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 The top ten challenge's theme was announced.

With chicken as the theme, no doubt it would be a meat dish.

After hearing the theme, the eyes of the four Immortal Chefs lit up.

Dongfang Huo's eyes narrowed. Then, he cocked his head aside to look at Bu Fang, thinking what the other would cook.

In the distance, Zhou Kuangliu raised his hand and rubbed his chin, looking rather pensive.

The corner of Huang Haotian's mouth rose. It seemed that the moment he heard the theme, he had made up his mind.

The referee didn't give them much time to think about what dish they should cook. This was the Immortal Chef Tournament, not an ordinary cooking competition. They wouldn't be given much time to prepare as well.

A true powerful Immortal Chef would have a sensitive heart. As soon as he heard the theme, he would know which dish to make and how he would cook it.

It was their confidence, the genuine plan in their heart, which was the fundamental ability of an excellent Immortal Chef.

The audience didn't dare to breathe out loud. They looked at the stage, gazing at the four contemplating Immortal Chefs with curious eyes.

They were wondering what kind of dishes the four Immortal Chefs would cook.

The referee, who stood in the center of the stage, slowly walked around.

Soon, he stopped, and loud booms reverberated around the arena.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The floor slowly parted to two sides, revealing four massive cages that were slowly rising.

Those cages were made of fine steel, and the shining bars released a cold light that chilled people.

The audience cried out in surprise.

The group of Immortal Chefs standing by the arena took in a deep breath of cold air.

"They are... high-grade immortal ingredients!"

People gasped again.

The four cages kept four different chicken breeds, and every one of them was dazzling.

One had flaming feathers, while one had feathers that were as sharp as blades.

Some even had rising combs. Their eyes were bright and filled with spirit energy, and when they opened their beak, they could even strike lightning.

Those chickens were the ingredients prepared for this match. They were all high-grade ingredients from the fruits of the Immortal Tree.

"Wow, it's a worthy top ten challenge... They even provided immortal ingredients."

"It's completely different from the previous matches. The atmosphere is even more tense! "

"I don't know why, but I feel a little anxious..."

The audience brought their heads close to each other to discuss.

The referee looked at the four on the stage. "There are four types of chicken here. After deciding what dish you want to cook, come and grab the chicken... and see if you can catch it. As Immortal Chefs, if you got ingredients running right in front of you without being able to catch and process them, it means you have some problem with your abilities."

Dongfang Huo and the others narrowed their eyes, which glinted with a sharp light.

After the referee finished talking, Huang Haotian burst out laughing. "Hahaha! The referee makes sense. If so, it will be impolite to reject!"

Right after that, he stomped on the floor, his body flying up. His chef robe fluttered as he headed towards the steel cages.

In just a glimpse of time, he appeared in front of the cages.

"Alright, we need to compete to get the immortal ingredient. Even if you're from the top ten, I won't give up that easily!"

Unexpectedly, Zhou Kuangliu and Dongfang Huo moved at the same time, flying towards the cages.

There were four cages with four different breeds of chicken. Of course, the one with the bright, spirit-filled eyes that stood quietly like a god was their first choice.

Those three chefs' target was that chicken.

"It's the Heavenly Deity Chicken, the best one among those four... Indeed, they all want the best!" an Immortal Chef with good knowledge of immortal ingredients explained to the others.

Huang Haotian coldly glanced at the two competitors.

They dared to compete against him. They didn't treasure their lives at all.

Mental force surged in his head. Then, his finger touched a spot in the void.

Instantly, the calm void rippled, as though someone had just thrown two stones in it.

The ripples expanded to all directions. Shortly, they hit Dongfang Huo and Zhou Kuangliu hard.

The other two paled. Then, true energy surged in their bodies, trying to resist the mental energy attack.

However, their cultivation base was apparently weaker than Huang Haotian's. Or rather, Huang Haotian's mental force was much stronger than theirs.

Hence, they were startled, shock spreading across their faces.

Huang Haotian seized this chance and trod on them, sending them to the ground.

Boom! Boom!

Dust rose into the air after they crashed.

The audience roared and cheered. Indeed, Huang Haotian is very strong.

The top ten contestants were so fierce!

Giving no concern to the ones he had stepped on, Huang Haotian's eyes fell on the cage where the Heavenly Deity Chicken was kept.

He patted the cage open.

Instantly, the Heavenly Deity Chicken clucked and sprinted away, bringing with it a terrifying pressure.

Huang Haotian's eyes shrank as he exclaimed in fright. Then, his eyes revealed a thrilled look.

"Worthy of being the Heavenly Deity Chicken. I, Huang Haotian, must get it!"

Light flashed in his hand, and a red kitchen knife appeared in his grip.

The kitchen knife swept over, surging with knife energy.


Tens of thousands of blade lights aimed and slashed the Heavenly Deity Chicken.

The Heavenly Deity Chicken flapped its wings as it soared up into the air, dodging the immortal energy attack.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A man and a chicken were shifting swiftly in the air.

Eventually, with a loud rumble, they landed.

The Heavenly Deity Chicken's wings were broken as the man grabbed it by the wings.

Huang Haotian's knife moved and vanished. Taking the chicken, he walked to his corner to begin cooking his dish.

Zhou Kuangliu and Dongfang Huo felt bitter when Huang Haotian took the Heavenly Deity Chicken away. In this desperate situation, they could only choose the other immortal ingredients.

Dongfang Huo chose the chicken with flaming feathers, while Zhou Kuangliu picked the one with an extremely aggressive appearance. It even got sharp claws.

They were both great ingredients.

Now, there was only one chicken left. It was the one whose feathers were as sharp and tough as steel blades...

No wonder, after the others had made their selection, that chicken was left to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang walked casually with his hands clasped, heading towards that cage.

The chicken with blade-like feathers looked at Bu Fang, clucking.

Facing this chicken, Bu Fang didn't change his expression. He shook his Vermillion Robe gently.

In an instant, the red-and-white robe changed, turning into a scarlet hue with two flaming wings spreading on his back.

A flow of invisible pressure shot out from Bu Fang's body. It was the supreme prestige from some bird.

The blade-like chicken was startled. It bowed its arrogant head as Bu Fang grabbed it and carried it away.

"Host... I'm saying this one more time. I am the Vermilion Bird. I'm not a chicken!" The angry voice of the Vermilion Bird echoed in his head.

"Got it... The birds' ancestors... are also the chicken's ancestors, right..." Bu Fang said naturally. Then, he ignored the Vermilion Bird, who was raising more waves in his head.

Since chicken was their theme this time, Bu Fang suddenly remembered Eighty...

However, although Eighty was considered an immortal ingredient, its level wasn't high enough. If he wanted to cook it deliciously, he could only cook the legendary... chicken stewed with mushroom.

Anyway, as they had provided the immortal ingredient chicken, Bu Fang didn't need to use his Eighty, which had saved the chicken's life.

Meanwhile, in Heaven and Earth Farmland, little Eighty was running after the Eight Treasures Pig. Suddenly, its feathers rose up, which made it cautiously look around.


Since all four Immortal Chefs had caught their immortal ingredients, they would then need to process them.

Plucking the feathers, gutting the chicken...

The four chefs had done these actions skillfully like smooth running water. Their movements were fast and precise.

Of course, compared to the other chickens, Bu Fang's blade-like chicken was a little hard to deal with. The sharp, knife-like feathers were so tough...

However, under the Vermillion Robe's prestige, the sharp feathers softened, so Bu Fang could pluck them out easily.


The corners of Huang Haotian's mouth rose. He lifted his hand, his chef robe billowing without the wind.

A white immortal flame burst out from his palm, coiling around at a fast pace.

Far from them, Dongfang Huo had a pair of bloodshot eyes. His blood-red immortal flame also rocketed into the sky.

Zhou Kuangliu bellowed, then flicked his fingers. A dark, green immortal flame emerged.

At this moment, the Immortal Chefs on the stage were showing their immortal flames.

Bu Fang exhaled.

Instantly, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame flew out of his mouth.

Four immortal flames were competing against each other. The brightness and heat rocketed in just a blink of an eye.

The eyes of the four chefs focused on their own flames.

All of a sudden, Huang Haotian took a deep breath. He found that his immortal flame seemed to be subdued...

How could it be? His immortal flame ranked fifty-first!

Frowning, he scanned around. He then found the golden flame in Bu Fang's hand a little strange.

No wonder, Bu Fang's gold immortal flame had a higher rank than his.

Anyway, so what? It didn't mean that that chef's cooking attainment was high enough!

The knife in his hand moved, and the Heavenly Deity Chicken, which he had plucked the feathers off earlier, spun in the air unceasingly.

Huang Haotian struck out jets of true energy, which seeped into the Heavenly Deity Chicken's body.

On the other corners, Dongfang Huo and Zhou Kuangliu were about to process their chickens too.

With knife radiance flashing from the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang held the chicken by its head and chopped fiercely!


Everybody was startled.

Watching Bu Fang chopping the chicken into cubes... they all had the same odd face.

"Did the Great Demon King bump his head? Who would chop the chicken into pieces like that?!"

"There's some way to cook the chicken in cubes, but it's so ordinary."

"Yeah, the moment the Great Demon King wielded his knife, he's already lost this match... If I'm not wrong, he's always done the Chef's Challenge? Looks like he's going to lose his knife this time."

The audience discussed as they didn't understand Bu Fang's move.

In the other corner, Dongfang Huo watched Bu Fang. His mouth arched into a cold smile.

This time, he must earn his Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife back! Even though it got a big crack...

Bu Fang had cut his blade-like chicken into cubes. He even halved the chicken butt.

At the same time, the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water was boiling in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang poured the pieces of blade-like chicken into the wok, blanching them.

While blanching, Bu Fang prepared the other ingredients.

The tournament's organizing board had prepared the main ingredient for them, which was the chicken. As for the other ingredients to cook with that chicken... the Immortal Chefs had to prepare those themselves.

Of course, it was also a challenge to the Immortal Chefs, which was about their capacity to store and preserve ingredients.

Rattle! Rattle!

Bu Fang took out the Exploding Flame Pepper, some chilies, and a porcelain jar from the system storage space. When the lid of the jar was lifted, a sour and spicy flavor diffused.

Using true energy to cover his hand, Bu Fang took out a large amount of pickled pepper...

Of course, other than chilies, Bu Fang also prepared many other ingredients. He had cut some spirit fruits, Son Mother Ginger, Scale Tail Scallion, and Purple Garlic.

After that, Bu Fang took out a stone pot. It was the pot made of blood marble that he had collected from his trip to Earth Prison. Now, it was the perfect time to use it.

On the other side, the water in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok continuously boiled.

Bu Fang fished out the chicken cubes and let them dry. Then, he poured them into a porcelain bowl, steam fuming from them as he did so.

He removed the water from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and set it aside. After adding oil, he poured the chicken cubes into the wok.

Sizzling noises arose.

In the arena, the other chefs were astounded. They couldn't help but turn to look at him.

They hadn't thought that Bu Fang could start his cooking now.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Bu Fang didn't mind the others. He held the spatula in one hand, while his other hand held the wok, continuously stirring and shaking the chicken cubes.

The flame suddenly burst from the wok, reaching the sky.

Shaking the wok, the chicken cubes flew up into the air amidst the splashing oily juice.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed slightly as he meticulously observed the ingredients in the wok. When the cubes were half done, he stopped shaking and stirring.

He then minced the Son Mother Ginger and tossed it into the wok. He did the same with the Scale Tail Scallion and Purple Garlic.

Next, he began to add the piles of Exploding Flame Pepper and pickled pepper.

After everything was prepared, Bu Fang took out a glass jar. He took a quarter of a spoon of the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce, adding it into the wok.

Then, he began to stir-fry one more time, blending the different kinds of spicy aromas together.


The flame soared up into the sky one more time. Everybody gawked and dropped their jaws, infatuated with the golden flame.

After stirring the food in the wok one more time...

The audience stared, sniffing the air.

A thick meaty fragrance with the smell of pickled pepper wound around the arena...

Bu Fang grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, shaking it again and again.

Taking in the aroma, Bu Fang couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

He didn't want to cook the chicken stewed with mushrooms. He wanted to cook a fiery dish...

In this dish, there were many chilies and pickled peppers, along with the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce. Obviously, it was very fiery and not ordinary at all.

So... this dish should have a nice name that was pleasant to the ears too.

Bu Fang called it... the Abyssal Stone Pot Fighting Chicken.