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 In front of Dongfang Huo's smirking face, Bu Fang clashed the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife altogether.

They clanged, reverberating everywhere, which made people gawk.

Is that Demon King insane?

Why did he use his own knife against Dongfang Huo's Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife? Isn't that like seeking trouble for himself?

As citizens in the fourth layer, how could they not know how sharp the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife was?

It was a high-grade immortal tool that was made from an Eight-star Beast Emperor's bone!

Was the Immortal Chef from the first layer, the Great Demon King, holding a top-quality immortal tool in his hand?

Crack. Crack.

A sharp and clear noise echoed.

Instantly, the entire square quieted down. Everybody gazed at the arena, not daring to breathe loud or say anything.

Dongfang Huo was so bewildered. Then, his face reddened!

"My... My Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife!"

Dongfang Huo felt his heart bleeding...

The result of the collision was shown-the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife had a crack.

On the other hand, Bu Fang's Gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was still intact.

F*ck... How could it be?!

It's a high-grade immortal tool!

A high-grade immortal tool was cracked by a knife that didn't even have immortal energy?

"Wow... There's a crack."

Seeing the crack on the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife, Bu Fang couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth.

He had actually controlled his power. Otherwise, this Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife would have been halved.

Indeed, after this little test, he still couldn't measure the depths of the God of Cooking Set.

However, at least he could confirm that the God of Cooking Set wasn't weaker than the top-quality immortal tools in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Since the high-grade immortal tool cracked after clashing it against his Dragon Bone Knife, it meant that the God of Cooking Set was superior to high-grade immortal tools.

Of course...

It also piqued Bu Fang's interest in the fourth item of the God of Cooking Set.

He was so curious. After all, what would the fourth item be?

To obtain the fourth item of the God of Cooking Set, Bu Fang was even more determined to enter the top ten of the Immortal Chef Tournament.

That was the only way he could achieve that piece of God of Cooking Set.

Bu Fang put away the two Dragon Bone Knives. Then, with his hands clasped, he stepped down the stage.

By the arena, Gongshu Ban was looking at Bu Fang with excited eyes.

"Owner Bu! You're so awesome!"

Gongshu Ban jumped at his spot. He wanted to hug Bu Fang, but the other rejected him.

"Calm down... It's just some daily cooking." Bu Fang looked at the overly excited Gongshu Ban, his mouth twitching as he patted the other's shoulder.

Xixi, his little apprentice, was also happy, jumping up and down at her spot.

Bu Fang's first challenge in this level-up match was over. He could continue to challenge others after this.

"Owner Bu, rest for a while before you continue. In the next challenge, you can compete against the chefs in the sixty-nine to sixty range. Who do you want to challenge?" asked Gongshu Ban.

According to Gongshu Ban, at this moment, Bu Fang should better make steady moves. However, he could guess that Bu Fang would never do what a normal person would do.

"No need to think much. I'll just choose rank sixty..." Bu Fang rubbed Xi Xi's head, talking casually.

"Ah yes... the one at rank sixty?"

Gongshu Ban had soon been immune to Bu Fang's choices. This guy had never acted in accordance with common sense.

His mind sank into the jade token.

"The chef at rank sixty... Well... He's also a fourth layer Immortal Chef. His cooking skill is somewhat weaker than Dongfang Huo, but he has the potential to enter the top fifty... He's an experienced contestant anyway. This is his third time in the Immortal Chef Tournament." Gongshu Ban said after looking at the list of chefs in the jade token.

"Alright, it's him then," Bu Fang said nonchalantly.

Hearing Bu Fang's confirmation, Gongshu Ban's mind shook. With a shaking hand, he touched that name.


In the next moment, the entire audience roared.

After Bu Fang had made his choice, it was projected on the big light screen in the sky.

"The next challenge... Bu Fang challenges Sun Kuangwu..."

As this news was spread out, people were stunned.

Sun Kuangwu ranked sixtieth...

The Great Demon King was really arrogant and wild. He had always challenged the strongest.

However, this time, people strangely preferred Bu Fang because Sun Kuangwu was weaker than Dongfang Huo. Although he was an old general, people knew his innate talent.

At this moment, Dongfang Huo had already left the arena in a dazed state. Without the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife, his cooking ability would reduce significantly.

Anyway, being one of the monstrous talents in the fourth layer, of course, he still had more immortal tool knives.

After a half-day break, several challenge sessions were done.

It was now Bu Fang's turn.

He slowly got on the stage, his Vermillion Robe flapping as he walked. As usual, he looked like an aloof deity as his calm face glanced at the audience.

The Great Demon King... was so intimidating!

The referee appeared by Bu Fang, who gave him a meaningful look. "Are you going to cook Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip again?"

Bu Fang looked at the referee skeptically. "You guess..."

"My advice to you, if you continue to cook the same dish, the judges' mark for you will reduce greatly, so if you want to go further, you'd better cook more new dishes..." the referee said.

"New dishes? Of course, I will..." Bu Fang answered calmly.

Time ticked by...

Only Bu Fang was standing in the arena.

The surrounding audience began to clamor. This scene... looked familiar.

The referee's mouth twitched. He looked at Bu Fang as though he was looking at a monster.

Sun Kuangwu... decided to give up?

They had waited for a long time, but Sun Kuangwu hadn't shown up. No doubt, that guy had chosen to give up.

Another contestant gave up.

Moreover, he was one of the leading Immortal Chefs in the fourth layer.

The audience was at a loss for words.

The Great Demon King had become... so terrifying?

Anyway, many people thought that Sun Kuangwu giving up this match was the best choice. He didn't need to face Bu Fang's Chef's Challenge, so he wouldn't lose his knife like Dongfang Huo, which would surely affect his future performance.

It was different between the one who challenged and the one who got challenged.

Although being defeated, the one who was challenged still had chances to challenge the others. However, when the challenger failed, his rank was final, and he couldn't challenge the others.

Hence, Sun Kuangwu decided to give up and reserve his right to challenge the other chefs. It was the best choice he had made.

"See... I don't have a chance to show new dishes." Bu Fang looked at the referee, speaking with an emotionless face.

The referee was speechless.

Another contestant gave up. Two contestants had decided to give up when they faced the Great Demon King.

This Immortal Chef from the first layer could storm through the place.

As Sun Kuangwu had given up, Bu Fang had another chance to challenge more.

In the next match, he challenged the contestant at rank fifty.

However, what surprised people the most was...

Bu Fang's opponent... decided to give up as well!

The clamorous audience was dead silent this time.

Had the Great Demon King become a taboo existence?

His opponent decided not to fight against him... They had all given up.

Not only that, the one who ranked fiftieth... was a guy from the fifth layer!

Perhaps after considering the pros and cons, the other felt threatened by Bu Fang's cooking skill. If he lost, he had to pay with his knife, which was a big price he couldn't endure.

A good knife would promote the chef's cooking skill, so it truly played a big part in the chef's attainment.

Hence, with a bewildered look, Bu Fang had become the ranked fiftieth chef. Even the referee didn't know what to say.

Gongshu Ban was over the moon. Roaring, he continued to throw his fists into the air.

The top fifty!

Although the progress was a little funny, at least, Owner Bu had entered the Immortal Chef Tournament's top fifty!

This honor was unreal to Gongshu Ban. It had been so many years... Now, the Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer finally had someone entering the top fifty!

Even though it was tough to get into the top fifty, it was already an incredible glory!

"Just a daily operation... Let's continue. We can't stop now," Bu Fang said casually.

"Challenge more? No need... With your current rank, we can now go to the fifth layer to join the final round. We just need to maintain your current rank..." Gongshu Ban said, rejecting Bu Fang's request to challenge further.

"No, continue. Don't be afraid... We must have a heart that never yields or steps back!" Bu Fang said firmly.

Then, ignoring Gongshu Ban's advice, he touched the name of the ranked fortieth chef.

In just a blink of an eye, the entire auditorium went wild.

Bu Fang decided to challenge further! He was already in the top fifty, but he still wanted to do it. Did he have a hole in his head?

If Bu Fang lost, he would lose his right to continue. His rank would be final!

The challenger could only win, not lose, which was different from the one who got challenged with a chance to lose.

However, what happened next was beyond everybody's imagination.

The rank forty contestant also decided to give up the challenge...

Once again, Bu Fang's opponent gave up.

The referee became so bored in Bu Fang's matches. There was nothing interesting at all.

Young people these days... How could they not have a bit of wild thought?

Since they were afraid of being defeated, they decided to give up the match...

They had completely lost their will to fight!

The judges all shook their heads in disappointment. This Immortal Chef Tournament failed them a lot.

Without a brave heart to advance further, those Immortal Chefs would have limits in their attainment.

More importantly, it would be very hard for them to condense the Heart of Cooking Path.

Bu Fang was a little silent when his opponent decided to give up one more time. Regretting, he sighed, walking down the arena.

"No more challenge, no meaning. We'll go directly to the fifth layer for the finals..."

Bu Fang shook his head. Since his opponents had all given up, nothing was interesting here anymore. He didn't need such a competition.

It would be better to join the final round in the fifth layer.

Since he got in the top fifty, he was qualified to enter the fifth layer and join the final round of this year's Immortal Chef Tournament.

All contestants must show their best in the finals, which was the harshest moment of the tournament.

At this point, Bu Fang began to have a headache. He had no clue how to condense the Heart of Cooking Path...

To receive another fragment of the God of Cooking Set, he must have the Heart of Cooking Path. Once he completed his task, the system would reward him.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The void was compressed, booming.

Then, from the sky, a figure moved like a falling meteor, descending with rumbling sounds.

The entire mountain peak was shaken.

When City Lord Feng saw the crack in the air and the palace emerging on the mountain... His heart chilled.

"That damn dog!"

City Lord Feng held a knife in his hand, gripping it even tighter. His eyes were filled with cold murderous intent.

"I hope that secret wasn't discovered... or else, no matter where he is, I must kill that dog!"

City Lord Feng took a deep breath to calm down. Then, he walked into the palace.


Rumble! Rumble!

However, seeing the chaotic hall, City Lord Feng couldn't control his anger. He roared, his howls reverberating in the void.

He was enraged, not because of the lost immortal ingredients, but because of the missing heart!

It was his secret, a secret that should never be exposed!


Fourth Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm.

In a luxurious mansion situated in a void crack, immortal ingredients scattered everywhere in the yard.

A black dog walked with cat-like steps, getting out of the crack. As it walked, it let out a loud burp.

Flowery and the Black Dragon King followed behind the black dog, also burping.

The Black Dragon King carried a bulging sack on his back with meandering immortal energy. Apparently, he got a lot of good stuff.

"Come, follow Lord Dog... We're going to the third layer!"