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 After a shower of radiance, Bu Fang, Gongshu Ban, and the others arrived at the Immortal Cooking Realm's fifth layer.

As soon as they arrived, they felt a slap of immense spirit energy. In the sky, the canopy of the Immortal Tree fluttered, rattling in the wind.

In this layer, they could see the mysterious patterns on the Immortal Tree's leaves, along with so many spirit fruits hanging on the branches.

All kinds of immense energy gushed around, like an endless downpour.

In this fifth layer, the sights were much more magnificent than the other layers.

This world had a waterfall cascading directly from the sky, which could reach three thousand meters. The rushing, booming of water echoed unceasingly.

Erupting energy continued to be emitted from the waterfall, which was so dazzling to the eyes.

The Immortal City was located by the waterfall. The hazy mist spread out, creating so many exquisite rainbows above the city.

It was incredibly beautiful to behold, which made people infatuated with it.

All in all, the fifth layer's landscape was so splendid. People who came here through the teleport formation couldn't help but be charmed.

The moment they saw the luxurious Immortal City, such a feeling had become stronger.

The final round of the Immortal Chef Tournament was going to be held here.

The fifth layer was a spirit land with extraordinary people. There were so many monstrous Immortal Chefs in this place as it was considered the capital of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

People walked to Immortal City to find a place to rest, checking in their own room.

Although the city was very magnificent, at this moment, everyone's focus was on the Immortal Chef Tournament. They didn't have the mood to enjoy the scenery.

Bu Fang stayed in his room, thinking about the dish he would cook for the next match.

Since it was the final round, Bu Fang didn't dare to miscalculate. He had almost lost in his previous match, and at this point in the competition, there would be no weaklings. If he didn't concentrate, he could lose.

Bu Fang was different from the other Immortal Chefs. He couldn't afford to lose.

Hence, he must ensure that he was in top condition and defeat the opponent in the next match.

Currently, Gongshu Ban was in Bu Fang's room. Gongshu Ban was so excited that Bu Fang had reached this level, which had completely changed his view of the world.

He couldn't believe that an Immortal Chef from their first layer could overturn their situation.

Bu Fang's achievement had changed the record of the first layer.

Flowers seemed to bloom in Gongshu Ban's heart as he told Bu Fang that he could take risks now. After all, they wouldn't need to bear much loss at this point.

At this moment, Gongshu Ban was sitting on the chair. His mind sank into the jade token, studying Bu Fang's rivals.

Suddenly, he screamed in surprise, "Ah... The jade token got the names of top ten Immortal Chefs!"

A little further away from him, Bu Fang was a bit startled while thinking about his next dish. His mind also sank into the jade token, checking out the top ten names.

The top ten opponents' titles, which followed their names, had the same color-they were all from the fifth layer...

Taking a look, it was a bit shocking. Anyway, they couldn't deny the fact that the fifth layer had so many kinds of resources and immortal ingredients.

"You should focus on the rank ten chef. In the final round, we'll directly challenge that one..." Bu Fang said.

Gongshu Ban was bewildered, looking at Bu Fang disbelievingly.

"Rank ten? Owner Bu, you want to challenge the rank ten chef from your fortieth position?" Gongshu Ban took in a breath of cold air. "Too tough... That one is really powerful. It's better to play safe since everyone in this round are strong chefs..."

When Bu Fang faced Dongfang Huo, he struggled. Facing the top ten, he would be smashed for sure.

He should know that the top ten Immortal Chefs were all monstrous!

"Don't be afraid. Just do it..." Bu Fang said with an indifferent face.

"Rank ten... A monstrous Immortal Chef from the fifth layer called Huang Haotian. He has a high-grade immortal tool knife, and his cooking attainment is exquisite. He even has an immortal flame that ranked fifty-first in the immortal flame ranking," Gongshu Ban said.

A moment later, his eyes shrank as he took in a breath of cold air.

"Also... Huang Haotian got an immortal tongue! It's the innate talent that everyone has ever dreamed of!"

Immortal tongue?

What Gongshu Ban said had stunned Bu Fang. His next opponent was someone with an immortal tongue?

An immortal tongue was a rare and exceptional ability. If a chef possessed it, his control of his dishes' taste would reach the pinnacle. Since he could control the tiny changes of his food, he would be a difficult opponent to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He stood up and paced around the room.

Xixi opened her eyes, looking at Bu Fang, then at Gongshu Ban.

Xixi also had an immortal tongue, which was the reason why Bu Fang had "snatched" Xixi.

However, Xixi was way different from Huang Haotian, who was number ten on the list. He had an immortal tongue that was completely mature, so it was much more sensitive than Xixi's tongue.

No doubt, Bu Fang's next match would be his most frightening one.

This pressure made Bu Fang's body shiver in excitement.

A long night passed quickly...

The next day, the Immortal Chefs in the inns flocked out of their accommodations, heading towards the Immortal Tree Square.

The Immortal Tree Square in the fifth layer was the most magnificent among the others.

In the sky, the rainbows and even the rattling Immortal Tree's leaves were releasing light ribbons.

People had packed the Immortal Tree Square, and they all looked excited.

Ear-piercing noises arose as tens of thousands of people looked at the Immortal Chefs in the arena.

However, the moment the top ten chefs arrived, who came with a pretty radiance, the entire square went wild, their roars and cheers as loud as thunderclaps.

The top ten young, fabulous, monstrous Immortal Chefs... had appeared.

All of them wore their chef robes, which looked so elegant and awesome.

This group had both men and women, but the men outnumbered the women.

As soon as these ten appeared, the atmosphere in the arena changed drastically.

In the crowd, Bu Fang also felt it. It seemed everybody else was struggling to breathe because of these ten.

Bu Fang couldn't help but shiver inwardly. His eyes focused, looking straight at them.

He noticed the leader of that group of ten.

With only one glance, Bu Fang felt his heart contract.

The other seemed to feel Bu Fang's look, and he glanced back.

Bu Fang's hair rose, raising goosebumps all over his skin. They almost exploded out of his body.

"This... This feeling... Is it the Heart of Cooking Path?

Bu Fang took in a deep breath. The feeling of being seen through was unbelievable to him.

The referee was still that referee from before, and so were the judges.

After the referee introduced the top ten Immortal Chefs, he began to announce the key rule of the Immortal Chef Tournament finals.

There were fifty chefs participating this final round.


The rules for these fifty chefs were changed a little. It was the same challenge mode but different.

This time, the challenge mode didn't limit the number of participants in one match. Also, each participant had a chance to challenge any other chefs among this group of fifty chefs.

Of course, if he won, he would replace the loser's position. If he lost, he would be eliminated and couldn't challenge another one.

Hence, the final round was riskier and had a faster pace than the previous rounds.

More importantly...

In the final round, several chefs could challenge one chef...

After the referee introduced the rule, the entire arena went into an uproar.

Everybody hesitated.

"And now... in a time to brew a cup of tea, you can study and choose your opponent," the referee said.

The moment he finished speaking, the challenge had begun.

The audience turned dead silent. With widened eyes, they gazed at the arena, waiting to see the results of the challenges.

The top ten contestants were looking at the other forty in amusement. They were so curious who would challenge them.

Of course, among the top ten chefs, they could also challenge each other. However, their time hadn't come yet.

They had to deal with those amateurs first.


The jade tokens flew up into the sky.

Bu Fang's mental energy didn't hesitate to touch the name that was tenth on the list-Huang Haotian.

At the same time, names began to glow on the contestants' jade tokens.

Everybody had considered carefully to choose an opponent.

The massive light screen in the air glowed. Shortly, it projected the matches and orders.

Everybody roared.

Looking at the light screen, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Even the top ten Immortal Chefs were surprised. They looked at the screen, frowning.

Huang Haotian, the one who ranked tenth, got three challengers.

And, ranked seventh, Xia Kui, got one challenger.

Huang Haotian was naturally the most miserable. He ranked tenth, so he was considered a soft persimmon.

But why did someone dare to challenge the rank seven chef? Why didn't he challenge the one ranked tenth?

The matches with the top ten would naturally be the climax. It shouldn't start that early.

The stage was soon emptied.

After the other contestants finished their matches, they would start to challenge the top ten chefs.

By the arena, Gongshu Ban squeezed his fists, his body shivering.

The final round was really insane. The one ranked tenth got three challengers at the same time.

It also meant that the arena would host four contestants cooking against each other at the same time...

How exciting!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Black clouds rolled, thunder boomed, and lightning struck.

Some matches in the arena had reached their climax. Some won, and some lost. Some were crying, while others looked glad.

The audience enjoyed it so much.

Since those chefs had reached this round, of course, their level was very high. When they triggered their lightning punishments, the results were so spectacular. Bu Fang had seen many third lightning punishments.

However, no matter what, the results were clear.

The air was filled with fragrance. It was the thick, delicious aroma coming from those dishes.

Eventually, the stage was cleared again.

The referee stood in the middle, clasping his hands. His eyes raked through the audience.

"And now, we continue the Immortal Chef Tournament with the top ten ranks... For the first match, the contestants are Huang Haotian, Dongfang Huo, Zhou Kuangliu, and Bu Fang!

"There will be only one winner. The winner can continue to challenge further, while the losers will be eliminated and keep their rank," the referee said in a solemn voice, his eyes so stern.

As soon as he finished speaking, figures rushed up like lightning strikes outside the stage.

Huang Haotian clasped his hands, getting on the arena with a cold and arrogant expression. As soon as he appeared, the entire audience clamored.

This was the rank ten Immortal Chef of this Immortal Chef Tournament. He was also a monstrous genius from the fifth layer with many fans.

Dongfang Huo came to the arena one more time. His eyes were bloodshot, and his body glowed in flaming red.

It worked. Indeed, Bu Fang had chosen to challenge the rank ten chef... This time, his target wasn't Huang Haotian but... Bu Fang. He wanted to wash his shame away. He wanted to wash the worry in his heart.

Zhou Kuangliu also came to the stage in a cold yet awesome manner, causing another uproar in the audience.

As for Bu Fang, he just showed up normally, walking neither slow nor fast to the stage.

His lackluster entrance enraged many people.

Actually, everyone in the audience knew Bu Fang.

They could say that in this tournament, Bu Fang was the dark horse Immortal Chef. He made many contestants give up, and that alone was enough to show how strong he was.

As soon as the Great Demon King showed up... the entire place went wild.

The first match of the top ten had completely stirred the audience.

No matter if it was Huang Haotian, the Great Demon King, or Dongfang Huo, it was a battle between dragons and tigers, which made people look forward to it.

The four of them stood in four different corners of the arena.

They had a stove in front of them, which was prepared for them. However, if they had their own immortal stove, they were allowed to use it.

Bu Fang stood in the south-east corner. Dongfang Huo and Zhou Kuangliu were on his sides, and he was facing... the one who got challenged this time... Huang Haotian.

The referee flew and landed at the center of the arena. Solemnly, he scanned the four contestants.

"The challenge against the top ten has a different rule. The judges will discuss and decide the theme. And this time, I got the theme in my hand..." said the referee.

Everybody held their breaths, waiting excitedly.

What would be the theme for this match?

Bu Fang and the other three also looked at the referee.

Under tens of thousands of eyes watching, the referee announced in a booming voice, "The theme for the first top ten match is... Chicken."