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 Bu Fang looked at his flashing red name in the jade token, slightly stunned.

Was he challenged?

His face then returned to its usual calm expression. Being challenged... was normal.

However, Bu Fang was very curious. Unexpectedly, there were some people who dared to challenge him...

In the previous rounds, he was called the Great Demon King, and anyone who dared to challenge the Great Demon King would always end up in a pitiful situation.

Bu Fang had originally intended to stay low-key In this Immortal Chef Tournament, but unexpected events had forced him to give it up and go all out. Hence, he would do the Chef's Challenge until the end of the competition.

And now, surprisingly, there were some people who dared to challenge him...

Actually, Bu Fang was excited, which was a rare thing for him. He exhaled and said, "My kitchen knife... is hungry and thirsty."

Then, he started to walk and step on the stage.

When Gongshu Ban saw Bu Fang take a step, he was a bit stunned. Then, he seemed to understand the situation, his eyes showing concern.

What should come would always come.

Owner Bu... was finally challenged. Hopefully, he could stand firm.

When Bu Fang stepped on the stage, the black-cloaked man had just finished a challenge and won. Both of them brushed past each other.

"Owner Bu... I hope you won't disappoint me."

The hoarse voice of the black-cloaked man resounded in Bu Fang's ear, which made Bu Fang turn his head to look.

However, he only saw the back of that black-cloaked man.

This back... was somewhat familiar.

He called him Owner Bu... It seemed to be an acquaintance.

Except for Gongshu Ban and some people from the first layer, as well as the Hidden Dragon Continent people, the contestants in this Immortal Chef Tournament all called him Great Demon King.

Therefore, Bu Fang was very curious.

Who was this black-cloaked man who was acting so mysterious?

Meanwhile, many people saw Bu Fang on the stage, and they were in an uproar.

"It's the Great Demon King! Oh my God... someone is challenging the Great Demon King?!"

"Wow. Who challenged him? How brave!"

"I was expecting that the Great Demon King would challenge others, but it's the other way around..."

Above the audience, Bu Fang's calm face was projected on the big light screen, and they couldn't help talking and whispering.

Obviously, many people were paying attention to Bu Fang, especially the audience from the fourth layer, who didn't know who he was.

However, after Bu Fang stepped on the stage, the noise around them made them somewhat suspicious, more so when they heard Immortal Chefs shouting "Great Demon King" at him.

Great Demon King... Why is the guy on the stage called Great Demon King? What qualifications did he have to be called that?

The referee stared at Bu Fang. He had heard incredible things about this chef... so he was also very curious how far this guy could go.

Since this chef could trigger three lightning punishments, his innate skill was truly scary.

However... the monstrous talents of the fifth layer could trigger three lightning punishments as well!

Bu Fang crossed his arms as he stood on the stage. As the wind blew past, his Vermillion Robe billowed, making him look like an ethereal existence.

"Where's my opponent?"

Bu Fang had waited for a long time now, but no one appeared on the opposite side, so he turned to the referee and asked about it.

The referee also frowned.

A moment later...

A trembling Immortal Chef appeared, stepping on the stage.

Without a doubt, that trembling Immortal Chef was the person who wanted to challenge Bu Fang.

"Sir Referee... I...I... I think I challenged the wrong person?"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The first words of that Immortal Chef were full of bitterness as he looked at the referee, complaining tearfully.

He hadn't thought that he challenged the Great Demon King!

Earlier, he had just won a challenge, and he was too excited with the result. His hand shook for a while, so the choice was a mistake!

The referee looked at that contestant indifferently. "The opponent you chose yourselves cannot be changed, so suck it up and face your challenge... It's either you win or lose, right?"

This contestant had just won the challenge, and now, he's at rank ninety-eight, so his innate skill was not bad.

However, he didn't expect that he lacked some courage...

Win or lose?

The contestant was crying without tears.

That guy is the Great Demon King! Winning is good, but what about losing?! His precious knife would be taken away from him!

Bu Fang was somewhat curious as he looked at this contestant.

It seems that his opponent's hand... was shaking?

"Don't be afraid... Isn't it just a Chef's Challenge? Just close your eyes and open them. After that, it's over," Bu Fang expressionlessly said with a gentle look.

However, these words made the contestant's body tremble.

Close and open my eyes, my ass! After I open them, my knife will be gone!

"I... I choose to give up!"

After hearing Bu Fang's gentle yet not-so-comforting words, the Immortal Chef did not hesitate to give up.

The serious look on his face made the referee slightly stunned.

Damn... This guy gave up?!

How could he give up a challenge? At this point in the competition, one must be brave and do it!

Without waiting for the referee's reply, the Immortal Chef turned around and ran away from the stage...

...leaving Bu Fang and the referee behind, who had a dumbfounded look

The audience was also dumbfounded.

He gave up?!

Could someone give up a level-up match?!

This was... a little strange!

This challenge had been going on for so long, and this was the first time that someone gave up.

This Great Demon King... is really that scary?

He didn't even make any move, but the challenger gave up. What's so special about him?

"Actually...I didn't want it to be like this."

Bu Fang shrugged helplessly, then went down the stage.

Gongshu Ban was very excited. He hadn't thought that Bu Fang kept his rank that easily!

Seeing Bu Fang getting down, Gongshu Ban rushed forward.

"Owner Bu, you should consider the next contestant to challenge...Your challenge selection range is between seventy-nine and seventy..."

"I don't need to think about it. I'll just pick seventy."

Bu Fang was very calm. Since his goal was the top ten, it doesn't matter who he would challenge.

"Rank seventy? Isn't it too risky?" Gongshu Ban frowned.

Bu Fang raised the corners of his mouth. "Risky? In my eyes... there's no risk."

With a single thought, his mind sank into the jade token and directly chose the seventieth person. He didn't even look at the contestant's name.

On the other side of the stage...

An Immortal Chef wearing a blood-red chef robe suddenly opened his eyes, which seemed to contain raging flames.

"Did someone just challenge me?"

Dongfang Huo narrowed his eyes. He hadn't thought that there was someone who would boldly challenge him.

Everyone knew that... Dongfang Huo's goal was the top fifty!

Standing up, Dongfang Huo stepped forward, making the surrounding Immortal Chefs look at him in surprise.

"Dongfang Huo?"

"Did someone challenge him? Impossible... Someone challenged this madman!"

"The monstrous talent Immortal Chef of the fourth layer! He's a terrifying Immortal Chef who planned to enter the top fifty! Where did that challenger get his courage?"

The Immortal Chefs whispered, discussing spiritedly.

Dongfang Huo remained cold. His face filled with indifference, which contrasted with his fiery-red chef robe.

As he stepped on the stage, the audience immediately went into an uproar!

Dongfang Huo was a monstrous talent Immortal Chef of the fourth layer, so of course, almost everyone cheered for him. It could be said that he had a home advantage.

When the Immortal Chefs saw Dongfang Huo on the stage, their eyes focused on him.

Xiao Buque also slightly narrowed his eyes.

Dongfang Huo, a very good contestant, and he was considered equal to his level.

Which ignorant chef dared to challenge him?

Xiao Buque turned his gaze to the opposite side, wanting to know who challenged Dongfang Huo.

As soon as he looked over, his eyes shrank.

Bu Fang stepped on the stage.

"Oh... We meet again." Bu Fang greeted the referee.

"Did you challenge Dongfang Huo?"

The referee saw Bu Fang's surprised look, which immediately changed to curious expression.

"Dongfang Huo, who?"

Bu Fang was also stunned. Then, as though he just remembered something, he added, "Did you mean the rank seventy Immortal Chef? Yeah, earlier, I had chosen directly, and I forgot to look at the name. So... the name is Dongfang Huo, huh..."

The referee was stunned speechless...

At this moment, Dongfang Huo saw his opponent. "Great Demon King?"

Dongfang Huo raised the corner of the mouth into a smirk. His eyes seemed to flash with a hint of disdain.

The moment Bu Fang and Dongfang Huo faced each other, the entire square went wild!

All the Immortal Chefs looked serious. Without a doubt, this would be a fierce match, like a dragon and a tiger fighting each other.

The Great Demon King had shown his strength, the kind that had fought against forty-nine chefs at the same time. His skills were so frightening that he had reached the level of defeating the enemy without even fighting.

As for Dongfang Huo, he was a famous monstrous talent of the fourth layer.

At this moment, this match became the focus of the entire audience, and the cheers were overwhelmingly on one side.

Everyone cheered for Dongfang Huo. After all, it was a battle at the home ground... The sound of support reverberated throughout the square unceasingly.

"I heard you're called Great Demon King... and you really like the Chef's Challenge and taking others' kitchen knives?" Dongfang Huo said with a cold smile.

"Well... it's not really a hobby..." Bu Fang thought and prepared to say something, but he was interrupted by Dongfang Huo.

"Anyway, it doesn't matter... Let's do the Chef's Challenge then! Winning the other's knife really excites me!" Dongfang Huo said, raising his hand.

Bu Fang could see his hand was trembling, but he said expressionlessly, "Oh... well, let's start then."

The cheers became even louder. Shortly after, the Chef's Challenge began on the stage.

The Great Demon King confronted the monstrous talent of the fourth layer... Dongfang Huo!

It could be said that it was the most exciting match so far. And the most important thing was... both sides chose to do the Chef's Challenge unexpectedly.

Some people didn't understand what the Chef's Challenge was, but quickly, the Chef's Challenge rules were presented on the big light screen.

After reading the rules, the audience's eyes bugged out!

"Oh my god! The loser must hand over his kitchen knife! This Chef's Challenge... is too cruel! Young Master Dongfang, crush him!"

"Beat that smelly Great Demon King's ass! Teach him a lesson!"

"Get that Great Demon King's knife! Make him cry!"

The audiences clamored as they excitedly cheered for Dongfang Huo.

On the stage...

Dongfang Huo's body burst out a powerful aura.

A red radiance flashed in his eyes as a blood-red flame emerged from his body, turning into a blood-colored flame snake hovering around him.

"The rank fifty-five immortal flame, Blood Mamba Snake Flame!" Dongfang Huo said indifferently. Then, he held out his hand, making the blood-colored flame coil around it.


With a single thought, a silver kitchen stove suddenly appeared with a reverberating sound.

Immortal energy hovered over the stove as other kitchen tools also appeared. They also had immortal energy winding around them.

All of them were extraordinary immortal tools.

"Dongfang Huo had not used these immortal tools previously... Now, it looks like he's serious!"

When people saw Dongfang Huo's kitchen stove and immortal tools, their eyes shrank.

In Dongfang Huo's hand, a silver kitchen knife emerged. His fingers lightly brushed on it as he indifferently looked at Bu Fang.

"This is my life glory, my kitchen knife... The high-grade immortal tool, Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife! Now, you can start... feeling despair!"

Dongfang Huo's mouth slightly curved up, revealing an arrogant look. This Great Demon King is so full of himself... He'll let him have a taste of his Silver Pterosaur Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

A high-grade immortal tool...

The surrounding people sucked in a cold breath. Indeed, worthy of being the fourth layer's monstrous talent. He even took out his high-grade immortal tool.

It looked like the Great Demon King... was in big trouble this time!

Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife?

Dongfang Huo's words slightly stunned Bu Fang.

Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife... This guy also had a Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife?

His brows arched as he looked at Dongfang Huo with a strange expression.

Then, let out a long breath.

His mind flickered.

In his spirit sea, the Golden Dragon suddenly let out a deafening roar.

Cyan smoke wound around his hand as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged, blooming with a golden radiance.

"What a coincidence. My kitchen knife... is also called Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife."