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 Chapter 107: Researching a New Dish

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"This morning, the marquis and General Ouyang received a secret letter from the crown prince. The crown prince claimed that he had information about your whereabouts, so they went to the crown prince's palace," Luo Sanniang said with a rather unpleasant expression.

Yang Chen and Ouyang Xiaoyi only understood Luo Sanniang's words but did not understand the meaning behind them.

On the contrary, Bu Fang knew some parts of the story but he was completely uninterested in this matter. In fact, whoever became the emperor was the same to him since he only wanted to run a restaurant within the imperial city. As long as the new emperor did not bother him, everything was fine.

"Alright, since that fellow has already been driven away by you, you should take these two brats home," Bu Fang said to Luo Sanniang.

Luo Sanniang was startled for a moment, then she looked at Bu Fang and nodded. "I've long since heard of Owner Bu's name. Now that I've personally seen you, the owner of the store that's the talk of the town is indeed not an ordinary person."

To be able to nearly slice off the sole of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor with a single attack using a kitchen knife, this Bu Fang's combat prowess was rather incredible. Battle-Emperors were already considered the top-notch experts within the entire Light Wind Empire. However, the protective barrier of a Battle-Emperor was penetrated by a kitchen knife of a mere fourth grade Battle-Spirit. This was simply unimaginable for Luo Sanniang.

"I am good friends with Yanyu, so I've heard stories about Owner Bu. I've always wanted to find an opportunity to visit Owner Bu's store to try out the delicious food that was highly praised by Yanyu. When I get the chance next time, I'll definitely visit," Luo Sanniang earnestly said.

"Alright, you're very welcomed." Bu Fang nodded. So, this busty chick before him knew Xiao Yanyu. No wonder she was greeting him as if they were old friends.

Luo Sanniang grabbed hold of the hands of Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen. After bidding farewell to Bu Fang, she hurriedly left with the two brats. The crown prince was obviously planning to use their whereabouts to coerce the Ouyang and Yang families into supporting him when he sent the secret letter to them. This would be a tremendous help in aiding his enthronement.

However, the truth was Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen were not in the crown prince's clutches. Or to be exact, these two brats unexpectedly escaped.

In that case, the situation became rather uncertain.


The employees from Immortal Phoenix Restaurant had already removed the tables and ingredients used for the match and the thousand layer tofu flower made by Bu Fang was carefully taken away by Qian Bao. This piece of work could be considered a masterpiece among cutting technique and there was even some sculpting techniques used.

The alleyway became spacious once more. However, news of Bu Fang's godlike, uncanny cutting techniques had completely spread. A chef from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the black-hearted store's owner. This was not an inconsequential advertisement. At the very least, many of the spectators followed after Bu Fang in the hopes of glimpsing his culinary skills.

Bu Fang walked back into the store but he started covering up the entrance with the door boards, completely ignoring the crowd gathered outside.

"Owner Bu, why are you closing up so early?" a potential customer puzzledly asked. They witnessed Bu Fang's cutting techniques and wanted to savor the delicious food within the store, since they were already there. They did not anticipate that Bu Fang would actually close up the store.

"Today's opening hours has already ended. If you want to taste my dishes, come back earlier tomorrow to queue up," Bu Fang expressionlessly said while completely ignoring the crowd outside of the store whose expressions were gradually becoming displeased.

"You're really unreasonable. It's not as if we won't pay for the food. Why are you not letting us in?"

"Are you not running a store to make money? This is a chance for you to make money and you're not interested, are you stupid?"


The crowd's dissatisfied complaints continued to resound within the alleyway. Obviously, Bu Fang's decision to close the store had angered them.

Bu Fang was leaning on the doorway, expressionlessly watching the crowd. He was not in a rush to give them a response and just indifferently looked at them, while listening to their complaints and abuse.

Only until everyone had gotten tired, Bu Fang stood up and picked up the last piece of door board. He said, "I already said that the opening hours has ended. If you want to eat here, come back earlier tomorrow to queue up. This store does not provide services during non-opening hours."

After Bu Fang finished speaking, he closed up the last piece of door board with a bang.

Everyone was stunned. There actually existed such a weird and stubborn owner in this world? Who was not even interested in making money?!

"Ptui! What kind of a garbage store is this! Who the hell do you think you are! I am not interested in eating here anymore!" One of the customers dissatisfiedly spat on the ground and turned around with the intention to leave.

However, before he could even take a single step, he felt a gigantic pressure fall upon him. He tumbled onto the ground and coincidentally lied down on the place where his spit landed, lightly brushing against that spot. He only felt the pressure disappear after the floor was wiped clean.

That person's face was filled with terror as he got up from the ground in a pathetic manner and scrambled to escape from the alleyway. There was something strange within the alleyway!

The others did not feel that pressure, so they were puzzled when they saw that person frantically running away.

Since the entrance of the store was closed, they did not persist any further and left the alleyway one after another. The entire alleyway regained its tranquility once more.

Blacky lazily rolled its eyes while lying in front of the store's entrance. It moved its head and adjusted its position before continuing with its cozy slumber. How dare he spit in front of the store's entrance... There was no way Blacky would let him leave before he wiped the floor clean.

Bu Fang took off his overcoat once he got back into the store. He stretched his body and walked toward the kitchen.

The system's reward had already been given out, but Bu Fang was unexpectedly unconcerned about it. Regarding the system's somewhat revengeful mission this time, Bu Fang felt rather amused. He did not think the system would be capable of throwing a tantrum as well.

Back in the kitchen, a wisp of green smoke encircled Bu Fang's hand and the extremely sharp Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife that almost sliced off the sole of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor was still unassuming. There was neither dust nor blood stains on it.

However, Bu Fang still habitually used the spring water provided by the system to wash the knife's blade. After all, as a chef, Bu Fang was quite obsessed with cleanliness.

After cleaning the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang waved his hand and the kitchen knife turned into a wisp of green smoke, returning into the mark on his wrist. Then, he went into a daze for a while, staring at the cutting board in front of him.

Bu Fang suddenly did not feel like cooking the dishes on the store's menu. He was feeling exhausted after cooking the same thing every single day. All humans have a sense of laziness and Bu Fang was a human as well.

He thought about going back to sleep in his room, but felt that it was a little too early for sleeping.

Therefore, Bu Fang was feeling somewhat undecided on what to do for a moment.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and took out a piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat from the system's storage space. This was the meat from the Wandering Dragon Cow's legs and was filled with a rich amount of spirit energy.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he looked at the piece of beef shank. Suddenly, he wanted to cook his own dish instead of following the dishes on the menu.

Creating and researching new dishes was a thing that every single chef was interested in, and Bu Fang was not an exception.

The Wandering Dragon Cow was a seventh grade spirit beast. Its meat was extremely hard and it was impossible for an ordinary kitchen knife to cut into it. Therefore, Bu Fang summoned the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife once more and swiftly turned the piece of meat from the Wandering Dragon Cow into minced meat.

Looking at the minced meat, Bu Fang suddenly remembered an extremely delicious dish. However, in order to cook that dish, he still needed to prepare and process many other things and the steps were rather troublesome.

However, as he recalled the taste of that dish, Bu Fang's exhausted mind suddenly became energetic.

He took out the intestines of the Wandering Dragon Cow from the system's storage space and repeatedly washed the blood-stained intestines at the sink. He used the spirit spring water provided by the system which ensured the spirit energy contained in the intestines was preserved.

After cleaning the intestines, Bu Fang carefully started peeling off its outer layer, the submucosa.

This submucosa was an important material in the dish Bu Fang was going to make next.