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 Who summoned you?

Summon, my ass...

What the hell is that thing?!

Everybody was bewildered as they looked at the naked, little boy hovering in the air.

The little boy flapped his pure white wings. With the lilting background music and fluttering flower petals, he looked like an angel...

...except that the boy had not covered his little toy.

Bu Fang was momentarily bewildered, but after a while, his brows arched.

He knew that boy. That boy was Realm Lord Di Tai's little brother, Ginseng Fruit...

Hmm... Well, he's the little brother, right?

"What's that thing... This is the hall of the Immortal Chef Tournament. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter. Guards!" Old Chen bellowed as he looked coldly at the little boy.

Instantly, several figures rushed from the sky, surrounding the little boy.


Bu Fang shoved his hands in the Vermillion Robe's pockets, indifferently watching the scene above him.

That Old Chen didn't know Realm Lord Di Tai's little brother...

Bu Fang didn't say anything. He just continued to watch the scene.

Around them, everyone was baffled.

That naked boy that popped up all of a sudden, he came here for what?

To do some comedy?


The Great Demon King said that he had a Senior... Could it be that little guy?

They could spank ten of that little naked boy at the same time single-handedly!

It turns out that the Great Demon King had some sense of humor. Although his face was stiff, he could still joke.

The naked boy was stunned. What did those guards want to do?

"Idiot! Are you blind?! Haven't you ever seen the wise, divine Realm Lord Di Tai His Highness?"

Little Di Tai was furious, shouting in the void.

The guards surrounding Little Di Tai tried not to smile. This plaything... came here to do some comedy indeed.

Of course, they had never seen the wise, divine Realm Lord His Highness. Since he was the High Grade Qilin Chef of the Immortal Cooking Realm, how could a lowly guard like them meet him?

However, even though they hadn't met Realm Lord His Highness, they knew that this buttnaked boy had nothing to do with him.

"Follow us. This place is the Immortal Chef Tournament hall. You can't come here with your bare butt," a guard said.

Old Chen coldly glanced at that guard. "It doesn't matter if his butt is bare or not. Take that boy away. Quick."

The guard wore a stern face, nodding.

"Let me see who dares to touch Realm Lord His Highness!" Little Di Tai yelled angrily. His voice was somewhat stern.

Both of his hands were placed on his waist, his wings flapping as his blonde hair swayed in the breeze.

However, as soon as he said that, the guards grabbed his wings, flying out of the arena.

Bu Fang was speechless...

Wise, divine Realm Lord Di Tai... you really came here to do some f*cking comedy, don't you?

Ah, he had to rely on himself indeed...

Of course, he couldn't let them disqualify him. He needed to get into the top ten to complete the system's task.

Moreover, he hadn't had the Heart of Cooking Path yet, so how could he let them eliminate him?

Although he couldn't depend on Realm Lord Di Tai, it's not like he had no solution.

Meanwhile, Little Di Tai was so mad after being grabbed by his wings. He struggled, and an invisible wave of energy expanded from his body.

Then, Little Di Tai's eyes turned gold.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

A formidable energy blasted in the air.

This invisible energy pushed the guards away, their armor shattering into pieces in midair.

"How dare you touch the wise, divine Realm Lord Di Tai His Highness... You should all go and experience the art of nudity!"

Little Di Tai placed his hands on his waist, his crotch blooming with divine light.

In the void, the guards were dumbstruck, looking at their bodies being hurled away while their armor blasted into pieces.


Underneath, the onlookers opened their eyes wider, dropping their jaws. They were all stunned as they watched the naked guards flying in the sky...

They had to admit that it was exciting...

"Wanton! What are you doing?!" Old Chen roared.

Then, an invisible energy shot out from him. He blew a palm toward Little Di Tai in the air.


The entire void was shaken, rippling.

Old Chen was a Third Grade Immortal Chef with a powerful cultivation base, so his palm made the others tremble.

Many people thought that he had gone too far.

He was just a kid, but Old Chen ruthlessly decided to kill him...

Seeing Old Chen make his move, Bu Fang knew he was alright.

The sky-covering palm was a tremendous attack that made people almost breathless.


It was torn apart in midair, then scattered...

In the next moment, the little boy flapped his wings, flying towards Old Chen.

He then took out a token, slapping Old Chen in the face with it. "You old moron... You're not afraid of death, are you?!"

Old Chen was bewildered, taking the token from his face.

When the other judges saw that token, their eyes shrank, taking in a breath of cold air.

They hurriedly stood up and bowed to Little Di Tai.

Old Chen's dark and doubtful expression turned into shock. He couldn't help but bow too.

That token... represented the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord!

Seeing the token was similar to seeing him!

This little boy had some relation with the Realm Lord?

"His wise, divine Highness Realm Lord Di Tai pays close attention to the Immortal Chef Tournament. You used your position for your personal gain. Old moron, are you seeking death? I now disqualify this old man's judge role for this year's tournament!" Little Di Tai said arrogantly, placing his hands on his waist.

Old Chen wore a bewildered face. However, seeing the token was like seeing the Realm Lord himself, so he didn't dare to get mad.

The muscles on his face twitched, but in the end, he sighed.

Retrieving his token, Little Di Tai swept his eyes to the other judges.

"You should know what to do next... It's not right to abuse your power like that. We must ensure the Immortal Chef Tournament's integrity." Little Di Tai's white wings flapped as he clasped his hands.

The judges nodded and smiled, showing that they understood.

Then, Little Di Tai flapped his wings, landing at Old Chen's seat. He sat down and crossed his legs at the knees.

"Alright, we should continue the competition... That little chef is quite good."

The group of judges nodded in agreement.

"Hey, little chef... are you interested in some big business?" Little Di Tai said, calling Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at Little Di Tai, his mouth twitching.

Even if the Realm Lord didn't come here with his real body, he got some sense of humor...

"What business? To feel the art of nudity? Not interested. You can study and discuss it with Whitey..." Bu Fang shook his head.

Little Di Tai was shocked, looking a bit regretful.

"Okay, never mind then. Continue the competition... Do not use your power for your own purpose," Little Di Tai said.

Then, he raised two fingers, pointing at his own eyes, then at the group of judges before adding, "His wise, divine Highness Realm Lord... has his eyes on you guys!"

The judges' mouths twitched. Without the Realm Lord's token, let see if we screw you or not?

Old Chen was so aggrieved. His anger swelled fast as he flapped his sleeves, walking away. He even ignored his disciple, who was kneeling in the arena.

"Good... Let's start the third part, the cooking assessment..." The referee announced as he stood up.

The audience was so confused. What just happened?

What kind of god is that nudist boy?

How did he convince and subdue all the judges? Why did Old Chen leave?

All of them seemed to have realized something, taking in a breath of cold air. They all looked at Bu Fang in the arena.

That Great Demon King... has a special background!

He even made Old Chen leave...

They thought that the Demon King would be over this time, but no one had thought that he could turn the tables and rise again!

"The Great Demon King is really awesome!"

"I have a feeling that this Great Demon King is some sort of monster!"

"The Immortal Chef Tournament this year must be full of surprises. We must watch it till the end!"

The audience chattered excitedly.

Xiao Buque's eyes shrank. He couldn't believe his eyes.

He thought that Bu Fang would be disqualified by Old Chen. But, in the end... a little pervert had saved the Great Demon King.

"Hmph. He's lucky! Anyway... his next opponents are much stronger!" Xiao Buque gritted his teeth.

Actually, Bu Fang... had begun to bring him pressure.

But he wasn't afraid. His opponents were the monstrous chefs of the fifth layer, not the little chef from the first layer.

In the arena, Bu Fang shrugged.

The referee announced, "The final ranking round... starts now!"

Boom! Boom!

As soon as the referee finished speaking, the black stone tablet in the sky changed again.

Bu Fang's name appeared at the first place one more time.

Also, the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer had dropped several ranks because of his blasted knife power.

Pounding the floor once, the fifth layer Immortal Chef stood up, his malicious eyes gazing at Bu Fang.

"When it comes to cooking... I won't lose!" said the fifth layer Immortal Chef with a cold voice.

He took out a fabric bandage, covering his wounded arm with so many cuts.

Then, he walked to his station and summoned his stove, which had immortal energy meandering around it.

At the same time, the other Immortal Chefs also found their spots.

The most important round of this semi-final competition finally started...

The competition got back to its right track. Old Chen's incident was just a small thing in the middle.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, standing at his station. He emotionlessly looked at the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer, saying, "I forgot to tell you... When competing against me, there's a professional term for it... It's called... Chef's Challenge."

Right after he said that, something boomed in the sky.

Little Di Tai was chewing a spirit fruit. He tilted his head up in surprise, watching the sky.

"Heavenly Path's will? This cramping thing?"

In the audience, the Immortal Chefs from Bu Fang's Group Ten were so scared.

"Chef's Challenge?! My God... Our Great Demon King wants to..."

"Oh f*ck! The Great Demon King's back!"

"The Great Demon King that makes people feel despair wants to rampage again!"

Those Immortal Chefs from Group Ten remembered vividly the time they were subdued. Instantly, they pitied the Immortal Chefs who were standing on the arena now.

Xiao Buqun's face was filled with fear. "Chef... Chef's Challenge... Here he comes again!"

Xiao Buque frowned. He had heard about Bu Fang's Chef's Challenge, and now, it was a good chance for him to see what the fuss was all about.

Flap. Flap.

The cooking ingredients appeared on the stove.

The Immortal Chefs began to cook, stirring and frying.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer gazed at Bu Fang. Now, Bu Fang was his sole rival.

Only defeating him would mend the tear in his heart. Otherwise... He would have to stay here for the rest of his life. He would never have a chance to condense the Heart of Cooking Path!

Knife radiance flashed as cooking techniques were performed unceasingly.

At this moment, they were finally in their element.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Soon, dark clouds rolled and gathered, drifting over.

Thunder and lightning were booming and flashing above the chefs' heads.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was spinning vigorously, and an aroma diffused from it...

Naturally, this time, Bu Fang didn't choose to cook Oyster Pancake.

Although the Oyster Pancake wasn't bad, Bu Fang's opponents this time weren't like the chefs in the preliminaries.

Hence, this time, Bu Fang decided to cook... the invincible Spicy Strip!

Once the Spicy Strip appeared, who dared to show off?!

The spicy aroma wafted in the air...

Bu Fang used chopsticks, grabbing a red Spicy Strip from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok...

The spicy sauce rolled down the strip.

When everybody saw Bu Fang's dish, they gawked and dropped their jaws...

That f*cking toy... is a dish?

On the high platform, Little Di Tai was chewing a spirit fruit. Seeing Bu Fang grab a Spicy Strip, he spat his fruit out.

He knew that thing!

Isn't that the toy that moron Nether King always sucked in his mouth?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder Dragons roared in the sky.

The audience was dumbstruck. That thing was actually a dish...

Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth. Those people have no idea how terrifying the Spicy Strip is...

This Spicy Strip was made with the improved version of Abyssal Chili Sauce...

Anyway, Bu Fang wanted to use this... to fight against the other forty-nine dishes!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Amidst the booming thunder in the sky... and in front of everyone's shocked eyes...

Fifty Thunder Dragons plunged and boomed at the same time!