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 "Knife skill... Cutting Immortal Style!"

A calm voice reverberated around the arena.

The smiles of the five Immortal Chefs froze. That voice, apparently, came from Bu Fang who they had subdued.


Why did that voice sound like he hadn't already lost this match? He was so full of confidence.

That first layer chef was about to be blasted and destroyed. How come he sounded so smug?

Where did his confidence come from?!

Not only the chefs in the arena, but also the ones surrounding the arena were so surprised.

Gongshu Ban, who was cursing just now, was bewildered. Then, he appeared to have realized something, turning his confusion into excitement.

Both of his hands gripped the arena's edge. He took a deep breath, sending strength to his neck, then screamed, "Screw him! Owner Bu, f*ck them! F*ck them all!"

The others looked at Gongshu Ban as though they were looking at a lunatic.

This fellow had gone insane. He wasn't polite at all!

The referee also saw something strange. He frowned, carefully observing the situation.

This Great Demon King from the first layer could overturn the situation? He was very much subdued... but he still had a chance to do it?

For the time being, the referee was intrigued.

"Cutting Immortal Style... This title is arrogant enough!"

A blade light emerged as though it had come from deep in the void. In just a blink of an eye, it became so bright, dazzling people's eyes.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer shivered all of a sudden, and his eyes widened.

"Damn! Hurry, let's merge our knife powers!" he shouted. Then, the image of a misty scenery emerged one more time.

The other four Immortal Chefs were startled, but did as they were told. Their knife lights flashed, merging together.

From Bu Fang's spot, the dimmed radiance slowly brightened, and the small space gradually expanded...

Seeing Bu Fang's knife power increased unceasingly, the other five were scared...

That growing speed was simply hair-raising!

A hazy, vague phantom slowly emerged above Bu Fang's head.

That phantom and Bu Fang looked alike... Or, to be exact, it was a projection of Bu Fang's body.

What kind of knife skill is that?

Everyone around them went into an uproar!

As the space around Bu Fang expanded, he wielded the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

A dragon roar echoed, and a divine dragon phantom meandered around his knife, soaring upward.

Bu Fang's eyes became dazzling as he slashed the Undying Fruit once.

In a flash, the Undying Fruit was shattered and couldn't recover...


Everything seemed to become that one slash.

At this moment, everything became dead silent.


Suddenly, Bu Fang's phantom slowly took out a knife, which was exactly what Bu Fang had done. Slowly, it slashed...

At the same time, Bu Fang's knife power was rising. It had finally and completely overwhelmed the combined knife powers of the other five.

Such a terrifying image made everyone take in a breath of cold air.

"Oh my God... It... Is this for real?!"

"The Great Demon King has turned the tables?"

"What a formidable Great Demon King! He alone could subdue the five top Immortal Chefs?!"

The surrounding crowd clamored, and they all looked shocked.

Seeing Bu Fang's power continuously growing and subduing the combined power of the other five, they all took in a breath of cold air.

Xiao Buque's eyes shrank. "Impossible! How could he do that?!"

He himself knew that he would have no chance to do anything against those five... The most he could do was to pull and struggle!

It was because he got a very special knife skill.

After all, Xiao Buque had... a special identity.

Although Xiao Buque was the oldest Young Master of the Xiao family in the second layer, he had another identity, which was the origin of his arrogance.

He was the disciple of the City Lord of the second layer, one of the members of the Six Beheading Troop.

His knife skill was the inheritance of the Six Beheading Troop!

Except for the City Lord of the first layer, all the other City Lords were Qilin Chefs, so it was enough to be proud that he was a disciple of a Qilin Chef!

Due to this fact, he was very confident in competing against the monstrous chefs from the other layers!

Basically, those monsters from the other layers were all the City Lords' disciples.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Buque said sincerely, "He must take every bit of his power to resist... He can't stand for long!"

The others had already gawked, including the woman who was ranked ninety-nine.

Xiao Buqun's eyes were filled with fright. This scene made him remember the horrible experience in the first layer.

During that time... Bu Fang also resisted five chefs at the same time.

He defeated them all!

Would it happen again here?

Meanwhile, in the arena...

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer had tears rolling down his face, his eyes bloodshot.

As Bu Fang's phantom slashed slowly, he suddenly felt the pressure rising. He felt so chilled.

This knife skill... This feeling...

How could it appear from a first layer Immortal Chef?!

He had only experienced such a feeling from the monstrous chefs in the fifth layer!

"Keep this up! Crush him!" he roared. Then, he burst out his knife skill's power to its peak.

The drizzling scenery now changed. In just a flash, the fairly-like, hazy sprinkle became a storm.

The other Immortal Chefs gritted their teeth, trying to increase the power of their knife skill.

In just a short time, the air became harsh.

Around the arena, everyone held their breaths, not daring to breathe loud.

Suddenly, they heard a clear swoosh.

The Bu Fang phantom slashed his knife.

That blade was... invincible.

As the five Immortal Chefs were trying hard to resist, the stormy scenery was split apart in the middle.


The face of the fifth layer Immortal Chef turned as white as a sheet.

His knife flew out of his hand as tens of thousands of blade lights covered his arm.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Blood splashed.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer screamed. His arms had so many cuts.

He vomited blood. A moment later, he slumped...

The floor of the arena cracked open.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer... was eliminated.

Plop. Plop.

Blood dripped from his mouth and nose as he panted, trying to get up. From the many wounds on his arm, blood flowed down freely.

His knife fell far from him...

It dimmed out, losing its dazzling radiance.

His eyes shrank in panic. It seems that Bu Fang had just made a deep gash in his heart...

Which would never heal again...

He would never be able to create his Heart of Cooking Path.

His future... stopped from here.

Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

The other four Immortal Chefs were no better.

With ashen faces, they staggered backward, and they all vomited blood. The knives in their hands were blasted away.

On the high platform, the five judges' eyes shrank.

"Hurry! Stop him!" A judge suddenly slammed his hand on the table, widening his eyes at the referee.

The referee was startled. He hurried to intervene, his body flashing and reappearing in the arena.

A kitchen knife appeared in his hand, sweeping over. That invisible power rushed towards Bu Fang.

As soon as he did that, his eyes shrank. He staggered several steps backward, taking in a breath of cold air.

This sort of power...

It's too strong!

He had almost failed in stopping the other...

He was a top Second Grade Immortal Chef, and he was just a step away from being a Third Grade Immortal Chef.

However... facing the other's knife power, he had almost been pushed backward.

No wonder Bu Fang was the winner.

Bu Fang's knife power slowly scattered. Then, Bu Fang turned his head, indifferently looking at the referee.

His fingers flicked, making the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spin in his hand with knife radiance before he retrieved the knife.

"And the winner is... Bu Fang."

The referee looked at Bu Fang with shocked eyes, announcing in a low voice.


On the high platform, an old man, who was one of the judges, slammed the table with widened eyes.

"You slashed people's knife power and destroyed their foundation! Such a malicious chef. What qualifications do you have to join this Immortal Chef Tournament?!"

As soon as this judge spoke, the entire place went into an uproar.

What?! This chef wanted to make the Great Demon King take responsibility?

He wanted to disqualify the Great Demon King?

But it wasn't the Demon King's fault...

Previously, when the other five joined hands to smash the Great Demon King's knife power and create a shadow in his heart, why didn't that judge stand up and stop them?

Xiao Buque calmed down. His face wore a cold look.

"One of those five chefs is Old Chen's disciple. That Devil King will be dead."

Everybody held their breaths, watching Bu Fang. They wondered how the Great Demon King would deal with this.

The other was a Third Grade Immortal Chef, a very famous one.

Facing such an existence, the Demon King wouldn't be able to dodge this situation.

The other judges wanted to say something, but they were afraid of Old Chen's power.

The referee felt aggrieved and helpless. He thought that it was so unfair to Bu Fang.

The eyes of the five Immortal Chefs lost their focus now. They hadn't got themselves together from the defeat yet.

Bu Fang cleaned his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Cyan smoke emerged as he put the knife away.

Then, he shoved both of his hands into the Vermillion Robe's pockets. Wearing an indifferent face, he raised his head to look at Old Chen.

Old Chen stared at Bu Fang in the eye as the latter emotionlessly returned his gaze.

"Well... Stupid..."

Bu Fang indifferently said two words to the old man. Destroy people's foundation and slash their knife power?

Those five had started it first. He had just counterattacked.

What qualification did this old man have to accuse him like that?

"What did the Great Demon King just say?"

"He said Old Chen is stupid... F*ck..."

"He's indeed the Great Demon King... Simply badass!"

After Bu Fang said that, the previously quiet surroundings burst out into an uproar.

That was Old Chen, one of the most powerful chefs in the third layer of Immortal Cooking Realm!

The Demon King wasn't afraid to jeer at him...

"Wanton! You're just a kid... Did you eat a bear's heart and a leopard's gallbladder?!"

Old Chen was so enraged after being told he was stupid. His face looked as though it could drip blood.

He had never endured such anger!

"Y-You... Get lost! You're disqualified! Disqualified!" Old Chen thundered. His voice reverberated everywhere.

"Old Chen... You..."

The referee couldn't help it. Frowning, he lifted his head and looked at the old man.

"Shut up! You're not allowed to talk here!" Old Chen coldly glanced at the referee.

"Old Chen... You alone can't disqualify a contestant. All of the five judges must vote on this..." said the referee.

However, his heart sank, sighing. He knew that the other judges didn't want to offend Old Chen, so of course, they would agree to disqualify Bu Fang.

It's such a pity...

The referee looked at Bu Fang, regretting. It was the only thing he could do to help the young chef.

Although Bu Fang looked emotionless, he was aware that the referee was trying to help him.

Raising his head, he looked at the five judges in the distance.

The judges exchanged looks and smiles.

"We all agree... This one is such a malicious person. Old Chen's right."

"We... agree to disqualify this chef."


The whole place was in an uproar!

The Great Demon King... was really eliminated this time!

Old Chen sneered.

The corners of Xiao Buque's mouth rose.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer, who was kneeling on the ground with bloodshot eyes, finally lifted his head, sneering...

Bu Fang indifferently looked at the referee and the group of judges. "Oh... Using your status to bully? You've gone too far... Anyway, I forgot to tell you... I have a Senior..."

As soon as Bu Fang said that...

Flower petals began to fall from the sky, followed by sounds of gongs and melodic tunes of string instruments.

A cute naked kid with a pair of white wings descended from the sky.

That kid hovered above the five judges.

"Who just summoned me..."