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 Groups of Immortal Chefs surrounded the arena. They were discussing boisterously while looking pensive, observing all the contestants.

Of course, most of the time, they were watching Bu Fang.

The Great Demon King... was just a joke now.

The one that had ruled Group Ten now ranked the last on the first assessment.

Since he's only at One-star True Immortal Realm, most people here could crush him easily.

Anyway, people here weren't foolish. Bu Fang's mental energy could be relatively strong. After all, he topped the preliminaries, and it wasn't something he could just make up.

If his true energy was low, his mental energy... would be much stronger.

Anyway, his true energy was only at One-star True Immortal Realm, so how strong could his mental energy be?

Thus, everybody was waiting for Bu Fang's next performance. They had even prepared their next insults.


Intimidating waves of energy expanded from the arena. Everybody held their breaths, watching the situation.

Beams of light shot up into the sky.

Bu Fang's mental energy was more mysterious compared to his true energy, and the fluctuations it created were more refined.

Rumble! Rumble!

His mental energy washed over, rising tens of thousands of waves.

Then, right after that, in front of everyone's gaze, tens of thousands of light columns emerged!

Each of the Immortal Chefs in the group tried to show their mental energy to the peak.

The audience's uproar resounded continuously. Those lights were so dazzling, which was so awesome to their eyes.

One meter, two meters, three meters...

Beams with different heights appeared.

The light column from the fifth layer chef was not less than his true energy's light column. Moreover, it was still increasing.

According to this, it could reach five or six meters!

He was indeed worthy of being the talented Immortal Chef from the fifth layer!

Really formidable!

Anyway, this chef was ranked in the nineties in the talent list, so he was in the weak group of Immortal Chefs from the fifth layer.


People were now convinced, and they openly admired when they saw real talent.

No comparison, no hurt.

Someone thought that the Great Demon King, who was like a dazzling star in the preliminaries, was now extinguished.

Then, they turned and looked at Bu Fang...

Instantly, everybody was dumbstruck.

They seemed to hear a dragon roaring and a bird singing, which made them all flustered.

Looking at the dazzling, towering light beam above Bu Fang's head, they acted as though they saw ghosts.

"What... What's going on?"

"That height... could reach five meters! The same level as the Immortal Chef's from the fifth layer!"

"The Great Demon King... is still the f*cking Great Demon King... He can still make people feel despair!"

The Immortal Chefs surrounding the arena were dumbfounded. They were shocked, watching Bu Fang's light column.

Gongshu Ban felt a little panicked. He had thought they didn't have any hope, but now, it looked like their hope was still there.

Bu Fang's mental energy level... was monstrous!

It explained why Bu Fang could cook extraordinary dishes despite his weak cultivation base.

His mental energy... was confirmed to be very strong!

Gongshu Ban's eyes brightened. He felt like he was seeing the light of another village at the end of a tunnel!

"Still growing! It's half-past five meters!"

"Oh my God! This Demon King wants to go against the heavens!"

"He wants to step on the genius from the fifth layer?"

The onlookers took in a breath of cold air. When they saw that the light above Bu Fang's head was still rising, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Under the dazzling radiance from the light beams of Bu Fang and the Immortal Chef from the fifth layer, the other chefs' light beams weren't really impressive. Compared to the two of them, their mental energy looked weaker.

Most of them had a four-meter beam. Although it wasn't bad, it was meaningless compared to Bu Fang's and the fifth layer Immortal Chef's.

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer also felt Bu Fang's pressure. He couldn't help but turn around, looking in the latter's direction.

He was a young man whose appearance was ordinary. As he looked at Bu Fang, his eyes narrowed.

Right after that, he sneered. His mental energy rocketed.

At this moment, the young man's beam had reached 5.7 meters.

Bu Fang remained calm. His spirit sea surged high waves, and his mental energy rose further. Soon, it reached 5.6 meters.

He was now closer to that Immortal Chef's.

The surrounding audience couldn't help but hold their breath. At this moment, this assessment had completely become the stage for Bu Fang and the fifth layer Immortal Chef.

5.8 meters... 5.9 meters...

The face of the fifth layer Immortal Chef reddened, and he was shivering. Apparently, he didn't expect to see Bu Fang increase his mental energy to the peak.


Eventually, the mental energy of the fifth layer Immortal Chef rocketed. He broke the shackle of 5.9 meters and reached 6 meters.

That meant that this Immortal Chef from the fifth layer could reach at least Three-star True Immortal Realm!

However, as his mental energy had reached six meters, this Immortal Chef had a flow of heat running out of his nose. In the end, he got a nosebleed.

Right after that, his light beam halted as he stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at him, watching his bleeding nose that hadn't stopped yet. He furrowed his brows.

At this moment, Bu Fang's mental energy had reached 5.9 meters, and he was facing the shackle to reach 6 meters.

Everybody felt their hearts pounding.

This Great Demon King... Could he reach 6 meters?

However, they didn't have much time to guess.

The bunch of light beams gradually reached 6 meters. It was effortless, as though he was just taking a sip of water.

6 meters... 6.1 meters...

After reaching such a level, Bu Fang didn't increase his power, and he retrieved his light beam.

It was enough to subdue that Immortal Chef from the fifth layer.

In the sky, the black stone tablet reappeared. The ranks on it had changed.

Bu Fang's name, which previously ranked last, was now at the top position.

He trod the second rank, the talented Immortal Chef from the fifth layer.

Until this moment, it was the first time someone could step on a fifth layer Immortal Chef...

Indeed, worthy of his title as the Great Demon King...

Everyone looked at Bu Fang with complicated eyes. He was really deserving of the one-hundredth rank in the talent list!


The light beams scattered. Everyone in the arena couldn't believe it.

The young man from the fifth layer wiped the blood from his nose. His eyes turned cold.

It seemed he had never imagined the scene where he was subdued.

In this semi-final round, someone had actually subdued him.

In the audience, Gongshu Ban was excited, throwing his fist into the air with a roar. Bu Fang had risen fiercely, which had swept away the gloomy atmosphere in his heart.

All of a sudden, Gongshu Ban was bewildered. He tilted his head, looking away.

There, a figure in a black cloak was staring at Bu Fang. His eyes looked fierce.

That kind of intense stare frightened Gongshu Ban.

In his preliminary round, Gongshu Ban had faced that man in black, in which he couldn't even have the courage to grab his knife.

He didn't expect to see that man interested in Owner Bu...

Who was that black-cloaked man anyway?

"The first part of the ranking round is done. And now, we're going to carry out the second part, the knife skill assessment..."

The referee's voice stopped everyone's clamor.

Everybody quieted down. Then, they turned to look at the arena.

In the arena, fifty contestants had taken their spots.

"How do we assess your knife skill? Power... We assess power. The stronger the knife skill is, the stronger the power it would show. Therefore, to confirm and assess your knife skill, we will see the power you show when you use it," said the referee.

Everybody agreed.

A knife skill, or knife technique, was the way a chef combined his spirit, energy, and soul, materializing it into a kind of power.

"To assess your knife skill, everybody will stay in this arena. We will cover all of you in a formation. Then, the cooking ingredients will appear. You just need to show your knife skill while processing the ingredients. We will check your competence and speed to rank you," the referee continued.

Then, some sort of long, purple spirit fruit emerged on the stone platform in front of them.

"We use the Undying Fruit to practice knife skills... And now, the knife skill assessment begins..." announced the referee.

The moment he finished speaking, the entire arena glowed and sparkled with radiance.

As people were clamoring, they saw a formation emerging from the floor of the arena. It spun continuously, covering people inside.

The group of Immortal Chefs standing outside could still see the contestants in the arena, and they could see the contestants' aura began to change.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

At this moment, the Immortal Chefs began to show their kitchen knives.


Tens of thousands of knife radiance emerged as the contestants proudly summoned their knife.

Indeed, what a chef was proud of the most was their knife.

Immortal Chefs weren't an exception. And, no doubt that their knives were all immortal tools, which weren't just ordinary immortal tools. At least, they were middle-grade ones.

The place was then filled with noise as all kinds of knives emerged, dazzling people.

They had various shapes, from a pair of scissors to something that looked like a gourd...

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer wore a stern face. He coldly looked at Bu Fang, then took out his knife.

It was a purple knife whose blade was filled with patterns. This knife wasn't thick, and it looked somewhat thinner than usual.

But... no doubt it was the highest level knife here.

The other knives shivered under his knife's pressure.

All Immortal tools had spirits, and evidently, the other tool spirits were shaken at this moment.

The chef from the fifth layer focused. The knife in his hand spun before he hurled it away.

Knife radiance bloomed in the sky. Then, it dropped, turning to something like a sprinkle, covering the purple Undying Fruit.

A moment later, an invisible power emerged above the fifth layer Immortal Chef. That power seemed to become a painting of a misty village...

"It's the fifth layer's Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's inherited knife skill, the Drizzling Knife!" Someone shouted when he recognized the knife skill.

Apparently, this knife skill was exceptional.

The other Immortal Chefs in this group also showed their knife skills at this moment.

Some had their knife energy condensed into a wild lion, some had stars, some had wind, and some had even waves from the ocean...

There were so many different kinds of knife power.

As for Bu Fang...


Golden lights shot out.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hand moved, releasing knife radiance.

The sharp knife energy emitted unceasingly while the knife was spinning, slashing everybody else's knife power.

The moment the chefs emitted their knife power, they also began to compete against each other.

Although the formation's space was vast, when one knife power occupied some room, the others would have to yield that room.

Hence, competition was unavoidable.

In just a short time, as Bu Fang showed his knife skill, the assessment had reached its climax.

Overlord Thirteen Blades... merged into one blade.

A dragon phantom meandered around the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. It roared, then turned into a blade that could tear the world apart.

A solemn overlord phantom emerged above Bu Fang's head.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The overlord had arrived. In just a blink of an eye... many Immortal Chefs' knife power... scattered!