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 In the knife skill assessment, every Immortal Chef's knife power would be tested. Based on the knife skill's power, they could see and assess the chef's strength.

Bu Fang had wanted to use Cutting Immortal Style, but after considering it, he decided not to.

Although the Cutting Immortal Style was stronger than the Overlord Thirteen Blades, he hadn't completely controlled it yet. So, if he were to use such a technique, there would be some danger.

Hence, Bu Fang used the stable Overlord Thirteen Blades.

As soon as the overlord phantom appeared, Bu Fang's power increased unceasingly.

An invisible wave of energy expanded, affecting the Immortal Chefs around him. Their power shattered at a speed naked eyes could see.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades was the technique provided by the system, so he was really confident in it. Anyway, all of his knife skills were provided by the system.

Moreover, the Overlord Thirteen Blades was mainly about dominating. When thirteen blades merged into one blade, whose power could endure such intimidating pressure?

With Bu Fang's overlord phantom as the center, the shapes of the other surrounding Immortal Chefs' powers were broken continuously.

They blasted, causing people to scream in fright and disbelief.

Those Immortal Chefs were eliminated now.

Bu Fang's knife skill was too domineering. It had almost occupied all the space around, causing the other Immortal Chefs to be swept off.

The group of Immortal Chefs surrounding the arena couldn't help but gawk at the scene.

"This... This sort of power..."

"So formidable! As soon as the knife power appeared, all the Immortal Chefs around collapsed!"

"That Great Demon King is so fierce. Chickens and dogs around, all kinds of knife power are blasted!"

People hissed, taking in a breath of cold air. Seeing what had happened in the arena, they were panic-stricken.

An Immortal Chef's power could be classified as high or low. However, no one had ever thought that an Immortal Chef from the first layer could show such an overbearing power.

Gongshu Ban widened his eyes.

He knew Bu Fang's knife skill was really powerful. However, at this level, it was completely beyond his estimation.

Furthermore... he had never seen this kind of knife skill before.

Bu Fang's knife skill looked like a shooting star when he slashed it, didn't it?

Gongshu Ban assumed that that kind of knife skill was as strong as the Drizzling Knife Skill. However, Bu Fang was showing some sort of more overbearing knife skill...

Indeed, he hadn't seen through Owner Bu!

Far from them, the Immortal Chef shrouded in black cloak shivered excitedly. His eyes looked frantic.

"Yes... This feeling!" that person in black mumbled.

Compared to the Immortal Chefs watching the fun outside the arena, the Immortal Chefs standing in the arena felt it clearer.

This feeling... made people desperate.

The Immortal Chefs whose knife power was smashed by Bu Fang's Overlord knife power were scratching their heads, their eyes bloodshot.

They stood dumbly in the arena, feeling helpless. They couldn't believe it, and they didn't understand why they were defeated.

The referee looked at Bu Fang in fright.

On the high platform, the five judges squinted, curiously studying Bu Fang.

At this moment, besides Bu Fang, there were only several remaining Immortal Chefs standing in the arena, and their powers were so tremendous.

One of them was the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer, who was using the Drizzling Knife Skill. Above his head, the hazy picture of a magnificent drizzling scenery emerged.

There were four other Immortal Chefs standing in the arena.

These four's knife skills weren't ordinary. From their power, they weren't weaker than the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer.

They came from the second, third, and fourth layers, and they were all talented Immortal Chefs.

At this moment, they were trying hard to resist Bu Fang's Overlord knife power.

The Undying Fruit was a kind of fruit the chefs used to practice their knife skills. No matter how hard they cut it, after ten seconds, it would resume its original shape.

The top Immortal Chefs in Immortal Cooking Realm all used this fruit to practice their knife skills.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was concentrating on processing this Undying Fruit.

He found that the Undying Fruit was actually good stuff. At least, it was much better than a pile of white radishes.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in Bu Fang's hand.

Everyone saw the dazzling radiance in Bu Fang's hand and the Undying Fruit continuously changing its shape.

"System, you can import this fruit. It's much better to use it to practice knife skill."

Bu Fang still had the time and mind to talk to the system. It was like he was just taking a walk.

But to the others, it was heavy pressure. They all looked stern.

All of a sudden...

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer glanced at the other Immortal Chefs, as though he was sending them some message.

In the next moment...

The five chefs who were competing against each other changed their aura.


The atmosphere in the arena had changed dramatically in just a blink of an eye.

Everybody screamed as they saw what was happening. The situation now seemed incredulous for them.

"They're going way too far!"

"They're bullying the Great Demon King..."

"I feel bad for the Great Demon King... Now, I want to see the Demon King subdue them."

The Immortal Chefs standing by the arena sighed with emotion. The performance of those Immortal Chefs made them somewhat resentful.

Those five chefs had joined forces to deal with Bu Fang.

The knives in their hands flew. Then, their powers had turned and combined, facing Bu Fang's Overlord power altogether.

Bu Fang seemed to recognize this, causing him to frown.

Against the five chefs' combined power, Bu Fang felt immense pressure, and the Overlord power was somewhat suppressed.

After all, those five were all geniuses from different layers of the Immortal Cooking Realm. They were all eligible to reach the top one hundred!

In a flash, the attacking and defending position between the powers changed. Bu Fang had almost fallen off the arena.

At this moment, everyone had seen through the other Immortal Chefs' idea.

They wanted to unite to eliminate the Great Demon King, and then, they would claim the top rank later...

What a dirty trick...

However, it was also the most effective way to subdue the Demon King. Otherwise, they would lose their face if they let a first layer Immortal Chef rank first.

But... could they actually stop the Great Demon King?

Everybody hesitated, but they had bright eyes, gazing at the competition in the arena.

Those five chefs' power surged like high, boiling waves.

Everyone's long robes in the arena billowed in the wind, flapping unceasingly.

Gongshu Ban squeezed his fists. He gazed at the scene in the arena with hate-filled eyes.

"Despicable! Damn you!"

Gongshu Ban was enraged. So what if Bu Fang was an Immortal Chef from the first layer?

Couldn't first layer Immortal Chefs get a good achievement?!

The referee didn't say anything. Apparently, he agreed tacitly to such behavior.

He thought that the knife skill assessment was a competition, and joining hands to eliminate their rivals was another way to survive in this competition.

Shush! Shush!

Everyone's knife skills had reached their peak. Their eyes were so bright, as though they were about to bloom with radiance.

The floor underneath them trembled, and thick cracks began to appear.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer roared angrily. His Drizzling Knife Skill was urged to its maximum power, causing the drizzling power to overwhelm the Overlord power.

Boom! Boom!

It was the first time Bu Fang felt pressure. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand slowed down.

He raised his head, looking at the five people who were ganging up on him, squinting.

"It's over for the Great Demon King..."

"The Demon King looks like he can't stand it anymore... Anyway, who could? Those people are geniuses..."

"Chefs from different layers are uniting to attack the Great Demon King. Although it's unfair, it's really exciting..."

Among the audience, some had complicated looks, and some even looked at Bu Fang respectfully.

The Great Demon King was the one-hundredth chef in the talent list! He did have power!

Far from them...

Xiao Buqun and Xiao Buque clasped their hands, sternly watching the competition in the arena.

"I can't believe that the first layer Immortal Chef has a knife skill at such a level," the woman who was ranked ninety-nine mumbled, looking at Bu Fang and admiring his peerless talent in the arena.

All of a sudden, she felt her heart beat faster.

If she had to face the five chefs from different levels, who were all suppressing her knife power, she couldn't endure even one second. She would collapse immediately.

"No use. He will definitely lose," Xiao Buque said coldly, wearing a dark face. "He has no future... At this point, once he fails... his mental state will collapse, and he will never be able to condense the Heart of Cooking Path."

Xiao Buque exhaled. Bu Fang's power made him feel pressured. However, it was just some sort of pressure.

His real opponents were the monstrous chefs from the fifth layer!

Bu Fang... was nothing in his eyes.

"Yeah, if he can't condense the Heart of Cooking Path, his attainment will stop from there," the woman who was ranked ninety-nine added.

Then, they turned to observe the arena one more time.

"Look... that chef can't endure for a long time."


The referee looked at the five judges. His eyes conveyed his question.

Apparently, the referee understood the consequence of this sort of move.

However, the five judges shook their heads, indicating that the battle should continue.

The referee sighed.

It seems that the Great Demon King... couldn't avoid his disaster this time.

Too bad...

Actually, the referee appreciated Bu Fang. However, it was unfortunate that the five judges seemed to favor the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer...

Never mind, never mind...

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The floor underneath Bu Fang's feet cracked.

The overlord was suppressed. His eyes flared, shooting red lights.


It seems that the overlord was screaming and roaring inaudibly.

"The dog jumps over the fence at the dead end..." The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer sneered.

Bu Fang had subdued his mental force, and now, that fellow's knife skill was even better than his.

He could defeat him completely!

"Burst out and completely crush that kid's power! Leave a crack in his mind. It will forever stop him from condensing the Heart of Cooking Path!" The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer sent his message to the other four Immortal Chefs.

Right after that, their knife powers changed.

They turned into a storm, charging towards Bu Fang.

The audience could see it clearly.

In the arena, Bu Fang's knife power's space had been reduced to one square meter. In just a blink, it would be smashed.

"It's over..." Someone mumbled.

Gongshu Ban's eyes turned bloodshot. He squeezed his fists, biting his lip until it was bleeding.

He couldn't accept it...

However, being Immortal Chefs from the first layer, they would endure insults sometimes.

The black-cloaked Immortal Chef's eyes seemed happy. He thought that Bu Fang would be defeated.

However, it's a little too early to be happy...

In the arena, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife didn't spin anymore. Bu Fang held it tight in his hand.

The buzzing sounds echoed unceasingly.

Bu Fang lifted his head, looking at the square meter he had been forced to and the five chefs with frenzied faces standing far from him.

His indifferent face turned somewhat stern, and his fingers on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife twitched.

"Really... Why do you need to do that? I'm just a low-key person. Why are you all forcing me to show off..."

Bu Fang exhaled deeply. Then, his aura changed.

The moment his aura changed, the combined powers of the five chefs had finally swallowed his remaining space of knife power.

"Defeated... The Great Demon King was defeated at the last minute."

"It's over! The Great Demon King couldn't succeed."

"The first layer has such a Demon King. It's enough to be proud of, you know."

When everyone saw the overlord phantom disappear and Bu Fang's knife power's space being swallowed, they all sighed begrudgingly.

Gongshu Ban looked heavenward, sighing.

It f*cking hurts!

Gongshu Ban cursed angrily.

Xiao Buque's group grinned. Indeed, it happened as they had predicted. It was over.


Their smiles froze.

In the arena, a faint voice arose.

"I don't want to use it at first... but if that's the case, let's see a little power."

It was the Great Demon King's voice.


Everyone widened their eyes, shocked.

Then, from the arena, a dazzling blade light flashed from the very last bit of space.

"Knife skill... Cutting Immortal Style!"