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 Right... It was fighting chicken.

It was the super-hot fighting chicken. Of course, it could be called Spicy Chicken.

As Bu Fang was stirring the wok, the entire Immortal Tree Square was filled with thick fragrance.

It was the aroma of chicken mixed with pickled peppers, releasing a spicy-sour savor. When people inhaled, their mouths couldn't help but water.

Stirring for a while, the chicken cubes in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok had turned orange. When the chicken skin slightly shivered, it was time to stop stirring.

He cleaned the Blood Marble Pot and used the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame to heat it up.

Instantly, a faint, scarlet smoke arose from the Blood Marble Pot, which contained a light aroma.

It was an aroma that could calm people down.

Of course, it wasn't the key feature.

Bu Fang fished the chicken cubes out of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and placed them into the Blood Marble Pot. Then, he carefully stacked the cut spirit fruits on the chicken cubes together with the Exploding Flame Pepper.

Bu Fang parted his lips, spurting out a little Golden Lotus Demonic Flame. He controlled the flame, slowly heating up the Blood Marble Pot from its bottom.

While stewing the chicken in the Blood Marble Pot, he cleaned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, heated it up, and added more oil.

Rumble! Rumble!

From the sky, dark clouds slowly rolled over. Those clouds were so thick, continuously gathering.

Not only Bu Fang, the others also had dark clouds above their heads.

Apparently, Bu Fang's dish and their dishes were about to be completed.

Huang Haotian and the other two didn't cut the chicken into cubes like Bu Fang. They kept the chicken whole while cooking.

However, from the colors, one could tell they had cooked different chicken dishes.

Huang Haotian's chicken had a shining glazed skin with a gold hue. Some light could be seen sparkling on the chicken's skin.

Zhou Kuangliu's dish was a red chicken, looking as though it was about to burst out in flames.

Dongfang Huo's dish was a roast chicken with sauce. Of course, it was just the surface. It should be a whole new world inside that only tasting the chicken would tell.

The audience lifted their heads, watching the dark clouds. As they watched, their emotions swelled.

Since the dark clouds had arrived, it meant that the dishes were almost finished. The result will be shown soon.

Everybody was so curious who would be the winner.

Under the stage, the crowd of Immortal Chefs were watching the competition.

In the distance, the top ten monstrous Immortal Chefs were watching with cold faces. They looked pensive, and a faint gleam could be seen in their eyes.

"Xue Yao, who do you think will win this match?" A man wearing a black chef robe asked a beautiful lady standing not far from him.

That lady was also an Immortal Chef. She ranked sixth and had delicate cooking skills.

"Of course, it's Huang Haotian... Although Huang Haotian ranks last among us, those amateurs couldn't defeat him." The lady called Xue Yao smiled faintly.

The man in a black chef robe was called Meng Kun. Hearing her words, the corner of his mouth rose.

"See the one who had cut the chicken into cubes? He's the dark horse this time... The one people call the Great Demon King," Meng Kun said.

"So what? Every layer has its dark horse... But, every layer's dark horse will be crushed by the top ten. That's all."

Xue Yao grinned. She was very confident in her cooking skills.

However, just as they were about to discuss further, the leader, another man, shot them a nonchalant look.

"Be quiet. Watch the competition... We'll know the result soon."

That man was the chef who topped this list, ranked first, Immortal Chef Lu Yi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Above them, thunderclaps exploded, and the entire sky immediately darkened.

Thunder Dragons meandered inside the clouds, releasing terrifying waves.

Bu Fang lifted his head to look at the sky, furrowing his brows.

Actually, his dish was considered finished. However, he wasn't satisfied with it. If he submitted this dish now, it would be really hard to win this match.

Hence, Bu Fang wanted to sublimate his dish.

His mental energy surged in his spirit sea, splashing away like a storm. Immediately, it covered the Blood Marble Pot.

Under the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, which was slowly burning, the food in the Blood Marble Pot simmered.

Its aroma became thicker and mellower.

The spirit fruit ripened, releasing its sweet fragrance. Sweet, spicy, and sour-these three flavors diffused.

Under Bu Fang's spirit sea, different aromas slowly pierced through, moving between the ingredients in the pot.

By the arena, Lu Yi's eyes focused, looking at Bu Fang.

Gazing at Bu Fang, his eyes seemed to sparkle with a sharp light.

"What a powerful mental force... Exquisite energy control too..." Lu Yi commented. "But... we can't tell the result yet."

Lu Yi played with his fingers, grinning.

Rumble! Rumble!

Thunder boomed in the sky, which made people shudder.

Dongfang Huo had finished his dish at his stove.

It was a plump roast chicken, whose skin had turned scarlet. Dressed with brown sauce, this chicken's taste would be really superb.

Surrounding the roast chicken was some stir-fried food. Taking a closer look, those stir-fried pieces were the chicken's cooked internal organs.

Dongfang Huo had processed them and cooked them before displaying them around the chicken. And with that, his dish was complete.

Zhou Kuangliu had also finished his dish. Also, it looked somewhat similar to Dongfang Huo's roast chicken.

The two exchanged looks, seeing the fighting will in each other's eyes.

No matter what, they understood clearly that their real opponent in this match was Huang Haotian, the Immortal Chef ranked tenth in the list.

However, as soon as they saw Huang Haotian's dish, they were stunned.

Huang Haotian had two plates on his table.

One held a golden chicken, while the other had some thin, flat cakes. Surrounding the flat cakes were green spirit vegetables.

What are those?

Anyway, since they didn't know, they didn't want to study it further.

Eventually, their eyes moved to Bu Fang in the distance.

However, after the first glance, they weren't interested in his dish at all.

Mostly... Bu Fang's food didn't look special.

Cutting the chicken into cubes... How ordinary was this cooking method? He didn't show any exquisite cooking skills at all.

The Great Demon King was killing himself.

No wonder someone said that the moment the Great Demon King had chopped his chicken's head, he lost this battle at that very moment.

It sounded reasonable now.

But... would Bu Fang really be defeated?

Bu Fang's mental force relaxed as he retrieved it from the Blood Marble Pot.

In the pot, the food immediately sparkled.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

Hot oil bubbled in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang scooped a spoonful of boiling oily juice, splashing it on the Blood Marble Pot.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

After the oily juice was poured, the entire Blood Marble Pot seemed to come to life.

Instantly, tens of thousands of gold sparks shot from the pot, which was too magnificent to behold!

"Abyssal Stone Pot Fighting Chicken... Done!"

Bu Fang used a clean cloth to wipe the grease around the Blood Marble Pot. Taking a step back, he exhaled.

In the distance, Dongfang Huo was full of energy. With a sharp fighting will, he gazed at Bu Fang and said, "Nine Turn Roast Chicken... Done!"

Zhou Kuangliu clapped his hands, saying, "Scarlet Fiery Roast Chicken... Done!"

Huang Haotian shook his chef robe, the corner of his mouth rising. "Heavenly Deity Roast Chicken... Done!"

The four contestants had finished their dishes at the same time.


In the sky, rumbling sounds arose unceasingly from the thick layer of dark clouds.


Thunder Dragons emerged, raising their claws in the rolling black clouds, plunging.

The audience yelped in fright, looking at the arena. After the lightning punishment, they would know who the winner was.

However, lightning punishments were attacking each other in midair.

Actually, it wasn't beyond some people's estimation.

Since the Great Demon King was here, they knew that the first thing that would happen was the battle between the Thunder Dragons. The one with the stronger lighting punishment also got the better dish.

Of course, Huang Haotian had heard about the Great Demon King, so he felt a little excited.

He was absolutely confident in his dish.

After all, the top ten Immortal Chefs had always been confident in their cooking skills. They firmly believed that they would never lose.

Boom! Boom!

Dongfang Huo's eyes focused on the sky. This time, he couldn't afford to lose.

He had drained himself. To cook this dish, he had almost exhausted his mental force.

Hence, he didn't expect to defeat Huang Haotian. But... he hoped to win against Bu Fang!

He must win his Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife back!

The four lightning punishments hit each other in the air, booming continuously.

After the first collision, lightning flashed and dispersed.

The second Thunder Dragons plunged, biting and tearing at each other right away.

Lightning arcs flashed and thunder boomed before they scattered.

When the third lightning punishment appeared, the audience was so excited. They all craned their necks, trying to see who was the winner.

Zhou Kuangliu's expression shifted. He found that his Thunder Dragon was about to be defeated...

How could it be?!

His dish was about to lose?


Zhou Kuangliu's desperate eyes suddenly shrank, gazing at the Thunder Dragon in the sky.

The Thunder Dragons that were struggling suddenly changed their pace.

Now, three were attacking one...

What?! Three Thunder Dragons are attacking the other one!

The audience went wild. Anyway, they had expected that this would happen.

Huang Haotian had exquisite cooking skills, so it was only reasonable that the other three would attack him.


Everyone soon found out a strange thing...

"No, look closely! It's not Huang Haotian's Thunder Dragon they're attacking!"

"It's the Demon King's Thunder Dragon!"

"Oh gosh... What's going on? In this top ten match, the Great Demon King can still resist three at the same time?"

No one had thought that it was Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon that was under attack.

Bu Fang frowned, but he didn't mind it much. He just gazed at the sky.


After a loud explosion, an extremely hot and bright radiance bloomed, which prevented people from observing the sky.

In the end...

It became smoke, scattering. The dark clouds also dispersed.

The battle between their lightning punishments didn't have a clear result...

Immortal energy still lingered in the dishes.

Huang Haotian's smile disappeared as he gazed at Bu Fang for a long time.

Although Bu Fang didn't win the battle between the lightning punishments... he had created a doubt in the other's heart.

Huang Haotian studied Bu Fang, his eyes grave.

After the lightning had all gone, the referee got into the arena.

He indifferently scanned his eyes around.

Taking in the aromas in the air, he said, "Now... The four Immortal Chefs, please serve your food. The judges will taste and determine the results."

While talking, the referee inhaled the air filled with thick aroma. He couldn't help but want to taste their dishes too.

Huang Haotian held his two porcelain plates, floating up. Shortly, he appeared by the judges' table, placing his dishes there.

Dongfang Huo and Zhou Kuangliu got there at the same time, also placing the dishes in front of the judges.

Bu Fang held the Blood Marble Pot single-handedly. With a thud, he placed his pot on the judges' table.

At this moment, the four contestants had gathered their food at the same time.

Dense immortal energy emitted from their dishes, twirling and lingering.

There was a fiery dish, a cold and deity-like dish, a shining dish, and a dish with radiance that seemed to shoot ten thousand meters away.

Who would win in the end? Everybody was so curious.

The judges exchanged looks.