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 Finally, Bu Fang could enjoy the Spicy Strip now.

This Spicy Strip was cooked with a brand-new recipe-a refreshing, pure, no-nonsense Spicy Strip. Although it had a different recipe, the taste was still very captivating.

At least, when Bu Fang faced this Spicy Strip, he was so mesmerized.

The aroma of the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce made him infatuated. That sort of spicy flavor could reach people's bones and marrow.

Bu Fang eyed the Spicy Strip, which was stabbed into a pile of ice on the plate...

Against the backdrop of wafting smoke from the ice, it was sparklingly red with winding immortal energy... Moreover, it had some other enchanting power.

With just one look, people would be sinking into its indescribable beauty.

And so, Bu Fang decided to eat it.

Bu Fang had produced tens of thousands of Spicy Strips. However, until now, he had tacitly approved only this one strip.


The onlookers remained dumbfounded.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer failed one more time... crushed in a Chef's Challenge against the Great Demon King.

The Great Demon King was really ruthless. He alone had gone against forty-nine chefs, and he defeated them all...

His dish had triggered three lightning punishments...

Only the First Grade Immortal Chefs from the fifth layer could do that.

Worthy of being the one who joined this Immortal Chef Tournament to stir sh*t up!

Indeed, he had stirred up the entire Immortal Chef Tournament. Storms had come one after another!

After introducing the Chef's Challenge, his invincible power burst out...

How many miracles could this Demon King create?

People felt doubtful, but they were also anticipating...

At this moment, following Bu Fang's eyes, people couldn't help but look at the Spicy Strip.

It looked like an exotic dish.

Since they were all Immortal Chefs here, they were capable of judging dishes too.

Perhaps that thing is some sort of pastry...

Right! It's possibly a pastry dish...

However, how could a pastry dish trigger three lightning punishments? Not only that, it had defeated forty-nine dishes, crushing forty-nine Immortal Chefs at the same time.

Including the genius Immortal Chef from the fifth layer...

This pastry dish wanted to ascend to heaven!

Forty-nine Immortal Chefs had lost to a dish that looked like a stick!

They wanted to smile, but they couldn't.

A product of the Great Demon King... could create miracles indeed.

Little Di Tai was curious about Bu Fang's dish. He flapped his wings, flying towards Bu Fang.

Looking at Little Di Tai's face, Bu Fang knew he wanted to eat the Spicy Strip.


Bu Fang didn't give him a chance. His hand shook once, drawing the Spicy Strip he had stabbed into the pile of ice. Then, he shoved it into his mouth.

When the Spicy Strip got into his mouth, at first, it released a sweet flavor.

It was the sweetness of the improved Abyssal Chili Sauce... A taste that could seep into people's bones and marrow.

Bu Fang felt his body turn rigid, then limp.

Sucking the Spicy Strip, its flavor melted and expanded in his mouth, which made him shudder once.

At the same time, the immortal energy burst in his oral cavity, making him feel like he had just experienced a fiery baptism.

He felt his mind about to sink into its delicious taste.

No wonder, this Spicy Strip had an effect he couldn't even describe.

From his experience, Bu Fang could say that this Spicy Strip could boost and condense his mental force.

As Little Di Tai dove, he saw the Spicy Strip being taken, which somewhat enraged him.

"You're a contestant! How could you eat your own dish?! It should be tasted by the judges!"

Little Di Tai put his hands on his waist, hovering in front of Bu Fang with his crotch radiating divine light. With a smirk, his eyes gazed at the latter, which looked cute instead of intimidating.

As Bu Fang sucked the Spicy Strip, he suddenly remembered that this little boy's real body was a maniac nudist who liked to strip off and run wildly...

Immediately, Bu Fang thought that Little Di Tai looked rather scary.

Facing Little Di Tai's question, Bu Fang's mouth twitched, but he was too lazy to answer. He just continued to suck the Spicy Strip, pulling and pushing it back in his mouth.

He had to admit that Nether King Er Ha's way of eating Spicy Strips made sense. At least... he could thoroughly enjoy the beautiful taste of his Spicy Strip.

Looking at Bu Fang infatuated with the Spicy Strip, Little Di Tai couldn't stand it. His eyes reddened as he stared at Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang didn't care about his look. He pointed at the crowd in the arena, and then at the black stone tablet in the sky.

"I think there's nothing mysterious about my dish that needs to be tasted and judged..." Bu Fang said.

That was because all of his opponents were beaten up.

By the arena, the onlookers weren't surprised anymore.

"That Great Demon King's referee... I'm afraid he would have some shadow in his heart..."

"Yeah, I feel sorry for the referee. Having this sort of contestant like this Demon King, he has to solve a lot of trouble, and he will never be able to eat the other's dish..."

"Well, since the preliminary rounds... the Great Demon King's dish has never been tasted by the referees..."

The onlookers discussed and clamored. It seemed they understood something.

In the distance...

The referee forced a smile.

In this Chef's Challenge, Bu Fang had crushed everybody. Except for him, the others didn't have a dish.

Naturally, Bu Fang was the winner because only his dish remained... They didn't need to taste it to know the result.

No wonder Bu Fang ranked first...

This ranking round... was beyond everybody's estimation.

As Little Di Tai couldn't eat the Spicy Strip, he panted and was about to attack Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang, with the Spicy Strip in his mouth, flicked his finger at the naked boy's head, sending him away.

And with that, a match of ranking round had ended.

Anyway, the ranking round hadn't really ended yet. There were other contestants coming to the arena to compete.

In the end, they would be ranked against everyone.

After the first semi-final round, five hundred chefs had entered the ranking round. They were divided into ten groups, fifty chefs for each group.

Hence, after all the ten groups had competed, they would know the final ranking, which was based on the overall grade of each contestant.

When Bu Fang's group joined the competition, three groups were already done. And now, the remaining groups needed to take their part.

Bu Fang didn't linger in the arena. He retrieved his cooking tools, then shoved both of his hands into the Vermillion Robe's pockets, sauntering away.

As Bu Fang descended the arena, people around were gazing at him with thrilled and admiring looks.

At this moment, Gongshu Ban was so excited that he didn't know what to say.

Bu Fang's performance was beyond his estimation. If Bu Fang could continue this trend, he could reach the top one hundred!

Yes, the top one hundred!

The Immortal Chefs from the first layer had put forth their efforts for quite a long time. Unfortunately, the best result they had ever gotten was just near the top one hundred.

In this semi-final round, would Bu Fang break the record?

If he continued to win, would he be able to create more exciting miracles?

Little Di Tai wanted to deal with Bu Fang, but he couldn't find any flaw to trouble the other...

Hence, he was so annoyed.

However, since he had replaced Old Chen, he got many chances to taste the contestants' food during the next matches, which had cheered him up a lot.

Bu Fang stood beside Gongshu Ban, who was so excited that he couldn't even find the North now.

All of a sudden...

Bu Fang felt something strange, and he couldn't help but turn and check.

What he saw next made him furrow his brows. It was a person shrouded in a black cloak, the mysterious Immortal Chef.

If Bu Fang weren't wrong, that mysterious, black-cloaked Immortal Chef was the one that had eliminated Gongshu Ban. He had intimidated Gongshu Ban, causing the latter to lose his courage to grab his knife.

"This look..."

The black-cloaked Immortal Chef had sharp and intense eyes, which made Bu Fang feel both awkward and suspicious.

It seems that... he knew that person.

The person in black gazed at Bu Fang for a while. Then, letting out a strange laugh, that person turned and left, disappearing in Bu Fang's vision.

However, that person in black had given Bu Fang an impression.

If Bu Fang's guess wasn't wrong... the other got the Heart of Cooking Path. Otherwise, that person couldn't make Gongshu Ban unable to grab his knife.

That sort of pressure... Bu Fang couldn't do that.

He couldn't think about what method to make Gongshu Ban lose his courage to hold his knife.

Was it knife power?

No, impossible. Knife power was generated only after using a knife skill, so basically, it couldn't force Gongshu Ban...

Hence, the only possible explanation was that the black-cloaked chef had used the Heart of Cooking Path.

Bu Fang was curious about the Heart of Cooking Path as the system requested him to create it in this competition.

And now, finally, he had reached such a level.

Seeing the man in black leaving, Bu Fang thought he must ask the other the next time he met him.

During the remaining matches, there was nothing as extreme as Bu Fang had done. Anyway, no matter what, they were all intense.

Of course, they were less exciting than Bu Fang's round as they were calmer.

Eventually, the ranking round ended.

When the final match had ended, all the contestants gathered, looking at the black stone tablet in the sky with a solemn face.

That stone tablet was the tool that recorded their ranks.

Surrounded by the judges, Little Di Tai flapped his wings as he placed his hands on his waist. He announced that the ranking round was over, and it was time to see the results.


A wave of energy spread out.

Everyone was so thrilled and anxious, raising their heads to look at the stone tablet. They wanted to know their ranks.

Xiao Buque took a deep breath. He turned to Bu Fang, looking at the other with stern eyes.

He knew that this time, Bu Fang wouldn't rank low.

Golden light sparkled on the stone tablet. Instantly, names began to appear on it.

Everybody scrutinized the tablet as they searched for their names.

The stone tablet recorded only the top five hundred, so the chefs who ranked lower than that couldn't be seen.

Gongshu Ban had never been on this tablet. He was so regretful, though.

However, at this moment, he wasn't really bothered by it. He was excitedly helping Bu Fang find his name and rank.

"Two hundred... One hundred ninety... One hundred eighty... One hundred sixty..."

Gongshu Ban's eyes bloomed with radiance as he spoke.

Right after that, his eyes focused. On the list of so many names on the stone tablet, he finally found Bu Fang's name.

However, when his eyes moved to the rank... he was instantly petrified.

His jaw dropped, his mouth so big he could swallow an egg. With shocked eyes, he slowly turned to Bu Fang...

"R-Rank... Rank eighty?! Or is my eyesight that bad now?!"

Gongshu Ban was dumbstruck. He gulped, disbelief written all over his face.

Owner Bu had entered the top one hundred of the Immortal Chef Tournament?

He broke the record that easily?

Gongshu Ban felt tears welling up in his eyes. He was so moved that he wanted to cry.

How many years has it been since the first layer of Immortal Cooking Realm had such an achievement?!

If the Immortal Chefs in the first layer were to hear this news, they would be very thrilled!

At this moment, the others also screamed.

Bu Fang's rank surprised people a lot. They didn't expect to see the Great Demon King rank that high.

One should know that the Immortal Chef Tournament's ranking also included the monstrous chefs from the fifth layer!

There were dozens of geniuses in the fifth layer. At least, they occupied the top fifty...

Hence, the remaining fifty names were what they had to harshly vie for!

The Great Demon King ranked eighty-six... Unbelievable.

It meant that in this ranking round, Bu Fang had at least ranked first!

This Great Demon King... is so explosive!

Gongshu Ban was so happy. He couldn't wait to send this news to their first layer.


City Lord's mansion, Immortal City, First layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

Sitting in the main hall, pensive Tong Wudi suddenly sensed something.

Frowning, he looked at the teleport formation in the distance.

In the next moment...

Tong Wudi's eyes shrank, as though he just remembered something. His energy surged, sending him towards the teleport formation.

An intimidating energy burst out from the formation. That energy had almost suffocated Tong Wudi, forcing his flying body to move backward.

In the formation, four figures slowly emerged.

As soon as the four appeared, the void shook hard, as though a tidal wave was coming.

Shortly after, the radiance scattered, revealing the identities of those four figures.

The moment Tong Wudi saw them, he was shaken. Immediately, he bowed to them respectfully...

"Welcome, City Lords..."

Looking at the respectful Tong Wudi, the four City Lords' eyes were so calm...

The leader stared hard at Tong Wudi, saying in an indifferent voice, "That dog... Where is it?"