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 "What's that kid babbling about?"

The four people standing in front of Bu Fang were a little confused. What the f*ck is Antiquity power?

And how did it relate to today?

Naturally, Bu Fang was too lazy to explain. He just calmly looked at the four young people, waiting to see what they wanted to do.

"Eldest Sister?"

The woman leaning against Xiao Buque was startled. A moment later, her fair face reddened, and flames of rage were rolling in her eyes.

"Who did you call Eldest Sister?!" The woman looked as though she could shoot lightning out of her eyes, glaring at Bu Fang.

Xiao Buque raised his hand, smiling faintly as he rubbed the woman's soft back.

"Aren't you curious who has put you into the talent list? That list has the names of all the elite Immortal Chefs in this competition, and only real geniuses could get into it. How could your name appear on that list?" Xiao Buque narrowed his eyes, looking at Bu Fang.

"Perhaps someone's jealous of my handsome face." Bu Fang said seriously, frowning as he rubbed his chin.

Jealous of his handsome face...

Xiao Buque had almost vomited blood. Could you not talk crap with such a serious face?

"Well... Anyway, I'm only at one hundred... Seems that one hasn't hated me enough. He couldn't see through my looks to realize my good nature," said Bu Fang.

The other four wore awkward faces.

This Great Demon King... seems like a fool.

"I'm telling you the truth. The one who put you into that list ... was me," Xiao Buque said.

Bu Fang's eyes turned odd, staring at the other. "So it turns out you're jealous of my handsomeness?"

The muscles on Xiao Buque's face twitched. Could they just talk properly?

"We wanted you to be everyone's target, that's why you're in that list. Turns out you got some foundation. You defeated many Immortal Chefs and even got the Demon King title," Xiao Buque said casually. "Anyway... you're just lucky that you were assigned to a trashy group. You won't be so lucky in the semi-final. At that time... I hope I could crush you myself."

"Big Brother Buque, we don't want you to touch such trash. Yi-er can crush him. He's just a fake rank one hundred chef anyway," the woman said, coldly looking at Bu Fang.

"Here, I'll give you some advice. You'd better run back to your first layer... or else, in the coming days, you will feel true despair!" Xiao Buque said.

Bu Fang looked at him, his mouth twitching. "Every time someone told me to feel despair, he or she would actually feel it right after... By the way, you seem to know many things.... Can I ask you something? What is the Heart of Cooking Path?" Bu Fang asked nonchalantly.

Xiao Buque and the others were surprised. They exchanged looks, then burst out laughing disdainfully.

"For real? I can't believe you don't know the Heart of Cooking Path... Too bad, the Heart of Cooking Path isn't something you trash could imagine. It's something that you must look up to admire."

After that, they didn't give Bu Fang any explanation. They laughed then left.

Bu Fang was speechless. He shoved his hands into his robe's pockets, walking away.


Fifth Layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

Yaya stood in front of the wooden house at the peak of the Immortal Tree.

She wore a pure white robe. Her blonde hair was coiled up, looking magnificently noble.

As she stood there, her eyes were calm, and her body seemed to glow.

A moment later, a bright light flashed, and four figures appeared in front of her.

These four figures appeared hazy. She could only see some vague shapes.

It seems that they were talking to Ya Ya. After a while, their figures scattered, disappearing.

Ya Ya had a headache, rubbing the space between her brows.

"These four City Lords... They couldn't save me from worries. They wanted to find that dog and trouble themselves..."

Ya Ya sighed, turning around to return to the wooden house.


The Immortal Cooking Realm was divided into five layers, and each layer was a vast world.

The third layer was an immense ocean with a huge island in the center.

On this big island, the Immortal Tree stood in the middle with the entire Immortal City built around it.

The Immortal Chef Tournament's semi-final would be held in Immortal City in the third layer.

There were one thousand chefs who advanced to semi-final rounds from ten groups, one hundred from each group.

For the semi-final rounds, the rules would be different. It included two rounds, the playoffs and the ranking round.

The playoffs would eliminate five hundred chefs, and the remaining five hundred would enter the ranking round. The top one hundred from that round would then advance to the next semi-final round.

The rules were simple. They had to compete for three days.

It wasn't a big deal to Bu Fang. Since he was the first in his group, he could skip the playoffs and go directly to the ranking round.

Hence, Bu Fang didn't even need to come to the arena on the first day.

Anyway, as he agreed with Gongshu Ban, he came to cheer Gongshu Ban on his match. Since they were chefs from the same layer, of course, they wanted to cheer each other.

Gongshu Ban must join the playoffs. If he wanted to advance to the ranking round, he must survive the playoffs.

If it were said to be simple, yes it was simple. But still, it was a little difficult.

Because no one knew who Gongshu Ban's opponent could be.

No matter what, Gongshu Ban was confident. His target was to get into the top two hundred, so he must definitely defeat his rivals.

Actually, Gongshu Ban had played his best. During the playoffs, he had consecutively beaten two opponents.


When he met his last opponent, it was the time his despair began.

Bu Fang also watched that match. And he saw something strange...

Gongshu Ban's opponent was an Immortal Chef who shrouded himself in a black cloak. From the contestants' profile, he knew that that chef came from the fourth layer.

Facing this rival, Gongshu Ban was utterly defeated. He didn't even have the courage to hold his knife. He was crushed easily...

The man in the black cloak gave Bu Fang a very strange feeling.

"Heart of Cooking Path?"

Bu Fang seemed to remember something, frowning. According to the system, only people with the Heart of Cooking Path could subdue the others, making them unable to hold their knives.

That Immortal Chef in black had a Heart of Cooking Path?

However, if he got the Heart of Cooking Path, why did he still participate in the playoffs?

It was what Bu Fang was suspicious of the most.

Since Gongshu Ban was defeated, he couldn't get to the ranking round.

He almost collapsed. He had kept it up for a long time but couldn't reach the ideal he had always yearned for.

The ideal was meaty, but the reality was so bony.

Except for Bu Fang, the Immortal Chefs from the first layer were all out.

Gongshu Ban was about to collapse. Because of his last match, he had a shadow in his heart.

He didn't even have the courage to grab his knife...

It was a horrible feeling...

The Immortal Chefs from the other layers... were so much different?

To the dispirited Gongshu Ban, Bu Fang didn't know what to say. He only patted the man's shoulder.

"Owner Bu, we can only count on you..." Gongshu Ban said to Bu Fang, his eyes looking empty.


The ranking round began.

Bu Fang finally had a chance to compete.

Gongshu Ban was among the audience. He had placed all of his hope on Bu Fang.

He hoped that Bu Fang could get to the top two hundred.

The ranking round was different from the playoffs, and it was considered the highlight of the Immortal Chef Tournament.

In this round, the ranking would include three aspects for the chefs to compete-the Immortal Chef's cultivation base, knife skill, and cooking skills. Together, these would determine the rank of the chefs.


"The next contestant... Immortal Chef from the first layer, Bu Fang."

When the referee announced Bu Fang's name, the entire audience quieted down.

Although the name Bu Fang was strange to some, it sounded familiar to many. His legendary performance in Group Ten's preliminaries had given him the title of the Great Demon King.

All the chefs who had competed against him left the tournament in a state of despair.

And now, finally, it was Bu Fang's turn in the ranking round.

Many contestants from the ten groups were looking forward to seeing Bu Fang being crushed.

This time, Bu Fang's group had fifty contestants.

Those fifty chefs stood in the large arena, facing the Third Grade Immortal Chefs sitting on a high platform, who were the judges of this round.

"The first round is to check your cultivation base... Being an Immortal Chef, although cooking skills are the key, if you don't have a profound cultivation base, you can't achieve a profound cooking attainment. You all know that. Therefore, this cultivation base grading has a huge part in the final score. I hope you guys could show your level well." The referee said.

Then, he pointed to an object in front and continued, "In front of you is a divine talisman that is used to verify your true energy, your cultivation base, and mental force..."

Each of the chefs in the arena had a stone platform in front of them, where a deep green divine talisman could be seen.

This talisman was the tool to check the contestant's cultivation base.

A group of Immortal Chefs surrounded the arena, watching excitedly.

Some of the chefs were out, and some advanced to the next round.

However, they were all curious, watching the arena.

And now, Bu Fang became the focus of everyone.

Of course, Bu Fang was there because he had topped his group. Hence, he and the other contestants here all had high attainments. Moreover, they had one Immortal Chef who came from the fifth layer.

The Immortal Chefs in the fifth layer were existences that the other Immortal Chefs couldn't reach.

No matter if it was resources or cultivating conditions, the fifth layer had much more than the other levels. So, in Bu Fang's group, that Immortal Chef from the fifth layer was the real focus.

Also, people were here to watch Bu Fang, waiting to see him become a laughingstock.

Gongshu Ban paled.

Why did the ranking round need to assess the cultivation base?

How was Bu Fang's cultivation base? Of course, not nice at all...

One-star True Immortal Realm... To the other Immortal Chefs, he ranked the lowest!

With this sort of cultivation base, how could he gain a good rank in this round?

Furthermore, the group of Immortal Chefs in the first layer... would be all eliminated this time...

Indeed, this time, the performance of the first layer was too weak compared to the previous one.

"Now, we start the assessment... First round, cultivation base checking. Contestants, please send your true energy into the divine talisman," the referee said.

From their high platform, the five judges looked excited.


After the referee had spoken, instantly, true energy shot up into the sky from the arena. The intimidating energy continuously expanded in waves.

Each contestant tried to show their best cultivation base at this moment, making their divine talisman shoot out radiance.

All of a sudden, a black tablet emerged in the sky, which seemed to cover the heavens.

As each contestant had sent their true energy into the talisman, the tablet would display their rank.

Bu Fang picked up the talisman, sending his true energy into it.

His body shook.

Bu Fang curiously lifted his head and saw a bunch of light beams shot up from his head, which was around one meter high.

The height of the light column above the contestant's head indicated how strong the contestant was.

Bu Fang thought about something. Then, he turned and watched around.

The contestants around Bu Fang had light columns shooting out from their heads. And, those light columns were all taller than Bu Fang's.

As they were the Immortal Chefs that could get to this round, their cultivation base and cooking skills weren't low. Mostly, they were First Grade Immortal Chefs at their peak of existence, and they could cook rank three immortal dishes.

The weakest among them was at Two-star True Immortal Realm...

And so, among so many light beams...

Bu Fang's one-meter light beam was prominent...

The Immortal Chef from the fifth layer had a five-meter light beam, which made him a crane among the chickens.

No comparison, no hurt.

After people saw the results, they clamored.

The group of Immortal Chefs who were waiting to see Bu Fang fail couldn't help but sneer and ridicule.

Their cultivation base's ranking appeared on the stone tablet.

Gongshu Ban was almost hopeless. Seeing Bu Fang's name ranked the last, his face turned as white as a sheet.

Bu Fang dismissed his light beam, his face nonchalant.

The other contestants around were scornful to Bu Fang. That sort of cultivation base... was just a joke.

This kind of Immortal Chef who had advanced to this round was really a big joke.

The Immortal Chefs of Group Ten, whom Bu Fang had subdued, didn't hesitate to ridicule him.

The Great Demon King was defeated this time.

"And now, we move on to the second assessment, which is the assessment of mental force... Contestants, please hold the divine talisman and send your mental force to it," the referee said with a stern face.

Then, the contestants hurried to send their mental force into the divine talisman.

Some people began to mock and ridicule Bu Fang. They wanted to see him become a laughingstock.

Normally, the level of mental force and true energy were directly related. The stronger the true energy was, the stronger the mental force was.

Of course, there were exceptions. Some had weak true energy, but their mental force wasn't. However, even though it could be stronger, the difference wouldn't be that much.

At One-star True Immortal Realm, even if the mental force was stronger, it could reach the Two-star True Immortal Realm at most. But that was already an incredible situation.

Hence, since Bu Fang's true energy was at that level... He could possibly become a laughingstock this time.

Bu Fang exhaled gently.

He raised his hand, grabbing the divine talisman. The corners of his mouth rose.

In his mind, three bestial roars echoed!

Well, when it came to mental force, he had never been afraid of anyone!