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 Tong Wudi's eyes shrank, feeling that his entire body was covered by a frightening, ice-cold energy.

In his eyes, that dog's paw seemed to cover the entire sky as it patted towards him.

Behind him, the four City Lords became alert. To them, they didn't dare to underestimate this dog.

As City Lords, they were well aware of this dog's terrifying ways... It was the horrible existence who had bitten the Heavenly Path of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Above the four City Lords, a terrifying aura in the void burst out.

At this moment, the entire first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm seemed to tremble under that formidable aura.

Facing the dog's paw, the four City Lords burst out their aura at the same time, wielding their respective weapons and skills.

Tong Wudi felt like he was suffocating.

These are the City Lords of the Immortal Cooking Realm! A true City Lord level existence!

Various kinds of brilliance and that dog's paw collided, causing a terrible explosion that shocked the entire layer.

The eyes of City Lord Feng were bright, and his cold face revealed a crazed expression.

The kitchen knife in his hand suddenly swung, and the entire space seemed to be filled with the knives.

In the next moment, blade lights slashed down on the paw.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud explosions accompanied with shockwaves spread around.

"Dog-slaughtering knife skill... Beheading!"

A dragon-like blade light emerged, its sound reverberating in the void. Blade lights gathered together, turning into a big knife.

At this moment, the entire Immortal City was in danger of being destroyed.

City Lord Meng Qi, who was wearing a long robe, suddenly flew up. Immortal energy lingered on her robe as she performed hand seals.

Instantly, the immortal energy on her robe expanded, shielding the entire city from the attacks.

The four City Lords continued to fight the black dog!

Tong Wudi's eyes were blazing. This scene was very rare.

Four City Lords used their full strength, and both sides didn't know when this fight would end.

City Lord Zou, who had his slender fingers on his chin earlier, made a move as well.

In a flash, the black pot in his hand suddenly became larger, smashing towards the black dog.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bright radiance was dazzling. Everyone didn't know how long it lasted.

After a while, the battle had ended, and everything turned dead silent...

Stunned, Tong Wudi looked in the distance.

There, the void was constantly breaking, and the houses surrounding the small restaurant were now in ruins.

City Lord Feng tightened his grip on the kitchen knife, panting. His eyes showed excitement.

City Lord Zou held the black pot and placed his fingers on his chin again.

City Lord Liu was holding a black iron bowl, his eyes calm and gentle.

The horrifying dog's paw disappeared in the void. It was vanquished by the joint forces of the three City Lords.

"That's it? This dog... his injury hasn't recovered yet."

City Lord Feng held the kitchen knife, a glint flashed in his eyes as his chest rose up and down.


In the distance, Lord Dog was slowly walking over to them with his graceful cat-like steps. His eyes calmly looked at the four people.

City Lord Feng's eyes shrank.

A moment later, he disappeared, reappearing in a flash with a blade light. That blade seemed to be one with as it slashed horizontally.

The void shook.

Lord Dog didn't evade. Facing that blade, he raised his paw and patted forward, wanting to shatter that dog-slaughtering knife skill.

With a loud tearing sound, the paw and the blade collided.

This collision didn't cause an explosion, which made City Lord Feng relieved.

As the blade slashed, Lord Dog's body was suddenly cut into two halves.


City Lord Feng's eyes shrank.

When the kitchen knife cut that black dog, City Lord Feng's heart was very excited. However, this excitement lasted only a second, and he soon realized that something was wrong.

How could this black dog be this weak? Impossible!

Suddenly, a bright light burst out.

Lord Dog's halved body was torn, without energy escaping and fresh blood splashing...

There was only white smoke, which changed into a strand of dog fur. A moment later, that strand of fur was cut into two halves, falling gently down in the air.

"Dog fur?!"

The eyes of four City Lords shrank.

How could it be only a strand of fur?

City Lord Feng's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

His dog-slaughtering knife skill only cut a dog's hair?!

In the end, the dog fur disappeared, and the restaurant doors also closed.

Everyone was stunned.

A gust of wind blew over. The atmosphere turned quiet and awkward...

Tong Wudi's body trembled. What? It's only a strand of fur?

Impossible... He knew he made no mistake. That dog was really there!

The other party was certainly an entity. It couldn't be only dog fur!

"We've been tricked... This black dog is really evil. Only a strand of dog fur had forced us to use our skills." City Lord Liu, who was silent for a while, finally opened his mouth. His voice sounded indignant.


It was certainly a trick... That black dog left only one strand of fur to deal with them. It meant that they were nothing to his eyes!

"Come out, you dog!"

City Lord Feng was unable to restrain his anger. After knowing he'd been played like a fool, the flame of anger in his heart raged even more, spreading to his face.

Looking at the tightly-closed restaurant doors with a reddened face, City Lord Feng roared. His knife slashed, letting out a sharp blade light.

That dog was definitely in this restaurant!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

His true energy burst out and gathered, condensing into his kitchen knife as it slashed down, aiming at the restaurant.

However, when the blade light was about to slash down at the restaurant, it dispersed in a blink of an eye...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a strong shockwave burst out from the restaurant, bombarding City Lord Feng's body. It was so strong that it made him fly back backward, and his mouth couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The eyes of City Lord Meng Qi, City Lord Zou, and the others all shrank. They looked at the restaurant in shock...

This restaurant... There's something wrong with it!


The Peak of the Immortal Tree, Fifth Layer

In front of the wooden house, Ya Ya, who was wearing a brocade robe, paced back and forth.

Suddenly, she seemed to sense something, turning her head to look in the distance.

There, the void suddenly twisted, and a hole appeared.

From that hole, three figures slowly stepped out.

The leader... was a fat black dog, who was sauntering with its cat-like steps.

Behind that black dog was a bald man and a slim and graceful young girl.

Ya Ya looked at these three figures, especially the black dog. Her eyes suddenly shrank.


Fourth Layer, Immortal Cooking Realm

Bu Fang and the others had soon settled in an inn inside Immortal City.

Compared with the other layers' Immortal Cities, the development of the Immortal City in the fourth layer was more advanced and prosperous.

Strolling on the streets, one could sense the rich and lavish atmosphere.

Bu Fang didn't hang around in the Immortal City for too long. He went to the Immortal Tree Square.

Each Immortal City had an Immortal Tree Square, and the venue of the competition was held there.

This time, the Immortal Tree Square was very lively. It was more lively compared to the competition in the previous levels.

The Immortal Tree Square was also brightly decorated. Compared to the previous layers, the fourth layer Immortal Tree Square area was very large, and around it, there were inclined auditoriums.

At first glance, those auditoriums somewhat resembled the large stadiums in his previous life.

The auditorium had seats, and all of them were full.

The Immortal Chef Tournament was a grand and much-awaited event of the Immortal Cooking Realm, so the auditorium was packed.

From time to time, cheers and shouts could be heard, reverberating in the entire auditorium.

Bu Fang felt like he was coming to a sporting arena.

The fourth layer atmosphere... was really different.

In the corner of the Immortal Tree Square, there was a large light screen shooting up to the sky. That light screen was made by several magic arrays, which collectively captured the whole scene inside the square.

Gongshu Ban acted as Bu Fang's assistant. Holding Xixi's hand, he stood under the arena, looking forward to Bu Fang's performance.

Actually, Bu Fang coming here was an unexpected pleasure, so Gongshu Ban didn't dare to expect too much. He just hoped that in the next match, Bu Fang would not lose too terribly.

On the large stage, two hundred contestants were standing. Well, specifically, they were one-hundred and ninety contestants.

No one in the top ten appeared.

In this level-up match, they didn't need to appear.

The rules of this level-up match were also different from before.

This level-up match was also considered to be a challenge as the lower-ranked contestant would challenge the upper-ranked contestant.

In this way, one would move up the ranks.

Starting from the challenge of the two-hundredth person, they would then gradually challenge level by level. Also, the rank two-hundred contestant could only challenge the rank one-hundred and ninety, and so on.

So, it was impossible to take a huge leap and challenge the rank eleven contestant.

Bu Fang was at rank eighty, so the highest possible to challenge was rank seventy, and so on.

On the stage, the referee was explaining these rules, and everyone listened carefully.

In this level-up match, forty people would advance to participate in the fifth layer final match.

Therefore, the competition in the fourth layer was the most intense. It was also worth watching.

This was the reason why there were so many people here compared with the previous two competitions.

"Now, the level-up challenge has started. Everyone has a jade token in their hand. To prevent several challenges at the same time to a person, everyone only has one chance to challenge. Once you fail a challenge, then your journey in this competition will end, and you will be left with your initial ranking. So... good luck, everyone," the referee said.

Except for the referee, the judges in the third layer were also present.

Among them, Bu Fang also saw Little Di Tai, who was fluttering his wings.

This guy seemed to be addicted to judging...

When Bu Fang received his own jade token, his mind settled into it, and he began to feel the change of token.

The rule of this challenge was very simple. As long you challenged successfully, you could move up and continue to challenge . However, once the challenge failed, it meant that you're out of the game.

The rule was very straightforward, but it was the most effective.

At this moment, the challenge was about to start in rank two hundred.

Bu Fang's mind settled into the jade token. Inside, there was a unified ranking list.

Among them, Bu Fang saw a lot of names flashing in red light. Obviously, these were people to be challenged.

In order to give the space for the challenger, Bu Fang descended the stage and started to watch.

On the stage, every contestant was also in their places.

A deafening roar resounded in the auditorium. At this passionate atmosphere, Bu Fang couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

The competition went on like wildfire.

Since Bu Fang had nothing to do, he began to observe the competition on the stage.

Of course, there were no weak Immortal Chefs at this point of the competition, and all of them had excellent cooking skills.

As soon as they started their level-up matches, they all showed out their secret techniques. Hence, these battles were very worth watching.


Bu Fang saw a familiar figure.

It was the black-cloaked man, who had fought against Gongshu Ban before.

At this moment, the black-cloaked man was competing.

He had the same manner, and the same move...

The pressure from the black-cloaked man made his opponent unable to hold his knife steadily.

At this moment, if one couldn't properly use a knife, cooking a dish would become a mess, and even the lightning punishment would not be triggered.

As expected, the black-cloaked man easily won and continued to challenge the others.

Looking at the relaxed black-cloaked man, Bu Fang couldn't help but narrow his eyes slightly.

As the Immortal Chef Tournament proceeded, Bu Fang was also observing each contestant.

He saw all kinds of strange dishes, which also benefited him a lot. He knew that observing the cooking process of those creative dishes would broaden his perspective and help him in the future.

The level-up challenges were like a wheel as it moved on to the next matches.

Some people challenged successfully to advance their ranks, and some people failed, leaving the competition with regrets.

The arena was a cruel battlefield, and only the winner could move on and reach the end.


Suddenly, Bu Fang's token vibrated...

Bu Fang was stunned, and his mind immediately sank into it.

Then, he saw his name flashing in red light.

Bu Fang... was challenged.