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 The judges were all bewildered.

Their expressions were projected on the big light screen, which everyone could see.

The audience couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air as they saw the changes on the judges' faces.

From cold and white, they all turned red and even purplish-red...


It seemed all the judges had fire blazing in their eyes, and they couldn't suppress such a feeling.

"It... tastes really good."

A judge bit the chicken and felt the exploding flavor in his mouth. Goosebumps appeared all over his skin, and in just a glimpse of time, his face reddened.

"It evokes a special feeling. The spicy taste inside the cube is just right. Every fiber of meat seems to have explosive energy. The chef had combined and adjusted the mix of energy from immortal ingredients perfectly..." Another judge spoke while chewing the chicken meat, aroma and essence energy fuming from his mouth.

They were so infatuated with the oily, gold chicken cube.

The chicken skin was like jelly, which was really smooth and elastic. They just needed to suck it slightly, and it would slide from their oral cavity through their throat to get in their stomach, bursting extreme flavors.

The spicy, aromatic, sour, meaty, and chicken flavors... blasted at the same time.

The aroma alone was so enchanting.

After having the skin, it was time to eat the meat. Because of precise heat control, the meat under the gold skin was soft and tender.

The meat wasn't stringy. It seemed it was smashed already. After biting, it slid easily into their mouths.

Chewing gently, the soft and tender feeling filled their oral cavity.


This experience was unusual, and they all looked surprised.

Are they really chicken cubes? Turns out they could cook chicken cubes like this. The cubes marinated with enough spicy taste could make people feel an explosive sensation they would never forget!

The audience was bewildered.

Through the big screen, they watched the judges try the chicken cubes while taking in the thick meat smell in the air.

They couldn't help but gulp.

This hungry feeling was more intense than what the previous two chicken dishes had given them.

All of them had forgotten that... they initially looked down on those chicken cubes.

Cooking chicken in cubes was always inferior. That was because after the chef had cut the chicken into pieces, it was hard to ensure that the chicken meat's energy and flavor wouldn't drain away during the cooking process.

But apparently, the judges discovered that the Great Demon King's chicken cubes weren't ordinary chicken cubes. It made them want to eat more.

Chopping the chicken into pieces would destroy the beauty of a chicken as a whole. This method of cooking couldn't give people an excellent visual experience compared to cooking the chicken whole.


Those people now thought that this theory wasn't applicable to the Great Demon King's fighting chicken.

The Great Demon King's cubed chicken dish... wasn't ordinary. It wasn't the typical cubed chicken dish.

While eating, Little Di Tai's mouth opened wide, blowing heat and steam as he felt it was so spicy.

With the pickled pepper, Exploding Flame Pepper, and the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce, it was impossible that the dish wasn't spicy!

Bu Fang's fighting chicken was so spicy that they began to doubt their lives. Despite this, they couldn't stop eating.

The judges discussed for a while then began to wield their chopsticks, stirring the Blood Marble pot one more time.

They grabbed more chicken cubes to eat.

In the distance, Dongfang Huo's face was so ugly. The joy from defeating Zhou Kuangliu had long faded at this moment.

The judges' expression and attitude... looked very familiar. He couldn't help feeling a bad premonition.

Was he about to lose again?

The judges hadn't announced anything yet, but this feeling was swelling up fiercely in his heart...

He turned to Bu Fang...

Bu Fang was clasping his hands, his face nonchalant as though he cared nothing about victory.

His calmness... made Dongfang Huo's heart irritated. It was as if he got a flame burning within him, consuming him entirely.

No, he must not lose!

The Great Demon King cooked cubed chicken, and cubed chicken had a deadly flaw! He couldn't lose again!

"I can't believe it... It's almost perfect! A great invention!"

"Yeah... It's a whole new cooking method that makes up the flaw of cooking cubed chicken."

"This fighting chicken is so delicious! I want to eat more!"

The judges appraised.

The audience clamored. Dongfang Huo's face went stiff.

That flaw of cooking cubed chicken, which would release the chicken's essence and energy, did not exist in the Great Demon King's dish?

A judge burped gently. He wiped his greasy lips, then said, "No doubt, the winner of this match is... Bu Fang's Abyssal Stone Pot Fighting Chicken."

Hearing his words, the entire auditorium went into an uproar.

"Wow... For real?! Dongfang Huo's roast chicken was defeated by cubed chicken?"

"It's the first time a low-level cubed chicken won in a competition!"

"He's indeed the Great Demon King... He can create miracles any time!"

The audience clamored, shivering in fright.

The Great Demon King won. It also meant that Dongfang Huo lost again to Bu Fang.

Dongfang Huo's face turned as purple as a pork liver.

He f*cking lost again.

He was defeated by a dish with the blade-like chicken.

The Great Demon King... is toxic!

Dongfang Huo couldn't question the judges' integrity because they were all the Third Grade Immortal Chefs. They had no reason to favor Bu Fang.

And, even if they wanted to support someone, they wouldn't do that to an Immortal Chef from the first layer.

Hence, without a doubt, he was defeated one more time.

Dongfang Huo's confidence was broken. He dispiritedly stepped backward, stumbling against his stove. Blood drained from his face, and it seemed his soul had left him.

"I... I lost again."

Dongfang Huo had lost his faith in his cooking after being defeated twice by Bu Fang.

Far from them...

Huang Haotian looked at the dazed Dongfang Huo, his eyes narrowing.

No doubt that after losing two cooking battles, Dongfang Huo's confidence would be crushed. He had completely lost his chance to create the Heart of Cooking Path.

He felt sorry for him, though.

It was unexpected that... the Great Demon King's cubed chicken could win easily like that.

The corners of Huang Haotian's mouth slightly curved. All of a sudden, he felt interested.

He wondered if his Heavenly Deity Roast Chicken could defeat Bu Fang's Abyssal Stone Pot Fighting Chicken.

He looked really forward to it.

Now that the judges were done with Bu Fang's dish, they moved on to Huang Haotian's roast chicken. It was the last dish among the four contestants.

It was also the dish that everybody was waiting for, a dish cooked by a top ten Immortal Chef.

The massive light screen projected Huang Haotian's dish.

That dish... was shining with smooth and fulgent chicken skin, which had a light gold hue. Sparkling with light, it looked really special.

It wasn't just any roast chicken. Looking at it, everyone thought that it was boiled instead of roasted.

Not only that, it was even served with two dishes.

"Judges, allow me to introduce the dish first."

The moment the judges were curiously observing the two other dishes, Huang Haotian teleported to their place, standing in front of them.

The judges looked at Huang Haotian, giving him a nod.


A shiny black knife appeared in his hand.

It was his immortal knife. Of course, the energy rippling from it was extraordinary.

"My chicken has a whole new world inside... It's interesting to know how to eat it," Huang Haotian said.

He rolled his sleeve and stretched his hand, pressing the chicken by its neck. Right after that, the knife began to cut the chicken on its back.

The swishing sounds echoed unceasingly.

From the massive light screen in the sky, the audience was so curious, gazing at that dish.


The chicken's back was cut open.

However, since Huang Haotian was pressing the chicken by its neck, the narrow crack hadn't parted to two sides yet.

"And now... it's time to see the miracle." Huang Haotian parted his lips, grinning.

Under the arena, beautiful Xue Yao smiled.

Meng Kun's mouth also twitched.

"It's Huang Haotian's usual style... an extremely bombastic cooking style and attitude."

"His food is never as it seems. They are all creative... Looks like Huang Haotian will win this match."

Xue Yao and Meng Kun's comments made the other top ten Immortal Chefs pay attention to Huang Haotian.

But, more importantly, Huang Haotian had an immortal tongue.

They couldn't deny his talent in meticulously controlling the food's exquisite taste.

Among the top ten, only three had an immortal tongue -Huang Haotian, Lu Yi who ranked first, and Feng Xin who ranked second.

Huang Haotian was like an exotic flower. He got an immortal tongue that could be compared to a great divine tool, but he only ranked tenth.

It was because of his cooking manner.

Although he had an immortal tongue, he was still pretty far away from condensing the Heart of Cooking Path.

Compared to the other contestants, who had almost reached the threshold or even had the Heart of Cooking Path, of course he was much weaker.

It was also the reason why Huang Haotian could only rank tenth.

Meanwhile, Huang Haotian loosened his hold on the chicken.

Under people's awed gazes, the chicken back slowly opened.

Light beams and steam rolled up with the aroma, soaring from the chicken's back.

The thick, viscous soup diffused a thick scent, lingering around...

The audience was shocked. They gasped, cried out, and screamed.

It... It... was so awesome!

Indeed, it had a whole new world in it.

The soup was thick, and its aroma was permeating the entire place.

However, Huang Haotian hadn't stopped yet. The knife spun in his hand, cutting the chicken meat.

Meticulously, he placed them on another porcelain dish on the table.

Picking up the baked flatbread, he placed some fresh leafy spirit vegetables and the chicken meat. For the finishing touch, he brushed some sauce from the chicken to the bread. Then, he handed it to a judge.

"Judge, please try it," Huang Haotian said, wearing a confident smile.

It was really a creative dish.

The judges were attracted by Huang Haotian's dish, and his moves had dazzled them.

The soup in the chicken, the chicken meat, and the baked flatbread worked together... which was way beyond their expectations.

However, when everyone was so shocked, there was one who looked pensive...

That person was Bu Fang.

Looking at the confident Huang Haotian, the corners of Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

He felt rather sorry for Huang Haotian.

"This Heavenly Deity Roast Chicken is similar to my Secret Recipe Roast Duck..." Bu Fang mumbled. "I've done that before..."

Bu Fang's muttering voice was so low that no one could hear him.

However, the referee, who stood near Bu Fang, had heard it. He thought he had misheard something and couldn't help but turn his gaze to Bu Fang.

It seemed that Bu Fang could sense the referee's look. His mouth twitched, saying to him, "It's... nothing."

The judges held the hot flatbread. The smell of bread and meat blended and diffused.

Moreover, the sauce from the chicken had elevated this dish to another level.

The judges exchanged looks, then began to bite the bread.

Crunchy noises arose.

At the same time...

The void outside the spacious Immortal Tree Square was torn apart.

A graceful, slender body slowly walked out. Clasping her hands, her long, black hair swayed gently as she looked at the Immortal Tree Square.

City Lord Meng Qi looked at the crowd, smiling and strolling toward the place.

Not long after City Lord Meng Qi had left...

The void was shattered one more time.

City Lord Feng walked out with a dark and glowering face.

Looking at the direction of the square, his mouth cracked into a cold and malicious grin...