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 Huang Haotian had never thought that he would be defeated.

He was defeated by an Immortal Chef from the first layer.

Now he was stupefied, his mouth filled with the taste from that cubed chicken.

Due to his immortal tongue, he could control the taste to an extremely terrifying level. The piece of chicken in his mouth burst out into flavors, which made him shudder.

The moment he ate the cube of chicken, he knew... he lost.

He also knew why he lost.

He lost because of his choice of ingredient.

His dish's recipe wasn't wrong. But... using chicken to cook this dish was the wrong stroke of the brush.

Before cooking, he had been hesitant for a while because he knew that duck was the best ingredient to cook this dish.

Perhaps, due to his disdain to Bu Fang, Huang Haotian had thought that he could use chicken to cook this recipe and defeat him.

However, he was wrong this time. For his disdain, he had to pay a big price.

Facing Bu Fang, his dish was crushed.

Bu Fang's chicken cubes had completely released the delicious taste of the chicken meat. Furthermore, his dish had controlled the chicken's original taste.

Although it was really delicious, he was defeated because of a small mistake.

It was just a small mistake, but in this competition, this mistake seemed to be magnified... becoming his biggest mistake.

Huang Haotian's body staggered, and his face turned pale.

"Bu Fang won. Since he successfully challenged and defeated Huang Haotian, he is now ranked tenth."

The referee's voice echoed around the place, which fired people up.

Huang Haotian was defeated. It was real...

The Great Demon King had successfully become the rank ten Immortal Chef in this year's tournament...

The Great Demon King... had entered the top ten.

Under the stage, Gongshu Ban was dumbstruck after hearing the announcement. He felt like he was in a dream. Owner Bu... had entered the top ten.

This is f*cking... exciting!

After staying bewildered for a while, Gongshu Ban was excitedly throwing his fists into the air, exclaiming loudly.

"Holy sh*t! Owner Bu... You're awesome!"

Gongshu Ban was over the moon. He could never imagine that Bu Fang had defeated the rank ten chef and successfully entered the top ten.

It was something he couldn't even dare to dream.

The Immortal Chefs in the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm didn't have enough resources and innate talents compared to the Immortal Chefs in other levels.

Each Immortal Chef Tournament was a one-day tour to them. Even if they could get into the top two hundred, they would be eliminated later.

And now...

Bu Fang had created a new record. He had entered the top ten!

It was like... crossing the distance between heaven and earth!

Bu Fang wasn't excited at all. However, the corner of his mouth rose once.

Finally, he got into the top ten. And now, he just needed to enter the Immortal Tree space and get the Immortal Tree seed, which would help him complete the system's first task.

Anyway, Bu Fang still had no clue about the second task, which was to condense the Heart of Cooking Path...

Up to now, he hadn't figured out what was the so-called Heart of Cooking Path. That was why he wasn't as happy as he had expected.


A magic array glowed underneath him. Immediately, the crystal knife cabinet emerged from it.

Zhou Kuangliu, Dongfang Huo, and Huang Haotian were defeated. It also meant that they lost the Chef's Challenge.

And now, they must receive the punishment.

As their hearts bled, their knives flew to Bu Fang.

Zhao Kuangliu's knife was just a middle-grade immortal tool.

Dongfang Huo had used another knife. It wasn't the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife, but its quality wasn't bad since it was a high-grade immortal tool.

As for Huang Haotian, his knife was the most dazzling among the three.

Although it was pure black, when the three knives were placed together, it released a dazzling radiance.

It was Huang Haotian's beloved kitchen knife.

Admiring the knives for a while, Bu Fang put them into the knife cabinet. Then, he gently exhaled.

Huang Haotian was bleeding inside.

Anyway, this cooking battle was recognized by the Heavenly Path's will. He couldn't deny it.

Snarling bitterly, Huang Haotian's eyes turned bloodshot. He felt so aggrieved losing this battle.

The audience remained silent.

The Great Demon King was the real Demon King. The Immortal Chef ranked tenth in this tournament couldn't subdue him. He seized the chance and advanced even further.

The Great Demon King was born to collect kitchen knives.

The referee's eyes were filled with awe as he looked at Bu Fang. Actually, he wasn't surprised when he saw Bu Fang collecting the knives.

In the distance...

Xue Yao and Meng Kun didn't know what to say. Huang Haotian had failed miserably in an easy task.

An Immortal Chef from the first layer defeated him, and he even lost his knife.

"The Great Demon King is worthy of being called the Great Demon King... He has brought us such pressure." Xue Yao sighed.

She couldn't deny that she had made a wrong assumption and underestimated Bu Fang.

"Now I'm curious who the Great Demon King would challenge for the next match. Look at him. I don't think he would be satisfied with ranking tenth. Of course, he would challenge further. So, who will be his next opponent?" Meng Kun asked curiously.

"You or me, maybe..." Xue Yao said, looking at Meng Kun.

Right after that, a cold air arose from them. A rushing, tensed feeling shrouded their hearts.

Who will Bu Fang challenge for the next match?

Everybody was so curious.

However, Bu Fang didn't make his decision that fast.

Putting away the knife cabinet, Bu Fang lifted his head, looking at the referee standing by him. Frowning, he asked, "Can I ask something..."

The referee was surprised. It was the first time Bu Fang talked to him proactively, so he was a little thrilled.

"What is it?"

"What is the Heart of Cooking Path? Who got the Heart of Cooking Path among the top ten chefs?" Bu Fang asked further.

The referee was bewildered. He didn't expect that Bu Fang would ask such a question.

After organizing his thoughts, the referee explained, "The Heart of Cooking Path is a mysterious, theoretical method. To be more exact, it's a state of mind when it comes to cooking.

"When you have the Heart of Cooking Path, while cooking, you activate it, and it will boost your abilities. No matter if it's your mental force, your sensing, your accuracy, your meticulous taste or heat control, it will improve them significantly... Condensing the Heart of Cooking Path is the premise to become a Third Grade Immortal Chef. The earlier you get the Heart of Cooking Path, the better for you when you achieve a higher level of your cooking attainment."

Bu Fang nodded. So, it was the reason why the system mentioned the Heart of Cooking Path.

It was a state of cooking.

Bu Fang wasn't unfamiliar with this state. Sometimes, while cooking with a serene mind, he would enter such a state by chance.

While cooking, his control of all aspects increased.

He thought he just needed a bit more to condense the Heart of Cooking Path. Perhaps, he was just a step away.

And, the system requested him to make this step and successfully condense the Heart of Cooking Path in this tournament.

"Also, you asked if any chef in the top ten has the Heart of Cooking Path..." The referee looked at Bu Fang, then took a deep breath. "Among the top ten chefs, the first five all have the Heart of Cooking Path..."

"The top five have the Heart of Cooking Path?" Bu Fang was bewildered. He didn't expect the number to be that big.

"Yes... They are monstrous chefs. The first five are all Immortal Chefs from the fifth layer, and Lu Yi is the top monster among the monsters..." said the referee.

The referee didn't know what Bu Fang wanted to clarify. However, when he told the other the truth, he wasn't afraid that it would affect Bu Fang.

If Bu Fang was easy to be affected, he wouldn't be addressed as the Great Demon King.

"Now you know. Have you made up your mind who you want to challenge next?" the referee said with a smile, trying to make the atmosphere more relaxing.

Bu Fang looked at the referee, his mouth twitching. "No need to think. I will directly challenge the strongest... It will provide enough pressure."

Then, he turned around, stepping down the stage.

The referee froze.

Directly challenge the strongest... What did he mean?


The referee finally realized something. Instantly, he took in a breath of cold air.

Is the Great Demon King insane?

He wanted to challenge the strongest, Lu Yi?

Lu Yi, the one who ranked first in this Immortal Chef Tournament?!

The referee was stunned speechless...

The Great Demon King is always the Great Demon King.

Wild and arrogant enough!

Indeed, Bu Fang planned to challenge Lu Yi. He would directly challenge the chef who topped the list.

If he wanted to create the Heart of Cooking Path, he needed sufficient pressure. The pressure brought by Huang Haotian wasn't enough. And, since Bu Fang was lazy, he didn't want to experience increasing the pressure step by step.

Hence, he directly chose the strongest one.

Win or lose, it all depended on him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The moment Bu Fang was about to leave the stage, the void in front of the arena was torn apart with loud booms.

The people who were initially stunned were now alarmed. Taking a breath of cold air, they turned to watch that void crack.

A cold aura emitted from it. Then, a figure clasping his hands, sauntered out.

In the auditorium, City Lord Meng Qi stood up, looking at that figure.

City Lord Feng had arrived as well.

Since Meng Qi could figure out the relationship between Bu Fang and that dog, of course, City Lord Feng could figure it out too...

If Meng Qi wasn't wrong, the other City Lords would arrive soon.

Once that happens, things would be much more interesting...

However, Meng Qi furrowed her brows. The way City Lord Feng appeared was very unusual to her.

His manner... was a little... too fierce?

Bu Fang stopped walking. His eyes narrowed, looking straight ahead.

City Lord Feng was slowly approaching him.

"The City Lord of the fifth layer!"

"The Dog Meat Grandmaster, City Lord Feng! Why is he here? Why is he blocking the Great Demon King?"

"Did the Great Demon King cheat? Impossible... Even if he cheated, the City Lord wouldn't need to take action himself..."

The audience took in a breath of cold air as they felt the horrible, murderous aura from City Lord Feng, their bodies shivering.

It was the murderous intent coming from a Qilin Chef.

The Great Demon King had done something that made people resentful. He had provoked a Qilin Chef!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The crack closed.

City Lord Feng's cold eyes gazed at Bu Fang.

It was the first time Bu Fang felt shaken. It felt like a tremor within his soul, chilling him.

"You are that restaurant's owner... Owner Bu?" City Lord Feng said casually. However, each of his words was full of force and violence.

City Lord Meng Qi frowned, feeling that the situation was getting stranger.

"Even if it's because of that dog... he shouldn't vent his anger on such a common Immortal Chef. City Lord Feng is overreacting."

Meng Qi stood up, slowly descending the stairs.

Eventually, some people noticed Meng Qi, screaming.

They chanted "Goddess Meng Qi" unceasingly.

The City Lord of the fourth layer, Meng Qi, was the goddess in many men's hearts.

City Lord Feng seemed to feel Meng Qi's displeasure. Without hesitation, his mind flickered, making a move.

What? He want s to attack?

Everyone was so stunned.

Bu Fang frowned. The Vermillion Robe on his body fluttered, turning into a scarlet hue.

"City Lord Feng, please don't!" The referee paled. His body flashed, standing in front of Bu Fang.

He wanted to stop City Lord Feng's attack. However, his body seemed to be struck by some heavy club.

His mind was shaken hard. He vomited blood while being sent through the air, hitting the stage's barrier. He even made a huge dent after he crashed...

The audience was petrified.

City Lord Feng wanted to kill the Demon King!

"Tell me... where is that dog?"

After attacking the referee, City Lord Feng stopped. He stood coldly, releasing his endless murderous aura.

Bu Fang shivered. This City Lord Feng's target is... Lord Dog?