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 Boom! Boom!

The Thunder Dragons fell, tearing the vault of the sky as though they wanted to blast the entire void.

It was the most impressive scene in this semi-final round, which everybody was looking forward to.

The fifty Immortal Chefs cooked their immortal dishes at the same time, and they would take the lightning punishment altogether. This scene was so moving that it made everybody's heart pound.

Thunder boomed unceasingly.

In the arena, the chefs immediately prepared their own technique to avoid the lightning punishment.

Since they were top Immortal Chefs, of course they had their tricks. After all, they had cooked a lot of immortal dishes, so lightning protection was their fundamental foundation.

By the arena, the Immortal Chefs from the former Group Ten looked awkward.

Lightning protection... Those guys wouldn't need it at all.

Indeed, what was about to happen wasn't beyond their expectations.

As fifty lightning punishments plunged from the sky, everyone all gawked.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several Thunder Dragons showed their fangs and raised their claws, attacking the Thunder Dragon above Bu Fang's head.

All of a sudden, the loud blasts shocked many people.

In the arena, the judges took in a breath of cold air.

The referee's body trembled as he couldn't help but want to take action.

However, there were so many Thunder Dragons... He didn't dare to move.

Little Di Tai sat on his chair. While watching this, his cute little eyes flashed with radiance, as though he was projecting this scene somewhere else.

"Thunder Dragons attacking each other... Interesting. Is it because of the will of the Great Path?"

All the Immortal Chefs in the arena were stunned. Where are their Thunder Dragons?

They were well-prepared for it, but their lightning punishments had all disappeared. Were they teased or mocked?

"How come the Thunder Dragons are going after him?!"

The eyes of the fifth layer Immortal Chef shrank, feeling some sort of bad premonition.

"He's seeking death! How could he stop all forty-nine Thunder Dragons?!"


Indeed, the Thunder Dragon above Bu Fang's head couldn't stand the others' attacks, and it vanished afterward.

Shortly after...

The Thunder Dragons scattered in the void.

In the arena, the Immortal Chefs' dishes blasted, and their plates shattered. The wisps of immortal energy scattered...

Those Immortal Chefs narrowed their eyes. Taking in a breath of cold air, they shivered.

In the audience, the former Group Ten chefs couldn't help commenting.

"As expected... Familiar image, familiar operation..."

"I feel sorry for those guys for a second... They must be feeling despair now."

"This Chef's Challenge is indeed the Great Demon King's real intimidation! He's trying to stir up sh*t in this Immortal Chef Tournament!"

The audience discussed and sighed. They all looked at Bu Fang with complicated eyes.

At this moment, Bu Fang didn't mind the lightning punishments in the sky. His mental force was focusing on his Spicy Strip.


As the sauce oozed along the Spicy Strip, a sweet and spicy fragrance wafted up.

The Spicy Strip radiated crystal-clear red radiance, and it looked like some sort of energy was moving inside.

As the Spicy Strip shone, immortal energy twirled around it. No doubt, it was an immortal dish.

However, compared to the previous Spicy Strip, this one looked more impressive and somewhat more profound.

That was because the improved version of Abyssal Chili Sauce had a perfect taste, which was even better than the previous Abyssal Chili Sauce.

This level of food was enough to make people sink in it.

Bu Fang took out a round plate with a pile of crushed ice. Cold air arose from it, forming white smoke.

He then stabbed his Spicy Strip into the pile of ice.

Instantly, immortal energy wound around it, as though it was an immortal tool.

Then, he used the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to cut the garnish spirit vegetables and placed them on the plate.

With that, the dish was done, which looked like an exquisite piece of art.

The rumbling noise echoed in the sky.

Bu Fang raised his head, looking at the bright lightning above him.

His first Thunder Dragon couldn't withstand the herd of Thunder Dragons attacking, so it was torn apart.

However, it had defeated half of the Thunder Dragons.

Black clouds gathered in the sky one more time.

In the next moment, the second Thunder Dragon dove, showing its claws. It tore the sky apart.

When Xiao Buque saw this, his eyes shrank. He took a deep breath, then said, "The second lightning punishment! Not bad! Anyway... still a little weak!"

Of course, the second lightning punishment would be a little stronger than the first one. Soon, all the remaining Thunder Dragons were destroyed.

Now, there was only one Thunder Dragon in the arena.

"You're not the only one who can cook something that triggers the second lightning punishment!" The fifth layer Immortal Chef said.

It was those five chefs again. Actually, their cooking attainment was really good. After their first Thunder Dragon was torn apart, they triggered the lightning punishment one more time.

Their second Thunder Dragon soon came, plunging towards Bu Fang's second Thunder Dragon.

Thunder and lightning clashed in the air one more time.

Although they weren't so sure why the Thunder Dragons were attacking together, this kind of violent slaughtering had stimulated them.

Really touching.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"It's not easy for the Great Demon King to win this time..."

"Although his dish has triggered the second lightning punishment, people here aren't that weak. They could trigger the second lightning punishment too!"

"The Great Demon King wants to flip them over! I don't know why I'm so excited!"

The audience looked so happy, especially the Immortal Chefs from the former Group Ten.

They had experienced fear and despair when the Demon King subdued them, and now, they were about to witness the Demon King get defeated.

Of course, they had to be excited.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Noises from the impact reverberated.

The referee took in a breath of cold air. An impact at such a level wasn't something he was confident to interfere with...

Little Di Tai sat with his legs crossed at his knees. He continued to eat his spirit fruit, feeling excited as he watched the thunder and lightning exploding.

"That boy Bu Fang... is about to be defeated," Little Di Tai said.

The other judges hurriedly agreed with him.

"Right... Although they are all second lightning punishments, it's not easy to resist five at the same time... That kid is so full of himself," one of the judges said.

Little Di Tai rolled his eyes. "Did I ask you to talk? Do you think I can't see it?"

The judges were enraged. Without the Realm Lord's token, they would really beat this naked boy up.

Boom! Boom!

Indeed, after a series of explosions, Bu Fang's second lightning punishment was torn apart...

Five Thunder Dragons coiled in the air.

"Hahaha! Take that! When it comes to cooking... I'm sure I got enough to crush you!"

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer looked so excited.

The other Immortal Chefs also burst out laughing. The fear Bu Fang had given them vanished into thin air.

The shadow in their hearts, which Bu Fang had created with a slash, was fading now.

However, Bu Fang didn't bat an eye on them. He just clasped his hands, gazing at the exquisite plate of Spicy Strip in front of him.

The radiance became even more intense, and the sweet and spicy aroma assaulted his nose, causing his mouth to water.


Suddenly, a loud thunder reverberated.

The fifth layer Immortal Chef's laugh became stuck in his throat.

Everyone else looked so frightened. They lifted their heads, looking at the sky above Bu Fang's head, where the thick black clouds hadn't scattered yet.

Horrible pressure shot out from there.

Right after that, a Thunder Dragon, which looked so real, emerged out of the dark clouds.

A third lightning punishment!

The Great Demon King's dish could trigger three lightning punishments?!

Everybody felt their world turn upside down at this moment.

How could there be a third lightning punishment?

Bu Fang's dish... is just a f*cking stick, isn't it?

A stick could trigger three lightning punishments...

What a f*cking turn of events!

Gongshu Ban was so excited... The light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter and brighter.

Owner Bu is indeed full of surprises. He could still come up with a miracle!

It was the first time he saw a dish that could attract three lightning punishments!

Enjoy your despair...

Gongshu Ban was looking forward to it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Indeed, as soon as the third Thunder Dragon appeared, the Immortal Chefs in the arena were desperate.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer was completely dumbstruck. Seeing his Thunder Dragon being cruelly torn apart, the crack in his heart was getting even bigger.

The shadow in his heart was enlarging, looming over him...

It was pure desperation!


Five Thunder Dragons were blasted away. Instantly, dark clouds scattered.

In the next moment, Bu Fang's fierce Thunder Dragon plunged towards him.

At the same time, a figure dashed fast forward.

Two metal wings spread open, then a stick hit the lighting punishment. Eventually, that figure guided the Thunder Dragon into its stomach.

The Great Demon King's Earth Immortal Puppet made a move!

That brutal, lightning-eating trick had stunned the crowd. Not only that, the Earth Immortal Puppet acted similarly to the Great Demon King, looking awesome as it straightforwardly executed its moves.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

The five Immortal Chefs' dishes blasted, and their wisps of immortal energy dispersed...

Bu Fang held the dish that looked like a piece of art as his eyes indifferently scanned the stupefied Immortal Chefs around.

"Are you... feeling despair now?"

Bu Fang wanted to stay low-key, but some always wanted him to do otherwise...

Old Chen had made Bu Fang vent out his anger...

"I... I lost..."

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer was bewildered, looking at his shattered food with scattering immortal energy. His eyes looked dull and empty.

He was defeated... defeated by a first layer chef.

The others wore the same face. They were defeated on knife skill, and now, cooking skill...

"Don't be anxious... There's more despair for you to feel," Bu Fang said casually.

The group of Immortal Chefs by the arena took in a breath of cold air. They pitied the forty-nine Immortal Chefs standing on the arena now.

The most horrible grief in this world... was that no one had defeated the Great Demon King.

Xiao Buqun shivered. He was scared indeed.

Xiao Buque glanced at Xiao Buqun, hissing. "What are you afraid of?!"

"No... Brother, you don't know how horrible that guy is..."

Xiao Buqun was so scared. Thinking about what would happen next, his heart shivered.


Xiao Buque was a little perplexed. Then, he turned to see the arena.

As soon as he saw what was happening, he felt as though an invisible hand was squeezing his heart...

That scene... He would never forget it for the rest of his life!

An array emerged underneath Bu Fang's feet. After that, a crystal knife cabinet appeared.

Bu Fang didn't change his expression as he raised his hand, patting the knife cabinet.


The knife cabinet opened.

In the arena, the Immortal Chefs were hopeless, seeing their knives soar into the sky. They turned into a current and flew towards Bu Fang's cabinet.


The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer raised his hand desperately. He couldn't afford to lose his knife!

However, the moment he wanted to grab his knife, thunder boomed in the sky!

The intimidating will of the Great Path came, freezing them.

Rumble! Rumble!

The kitchen knives rolled like a torrential flood around Bu Fang's body. Then, they flew into his cabinet.

Bu Fang's hand slowly brushed the knife cabinet.

Indifferently, he looked at the others. "You know, I wanted to stay low-key... I didn't want to do the Chef's Challenge, but too bad... you guys forced me."

Little Di Tai gawked, dropping his jaw and the spirit fruit he was chewing.

He felt it was so incredible.

Then, he excitedly patted his hand on the table.

"Chef's Challenge! It's Chef's Challenge! Interesting! Those lazy little fellows should experience this kind of battle to be more motivated! It's the best way to urge them to make progress!"

When Little Di Tai saw the Chef's Challenge, his eyes flashed with light.

These days, the young chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm got the best resources, but they didn't want to grow further. Because of this, the later generations weren't stronger than the previous ones...

If the Chef's Challenge were to spread out, the Immortal Cooking Realm would have more and more top chefs! No wonder the Grand Path had acknowledged this!

This Chef's Challenge... would be the key to everyone's growth!

In the arena...

As Bu Fang gently patted his cabinet, so many knives flashed as it sank into the magic array.

Then, his eyes turned to the dish on his stove station.

And now... it's time to taste the Spicy Strip.