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 Ya Ya, who was clad in a brocade robe, was surprised when she saw Lord Dog and the others walking out of the void crack.

"Oh wow! So this is the Immortal Cooking Realm's fifth layer... Looks really fancy."

The Black Dragon King's eyes lit up as he looked around.

The wooden house was situated at the highest part of the Immortal Cooking Realm, which was a little higher than the fifth layer. Dense immortal energy was everywhere in this place, meandering around the wooden house, which made it look like it was built in a fairyland.

"Sweet daughter... say yes." The Black Dragon King grinned, looking at the graceful, young girl standing next to him.

The young girl had grown up into an elegant and sexy-figured lady. Her beautiful face was like a work of art, which was accentuated by her long green hair. Overall, she looked young and gentle, but cold.

"Even if you don't talk, nobody will say you're mute."

Glancing at the Black Dragon King, Flowery spoke casually. After that, her beautiful eyes turned to Lord Dog, who was walking elegantly like a cat.

Flowery had finished her transformation. Now, she was the tri-color Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python. Her appearance also changed from a little girl to a young maiden.

The young maiden had a charming beauty that was so enchanting. Whether she smiled or frown, she made people infatuated with her.

Currently, Flowery could speak fluently, and more importantly, her power had improved.

After her transformation, her cultivation base increased by ten percent, so she was much stronger than before. However, she was just as strong as an expert at Three-star True immortal Realm.

Anyway, with this cultivation base, she could subdue the Black Dragon King effortlessly.


Just as the Black Dragon King and Flowery were about to quarrel, some noise arose from the wooden house.

A moment later, a figure appeared in front of them.

It was a very familiar figure. With eyes tinted with sadness and anticipation, his naked body was displayed in its full glory as his golden hair fluttered in the air.

It was Realm Lord Di Tai, who had returned to the fifth layer.

"You mangy dog. Why are you here in my fifth layer? I don't have the mood and time to play with you! I'm a man who only does great business!" Realm Lord Di Tai said, narrowing his eyes at Lord Dog.

"Nothing. I don't have anything to do, so I'm just taking a walk..." Lord Dog said in his gentle and magnetic voice.

Realm Lord Di Tai's brows twitched. Only a ghost would believe you, you mangy dog. When you have nothing to do, your lazy ass is only lying on the ground. How could you have the mood to take a walk around?

This dog must be stirring up something!

"Then, you continue walking... I got stuff to do," said Realm Lord Di Tai, turning around to return to the wooden house.

"Alright, off you go. I just need to talk to your assistant..." said Lord Dog casually.

Ya Ya was instantly frightened. Lord Dog wanted to see her?

"Little girl... Those guys from Immortal City must have come to see you, right?" Lord Dog laid down on the ground, lazily licking his paws.

Ya Ya gawked. The guys from Immortal City? He meant the City Lords?

"Yes... Right, the City Lords have gone to the first layer... I think they're looking for you, Lord Dog," Ya Ya replied.

"Oops... They would receive a happy surprise then," Lord Dog said. "If they're in the first layer... Hmm. Okay, little girl... you tell me where they often practice or train. Lord Dog got some business to do."

Ya Ya was bewildered. Then, she widened her eyes.

Did Lord Dog want to...

"Just a friendly visit. Don't think too much, little girl. Do you think Lord Dog is that sort of dog?" Lord Dog said casually. "Since they've run to the first layer to visit Lord Dog, Lord Dog, of course, wants to visit them to find some good things. It's just to repay their kindness..."

Since they were experts at the City Lord's level, of course their cultivating place was separate from the City Lord's mansion.

And, only Ya Ya, who was in charge of the Immortal Chefs' stuff, would know their secret places.

This was the reason why Lord Dog had to visit the fifth layer. Otherwise, Lord Dog had already attacked those City Lords' cultivation places.

Since Lord Dog had asked her, Ya Ya could not just ignore him. Although she wanted to reject, Lord Dog's prestige was too strong.

In the end, Ya Ya was forced to answer him.

Seeing two people and one dog walking into the void crack, Ya Ya couldn't even cry.

City Lords... Ya Ya is so sorry...


"Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip? What kind of a messy name is that?"

The referee was somewhat speechless, looking at Bu Fang.

This dish was just a stick that was stabbed into a pile of crushed ice. Why did it have such a tongue-twister name?

Since the lightning punishment was a draw, the judges needed to taste their dishes. They would assess and determine who the winner was.

When both dishes were brought to the judge's table, the massive light screen projected a close shot at the two dishes.

They had to admit that the two dishes had completely different styles.

Dongfang Huo's dish, Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix, had used immortal ingredients and an exquisite knife skill to describe the perfection of the birds in the world.

Everything had been concentrated in a dish as each bird was made with different ingredients.

This dish looked like a perfect piece of art that was too beautiful to behold, and it was able to make people infatuated with it.

Immoral energy swirled, coiling. Just watching it made the audience feel like they could hear the Phoenix singing together with all kinds of birds.

Dongfang Huo was very confident in this dish.

At first, he thought that he would use this dish to challenge the monstrous chefs from the fifth layer. However, he hadn't thought that he would meet the Great Demon King and have a Chef's Challenge with him.

There was a certain risk in a Chef's Challenge. Hence, he decided to cook this dish. He couldn't afford to lose.

Although he had replaced many ingredients with lower-quality ones while cooking this, the dish's meaning and level would be enough to crush the Demon King's dish.

Full of confidence, he favored this dish a lot. How could his Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix... lose to the Great Demon King's stick?

The audience began to boil up, clamoring as they discussed the two dishes.

Of course, their enthusiasm was spent more on Dongfang Huo's dish. After all, the fourth layer was his hometown, so no doubt he would receive more support than Bu Fang.

Actually, Dongfang Huo was completely overwhelmed. It seems that no one in the audience appreciated Bu Fang.

They all supported Dongfang Huo.

Whether it was his competence or the dish itself, people all thought that Dongfang Huo would win.

The five judges exchanged looks.

Little Di Tai was sitting in the middle, flapping his wings.

The five judges tried Dongfang Huo's dish first as it had already piqued their curiosity. They picked up their chopsticks, excitedly reaching out to grab a piece.

As soon as the food got in their mouths, a sharp light shot out of their eyes.

"Interesting... This Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix is a vegetable dish, but I feel like it's not. Each bird is made of different immortal ingredients. There's no meat, but the taste is much better than meat..." a judge said, appraising the dish.

"The taste also changes with each level of the bird, with the best taste belonging to the Phoenix. However, the other birds also taste nice. It's a creative vegetable dish indeed..." Another judge stroked his beard, complimenting.

Hearing those words, Dongfang Huo was beaming with pride.

Of course, he understood his dish like it was the palm of his hand. He chose to cook this vegetable dish because Bu Fang was his opponent.

If his opponent had been a monstrous chef from the fifth layer, he wouldn't have been this disdainful, choosing to cook a vegan dish.

He would have chosen the real Myriad of Birds.

However, if it were meat, the challenge for the chef would be much bigger since it was crucial to balance the tastes of different kinds of meat.

However, to cope with the Great Demon King, Dongfang Huo thought that he didn't need to use the strongest version of the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix.

Although the judges complimented him a lot, they hadn't hurried to make a conclusion.

Now, their eyes moved to Bu Fang's dish.

The Spicy Strip was cut into pieces, then placed on a pile of crushed ice.

Its appearance was a bit lacking compared to the Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix, but luckily, its aroma wasn't inferior to the Myriad of Birds at all, which kept the judges' interest to try it.

"Spicy Strip? It's the first time I heard about this..." a judge said, smiling.

Indeed. It was also the first time they had the chance to try Bu Fang's food. Previously, Bu Fang had always been the overwhelming winner, so his dishes didn't need to be tasted.

As they grabbed a piece of Spicy Strip, its radiance bloomed, which was too magnificent to behold. It was like a piece of exquisite art.

But that's just it. That was all the dish had, and it couldn't surprise the judges further.

They then put the piece of Spicy Strip into their mouths, chewing slowly to taste.

Instantly, an incredible taste and aroma blasted in their mouths. As they chewed, they could feel the rich oily juice splashing in their mouths.

In just a blink of an eye, the five judges gawked. They seemed to have flames burning in their eyes.

Their eyes were now like a furnace.


Like an erupting volcano, the judges' faces turned red, and their nostrils fumed white smoke.

"This taste..."

A judge was so surprised. His face was red, and he felt as though he was burning. He suddenly felt the urge to take his clothes off.

That tiny piece of Spicy Strip seemed to carry all kinds of flavors, rolling around their mouths for hundreds of times before turning into some flaming spicy flavor.

It was a sort of genuine spiciness that was humble, but not too low.

Chewing further, the judges felt like they were seeking some secret.

It was soft yet tough at the same time. Biting one more time, they felt the meat's flavor and texture, which was so soft it could melt right in their mouths, allowing the meaty taste to burst to its peak.

"Is it shrimp?" a judge asked while chewing.

Of course, there was seafood in the Immortal Cooking Realm's fourth layer. These judges must have eaten shrimp before.

The shrimp's taste simply wrapped around the Spicy Strip, but it wasn't too overwhelming at all.

After biting, the spicy taste, the fragrant sauce, and the freshness of the shrimp... all blasted at the same time.

It was like having a bomb with three flavors explode in the mouth. The taste was so captivating that they couldn't resist it at all.


The judges commented with complicated looks.

Little Di Tai gave a thumbs-up as he was so busy picking up more Spicy Strips.

Eating a Spicy Strip, Little Di Tai was so infatuated with it.

The judges' reaction stirred up the audience.

At this moment, the audience turned hesitant and doubtful because they couldn't conclude who would win.

Dongfang Huo's eyes shrank. He couldn't believe it.

Now, he felt he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he would win. He even felt anxious.

This anxiety... irritated Dongfang Huo.

"How could I lose... How could I lose to a stick? How could that dish defeat me?!"

Dongfang Huo took in a deep breath, his cold eyes gazing at Bu Fang. Then, he calmed down.

"I must believe in my Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix..."

The peerless and creative Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix, and the superb taste of the Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip... Which one would the judges choose?

In front of tens of thousands of people, the judges declared their own choices.

"I chose Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix... Although it doesn't taste as good as the Spicy Strip, its creativity and cooking techniques are enough to defeat the Spicy Strip," a judge said.

"I chose the Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip... Not only because of the taste, but also because of something touching that I can't describe."

"I chose the Spicy Strip. Not because of anything but faith."

"Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix... I can use only "stunning" to describe it."

Four judges had made their choices.

It was a draw, which couldn't determine anything.

However, they still had one judge. At this moment, he had become the focus of the entire arena.

Little Di Tai had stuffed his mouth with pieces of Spicy Strips. Now, he seemed to notice people eyeing him.

He dropped his chopsticks, wiping his shiny, greasy mouth. Then, he flapped his wings as he flew up and hovered above the table.

Both of his hands were placed on his waist, his crotch blooming with divine light.

"The Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix... looks really cool and flashy. If the ingredients were changed, it could compare with the other. But since it was made as a vegan dish, it's the biggest wrong stroke of the brush... So, for me, the winner is the Spicy Strip. "

It was three to two... in favor of the Spicy Strip.

The result was now determined. The winner was... the Great Demon King!

As soon as they heard the result, the entire square was shocked!