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 "Despair?! Are you here to do comedy?"

Zhao Kuangsan turned to Bu Fang. The other's words had somewhat enraged him.

This guy was just a chef from the first layer, but he got the guts to say something that big.

Zhao Kuangsan was really strong, and he had the hope to get into the top two hundred in this Immortal Chef Tournament. But this chef... just got his name in the list of one hundred talents with no bit of talent.

How dare he talk to him like that. He even said that he would let him feel despair!

Good, let's see who would feel despair.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A strange energy appeared in the sky, causing the towering Immortal Tree's leaves to shake.

Bu Fang lifted his head, the corners of his mouth rising.

It was the energy from the Great Path that acknowledged his Chef's Challenge.

This was getting more interesting.


Zhao Kuangsan's aura rocketed. Then, a massive kitchen knife appeared on his back, which had mysterious carved patterns on it.

"You trash... I'll crush you!" Zhao Kuangsan coldly snarled. Then, his mind flickered, and a stove with winding immortal energy appeared right in front of him.

That stove was an immortal tool. Moreover, its level seemed not low.

Bu Fang didn't have a stove, so he decided to use the stove provided in the arena. In the preliminary round, a stove wasn't a requirement as long as you could defeat the opponent.

Bu Fang thought about what to cook. After thinking about it over and over, he decided to cook a dish that stayed deep in his memory.

It was a dish to remember his youth, which had long passed now.


In the distance...

A fiery flame emerged on Zhao Kuangsan's palm. This flame was filled with energy, and its temperature was intense.

As soon as it appeared, the temperature in the arena rocketed.

It was an immortal flame, whose rank wasn't low in the list.

"This is an immortal flame that ranks ninety-eight in the immortal flame ranking..." Zhao Kuangsan looked at Bu Fang, sneering. "Do you feel despair now?"

Facing Zhao Kuangsan who was showing off, Bu Fang opened his mouth.

The audience around them was focusing on their battle. Seeing Bu Fang open his mouth, everybody was a bit bewildered. Then, they turned dumbstruck...

That was because they found a flame spurting from Bu Fang's mouth.

A gold lotus flame slowly emerged...

It... It's... an immortal flame!

Many people with sharp eyes, who had studied the immortal flame ranking, had recognized the gold lotus flame at first glance.

"It's the rank fifty-nine immortal flame, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame!"

"That fellow... has that immortal flame!"

"What I want to know is, why did the immortal flame appear out of his mouth?"

The surrounding people were baffled. Indeed, why did the immortal flame spout out from Bu Fang's mouth?

Bu Fang looked at Zhao Kuangsan, the corners of his mouth twitching. Then, he flicked his fingers, sending the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The wok boiled instantly.

Next, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, spinning.

Bu Fang threw some cooking ingredients up in the air. In the next moment, blade lights flashed like a falling meteor as those ingredients were cut into cubes and thin slices.

Meanwhile, Zhao Kuangsan began to cook as well.

Actually, Zhao Kuangsan was excellent. He got a firm foundation, and his cooking skills were trained well. He had done many techniques that made people roar and scream.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Stirring the wok, the dish in it was sent into the air.

At the same time, black clouds began to roll continuously above the Immortal Tree Square.

Although it was just the preliminaries, all of the contestants were Immortal Chefs, so their dishes naturally triggered lightning punishments.

Black clouds also rolled above Bu Fang and Zhao Kuangsan.

As the competition had come to this, many people were so excited and anticipating, watching the two in the arena.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky, thunder boomed and lightning flashed unceasingly. Thunder Dragons soared, meandering in the black clouds, and intense pressure expanded everywhere.

The Thunder Dragons began to attack the other arenas.

This was also the moment where the Immortal Chefs would show how they deal with lightning punishments.

The tournament didn't provide the contestants with Lightning Protection Formation, since Immortal Chefs weren't afraid of lightning punishments.

All of them had their own way of dealing with it.

Some squeezed and broke jade talismans. Beams of light gathered, pushing the lightning punishment away.

Some summoned their Earth Immortal Puppet, facing the lightning punishment.

Some seemed to equip themselves with Lightning Protection Formation, avoiding the lightning strikes completely.

With every Immortal Chef having their own way to deal with the lightning punishment, they looked like immortals using their supernatural abilities.

At this moment, the black clouds above Zhao Kuangsan had reached its limit, and the Thunder Dragon was discernible now.

Zhao Kuangsan was about to use his method to deal with lightning. His mind flickered, and two gold Earth Immortal Puppets appeared by him.

To ensure no mistakes, he decided to use two Earth Immortal Puppets to completely block the lightning strike.

In the distance...

Bu Fang wore an indifferent face, still cooking. It looked like he was frying something in his wok. The gold oil boiled, bubbling.

He grabbed a spatula, stirring the oil.

Above his head, the black clouds began to roll and stir, turning into a vortex.

Zhao Kuangsan's dish was done. He patted the stove, and the wok spun in his hand.

Then, he shook it, pouring the dish onto a plate.

From the sky, thunderclaps exploded.

"One and Two! Stop the lightning punishment!" Zhao Kuangsan shouted.

The contestants of Group Ten lifted their heads, gazing at the lightning punishment.

All of a sudden...

A faint voice arose, reaching Zhao Kuangsan's ears.

"Don't be scared. Your lightning punishment won't strike down..." Bu Fang said indifferently.


Bu Fang fished the food in the wok, taking it out. The hot steam reached up into the sky.

The lightning punishment in the sky had reached its peak. Roaring, it struck down.

"Are you kidding me?"

Zhao Kuangsan coldly looked at Bu Fang, his mouth twitching. How could the lightning punishment not strike? You wanted me to laugh to death so you could take my kitchen knife?

His mind flickered, and the two Earth Immortal Puppets shielded Zhao Kuangsan.


Above him, the Thunder Dragon roared as it approached.

At the same time, the Thunder Dragon above Bu Fang's head also plunged, attacking without mercy.

The two Thunder Dragons raised their claws in the air.


Under everyone's dumbstruck gazes, they hit each other, blasting and attacking.

A bright light bloomed at this moment, dazzling people's eyes.

"What's going on?! The lightning punishments are attacking each other?"

"What the f*ck?"

"Those Thunder Dragons want to kill each other?!"

At this moment, not only the contestants in Group Ten were astonished, but also all the other Immortal Chef groups standing on the spacious square.

After all, these two Thunder Dragons were different from the rest. Instead of striking down, they were tearing at each other.

Many people were bewildered. They didn't have a clue why this was happening.

Of course, some were frightened as they watched this scene. They were the Immortal Chefs who had gone to the first layer previously.

Xiao Buqun was stunned speechless, dropping his jaw.

It's really a Chef's Challenge!

That madman!

Zhao Kuangsan's eyes shrank, dazedly watching the bright sky.

Since the Thunder Dragons were entangling with each other, the light over there was so blinding.

Thunder Dragons could slaughter each other? After that, what would happen?

The dazzling light lasted for a short while.

In the next moment...

Zhao Kuangsan was shaken. He stooped, looking at the dish he had placed on the stove.

The winding immortal energy on the dish dispersed, and the plate that held the dish shattered...


Zhao Kuangsan gawked, dropping his jaw.

In the sky, the Thunder Dragons' fight had ended.

Zhao Kuangsan's Thunder Dragon was torn apart.

Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon roared. Without stopping, it struck down, aiming at Bu Fang's head.

At this moment, Whitey appeared right in front of Bu Fang. It unfolded its huge palm and grabbed the Thunder Dragon, squeezing it.

Instantly, the dragon blasted and turned into a lightning arc, which was immediately sucked into Whitey's stomach.

The black clouds slowly dispersed...

Bu Fang's dish was complete.

Anyway, they didn't need the referee to judge. He clearly won this battle.

Since Zhao Kuangsan's dish couldn't survive the lightning punishment, its immortal energy had scattered...

People could see that Zhao Kuangsan lost.

The contestants in Group Ten were all stunned. Even the referee was dumbstruck.

After this, the will of the Great Path would arrive.

Zhao Kuangsan's face turned as white as a sheet.

"The Chef's Challenge has ended. Bu Fang won. The loser's kitchen knife will belong to the winner..."

A voice of primitive chaos reverberated.

Everybody was panic-stricken.

It was the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path, the will of the Great Path!

This Chef's Challenge was acknowledged by the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path...

"I did say that despair will start from you..." Bu Fang said.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand created a blade light. Then, he grabbed an Oyster Pancake, gently biting.


As he chewed the Oyster Pancake, a delicious aroma arose, spreading in the entire place.

A moment later, a magic array appeared, and a crystal knife cabinet emerged beside Bu Fang.

He patted the cabinet.

In front of Zhao Kuangsan's eyes, his kitchen knife flew toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang grabbed it and put it into his cabinet.

Zhao Kuangsan trembled. "Chef's Challenge... Is this a Chef's Challenge?!"

He punched the stove in regret. If he had known that it would come to this, he would have paid more attention. He could have cooked something much better.

He wouldn't have lost, and his knife wouldn't have been taken away from him!

Indeed, he regretted it. He really hated it!

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

Bu Fang continued to chew the Oyster Pancake, and a thick aroma spread out.

As Bu Fang's cooking skills were advanced now, his Oyster Pancake was incomparable. Its fragrance seemed to condense into a solid substance, and it was more attractive compared to his previous one.

Taking in the aroma, it seems that everyone could smell the sea as the fragrance hit their faces like splashing waves.

Bu Fang retrieved the knives and his Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Clasping his hands, he chewed the Oyster Pancake, slowly descending the arena.

The referee was somewhat speechless, looking at Bu Fang's departing figure. It was the first time that he didn't need to taste the contestants' dishes to know the result.

Looking at the other arenas where the referees were contentedly chewing the contestants' food, the referee of this arena felt like an invisible arrow had stabbed his chest.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Bu Fang walked to the edge of the arena. Slowly, he turned his head aside to look at Zhao Kuangsan, who looked so regretful now.

"You want to step on me to get to a higher place, but you failed, so of course there will be punishment... I'm a low-key person. Why do you guys want me to show off..." Bu Fang casually said.

Then, he bit the aromatic Oyster Pancake one more time, stepping down the arena.

In this match, it was clear that Bu Fang won, and this made everyone around clamor.

The Chef's Challenge's concept had now spread everywhere...

Everybody was so shocked when the Great Path acknowledged the Chef's Challenge.

If they wanted to challenge Bu Fang, they must have a Chef's Challenge with him...

After the battle against Zhao Kuangsan, Bu Fang had several more battles.

The result remained unchanged. Bu Fang's lightning punishment tore the other's lightning punishment, and he got the opponents' knives.

He won. Again and again and again.

Furthermore, in those matches, Bu Fang had cooked the same dish, the very aromatic Oyster Pancake.

In just a short while...

Bu Fang, whom everyone thought was a joke, had become unfathomable.

Thunder Dragons fighting against each other, Chef's Challenge, Oyster Pancake... These three things had become people's impression of Bu Fang.

And the most frightening thing was... until this moment, nobody knew how Bu Fang's food tasted like... because the referee hadn't had a chance to eat his dish.

The hundredth place on the list of talents... was indeed well-deserved!

His fame follows merit!

The people who watched Bu Fang's matches felt despair when they found this fact.

After several matches, the Immortal Chefs who lost their knives felt their heart ache.

Zhao Kuangsan finally knew what Bu Fang meant by saying despair will start from him...

Bu Fang's existence made the participants in Group Ten... feel despair.

Before the tournament, Bu Fang was known as a dark horse, and now, after these matches, he wasn't called that anymore.

He is now... the Great Demon King! A great demon that made all of his opponents feel despair!

And this despair... had just started.