools.

City Lord Feng had never thought about that.

In the distance, people took a breath of cold air. They were startled when they heard City Lord Feng's words.

A top-grade immortal tool?

The chef robe on the Great Demon King's body was an immortal tool?

It was similar to Goddess Meng Qi's robe, which was another top-grade immortal tool?

Holy sh*t!

That Great Demon King dared to wear a couple-robe with their goddess?! That moron should be dragged away, put in a bamboo cage, and drowned!

The audience was enraged one more time.

Of course, some Immortal Chefs got it now. No wonder Bu Fang could resist the harsh wave every time.

It turned out he got a top-grade immortal tool.

Xue Yao, Meng Kun, and the other Immortal Chefs calmed down their minds when they sensed a tremendous pressure.

Bu Fang had already given them heavy pressure, and now, knowing that he had top-grade immortal tools, that pressure became bigger.

Lu Yi narrowed his eyes. So, it was an immortal tool.

Facing absolute power, even an immortal tool couldn't create a miracle.

Moreover, Bu Fang's top-grade immortal tool was just a chef robe. It couldn't contribute much to his dishes.


Since it was like the partner of their Goddess Meng Qi's robe... it was really irritating to them.

Meng Qi was still flustered. Ever since that gentle and calm voice arose, she hadn't had a hold of herself yet.

The Vermilion Bird appearing in her head had almost petrified her.

Vermilion Bird!

The divine beast in legends!

Meng Qi could feel that her Blue Bird Immortal Robe's defensive power had increased a lot under the Vermilion Robe's support.

She didn't expect the young chef to have such a high-level chef robe!

She cocked her head to one side to look at Bu Fang. His emotionless face and his calm posture stunned her one more time.

Feeling Bu Fang's warm hands placed on her shoulder, Meng Qi suddenly felt hot...

She shook her shoulders, getting away from his hands.

Bu Fang was astonished.

Instantly, the Vermilion Bird and the Blue Bird in the sky disappeared.

City Lord Feng's eyes focused. Right after that, he stomped on the arena, his body dashing as though he wanted to tear the void, heading toward Bu Fang.

His knife swept horizontally, and a formidable knife energy shot out.

It was full of murderous aura.

However, this time, he couldn't succeed.

Realm Lord Di Tai would never allow City Lord Feng to kill people under his eyes.

He teleported, reappearing in front of Bu Fang. Raising one hand, he parried the knife energy.

The intimidating knife energy cut and slashed the Realm Lord's palm continuously, clanging with sharp noises.

Eventually, Realm Lord Di Tai fiercely squeezed it off.

After a boom, the knife energy vanished.

"Realm Lord Your Highness..."

City Lord Meng Qi finally noticed Realm Lord Di Tai. Immediately, she called him in a soft voice.

"Ah..." Realm Lord Di Tai beamed immediately, turning his head and replying, "Little Meng Meng, do you want me to..."

Realm Lord Di Tai smiled as the hand he had just used to smash the knife energy rubbed his sleek, blonde hair, which gently swayed.

City Lord Meng Qi's mouth twitched. The Realm Lord His Highness is still not reliable at all...

The onlookers discovered that... the supposed-to-be-solemn Realm Lord His Highness... was flirting with their Goddess Meng Qi!

How could they stand this?!

Where was the aloof, cold, and overbearing Realm Lord?

How come he became irksome like the Great Demon King that everybody hated!

Goddess Meng Qi belonged to everyone!

Suddenly, Meng Qi's eyes focused, shouting, "Realm Lord, Your Highness, watch out!"

In the distance...

City Lord Feng couldn't stay patient anymore. That hilarious moron Realm Lord didn't consider him at all.


City Lord Feng flashed, disappearing. He wanted to approach Bu Fang from another direction and kill him.

Realm Lord Di Tai recognized his move. Instantly, his body flashed and disappeared as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Slashes of knife energy were sent away.

From every direction, they swarmed, attacking Bu Fang.

The horrible murderous aura had stupefied people.

However, as soon as those energy blades flew out, someone had smashed them all!

Realm Lord Di Tai whipped his golden hair, his face proud. "Feng Guanzhang... You are just a weak chicken."

City Lord Feng landed far away. His eyes narrowed as he gritted his teeth angrily.

"Realm Lord, Your Highness... Why must you protect that weak chef? By killing him, I can force that dog to show up. Why can't I do that? You don't want to expel that dog out of the Immortal Cooking Realm?" City Lord Feng said coldly.

"To force that black dog?" Realm Lord Di Tai was surprised.

"Right... That dog has broken the Heavenly Path, which changed the Immortal Tree... And now, it's here again. Who knows if it's addicted to eating the Heavenly Path? It's back to eat it again!" City Lord Feng said.

"But what does it have to do with killing Little Bu? You have your own power, so go find that black dog. What kind of a man attacks Little Bu?!" Realm Lord Di Tai retorted, placing his hands on his waist.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched once. Why did he find those words strange?

City Lord Meng Qi couldn't hold her smile. Her eyes scanned Bu Fang with interest.

"Give me more time. I can kill that old fellow single-handedly," Bu Fang said, his face unchanged.

He was bullied because he was still young. If he got enough time, his business revenue would increase his cultivation base. At that time, this sort of stuff like this City Lord Feng... he could smash ten of him with one hand!

"He... got some relation to that black dog..." City Lord Feng took a deep breath. His patience had reached its limit.

"Well... My relationship with that dog isn't bad... Why don't you kill me instead?" Realm Lord Di Tai's hands were still on his waist as he spoke straightforwardly.

The flame of wrath blasted in City Lord Feng's chest. Murderous aura gushed in his eyes...

The other people's mouths trembled. So, it turns out that their Realm Lord had such...

However, just as City Lord Feng was about to burst out...

Realm Lord Di Tai suddenly gave him an odd smile.

"Well... Actually, you don't need to kill Little Bu... Look behind you. Some surprise is coming for you."

Realm Lord Di Tai made City Lord Feng bewildered.

Right after that, City Lord Feng felt a horrible pressure. He couldn't help but turn his head to see...

In the distance, a crack slowly emerged, tearing the void apart.

A black dog stomped out with its cat-like steps, followed by a pitch-black ship.

City Lord Feng was panicked. His formidable aura burst out as his deep blue knife emitted energy.

"You black dog. Finally, you showed up!"

City Lord Feng's eyes shot sharp light as he bellowed. A blade slashed across the sky as fast as the wind, aiming at Lord Dog.

"Dog-slaughtering knife skill!"

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Tens of thousands of energy blades emerged, packing the sky. Everybody could feel such sharpness.

Walking out of the crack, Lord Dog furrowed his brows. His eyes looked skeptically at City Lord Feng with his knife soaring in the sky.

"Lord Dog is not in the mood to play with you... Go away and play somewhere else."

After his gentle and magnetic voice arose, he raised his exquisite paw, lazily aiming at City Lord Feng in the sky.

In an instant, those energy blades shattered.

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank.


With a deafening rumble, he was patted to the ground, which was dented with a giant dog's paw...

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Blowing City Lord Feng with just a paw...

That dog... wanted to go to heaven!

Lord Dog frowned, his eyes turning to Bu Fang.

He was a little surprised seeing City Lord Meng Qi standing by Bu Fang. However, this surprise didn't linger as he immediately said, "Bu Fang boy... Nethery needs you."