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 Bu Fang's move had stunned the entire place.

After the smoke and dust scattered, the broken arena was exposed in people's vision, which was followed by a scream and a cold voice.

That scene... was hard to imagine.

It felt like a three-year-old pointing his dagger to a man covered entirely in fine steel armor. This image gave people an impression of something extremely awkward.

Since Meng Qi was sealed in the blade energy cage, she couldn't break it, much less help the other.

However, the moment she saw things over there, even if she was powerful, she was stunned by what she saw. She parted her lips, looking incredulous at what she was seeing.


City Lord Feng's palm didn't smash Bu Fang to death. Quite the contrary, the latter just used his hand to stop him easily. He wasn't even blown away.

How could it be?!

No matter if it was the others or City Lord Feng himself, their minds quivered.

Actually, it was the invincible Vermillion Robe. However, it worked only once in a period of time, so at this moment, it was in cooldown.

And, right now, Bu Fang was in grave danger.

Hence, Bu Fang wanted to counterattack. He couldn't just stand and wait for death.

Waves surged in his spirit sea. The Gold Dragon tool spirit, the Black Turtle tool spirit, the Vermilion Bird tool spirit boosted at the same time, which made Bu Fang's mental spirit reach an incredibly intimidating level.

It was also Bu Fang's strongest mental energy he had ever been able to use until now!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It felt like high waves of air were surging around Bu Fang.

When people felt the mental energy from him, they all looked frightened.

A First Grade Immortal Chef could show such powerful mental energy?

Many people suddenly thought that when Bu Fang had his mental energy tested back then, apparently, he hadn't used all of his power.

And now, Bu Fang was showing the best mental energy of the Great Demon King.

His mental energy made a downpour like a waterfall. It all gathered on Bu Fang's left hand, which was holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

His Taoties' arm had stopped City Lord Feng's palm, which made the latter surprised. And, seizing the time the other was surprised, Bu Fang decided to counterattack.

With a lightning speed that could shake people's minds and not have time to react, he... attacked!

Gold light dazzled with a reverberating dragon roar!

One blade... Cutting Immortal Style!

This was the first time Bu Fang used his new knife skill with the strongest force.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades was strong, but Bu Fang knew it wasn't enough to deal with City Lord Feng. His true energy was too weak, so it would be really difficult to wound City Lord Feng.

It was the only chance... even though he hadn't fully controlled the Cutting Immortal Style yet.

A blade light bloomed in City Lord Feng. It seemed to glow from the endless abyss, dazzling his eyes.

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank, stunned.

In his spirit sea, a figure that hovered aloofly in the sky emerged. Although it appeared vague, it looked somewhat similar to Bu Fang.

It lightly made a slash.

Under this slash, the image in front of City Lord Feng shattered into pieces.

In just a glimpse of time...

City Lord Feng felt chilled, as though he was dipped into a freezing lake water.

His eyes suddenly bloomed in radiance.


The terrifying waves of air erupted from his body as a beam of true energy shot up. That beam seemed like it wanted to poke a hole in the vault of the sky.

In that instant, City Lord Feng couldn't control himself. He struck his best power.


Bu Fang was blown away, his body flying across the sky. The flaming wings flapped behind him to steady his body. Eventually, he landed on the ground far away.

In just a flash, the blade energy scattered.

City Lord Meng Qi felt suffocated. Instantly, she flew away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An energy wave rippled.

People in the auditorium tumbled, their hearts pounding in fear.

"This... is this the strongest strike of City Lord Feng?"

"So scary... I can't even breathe when I felt that aura..."

"So strong. Worthy of being an expert at City Lord's level. Worthy of being a Qilin Chef!"

The audience clutched their chests in fright, looking at City Lord Feng standing in the middle of the ruins.

Meng Qi's eyes were as bright as torches. Her red lips parted and curved.

Feng Guanzhang... How could he be so powerful?! It seems he had become much stronger in one night!

Had Feng Guanzhang always concealed his real power all the time?

Meng Qi looked at Feng Guanzhang, worry and suspicion shrouding her heart.

"You... damn you!

City Lord Feng wore a cold and harsh face. He cocked his head to one side, his hand checking his neck.

There, a cut could be seen... Drops of red blood oozed from it.

Wiping his wound, City Lord Feng removed the trickle of blood. He recovered his powerful intimidation and healed his cut.

However, City Lord Feng's face turned even darker.

He was the City Lord of the fifth layer, a peerless existence in the Immortal Cooking Realm. But... he was hurt by a One-star True Immortal Realm expert.

His neck was cut...

This time... It was really face-losing!

When the people around had seen City Lord Feng's move, they yelped in fright.

"That Great Demon King... He could hurt City Lord Feng?!"

"Is there any reason for this... This Great Demon King is really a monster!"

"A One-star True Immortal Realm could hurt City Lord Feng? But their cultivation bases are so different!"

The audience took in a breath of cold air. They felt it so unimaginable.

Anything involving the Great Demon King was always beyond human's estimation.

Bu Fang panted, gasping for his breath.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was then retrieved. His face paled.

After activating the power of the three tool spirits at the same time, Bu Fang had to bear the adverse side effects. At this moment, his spirit sea became stagnant.

Slashing one blade of Cutting Immortal Style, Bu Fang had used all of his true energy, and he had almost drained his mental energy.

However, even his Cutting Immortal Style couldn't really chop off City Lord Feng's head...

Bu Fang felt a little regretful.

Anyway, if the surrounding people knew his regret, they would hate that they couldn't curse Bu Fang until he stopped.

He, a One-star True Immortal Realm expert, could hit City Lord Feng. It was incredible enough.

That Great Demon King wanted to slash City Lord Feng within one blade?

It was a City Lord's level expert! His attainment was the peak in the Immortal Cooking Realm. He was the sort of existence that topped this world, looking and observing the realm from his height!

Even experts like the Realm Lord couldn't exterminate experts at the City Lord's level effortlessly.

This Great Demon King... Just where did he get his confidence to slash and kill a City Lord in one attempt?


City Lord Feng clasped his hands. The pressure on his body shattered the ground unceasingly.

His murderous aura rocketed to the sky, his eyes so cold.

He began to move. His footsteps sounded like the bronze bell ringing ear-piercingly in people's heads. Their hearts raced as the footsteps echoed.

It was extremely irritating, though.

City Lord Feng looked down at Bu Fang from the sky, his eyes nonchalant. However, there was a cold murderous intent in them, as though he wanted to freeze Bu Fang to death.

City Lord Meng Qi stepped forward, shielding Bu Fang.

"Feng Guanzhang... You're hiding something from us!" City Lord Meng Qi shouted, gazing at City Lord Feng with bright eyes.

City Lord Feng coldly glared at City Lord Meng Qi, saying casually, "At our level, who won't have some secret that shouldn't be told? Move. Or else... I will kill you too."

The flame of rage in his heart was ignited. Only eliminating that worm would vent the resentment in his heart.

Of course, after killing this ant, that black dog that stole the Qilin Chef heart would show up.

"You are a City Lord who rules this entire layer. How could you be a tyrant?!" City Lord Meng Qi thundered.

He wanted to kill her?! Had Feng Guanzhang gone mad?

Some people in the audience stood up after hearing City Lord Feng's threat to City Lord Meng Qi. They couldn't let this pass, so they got up and were about to protest.

However, as soon as they stood up, they hadn't had the chance to speak.

Feng Guanzhang shot a glance at them. He raised his hand, aiming at those people and squeezing...

One of them immediately vomited blood. Instantly, he was killed by some invisible energy.

He slumped, falling after gasping his last breath...




People now had a bad impression of City Lord Feng. After only showing dissent, he could kill someone. This fellow... is simply a devil!

"You... Get lost." City Lord Feng coldly gazed at Meng Qi.

He killed the chicken to threaten the monkey. He wanted to shoo Meng Qi away.

Behind Meng Qi, Bu Fang slowly got up.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared together with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his left hand while the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was in his right hand, coldly looking at City Lord Feng.

He was so calm, though.

Meng Qi didn't leave. Her immortal robe fluttered, her eyes turning sharper. "I won't let you kill people freely!"

"Then... die!" City Lord Feng snarled coldly.

His hand shook once, and a deep blue knife appeared in his hand, which looked really fancy and magnificent.

A moment later, tens of thousands of energy blades shot out, aiming at City Lord Meng Qi.

Rumble! Rumble!

The ground collapsed fast.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. Her immortal robe billowed, releasing a wave of invisible energy to block City Lord Feng's attack.

"No use. Even if your Blue Bird Immortal Robe is stronger, you can't stop me..."


Tens of thousands of light blades gathered, turning into a massive sword. It slashed down at City Lord Meng Qi's immortal robe's defense.

Meng Qi felt her heart grabbed by a big hand.

Although the Blue Bird Immortal Robe was a top-grade immortal tool, City Lord Feng's power was at its peak at this moment. She understood that her robe couldn't stop him.

And since the immortal robe couldn't stop him, she and the young Immortal Chef behind her... would die.

All of a sudden, from above the sky...

A loud, ear-piercing boom reverberated.

"Feng Guanzhang! How dare you?!"

That echoing, head-splitting voice lingered in the sky, shaking people's minds. They couldn't help but look up.

The clouds in the sky changed.

A formidable figure was plunging fast, and the void on his way shattered unceasingly.

"It... It's the Realm Lord himself?"

"Looks like Realm Lord His Highness... I saw his portrait before!"

"The Realm Lord His Highness has been alerted? Our Goddess Meng Qi is going to be saved!"

The audience looked excitedly at the sky, exclaiming.

City Lord Feng trembled once. However, his eyes became even sharper, and he continued slashing.

He still wanted to kill City Lord Meng Qi and Bu Fang!

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes were filled with fury. His anger was surging!

That Feng Guanzhang wanted to kill his Little Meng Meng and Little Bu Bu!

He had already spoken, but the other hadn't stopped!

He was the Realm Lord, but the other didn't give a bit of respect?!

Rumble! Rumble!

He accelerated. The clouds in the sky rolled, turning into a red hue, which seemed to mirror Realm Lord Di Tai's heart at this moment!


He couldn't catch up with the other.

City Lord Meng Qi knew that she would be killed, her face ashen.

City Lord Feng's move didn't cease, his sword energy slashing. As his extremely formidable aura burst out, the void shattered section by section.

City Lord Meng Qi's face paled even further. She's going to die...

Everyone widened their eyes in shock and fright, almost tearing their eyelids. They felt so hurt that they couldn't even breathe. Their goddess... was about to be killed!

How could that tyrant do that?! How dare he?!

All of a sudden...

A faint but gentle voice arose in Meng Qi's ears.

"Don't be anxious. Relax..."

Bu Fang pounded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok on the ground with a loud thud. Then, he raised his hands, placing them on City Lord Meng Qi's soft and fragrant shoulders.

Instantly, the Vermillion Robe on his body turned fiery scarlet, its flames bursting into the sky!

City Lord Meng Qi was bewildered. Right after that, in her mind, a Vermilion Bird arose, singing its song. The flaming wings spread open, covering the entire sky.

In the next moment, her Blue Bird Immortal Robe shook once, and a blue light shot up into the sky.

A flaming Vermilion Bird and a soaring Blue Bird emerged, flying and swirling in the air.

At the same time...

The blade light came!


An earthshaking explosion blasted, booming continuously.