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 In Heaven and Earth Farmland, two lazy figures sat on wooden chairs, which were placed in front of the wooden cabin.

Bu Fang was contentedly lying on the chair, feeling the gentle breeze in his farmland. As the breeze brushed his skin, it felt like a soft woman's hands massaging him.

It billowed his Vermilion Robe, giving him a slight itch when it rubbed against his skin, which made him sleepy.

The heaven and earth spirit energy in the farmland was really thick. Perhaps it was because they had planted more and more spirit materials.

The spirit fields, which Niu Hansan had cultivated and taken care of, had already filled the entire farmland's space.

In the lake, the fishes and Blood Lobsters were swimming and crawling around. The gentle flow of the river entering the lake made them even more comfortable.

Brother Octopus was relaxing his tentacles in the lake, which fluttered about as he enjoyed the relaxing water.

Far from them, Eighty and the Eight Treasures Pig were running wild on the meadow, looking very happy as they chased each other around.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion lazily crouched aside. Sometimes, it yawned.

"Owner Bu, you're here for a vacation?" Niu Hansan asked as he reclined on the chair.

The farmland was actually a good place to take a vacation. It had beautiful hills, clear water, and fresh air. Moreover, it was absolutely calm and quiet, so no one would bother them.

Niu Hansan loved this peaceful life. Slashing and killing wasn't his style.

"Well... Of course not. I'm here just to think about one thing and to confirm something." Bu Fang squinted, enjoying the breeze.

Bu Fang's words intrigued Niu Hansan, and he instantly opened his bull eyes and said, "Eh? Confirm something? What's that? I can help you check it."

Bu Fang opened his eyes as well. Turning around to look at him, the corners of his mouth rose as he said, "I'm waiting for you to say that..."

Bu Fang's strange expression startled Niu Hansan. Then, he saw a glass jar in Bu Fang's hand...

That thing looked familiar.

Niu Hansan squinted at the glass jar, feeling excited.

He finally remembered what it was. When Bu Fang cooked, he often used the spice in this jar to season his dishes.

Is that...

"No problem, Owner Bu. For your delicious, mouth-watering dishes, I'm willing to do anything," Niu Hansan said solemnly.

Bu Fang was surprised. "Really? Then give me a piece of your tenderloin..."

"Owner Bu, if you do that, you will lose this old bull..." Niu Hansan couldn't help but feel scared at this moment.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't need Niu Hansan's tenderloin. He was just joking.

Getting up from his deck chair, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand, flashing. Then, a grill appeared in front of him.

A gold lotus flame scattered from Bu Fang's hand, falling into the grill.

Niu Hansan was stunned. Watching the strong flame, his heart raced.

Owner Bu's cooking level has advanced further!

However, what Niu Hansan noticed was...

Owner Bu wanted to barbeque?

Wow! Delicious!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Bu Fang opened the glass jar, taking bits of the Enhanced Abyssal Chili Sauce and smeared it on the meat.

The smoky aroma with a hint of spiciness shot up into the sky.

Although the Enhanced Abyssal Chili Sauce wasn't thick, it somehow made people sink into it.

Niu Hansan's nose flared. He loomed over the grill, inhaling.

His mouth drooled...

Finally, Bu Fang finished grilling. He gave the meat to Niu Hansan.

"Here, taste this. See how it's changed. Is it similar or different compared to the previous ones?"

Niu Hansan couldn't wait anymore. As soon as he received the barbecue meat, his tongue lashed and rolled all the meat cubes into his mouth.

All of a sudden...

Niu Hansan's eyes bulged, staring at Bu Fang.


His face turned red, looking like he was about to spurt fire from his mouth.

This haunting, overwhelming spicy taste... What's going on?!


Bu Fang returned from the farmland, humming some melody. Apparently, he was in a good mood.

After returning to his room, Bu Fang admired his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and practiced the Cutting Immortal Style for a while before going to bed.

However, as soon as he laid on his bed, someone knocked on his door.

Opening the door, he saw Gongshu Ban and the others with reluctant faces.

"Owner Bu, you still have the mood to go to bed..." Gongshu Ban's mouth twitched as he looked at Bu Fang, who was in his pajamas.

He was actually amazed. Owner Bu wasn't flustered at all. If it were someone else, knowing that he himself was put in the talent list, that person would be scared shitless.

"If I don't sleep, what should I do?" Bu Fang was skeptical.

Gongshu Ban felt that his hands were tied when it came to Bu Fang and his tough nerves.

Without a word, he pulled Bu Fang to the window of his room.

Pushing the windows open, they saw many Immortal Chefs surrounding their residence. The intimidating auras from those people blended, becoming a huge terrifying aura.

"They're here to find you... They want to challenge you," Gongshu Ban said.

"Challenge me? They look excited... Anyway, why would I accept their challenges?" Bu Fang looked at Gongshu Ban as he asked.

Gongshu Ban was perplexed. He didn't know how to answer Bu Fang's question.

"Go. Take a shower, then rest. The tournament starts tomorrow..." said Bu Fang.

Gongshu Ban didn't know what to say. Bewildered, he was pushed out of Bu Fang's room.

On the streets below, the crowd that was screaming and shouting to challenge Bu Fang couldn't wait for him.

It made people upset indeed.

The next day, the first layer Immortal Chefs hurried to the Immortal Tree Square, where the preliminaries were being held.

By the time they arrived at the spacious square, the groups of Immortal Chefs from the other layers were watching them with strange eyes.

Their looks irritated the first layer Immortal Chefs.

On the other hand, Bu Fang was calm. Clasping his hands, he walked as Whitey and Xixi followed behind.

Xixi was walking beside Whitey, curiously observing around.

In the preliminaries, which would last five days, the chefs were divided into ten groups. After that, the top one hundred of each group would enter the semifinals on the third layer.

They were mixed and assigned, so each group would have contestants from different layers.

Bu Fang was in Group Ten.

When the contestants saw Bu Fang's name in their group, they were so excited, sneering coldly.

Before the competition, Bu Fang's name had spread around in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm. Everyone now knew that there was a chef from the first layer who had entered the list of one hundred talents.

Some thought that it was just a statistical mistake, while some thought that someone wanted to scheme against Bu Fang.

The latter group thought that whoever that person was, he wanted Bu Fang to be everyone's target, someone to be trampled on. After all, he was just an Immortal Chef from the first layer... What talent and competence did he have to become the hundredth talent?

What ability did he have to get this position?

Anyway... it didn't matter to them. They just needed to know that, once they defeat Bu Fang, their name would be known among the Immortal Chefs. So, no matter what... defeating a chef in the list of one hundred talents would be glorious, not to mention that it would give them a boost.

Gongshu Ban was in Group Six, and Xuanyuan Xiahui was in Group Nine.

At this moment, they both looked grave. They didn't want to be eliminated from the first round. Hence, they focused well on this competition.

The Immortal Tree Square was a vast space surrounding the Immortal Tree.

The imposingly massive tree reflected in people's eyes. At such a distance, they could see the wood texture on the tree pretty clearly.

No doubt... Bu Fang's performance was what people wanted to see the most in this tournament.

The place where Group Ten was held was packed. Everybody there wanted to see Bu Fang being trampled and humiliated.

However, Bu Fang was pretty calm. Facing the others' stares, he wasn't anxious at all.

Several meters around him, nobody dared to come near.

"It's that kid's turn!"

"Finally! He's the hundredth talent on the list!"

"Our group has someone in the list of talents. Why do I feel so excited?!"

Watching Bu Fang entering the arena, the surrounding people began to mock and taunt.

Of course, more people had eager eyes, looking at him. If they could thoroughly beat up that hundredth talent, their name would be well known.

If it were in the past, it would be impossible. But this time... the fellow who ranked one hundred was someone from the first layer, and everybody knew that first layer Immortal Chefs were pathetically weak.

Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe billowed as he slowly entered the arena.

Each group had several arenas, and they were equipped with stoves. However, they were just normal stoves.

But the Immortal Chefs wouldn't choose to use the stove on the arenas.

Bu Fang's opponent was an Immortal Chef from the third layer.

At this moment, his opponent looked so thrilled. He didn't expect that he was the first one to compete against Bu Fang.

"My luck isn't bad! As the first Immortal Chef that will stomp on you, my name will be called in this tournament after this battle!"

That Immortal Chef grinned, narrowing his eyes at Bu Fang. He looked stimulated, as though he was watching his prey.

"Congratulations then. You're the first one to battle against me..." Bu Fang said casually.

He took off the velvet rope tying his hair and rolled up his Vermillion Robe's sleeves, looking at the third layer Immortal Chef calmly.

Bu Fang's calm attitude and tone made the other Immortal Chefs bewildered.

The other smiled until his eyes narrowed. "Trashy first layer chefs are so arrogant nowadays? I hope you could stay the same after this... Please remember my name, Zhao Kuangsan."

Zhao Kuangsan grinned before adding, "I'm the first one to start your nightmare."

Everyone around cheered for him.


A gong resounded. Then, the referee of this arena appeared. He stood between the two contestants, talking about what they should pay attention to in the battle.

Eventually, he signaled the two to start.

The preliminaries had officially begun now.

"Hold on..."

All of a sudden, just as Zhao Kuangsan was about to turn around, Bu Fang called him.

Zhao Kuangsan skeptically tilted his head aside, looking at Bu Fang.

"Do you know Chef's Challenge?" Bu Fang asked.

"Chef's Challenge?" Zhao Kuangsan was surprised.

At that moment, Bu Fang turned to the audience. His voice wasn't loud, but it echoed around the place, which stunned the Immortal Chefs in Group Ten.

"I heard that many people want to challenge me... Good. In order not to let anyone down, I decided to do the Chef's Challenge for my rounds here. I hope you guys... wouldn't panic."

Chef's Challenge?

Bu Fang made many people bewildered.

In this group, Xiao Buqun's face changed.

Chef's Challenge? Is this fellow crazy?

Of course he knew what Chef's Challenge was. While he was at the first layer, he had seen his five friends experience such desperation.

In a Chef's Challenge, the loser would lose his kitchen knife!

"Well... Wanna know what a Chef's Challenge is? You will see soon."

Bu Fang then turned to Zhao Kuangsan, looking at him in the eye.

"I want to be low-key in this Immortal Chef Tournament... but your enthusiasm made me change my mind. Despair will start from you..."