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 "Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife?"

Bu Fang's words stunned Dongfang Huo, who was standing behind the silver stove. A moment later, his face revealed an arrogant smile.

"Not all Dragon Bone Kitchen Knives are the high-grade immortal tools..." Dongfang Huo said, his narrowed eyes landing on the kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand.

The kitchen knife in the Great Demon King's hand had a bright golden radiance, which looked incomparably magnificent. Its golden light was so bright that it seemed to stab people's eyes.

However, he could not feel any intimidating aura that high-grade immortal tools have. Moreover, there was no immortal energy winding around it.

Perhaps its quality was not bad. However, looking at this appearance, the so-called Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife of the Great Demon King may not even be an immortal tool.

Using this kind of knife to win against him... was a funny joke.

His hand shook, and the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife spun in his palm, emitting a mysterious wave of energy.

Dongfang Huo's words reverberated around the auditorium. A moment later, the audience burst out laughing. Their laughter was full of ridicule, disdaining Bu Fang and his knife.

Dongfang Huo was right. Not all the kitchen knives were high-grade immortal tools.

The Silver Pterosaur Dragon was an Eight-star Beast Emperor in the fourth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Its power was very strong, and it had great destructive power.

However, in the past, this Silver Pterosaur Dragon had acted recklessly and wanted to attack Immortal City. In the end, it had been killed by City Lord Meng Qi, and its dragon bone had been made into three Dragon Bone Kitchen Knives. She gave one of them as a reward and for encouraging the talented fourth layer Immortal Chef.

Dongfang Huo's innate skill was astonishing, so he was rewarded with this Dragon Bone Knife reward. Hence, it was his pride and joy. His life's glory.

He definitely won't allow Bu Fang to use that trashy Dragon Bone Knife to insult his kitchen knife.

Therefore, in this Chef's Challenge, he must win and take that so-called Dragon Bone Knife away from Bu Fang's hand. Then, in front of the Great Demon King's face... he would destroy that kitchen knife into pieces!

Right, he would cut it with the Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife!

"This Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Knife was rewarded to me by City Lord Meng Qi... so don't you ever compare your trash knife to my knife..." Dongfang Huo's face turned cold as he spoke. After that, he began to cook his dish.

He took out many ingredients and placed them on the stove.

Suddenly, on the stage, immortal energy soared to the sky!

No doubt, these ingredients were high-grade immortal ingredients, which were quite rare!

Dongfang Huo really wanted to crush the Great Demon King to death!

Everyone's eyes narrowed as they focused on the stage. It seems that the Great Demon King... was in trouble this time.

Indeed, many of them were excited. Finally, this first layer Immortal Chef, who had been a tyrant for so long, would be taught a lesson.

Gongshu Ban's face had long lost its usual color. Dongfang Huo... He had not thought that Owner Bu's opponent was Dongfang Huo...

The corners of Xiao Buque's mouth curved up, revealing a sneer. He was very glad to see Bu Fang's failure in this Chef's Challenge. Dongfang Huo was a contestant that even he was afraid of.

Of course, Bu Fang ignored the sneers and ridicules around him. He was very calm as his heart had chosen the dish he would cook.

After looking at Dongfang Huo with a strange expression, he took out the ingredients from the system storage space.

He then proceeded to cook in an orderly manner...


First Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm

The atmosphere became very awkward at this moment.

Each of the City Lords' eyes revealed a surprised look.

City Lord Feng could be considered a top existence in the Immortal Cooking Realm, and his strength was second only to the Realm Lord.

But his blade... couldn't chop this small restaurant into two halves?

How could it be?!

What kind of ghost is this restaurant?

Tong Wudi was also scared. He basically had not thought that this restaurant could withstand City Lord Feng's attack.

Damn... Could it be that that dog acted behind the scene?

"Impossible... That dog left a strand of fur here, so that means he was no longer here. The strange energy came from this restaurant," City Lord Meng Qi furrowed her brows, her beautiful face full of doubts.

"Sister Meng Qi is right. This restaurant... is very weird." City Lord Zou was holding the pot as he placed his fingers on his chin, sighing.

In the next moment, he shouted, and the black pot in his hand suddenly swung.

With a tearing sound, that black pot flew fast, as though it wanted to tear the void apart.

City Lord Zou's eyes locked onto the restaurant.


A loud explosion resounded as the black pot pounded at the restaurant's doors.

A moment later...

The fearful strength on the black pot disappeared. It fell to the ground with a dull thud, looking powerless.

Then, a terrifying energy wave burst out from the restaurant.

City Lord Zou's face paled. He flew backward, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

What happened to City Lord Feng happened to him as well.

"This restaurant... is really strange. It's like there's a profound existence protecting it. We couldn't even shake it," City Lord Feng said coldly, clutching his chest.

The four City Lords looked at each other. Then, their gazes returned to the restaurant.

After that, they all performed hand seals, and a series of energy waves burst out. Each energy wave became a magic array, which surrounded the restaurant.

The restaurant was now sealed.

"Everything related to that dog is somewhat inconceivable."

City Lord Zou pouted as he gazed at the restaurant with a somewhat bitter look.

"If it weren't for that dog who had bitten the Heavenly Path, Old Xue might not fall in the Immortal Tree space!" City Lord Feng said with deep hatred in his eyes.

"That's right... Old Xue's cultivation was very strong, but he died just like that... It was really weird!" City Lord Meng Qi said.

"We must inform the Realm Lord about this restaurant. It would be dangerous if we just let this restaurant exist here in the Immortal Cooking Realm," City Lord Feng said.

In response, the three City Lords nodded their heads.

Finally, they turned around, heading towards the City Lord's mansion.

Tong Wudi, who was left behind, was very scared. What the hell happened?

That small restaurant... Was it really so powerful?


Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the stage, the bloody flame soared to the sky unceasingly, displaying a magical scene.

Many people were attracted by that scene, showing awestruck faces.

They all exclaimed.

Dongfang Huo's cooking was like an art display. Whether it was his knife skill or heat-control skill, all of them had reached a superior level.

The bloody flame was like a hand that was gesturing at them, enticing their senses as the fragrance quickly spread over the entire square.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds had now appeared, covering the sky.

The loud booms of thunder resounded throughout the place unceasingly.

Many people lifted their heads, looking above them, and their eyes immediately shrank.

The dark clouds this time brought the biggest pressure so far in this competition.

Everyone knew what this meant. It meant that the lightning punishment this time might be more than one.

It could possibly be two, or even three lightning punishments!

After all... these two people were able to cook a dish that had triggered three lightning punishments!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang's dish was almost completed.

When some people saw Bu Fang's dish, they were all shocked.

That was because... this dish was so familiar.

"It's that stick again! Did he plan to support the heavens with a single pillar?"

"That's the dish he cooked against the forty-nine chefs! The Great Demon King still chose to cook it?!"

"Very arrogant... He's really underestimating Dongfang Huo. He didn't even make a special dish!"

The audience continued to make noise, thinking that Dongfang Huo would definitely win.

A stick... could also become a dish?

Of course, even if it could become a dish... could it compare with Dongfang Huo's dish?

Without a doubt, Dongfang Huo would definitely crush him! The fourth layer's monstrous talent was unstoppable!

The Great Demon King's fall... was sure to happen this time.

In the sky, the dark clouds rolled and gathered, releasing immense pressure.

Thunder boomed, and lightning flashed.

Underneath, Dongfang Huo's dish was almost completed.

His dish was not a mere side dish, but was a main dish. From a distance, it looked like an exquisite painting, which was extremely delicate.

Each detail surprised everyone.

When the last step was completed, Dongfang Huo's dish began to emit a dense, lingering immortal energy.

"The dish is done! It's happening!" Someone exclaimed.

Indeed, it was the climax of the match. Everyone was clear that these two people were carrying out the Chef's Challenge.

In a Chef's Challenge... the standard for evaluating a dish was the lightning punishment's strength.

Soon, everyone would witness the final outcome.

This time, Bu Fang still cooked the Spicy Strip. However, he made a few changes to the recipe.

He had added many crayfish meat this time, so the taste was extremely fragrant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder and lightning seemed to tear the sky.

A moment later...

Above them, the Thunder Dragons bared their fangs and claws.

The audience screamed, incomparably shocked as they watched the Thunder Dragons kill each other in midair.

This scene was extremely fierce. As lightning bolts shot out, the void exploded unceasingly.

Many in the audience were astonished as it was their first time to see this.

But after the initial shock, everyone was very excited. Raising their fists, they all roared at the sky.

Some people stood up, cheering for Dongfang Huo's lightning punishment.

Bu Fang and Dongfang Huo had finished their cooking.

Now, the only thing remaining was the judgment.

Both of them crossed their arms, looking up to watch the scene in the sky.

Gongshu Ban was so tensed up that his palms were sweating, his eyes full of anxiety.

The black-cloaked man raised his head, staring at the void with a strange look.

All Immortal Chefs looked up to the scene in the sky.

The first Thunder Dragons were torn and bitten off. After a loud explosion, they were both destroyed.

The audience exclaimed.

After that, the second Thunder Dragons flew out of the dark clouds. Immediately, they slaughtered each other, and they, too, were destroyed.

The audience was once again in an uproar.

When the third Thunder Dragons emerged, a terrifying pressure swept across the audience.

Both of them had cooked a dish that triggered three lightning punishments, and everyone couldn't help but exclaim.

Under the eyes of all people...

The Two Thunder Dragons killed each other, and a terrible collision occurred.

A huge explosion swept the entire square.

Finally, an invisible wave spread out, as though ripples filled the sky. Layer by layer, it dispersed.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

What's the final outcome?

The dark clouds dispersed, and the dark cloud above the heads of the two people almost disappeared at the same time.

Bu Fang was slightly stunned.

A draw?

Dongfang Huo also sucked in a cold breath. He used all of his special techniques and tricks, but unexpectedly... it was only a draw?

All the Immortal Chefs looked pensive.

This match... was very, very interesting.


Immortal energy hovered over Dongfang Huo's dish, while Bu Fang's dish shone brightly.

Most of them were familiar with the latter... A stick stuck on a pile of ice, as though it was a pillar supporting the sky.

A very rare dish.

What would be the final outcome?

The referee was somewhat excited.

Finally... Someone could evaluate the Great Demon King's dish.

Ever since the Great Demon King had participated in the competition, the referees existed in name only. Not only that, the judges did not have the opportunity to taste the dish.

Now, it was the time to evaluate the dish directly.

The referee's figure flashed, appearing in front of Dongfang Huo. He then carefully picked up and carried the dish.

Dongfang Huo's dish was like a painting. On a large plate, there were many piles of ingredients, and their combination seemed to reveal a culinary delicacy, which was enhanced by the immortal energy hovering over it. Among them, there was a phoenix, a hawk, a bird, and a falcon...

The dish revealed various types of birds, and its intense aura and aroma made people take in a cold breath.

"Rank three immortal dish... Myriad of Birds Bowing to the Phoenix!" Dongfang Huo clasped his hands, extremely confident.

The referee then brought the dish to the judge's table. After that, he turned around and walked towards Bu Fang's dish.

A dazzling radiance shot out from Bu Fang's dish, revealing a stick on a pile of crushed ice.

"What's the name of your dish?" the referee asked.

Looking at the referee, Bu Fang spun the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he raised the corners of his mouth.

"It's called... Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip."