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 The next day, Bu Fang walked to the Immortal Tree Square where Group Ten had their matches.

Now, when the Immortal Chefs looked at Bu Fang, they were all afraid. The name Great Demon King Bu Fang had been spread to every contestant in the group.

Many Immortal Chefs hoped that they wouldn't encounter him. They all saw the horrible situations of his opponents yesterday, and every one of them had had their knives taken away.

Zhao Kuangsan, who was from the third layer, lost his knife to Bu Fang. Since they were weaker than Zhao Kuangsan, how could they face Great Demon King Bu Fang?

The crowd that hissed and screamed yesterday had their mouths shut today, looking at Bu Fang in fright.

Now, they had no desire to seize Bu Fang's ranking on the list of talents. After witnessing his matches, they knew his fame followed his power!

Xiao Buqun wanted to vomit blood.

He shouldn't have persuaded his older brother Xiao Buque to secretly put Bu Fang's name on the one-hundredth place.

He wanted to make Bu Fang, the one who had ashamed him, be ashamed in this Immortal Chef Tournament. However, he did not expect that this would accidentally give Bu Fang a path to build his fame.

And now, although Bu Fang was a nobody in the entire tournament, in Group Ten, everyone was afraid of him and even called him Great Demon King.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Bu Fang shoved his hands into the pockets of his Vermillion Robe, slowly getting to the arena.

This Immortal Chef Tournament wasn't interesting at all, but the system had tasked him to join, so he had to do it. It even said to get into the top ten, which would help him gain the qualification to enter the Immortal Tree space.

Moreover, he must create the Heart of Cooking Path...

What exactly is the Heart of Cooking Path?

Bu Fang didn't quite understand. Hence, he felt a little headache now.

Swish. Swish.

The wind blew past, raising some fine sand on the arena.

Bu Fang blinked. No one was standing on the other side.

Where's his opponent?

The preliminaries had so many matches because there were so many contestants, so Bu Fang needed to finish a lot of them.

He got used to this pace. However, right now, he was standing in the arena, but his opponent hadn't shown up yet.

Far from him, the referee looked at Bu Fang with an odd face. After a while, he said, "Li Kuang Si from the second layer gave up..."


After the referee said that, everyone went into an uproar.

Someone gave up?!

It'd been so many years, and it was the first time the Immortal Chef Tournament had such a situation.

Great Demon King Bu Fang had become that terrifying?

Anyway, people understood that abstaining from their right to participate in the match was the best decision... If they lost, their kitchen knives would be taken from them.

Losing their trusted knife wasn't different from losing an arm.

They couldn't perform their best cooking skills anymore, making it hard for them to progress further. If that's the case, they would rather give up their right to join the tournament.

"Oh, he gave up..."

Bu Fang pursed his lips. Then, he shrugged and got off the arena to wait for his next match.

However, Bu Fang's next opponent also gave up.

His opponents gave up one after another, so today, Bu Fang didn't have any match at all.

The referee's mouth twitched as he looked at Bu Fang, who was turning around and sighing as though he was a lonely expert.

It was the first time he ever encountered such an extraordinary situation.


The preliminaries of the Immortal Chef Tournament were going on like a raging fire.

All the contestants in each group were competing continuously.

These days, Gongshu Ban was exhausted physically and mentally as he had to use all of his techniques and energy to advance to the next round.

After five days of this competition, Gongshu Ban felt he had aged ten years further.

Only when they experienced it would they know how intimidating the other chefs from the upper layers were.

He was in Group Six, which was quite good as they didn't have any Immortal Chef from the fifth layer.

Actually, half of the Immortal Chefs in the fifth layer didn't need to join the tournament because they were promoted directly to the semi-final round.

Simply put, the fifth layer Immortal Chefs were so monstrous.

Anyway, there were superb chefs in the fourth, third, and second layers... and they all aimed for a slot in the top ten.

After Gongshu Ban had observed a match between those monstrous chefs, he finally knew what was truly crushing.

The opponent of that monstrous chef couldn't even grab his knife properly... No wonder he lost. He was subdued by the other's influence.

From that moment onward, Gongshu Ban's heart sank. It was the first time he recognized how weak he was.

When he was in the first layer, he thought he wasn't really weak. However, compared to the genuinely powerful chefs, he felt despair.

However, he was lucky that he got in the top one hundred of his group after the preliminary round ended.

From ten groups, one thousand Immortal Chefs got qualified for the three semi-final rounds.

Gongshu Ban was completely exhausted, mentally and physically.

However, he was so excited.

Later that night, when he returned to his inn, he saw the first layer Immortal Chefs looking dispirited. They all appeared depressed.

The past five days were simply a nightmare for them. They had faced the real, powerful Immortal Chefs. They had seen true monsters.

Facing those existences, they didn't even have the guts to wield their knives.

Gongshu Ban felt heavy-hearted. After asking around, he found that all the chefs from the first layer were out...

Except for him who had entered the top one hundred of his group, the others were all out. They weren't qualified to join the semi-final rounds.

It was... depressing news.

Gongshu Ban began to worry.

Did Xuanyuan Xiahui fail too?

It was in his estimation anyway. Xuanyuan Xiahui wasn't weak. However, he hadn't been an Immortal Chef for quite a long time...

Although his sister, Gongshu Yun, was a genius, she was defeated fast.

That was because Gongshu Yun was in a dangerous group...

That group was called the Deadly Group since it had... five Immortal Chefs from the fifth layer and many other monsters from the other layers.

Gongshu Yun was utterly crushed, her eyes looking gloomy and hopeless.

She soon lost her confidence in her cooking.

"By the way... where's Owner Bu?"

Gongshu Ban suddenly remembered Bu Fang. With his level, he wouldn't be eliminated that soon, would he?

At least... it wouldn't be a big problem for him to enter the top one hundred.

When Gongshu Ban mentioned Bu Fang, the lobby of the inn quieted down. People exchanged looks, as though they didn't know what to say.

"Owner Bu... was defeated too?"

Seeing everyone's reaction, Gongshu Ban couldn't help but sigh.

He was in a lot of pressure during these five days. Hence, he hadn't had the time and extra energy to care about Bu Fang.

However, from the others' faces, he guessed that Bu Fang had failed too...


In this Immortal Chef Tournament, perhaps he was the one who shouldered people's hopes.

Such heavy pressure...


A chef who was in the same group with Bu Fang let out a dry cough, saying reluctantly, "Great Demon King... Ah, Owner Bu... He's always in his room these days."

When he said the title Great Demon King, he was a bit flustered. It was a legendary title anyway.

"Great Demon King? You mean Owner Bu?" Gongshu Ban was bewildered.


Bu Fang's door opened. He clasped his hands, sauntering towards the lobby.

Seeing Gongshu Ban, he nodded to him. "Hey, I guess you're doing okay."

"I had to struggle to get in the top one hundred of my group..." Gongshu Ban sighed. Then, he looked at Bu Fang, his eyes strange as he asked, "How about you?"


Bu Fang was perplexed. Then, he sighed, shaking his head. "It's hard to explain."

His reply and expression made Gongshu Ban's eyes shrank. Did he...

"Your rank in the talent list has brought you a lot of trouble..." Gongshu Ban sympathized.

He felt like it was just yesterday that he and Owner Bu competed in the lotus land of inheritance.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, sighing again. "Yes... That brought me too many troubles. I'm just a low-key person..."

Gongshu Ban walked to Bu Fang and patted his shoulder. "Owner Bu, don't give up. You're still young. We still have more chances later."

Then, his eyes narrowed slightly, saying solemnly, "Don't worry, I will continue your faith. I will move further to the top three hundred. I will not shame our first layer's Immortal Chefs' pride!"

His words were not just for Bu Fang, but for the entire first layer Immortal Chefs in the lobby. He wanted to boost their confidence one more time.

"Keep it up. I appreciate you a lot." Bu Fang patted Gongshu Ban's shoulder, nodding.

In the distance...

The Immortal Chef that was in Bu Fang's group twitched his mouth.

This Great Demon King is a f*cking drama star!

Indeed, the title of the chef who ranked one hundred in the talent list brought him a lot of trouble...

Your opponents didn't dare to compete against you! They rather gave up!

Would you die if you didn't act cool and awesome?

That Immortal Chef didn't know if he should cry or smile. But at this moment, the dark cloud in his heart dispersed.

"Guys, continue talking. I'm going out for a walk... We have to leave the second layer tomorrow, so I'll walk around," Bu Fang said.

"Yeah, enjoy. Vent out your frustration. Owner Bu, your future is endless," said Gongshu Ban.

After that, he saw Bu Fang turn around, leaving the inn.

"Hey... Young Master Gongshu..." An Immortal Chef looked at Gongshu Ban's emotional face. He wanted to say something.

Gongshu Ban turned to them, squeezing his fists. "Let's not talk about this. Guys, we can't lose hope. We know our first layer is weak, but we have faith. We will definitely succeed in the future!"

"Erm, Young Master Gongshu, I just want to say... the Great Demon King advanced to the semi-final round," that Immortal Chef said. He didn't know if he should cry or laugh.

"Really? Our first layer still has such an excellent successor?" Gongshu Ban was bewildered.

"Actually... the Great Demon King is Owner Bu... He's the first in Group Ten. Since many people gave up... he automatically advanced."

That Immortal Chef then pressed his lips into a thin line, as though holding his laughter back.

Gongshu Ban squinted, looking at that Immortal Chef. It felt like a wind was howling around him...

Then, he clutched his chest and mouth, feeling as though an invisible arrow stabbed him.

Bu Fang had stunned him with his awesomeness.

Owner Bu is actually a drama actor, isn't he?!

Hard to explain, my ass!


Tap. Tap. Tap.

The second layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm was really vast. At least, it was bigger than the first layer.

Perhaps because of their formidable foundation, the Immortal City here was much bigger.

Bu Fang strolled around. Similar to Immortal City in the first layer, this place had many restaurants, and the air was filled with the dishes' aroma.

Bu Fang saw many Immortal Chefs cooking in those restaurants, and he noticed that their skills were several levels higher than the Immortal Chefs in the first layer.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, walking on the street. Watching people come and leave, he felt amused.

The delicious smell of food, the taste of gourmet dishes, the people walking back and forth... Bu Fang was fascinated with all of them.

Suddenly, he stopped walking. Lifting his head, he saw that several people were standing in his way.

There were two men and two women, and they were all beautiful and young.

The four of them smiled, looking at Bu Fang.

"Well... Aren't you the Great Demon King of Group Ten, the one-hundredth Immortal Chef in the talent list?" One of the women, who was burying herself in one of the men's chest, looked at Bu Fang, asking indifferently.

The other woman in the arms of a hunky man tilted her head up, looking at that man as she said, "Big Brother Buque, I heard that you made that Great Demon King enter the talent list... Why didn't you move my rank too? I'm ninety-nine, just a rank higher than this fake chef... It's really embarrassing, you know."

Bu Fang looked at the four young people showing their love in front of him, frowning.

"Big Sister Ninety-nine, are you looking for me? Today isn't a good day. You guys shouldn't go out in pairs and hang out like this... I'm afraid I won't be able to control my Antiquity power."

Bu Fang exhaled gently, looking at them with a blank face.