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 "Three to two..."

"What?! Young Master Dongfang... lost?!"

"How could it be? How could the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix lose to a stick?!"

After the referee announced the winner, the entire square erupted in outrage. Everybody couldn't believe it.

Their genius Dongfang Huo, the monstrous Immortal Chef of the fourth layer, was defeated by an Immortal Chef from the first layer!

How is this possible?!

The whole place was frightened and panicked. Who had ever thought about such a result?

Dongfang Huo, who was not prepared for the result, was stupefied.

He was a monstrous Immortal Chef from the fourth layer, and he was... f*cking defeated?

He wanted to get to the top fifty... but the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix he had meticulously cooked was defeated by a stick.

This shock wasn't different from the mental attack cast by a Four-star True Immortal Realm expert.

He was dumbstruck.

The uproar from the audience reached the sky, snapping Dongfang Huo back to his senses.

"Impossible! I can't be defeated! Even if I am defeated... it's impossible to lose to an Immortal Chef from the first layer!" Dongfang Huo burst out, shouting. In just a glimpse of time, his eyes turned bloodshot.

The onlookers also clamored, saying that something shady was going on. To them, Dongfang Huo simply couldn't lose.

Bu Fang was quite calm. He clasped his hands, his face emotionless.

Actually, Bu Fang was sighing inside.

Earlier, when the Thunder Dragons attacked each other, he was a little anxious. He had even thought that he would lose.

Although the Spicy Strip wasn't bad, it wasn't his best dish, and he had cooked it with some ordinary ingredients.

If he were defeated like that, Bu Fang would have been upset. He was actually alarmed.

Anyway, fortunately... he had won, though it was a close call.

And, since that was the case, Bu Fang resumed his cold and aloof appearance.

The others' reactions mattered nothing to him.

The referee suddenly bellowed. His terrifying soundwave expanded, sweeping the entire place. Immediately, everyone quietened down.

At this moment, the audience could only gaze at the arena. Still, they weren't convinced.

They felt it was unfair to Young Master Dongfang, and they thought that this referee had favored the Great Demon King.

An unknown Immortal Chef from the first layer... What did he have to act cool and defeat their Young Master Dongfang Huo?

"The judges have come up to that assessment and result. What made you unconvinced? The judges are all Third Grade Immortal Chefs... What qualifications do you have to deny the Third Grade Immortal Chefs' decisions?!" the referee said with a voice that was like the early morning bell, which reverberated everywhere.

However, not long after the referee said that, the audience began to clamor. They pointed at Little Di Tai, shouting and screaming.

"That little boy is also a Third Grade Immortal Chef?"

"Yeah, right! What does that naked boy have to become a judge?"

"We're not convinced. That little kid surely favored the Demon King!"

Little Di Tai was shocked. His cheeks puffed as he placed his hands on his waist.

He's being questioned?

The other judges were bewildered. They had never thought that the audience would doubt Little Di Tai's identity.

This kid had the Realm Lord's token, which represented the Realm Lord's status...

Who dared to act rashly?!

A judge stood up, ready to yell. However, just as he was about to say something, he was stunned by Little Di Tai's move.

It seemed Little Di Tai didn't mind the audience's denial at all. His small hand grabbed the chopsticks, gliding above the pile of ice splinters.

Immediately, a piece of Spicy Strip with bright radiance came after Dongfang Huo.

Dongfang Huo's eyes shrank. His eyes seemed to shoot out some blood-red light.


That piece of Spicy Strip was shoved into his mouth.

As soon as the Spicy Strip got into his mouth, Dongfang Huo's eyes changed.

All kinds of flavors bloomed in his mouth from the Spicy Strip. It made his pores open, as though he could fume white smoke from his skin.

"This taste..."

Dongfang Huo suddenly turned speechless. His face slowly changed from pale to pink, then to burning red. He looked as though his mouth could spit out fire.

Beads of sweat rolled down his face from his forehead.

When people saw Dongfang Huo eat the Spicy Strip, they were all silent, waiting to hear his assessment.

"What? Do you still reject the judges' assessment and decision? Since you've tasted your opponent's dish, you must know which made you lose..." Little Di Tai said casually.

He placed both hands at his waist, his crotch dazzling everyone. Then, he shrugged, his eyes scanning the crowd with his head held high.

"Also... What I've decided matters nothing to you. If you have the capability, come and replace this Realm Lord! You... know nothing about His Highness' ability."

The entire square was dead silent.

No one could think that the naked kid could be that overbearing.

"I'm defeated..."

After a long time, Dongfang Huo finally spoke. He squeezed his fists, his eyes bloodshot.

He knew he had lost. Little Di Tai was right. The moment he tasted the Spicy Strip, he knew he was defeated.

Terribly defeated.

Since he had chosen to cook the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix as a vegetable dish, he had lost the essence of the dish...

This difference was like the gap between heaven and earth.

Although the dishes' levels weren't different, the taste and meaning of his dish were lost.

As Dongfang Huo had admitted his defeat, the others could only sigh unwillingly.


A jet of silver light flashed, dashing toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang raised his hand, catching that jet of silver light. After the radiance scattered, the thing inside the light was exposed.

It was the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife from Dongfang Huo.

"Willing to gamble, willing to bear a loss. I lost the Chef's Challenge. The Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife goes to you. But... remember, next time, I will win it back!"

Dongfang Huo's eyes looked as though they could shoot out fire.

Dragon Bone Knife...

Bu Fang stroked the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife, his eyes narrowing.

Suddenly, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife let out a terrifying roar.

In Bu Fang's spirit sea, he was facing a towering silver-winged dragon. The silver-winged dragon spread its wings, spreading out its intimidating energy.

Its red eyes gazed at Bu Fang as its mouth opened, roaring.

Flustered, Bu Fang got himself out of this vision.

"Well... got a little attitude?"

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth rose.

"Hey... since as the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife is mine now, can I do a little test?" Bu Fang lifted his head, asking Dongfang Huo.

Dongfang Huo looked at Bu Fang, his pupils shrinking.

The Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife's spirit didn't affect him at all?

"Sure, you can... The knife is yours now. I can't control it anymore." Dongfang Huo gritted his teeth, his voice filled with bitterness.

"Good, I just waited for you to say so." Bu Fang nodded. "I'm so curious which knife is sharper, that's why I want to test them..."

A moment later, golden light sparkled in his hand. Then, the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared.

Bu Fang's eyes flashed.

In his spirit sea, a massive silver-winged dragon emerged. Its wings flapped, raising high waves.

However, right after that, another dragon roared, which made the silver-winged dragon freeze at its spot.

It was the gold dragon's might... subduing the silver-winged dragon completely.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Bu Fang's hand shook once.

The golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand, releasing a knife radiance.

His other hand also shook, and the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife moved.

Dongfang Huo gazed at Bu Fang. His mouth twitched, turning into a smirk.

Looking at Bu Fang's movement, it seems that he wanted to clash the knives together...

Comparing his knife's sharpness against the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife... It wasn't different from seeking death!

The Silver Pterosaur Dragon was an Eight-star Beast Emperor. Using that existence's bone to make a knife... How could the knife with immortal energy compare with Bu Fang's knife?

No doubt, Bu Fang's kitchen knife would be halved.

Bu Fang exhaled. Then, he wielded his knife...

The gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife clanged against each other.

Dongfang Huo sneered coldly.

However, as soon as the two knives collided, the smile on his face froze.


Fifth Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm.

Several thousand miles away from Immortal City, the void above an imposing mountain cracked open.

A moment later, a black dog stomped its cat-like steps out of the crack. It was soon followed by a bald man and a graceful young girl.

The bald man and graceful young girl stood by the dog.

As soon as Lord Dog arrived, he sauntered, sniffing the air. After a while, he seemed to catch something.

"Over there..." Lord Dog said casually.

Then, he teleported to a spot in the air, raising his exquisite paw.

The Black Dragon King and Flowery were suspicious. They didn't know why Lord Dog did that.

"Those City Lords are so cunning... There must be so many treasures in their cultivating place. That year, they seized the chance when Lord Dog got hurt to expel me. Hah. Now, it's time for Lord Dog to come and get the interest," Lord Dog said.

Then, his exquisite paw patted. Instantly, the void partially shattered.

A majestic palace appeared in the void, which was situated on the imposing mountain. Thick immortal energy wound around it.

"It's the place where the City Lord of the fifth layer cultivates... Really extravagant."

Lord Dog took the lead and entered the palace, murmuring about how amazing this place was.

Worthy of being the cultivating place of a City Lord. The immortal energy here was so thick that it could become running liquid.

Lord Dog leisurely strolled with his graceful cat-like steps.

Flowery and the Black Dragon King followed him.

All the doors of the palace were closed. However, as soon as Lord Dog came near, most of them sprang open, while the others collapsed under Lord Dog's paw.

"This is Sovereign Blood Root. Girl, eat it."

"This is Dragon Powder Flower... This is Purgatory Fruit..."

"Wow... Look at that. They even have Nine Line Yellow Essence..."

Lord Dog walked and seized the treasures in his way. When he saw something nice, he would shove it into his mouth or throw them over his shoulder to the Black Dragon King and Flowery, who were trailing behind.

Flowery wasn't hesitant. As the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, if she wanted to ascend, she must devour more precious materials. Those immortal ingredients were good for her.

Chomp. Chomp.

Flowery ate so much that she had almost forgotten everything. Essence energy fumed from her mouth.

The Black Dragon King was a little shy at first. However, after having a spirit fruit, his eyes bulged out. After that, he shamelessly wolfed down things as well.

"Don't feel guilty. Many of them are things Lord Dog had treasured that year... Those fellows had expelled wounded Lord Dog from the Immortal Cooking Realm, then seized Lord Dog's stuff. And now, Lord Dog just came to take my stuff back. Well... I will take some interest too," Lord Dog explained while chewing some fruit that looked like a heart.

The Black Dragon King and Flowery nodded vehemently, their mouths stuffed.

Follow Lord Dog... get meat to eat!

And so, two people and a dog ate from the beginning to the end...

"Huh... What is this thing?"

All of a sudden, Lord Dog found something. His paw held a silver heart, looking at it with a doubtful expression.

"Is it something precious? Can we eat it?" The Black Dragon King burped, his eyes flashing.

Lord Dog frowned. "Strange... A silver heart. It has a familiar aura... Hmm... Feels like a Qilin Chef's aura."

However, soon, Lord Dog became suspicious. This is the cultivating place of the fifth layer's City Lord. How could it have a Qilin Chef's heart?

Moreover, Lord Dog felt that this aura was so familiar. It seemed to be... the City Lord of the first layer's aura.

Lord Dog knew him, so he recognized his aura.

This silver heart... is the Qilin Chef heart of the first layer's City Lord...

Suddenly, Lord Dog bared his fangs, grinning.

"Looks like Lord Dog has discovered something very, very special."


Ya Ya worriedly walked back and forth.

All of a sudden, the void shook, and City Lord Feng arrived together with the others.

Seeing them, Ya Ya's expression shifted.

"City Lords, Your Grace... You're back." Ya Ya wore an awkward face, as though she was sobbing at a funeral.

"That dog... That dog..."

"That dog? Did he come here?" City Lord Feng furrowed his brows, his eyes gleaming maliciously.

"That dog came here... He asked me about your cultivating locations..." Ya Ya replied gingerly, feeling so guilty.

Huh? That dog wanted to go to their cultivation places?

The four City Lords exchanged looks, feeling baffled.

In the next moment...

Their faces changed dramatically.

"That dog... Damn it!!"

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank. His murderous aura burst out together with... fear!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wasting no time, City Lord Feng flashed, breaking the void. Very quickly, he disappeared into thin air.

The other City Lords also took deep breaths and left the fifth layer, returning to their private cultivating places.

If their cultivating places were dug by that dog... How terrible it would be...