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 "That dog... Where is it?" a middle-aged man said coldly, his indifferent eyes looking at Tong Wudi.

With that one look, Tong Wudi felt incomparable pressure.

There were three males and one female.

The female was quite beautiful, but it was a kind of beauty that does not rely on heavy makeup. She was like an orchid that quietly blossomed, a calm beauty.

These four people were the remaining City Lords of the second, third, fourth, and fifth layers of Immortal Cooking Realm.

Moreover, this was the first time Tong Wudi saw these City Lords, and his heart was somewhat anxious.

Originally, the five City Lords were all Qilin Chefs. They may be weaker than the Realm Lord, who was a High Grade Qilin Chef, but if they were to join forces, the five of them could fight and hold against the Realm Lord.

However, with the unexpected death of the first layer City Lord, the entire pattern was broken.

Although Tong Wudi claimed to be the first layer City Lord now, in his heart, he knew that he was not qualified compared to the City Lords before him.

Whether it was cooking skills or cultivation, the difference was more than one grade.

Simply put, he was similar to Mu Yang. Compared to the four City Lords, he was just an ant.

"That dog... is in a small restaurant in the outer circle of the first layer's Immortal City. You are currently inside the City Lord mansion of this one, Tong Wudi," Tong Wudi said to those four City Lords. The respectful look remained on his face as he spoke.

The middle-aged man indifferently looked at Tong Wudi. "Tong Wudi? No matter who you are... if what you said is false, you know the consequence."

The middle-aged man was quite cold. It seemed like Tong Wudi was an insignificant existence to him.

This person was only a City Lord who hadn't been officially acknowledged by the Realm Lord. Why should he even recognize this man?

This time, due to the news of that dog, the four City Lords came to the first layer, which was quite a huge event.

They didn't pay attention to the Realm Lord's spokesperson and apprentice, Ya Ya, who had advised them not to trouble themselves with the dog. Ignoring her, they insisted on dealing with the dog themselves.

They were also under great pressure.

"Yes, yes, yes... When it comes to the Immortal Cooking Realm's safety, as a City Lord, of course I didn't dare to make any mistake at all," Tong Wudi said.

After that, he led the four City Lords outside the mansion.

When the four of them got out of the magic array, one of them turned to the middle-aged man and said, "Hey... City Lord Feng, that Tong Wudi is kinda strange. He never failed to mention he's the City Lord whenever he opens his mouth..."

An enchanting youth placed his slender fingers on his chin and smiled.

The others also smiled.

"It's only a jumping clown... Our goal here is that dog," the middle-aged man called City Lord Feng said seriously.

"So many years have passed. I didn't know how that dog's injury recovered. This time, I'm afraid we'll have a hard time dealing with it..." a white-robed youth indifferently said.

"You don't need to worry, City Lord Liu. Since our City Lord Feng had been humiliated by that dog, his grudge made him become the dog meat grandmaster, killing thousands of dogs in the world. Now, you won't see any dog spirit beasts in the fifth layer. Even the close relative of dogs, the wolves, are almost extinct there," the man who had placed his fingers on his chin said with a smile.

"You're right. City Lord Feng's dog-slaughtering knife skill is the best."

"Why do I always feel that you're mocking me?" City Lord Feng said coldly.

"Hurry, don't waste any more time talking... or else that dog will hear we're coming and escape." The female, who had a calm beauty like an orchid, couldn't help but interrupt them.

A moment later, Tong Wudi appeared in the distance behind them.

He clicked his tongue. These four City Lords were not like what he had imagined.

A cold man, an arrogant man, a sissy, and a virtuous woman...

It was really... a little interesting.

"Our Little Sister Meng Qi is as sensible as always," the man with slender fingers on his chin said with a smile.

As the City Lords went out of the City Lord mansion, Tong Wudi increased his speed, overtaking them.

Although the four people behind him were just leisurely walking, their combined pressure was very intense, so much so that his body couldn't help but tremble unceasingly.

These City Lords were the epitome of a true expert. Now, he realized how strong they were... which was what he had expected of them, actually.

With their combined strength, they could chase that dog away from the Immortal Cooking Realm. After that, all of his plans... would become a reality.

As soon as that dog is gone, that small restaurant would be razed to the ground.

That Bu Fang had incurred deep hatred with the Tong family, so he must be severely punished!

Meanwhile, the surrounding people saw Tong Wudi, and they couldn't help whispering among themselves.

"It's the head of the Tong family, Tong Wudi!"

"You shouldn't call him that anymore... He's now called City Lord Tong."

"Hmph. The Tong family obviously pulled some tricks. How could the entire Mu family be uprooted in just one night? And it was too sudden... Very, very terrible..."

By now, everyone knew about the fall of the Mu family and the former City Lord Mu Yang.

Although it had not caused too much noise, the Mu family residence burned continuously for three days, so of course that scene caught many people's attention.

At this moment, the people were curious about what Tong Wudi wanted to do.

The four people behind Tong Wudi also made everyone keep quiet out of fear.

"It seems that City Lord Tong had done something unusual..."

The man who had his fingers on his chin smiled. Naturally, he heard the whispers behind them.

Tong Wudi didn't dare to ignore the other, so he smiled and said, "I don't understand what City Lord Zou means... But I just assumed the position of City Lord, so the masses are not yet used to it."

Then, his eyes suddenly shone. Pointing at the small restaurant in the distance, he said in a low voice, "We're here. That dog... is right in there."

As soon as Tong Wudi finished speaking, the eyes of the four City Lords behind him burst out light.

A kitchen knife appeared in City Lord Feng's grip. Its shape was a bit exaggerated, but the ice-cold killing intent it emitted could reach ten miles.

The female who had an orchid-like beauty wore a chef robe that was thin as a cicada's wing. Her robe slightly whirled around, full of dense immortal energy.

The white-robed youth shook his hand. A moment later, a pitch-black iron bowl emerged on his palm. The bowl was carved with lines and runes, making it look mysterious.

The last one, the man with the slender fingers on his chin, held a big pot, which was very incompatible with his style.

The appearance of the four City Lords' weapons made Tong Wudi feel very excited.



In front of the vigilant eyes of four people, the doors of Immortal Chef Little Store slowly opened...

The creaking sound in the distance resounded in everyone's ears.

A moment later, the four City Lords' eyes shrank.

From the restaurant, a fat dog walked out with its graceful cat-like steps.

The dog raised its head, looking at the five people in front of the restaurant.

"Finally, you're here... I knew you guys will come, what with all that crazy riot earlier..." Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice resounded in the void.

As soon as he said that, he raised his exquisite paw towards the five people.

Everyone, including Tong Wudi, suddenly shrank their eyes.


The ranking round had ended.

Bu Fang was ranked eighty in this competition, which was not bad at all.

At least for Gongshu Ban, this ranking really made him happy, so much so that he wanted to shed tears of joy.

Bu Fang had created a record for the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Now, the Immortal Chefs of the first layer could breathe a sigh of relief.

Since the venue for the next semi-final match was in the third layer, it requires a lot of time to send people back to the first layer. However, Gongshu Ban believed that all the Immortal Chefs who had heard of this news were very excited.

Contrary to the excited Gongshu Ban, Bu Fang was very calm.

For him, this ranking... was not enough.

The system's task needed him to enter the top ten in the competition... so he could finally have the last fragment of the God of Cooking Set.

That was why he was not paying attention to the almost crazy Gongshu Ban.

Bu Fang pulled Xixi's small hand, while Whitey followed behind Bu Fang as they walked towards the magic array.

At the end of the ranking round, it was necessary to go to the Immortal Cooking Realm's fourth layer to proceed with the level-up match.

The ranking of the level-up match was stricter than the previous ones.

Only the first two-hundred participants would pass to the next round, and from these two hundred people, fifty people would advance to the finals, which would be held at the fifth layer.

The finals on the fifth layer were the most intense.

Since they would be on the fifth layer, that meant that they would battle against those monstrous talents.

In fact, from this point onward, Bu Fang and the others would have the opportunity to meet those fifth layer monstrous talents.

Although the first ten would not attend, from the eleventh onwards, everyone would participate in this competition.

The eleventh and the tenth was only one rank different, but the difference was like the gap between a newly promoted Immortal Chef and a top Immortal Chef.

Gongshu Ban didn't choose to return to the first layer. Instead, he followed Bu Fang and stepped into the magic array for the fourth layer.

He really appreciated Bu Fang and felt that the latter had the opportunity to enter the top fifty. This was something that he didn't even dare to think about earlier, let alone for himself.

The people in the magic array were few. After all, a day had already passed after the first part of the semi-finals had ended, so most of the participants were already in the fourth layer.

Anyway, Bu Fang was considered to be slow.


Several people in this magic array were Bu Fang's acquaintances.

Xiao Buque, who Bu Fang had met when strolling in the city, was here, as well as Eldest Sister Ninety-nine, and the others.

When Xiao Buque and the others saw Bu Fang, the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

However, Bu Fang wasn't interested in these people, ignoring them altogether. Instead, he looked at the black-cloaked figure who was standing quietly in a corner.

Behind that black-cloaked figure, there was an enormous person who was also wearing a black cloak. Both of their faces were hard to discern.

Regarding these two people, Bu Fang always thought they were somewhat familiar.

From the moment Bu Fang stepped into the magic array, everyone's eyes were locked on him, except for the two black-cloaked figures.

He stared at the two, but they didn't even look at him.

The atmosphere was very tense, but the speed of the magic array was fast. In less than half the time to brew tea, the people finally arrived at the fourth layer.

When they arrived, Bu Fang was somewhat distracted, looking around him.

The fourth layer was the most prosperous layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

The towering buildings reached through the clouds, as far as the eyes could see. In the distance, a palace could be seen above a mountain peak, which looked so magnificent and majestic.

"Country bumpkin... Everything is new and strange in your eyes. It's like you've never seen anything in the world..."

That Eldest Sister Ninety-nine seemed to feel Bu Fang's surprise. She thought that it was finally her time to shine, so she ridiculed him.

"The City Lord of the fourth layer, City Lord Meng Qi, is the only female of the five City Lords. She has created the most prosperous layer, and its Immortal City is the city that all Immortal Chefs aspired to live and work in," Eldest Sister Ninety-nine said, feeling like she could retrieve her honor.


The light of the magic array disappeared.

The two black-cloaked figures walked out.

Suddenly, that tall black robe person paused in his steps, and his eyes seemed to fall on Bu Fang.

"Stupid bull, why are you distracted? Quick, let's go."

In the distance, the hoarse voice of that black-cloaked chef resounded.

These words made Bu Fang frown a bit. The familiar feeling was too strong.

Where did he meet these two people before?

However, Bu Fang didn't think too much about it since the two had disappeared quickly.

Eldest Sister Ninety-nine unceasingly showed her knowledge, and it was clear that she really admired this city.

After all, its City Lord was the only female City Lord, so as a female Immortal Chef, she would naturally admire it.

Standing in the fourth layer, Bu Fang lifted his head. He could see the immortal fruits on the Immortal Tree, which had dense immortal energy lingering around them.

Above that, there was an unusual feeling...

Bu Fang suddenly had an intuition... that he was getting closer and closer to the so-called Immortal Tree space.